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  2. Do You Hunt In Nsw?

    That's one thing, to have people that commit the activity answer or suggest, but "no government in Australia has ever figured how much restriction and crippling legislation on "many" activities they have causes total disinterest to bothering to participate in those activities !". Thought that was bad , i'm a beekeeper and it's not about recreation but that itself is crippled economically and commercially by the government and monarchy whom fears it will be ousted from power by the bees if they grow to too huge a numbers of swarms and and hence too influential in parliament based on economic success, so the government and monarchy have decided to frighten everyone possible that bees are a hideous attacker out only for blood if you find a swarm or hive somewhere.(AHB can be handled easily enough it just means if you truly piss them they do 1000 stings of or more of venom and beekeepers if they are sensible get to know their bees and put up signs - and if the public were sensible they would read the word "BEE" as there is no such thing as safety near a swarm for anyone the swarm does not know !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). They lose every time they say they care about these matters, to be rational bow-fishing is another ridiculous problem, they only allow "material woven web line and around 15 yards long" but most fishing has to be in the ocean. Where that falls down is a 1 meter long fish can seriously have some run to it, so i switched to Dacron 80lb line for the reel with 100 meters of line, and also because it requires a boat or you need to stand 3 to 5 meters up on rocks above the surface to clearly spot and assess the fish for taking law ! It is basically impossible to fish legally with a bow under around 8000 dollars because it requires a boat and trailer e.t.c. but do understand it is MADNESS from the government regulators on all aspects of around anything , commercial or tourist or private it is so locked up in their fears and problems and finally "MAKING MONEY OUT OF EVERYONE" by all the stop points and extra bits and pieces.
  3. Hey Scott. Cod fishing is da bomb in my book. Actually doing opening on the Severn myself next week. If you are travellling solo can I suggest you bookmark where you can find ownership details on all the lots of land in NSW. Crown Reserves often have a Lot and Dp however these have different lot numbers and have a 7000 designation ie 7001, 7002 etc . For example if you type in 7302//1135036 in the search bar you'll find the TSR for Bolivia Hill. But don't go there next Friday If in doubt (i.e. you don't see a TSR sign) confirm its status with lands online And just a friendly tip, please don't hold a fish you intend to release by the jaw only, it does terrible damage to their spine. Support them by their stomach at least. Cheers and welcome Norm
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  5. Amphibian Light Aircraft

    In rummaging around in the world of light aircraft in Australia i noticed the only cheap usable aircraft come in kit form and some from time to time are converted to amphibian, However, since 2013 many "experimental classification" kit light aircraft have become both vaguely reliable and cheaper and only a few fall into the "average wage earner" level of owner builder that can be obtained as amphibian standard.At least one stands out and is not too bad, it comes from South Africa and is called a "BushCat". Bushcat specs info other: Australian light aircraft usage for the average wage earner are plenty of kit seaplanes of one or two seat that are immensely expensive but for now there have only been two or three cheap kit that make amphibian, one a bi-plane (Mariner aircraft).Basically i am trying to collect a whole database of experimental kit option that take two or four people and with some relevance to amphibian in the price range of such as the Jabiru fly away or Brumby.
  6. Welcome to Australian Fishing Online!

    1. Crab Pot Storage

      Does anyone have a great system to store collapsible crab pots? I find them very large and heavy, take up way too much room and I don't have a good way to hang them. I was planning op build a simple platform that I could hoist up into the ceiling on a pulley but realize that I would need at least 3 ropes so it got high enough and didn't topple. Thanks
    2. northern nsw Cod Reconnaissance New England - Severn Nsw

      Some great pics there! I hope your plan goes well. Very glad you turned your lurking into posting. I'd love to hear more about your trips
    3. northern nsw Cod Reconnaissance New England - Severn Nsw

      Fishing access to the sea, rivers and creeks At common law, the public has a right to fish in the sea, the arms of the sea and in the tidal reaches of all rivers and estuaries. The public has no common law right to fish in non-tidal waters—the right to fish in those waters belongs to the owner of the soil under those waters. The public may also fish in non-tidal waters if the soil under those waters is Crown land. However in order to allow for angling access in NSW rivers and creeks, section 38 of the NSW Fisheries Management Act 1994 declares that the public has a right to fish despite the private ownership of the bed of the river or creek.
    4. south queensland Landbased Snapper

      agreed. Much under rated eating fish. sweet and juicy.
    5. south queensland Borumba Camping

      It was on facebook Ray. To book seq may be a bit slow, the brothers are Terry and PETER hOLIDAY.
    6. Hi all, (long time lurker, first time poster) Am from down in Victoria and most of my fishing has been primarily saltwater out of a boat. I have since fallen in love with freshwater fishing and often spend a lot of time exploring the Otways near my home, and do a lot of time up the Ovens/Murray region chasing cod now. Last year i lucked upon a rental car relocation ($4 a day) and drove from the Goldy to Sydney, spending 3days around the Glenn Innes/Deepwater area of the New England region. Safe to say I fell in love with the place, and was quite successful on a lot of cod in the 40-60cm mark of morn and dusk, and have dreamt about coming back since. I found access to waterways pretty limited due to predominately private property flanking the major rivers, and most of the farmers less accommodating up this way. (other than 1 who made my trip by allowing me access to his small waterhole, after numerous no's.) Is it true the property line extends to the middle of the river bed in NSW? I have done extensive recon in the lead up to my Dec 4-8 solo trip, and have managed to get myself onto another property for this trip prior to my departure, although it has taken significant searching, emails and phone calls. I am not sure how i will go, but plan on putting in some big days and hope to reap the rewards (to share here of course). I am also planning on making a big walk through one of the few nature reserves which flanks the Severn, and replied to a post on this topic on this forum where someone else asked about it. Anyhow thought i would introduce myself, and of course I would welcome any advice, or by any small stretch of a chance, hook ups, up that way (discretion can be exercised). thought i would include a few pics from my last trip.
    7. Severn River NSW

      Hi Steve, I know your post was a while ago, wondering if you still frequent this forum? I will be heading up there in the coming weeks and looking at hitting up the same spot i too had reccied. would love to connect to discuss how you went if you are still around, or if anyone else has been there. Here is a video i found of someone at the same spot
    8. Welcome to Australian Fishing Online!

      1. Nrl 2017

        Women`s Pool game Wednesday results England 16 v 22 Cook Islands Big upset CI lead 16-0... Poms levelled 16-16,CI won with a converted try at 78 minutes. well done Cook Islands Australia 88 v 0 Canada Lucky Canada, their into the Semi Finals on Sunday, and get to play the Aussies again. New Zealand 38 v 0 PNG PNG gutsy and played hard for the 80 minutes, Kiwi`s too seasoned, too strong and gifted (in spirit) with more testicular fortitude than their (this years RLWC) mens side.
      2. south queensland Landbased Snapper

        Or cooked whole in lemon butter over coals. Just need to a fork to pull the flesh away from the bones. Great for a camping breakfast.
      3. south queensland Borumba Camping

        Kayaking the lake tomorrow. Toga at the top of the list.....
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      5. south queensland Borumba Camping

        nothing on seq water website do you have a link? Cheers ray
      6. Mission Point Advice

        Hey everyone, Ive booked a 2 night trip for later in the year to camp at Mission Point. My biggest concern is leaving the car and trailer at the ramp. Which ramp do you find is the safest around the passage? Donnybrook and Toorbul seems dodgy to me.. Plan to pump some yabbies at Mission point and fish for bread and butter stuff Any other camping advice or tips for the area would be muchly appreciated. Also, im thinking of towing a kayak behind the boat. I don't see many issues with it as long as I take it easy...any advice?
      7. Fuel Flow/usage Meter

        @Tybo this is exactly what im chasing! I've got a lowrance Elite 4, I couldn't see on that link if it has a list of compatible units?
      8. south queensland Borumba Camping

        And some guys are starting to catch Toga from latest reports On fly of course
      9. Fuel Flow/usage Meter

        That sounds good Ty, I'll have to do this one day.
      10. Fuel Flow/usage Meter

        I have one of these Lowrance EP-60R Fuel Flow Sensors. I originally purchased it with the hope of running it through my Lowrance sounder/chartplotter, however I soon discovered my model doesn't support this. So I then had to purchase one of theses Lowrance gauges, pluse NMEA back bone. Was an expensive exercise, but eventually worth its money. I had run out of fuel a year before when my Yamaha gauge with basic fuel sender had told me I still "2 bars" of fuel left. Very easy to install, and once setup, there is a heap of options that you can customise the gauge to read off the one sensor. Despite the expensive cost, I could not recommend one of them enough. The accuracy is incredible, usually measuring with 3-5L over a 96L tank, and a full days fishing. The best part I like is being able see your fuel consumption at L/hr as you're driving, allowing you to trim and accelerate at optimal RPMs. For me an extra 1000rpm and four knots at top speed, can mean 30%(or 12-15L/hr) extra fuel I'm burning. Now I don't even look at my original fuel gauge.
      11. Nrl 2017

        Women`s RLWC Pool game today (Wednesday) England v Cook Islands 12.30pm Live on 7mate Brisbane Australia v Canada 3::000 pm Live on 7mate Brisbane New Zealand v PNG 5.30 pm live on
      12. south queensland Borumba Camping

        Borumba camp grounds is open again. Under new management, 2 brothers with a lot of new ideas. SEQ water is going to upgrade abu block and trafic control. Now run by Ezy Adventures.
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      14. Cricket 2017-2018

        So sick of the Marsh's!! Hohns' "selecting for the future" policy of not considering older players who dominate the shield like Cowan, Ferguson, Klinger and others due to their age is the epitome of hypocrisy when a mediocre 34 year old with a batting average less than his age gets selected for making a couple of 50s this season. Logic? Renshaw should have stayed, Bancroft bat at 6 and Shaun Marsh never ever again to be selected. He's had 7 chances to cement a spot and failed.
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      16. for sale Fs Quintrex Renegade 420 Ts Yamaha F50fehtl 4stroke

        Thanks guys, already got so much interest it looks like it wont last long!
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