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  2. All that stuff is to make up for the deficiencies. haha
  3. I remember that report now, and you gave that catch of the day away , if Sparksie and Steve have not mentioned it, with donating catch of the day, bun, guava juice ( is that code for something Steve ) , your a great deckie.
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  5. Dangerous Boating Npd.

    geez Ray, their not that scary are they? don`t forget the roll...
  6. Yeah, but standing on your head on a traffic island is better than a day in the office.
  7. Settle. I had the catch of the day with Sparksie last week.
  8. Today
  9. south queensland NPD Still Going Off.

    Busy boat you got there Ray! Well done on the good day. I'll need a 12 hour session to match your catch rate.
  10. north queensland Late But Better Than Never,,,,

    Sure are some big Muddies. Looks like you got the photos sorted! Where did you drop the pots in?
  11. south queensland Lake K Skinnies + Fatties

    Bloody hell ! What a day. Good news on the MRI results.
  12. south queensland Lake K Skinnies + Fatties

    No I had to get home early also to take wife to doctor, she knocked the chair out from under her with her dressing gown then sat on the floor, hitting her head on a wooden waste bin, ended up with a couple of big lumps on the back of head, also had to have a MRI.All clear now.
  13. New To This Site

    Thank you Gentlemen I'll give these tips a go hopefully might trike luck
  14. south queensland Lake K Skinnies + Fatties

    That first one looks like it's been on the rack. Did you stay half an hour longer to make up for the delayed start ?
  15. Well done boys. Beats a day in the office!
  16. south queensland Heading Offshore Thursday

    Hmmm, and I thought this was a fishing site. Might need to be careful what I post in case it gets misconstrued and I end up on an unintended outing....... Good luck tomorrow @kmcrosby78.
  17. Seq water will be getting a call tomorrow,gate should of been open at 5.30am and didnt get open till 6am not happy. But was happy with the fishing they were on the chew, managed nearly 40 trolling and casting blades. No monsters, biggest was 37cm and there was 10 that only went 20cm. Dino
  18. north queensland Late But Better Than Never,,,,

    Hard to beat a good fresh muddie and a freezing cold beer. Nice work @Angry51
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  20. south queensland River Dance With Old Steve (pic Heavy)

    Geez, @ellicat. I thought you would be in the middle of your nanna nap now, not posting. The breezy conditions made it a bit tricky today but we didn't use much juice and still have a feed. Boat is cleaned, fish is is filleted and crumbed and I am on beer number 3. And to think I could have been at work today listening to blah blah blah. Thanks for your expert net work and sharing your sweet bun and guava juice with me. We will do it again soon. PS. You forgot to mention your squire. Undersize but noteworthy none the less.
  21. cheers for report. well photo`d flatty.... you need to find a skipper who will allow you to catch the fish of the day well done Steve
  22. Dangerous Boating Npd.

    Life's tough ! haha
  23. south queensland NPD Still Going Off.

    Gee, they are fat bass.
  24. north queensland Late But Better Than Never,,,,

    Washed down with coldie ? Nice.
  25. Headed off from Port ramp courtesy of @Old Scaley around 8.30 this morning and made a bee-line for last weeks successful spot. The start wasn't promising with only a few tiddler bites, Steve eventually landing a nice live bait diver whiting. Shortly after a bit of commotion on the livey and Steve winds in a dank length of braid. Oh well. Next minute I had a massive tiddler bite and had some more live bait aboard. Today the fishing calendar suggested a 3* day with best time being 11.40am to 1.40pm. We drifted around trying different spots but could only manage an undersize squi (not big enough to be a full squire) and some smaller bream. We headed for home at 1.40pm sharp. lol Oh yeah, I almost forgot - Steve hooked this little 70cm girl too. She was perfectly netted and quite frisky coming aboard making us dance to avoid the spikes. Steve danced on a little too long I thought. It's hard to beat the buzz of a good fish coming aboard, Cheers again for another top day on the water, Mr Scaley.
  26. Welcome to Australian Fishing Online!

    1. Hi all, Reports a couple of weeks late, been having puter trouble couldn't load photo's. Anyhow we went crabbing earlier in the month, got these two keepers. Got about 6 others but were all couple of mills under so returned them for some other. time. Everything caught were bucks, only soaked for about 3 hrs as we had shopping to do and a 2 hour drive home. Got a few bream but all were undersized,returned for another day. Cheers Gary.
    2. I very nearly did not go fishing this morning as when I got up it was blowing like stink.Checked BOM and 30kph at Alex hills and nearly 50kph at Redcliffe. I have been caught with conditions like this before as uite often the South easterly's do not seem to penetrate inland. This is what it was like NPD when we launched and it was practically glassed out all morning. The fish were on straight away. As I had to be home by 12oclock we did not venture too far from the ramp and knocked off fishing at 10 oclock with 41 bass and one yella on the counter. Cheers Ray PS spotted Dino waiting for security to arrive and open gate at Kurwongbah.
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    4. Dangerous Boating Npd.

      Things are getting so bad at NPD that you have to hide under the gunnel to bait your line. Going to install this on my boat as I am sick and tired of getting hit by flying bass while I attempt to bait up. Cheers Ray
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