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  2. I have just about made the decision to upgrade my current sounder to the latest Furuno sounder. It will be available in a few weeks time. So I'm seeing if anyone is interested in the FCV 585. Offshore it leaves my HDS for dead and It works perfectly. A very common thing with this renown offshore sounder is the screen around the top and edges has slight delamination. It does not affect the working and as you can see from the working pics you can see through it no problems. I will keep the transducer as it will be fine for the new sounder. There is one available at the moment on Gumtree for $100 dollars. Price will $900 negotiable. Pm if you are interested.
  3. Decky spot avail sunday 6am start fishing for bass with live shrimp. BYO tucker no bananas. Dam is fishing very well for bass and the occasional yella. 0403072325 if interested. Cheers Ray
  4. Thanks. I've been to the Burdekin Dam once and it's certainly a large piece of brown water. Also quite a shallow and can get very rough. Didn't catch many fish but the redclaws more than compensated.
  5. Photos fixed
  6. There was a bit more wind than forecast but it actually helped the fishing as we were fishing drop offs and the wind would blow us off the drop off and the i pilot would bring us back so we were able to cover both sides of the drop off and quite often as soon as the i pilot kicked in that was when the fish would savagely attack the shrimp. The majority of the bass were in the high 30s or low 40s with Hai getting 2 around 48cm. The wind dropped out around 10 am but the fish kept biting so we kept fishing with Dino being a late starter passing us just before we knocked off with a final tally of 82 bass. Graham had the gun spot catching the most fish but we all got our share. Going back on sunday and have a spare spot if anyone is keen. cheers Ray
  7. Can't see the photo's!!
  8. They were yummy. Ann split the tails down the middle filled them with cheese and bacon and oven cooked them. Very yummy, can still taste them. Gary.
  9. Thurs results Broncos 42 vs 12 Bulldogs Suncorp Stadium Dawg gone! The 12 points flattered them. At stages, in the game last night, I was reminded of watching a dog lick it`s self in the middle of the road during peak hour traffic!
  10. Round 20 kicked of last night Thursday, Jul 20 Broncos vs Bulldogs Suncorp Stadium Friday, Jul 21 Roosters vs. Knights Allianz Stadium 6:00pm FOX Sharks vs. Rabbitohs Southern Cross Group Stadium 7:50pm NINE Saturday, Jul 22 Panthers vs. Titans Pepper Stadium 3:00pm FOX Raiders vs. Storm GIO Stadium 5:30pm FOX Cowboys vs. Warriors 1300Smiles Stadium 7:30pm FOX Sunday, Jul 23 Dragons vs. Sea Eagles WIN Stadium 2:00pm FOX Tigers vs. Eels ANZ Stadium 4:00pm NINE
  11. ended up with a crucis elite titan and a daiwa procyon went a little lighter so i can buy the heavy one later,and 2 1200 wft electrics there great now to water test.
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  13. Welcome Mjr350 do a quick search you will find loads of build stories. These guys are a pretty friendly bunch and some have a wealth of knowledge. Enjoy the site!
  14. Awesome mate. Exactly what im after. Cheers
  15. Mine is fully plumbed as a live bait tank with an overflow pipe. It just drops into a cutout in the 12mm ply deck. It is splash proof too
  16. Did you set it up as a livewell? Is it splash proof and more importantly does it just slide into a hole and screw down? It will be going through 15mm ply. Looks like what im after
  17. Check out the hatch box at this link. I have one in my tinny and it works a treat.
  18. No that's what im finding but im after one that is like an insert into a hole cut into the deck and screws down from the top with a hatch.
  19. Yeah agree with the above comments, fresh yabbies, tenderised strip's of squid or cockles/pipis on a paternoster and while drifting should do the trick. Water depth can vary but drift until you find them. Goodluck!
  20. Happy ending luckily - bet they weren't towing you real fast with a 2hp motor ....... Well done on rewarding them, bet they appreciated it.
  21. Is this similar to what you're after? If so Google 'livewell bait tank for sale' and quite a few options pop up. Hope it helps.
  22. I wonder how copyright rules work - wondering whether once the company folds their copyright ceases and other companies are able to basically reproduce their rules? Not much to them technology/parts wise so could be a good outcome for fishermen who want to buy these style of reels in the future (well into the future).
  23. Hi guys. I'm in the process of fitting out a new bare hull into a bass style boat with casting deck up front and floor in the middle. The fabrication side isn't an issue because im competent with my tig welder but im having trouble finding a livewell bait tank. Ive seen them flush mounted in the decks of boats with just a hatch showing but i have no idea what they're called or where to buy. All I'm able to find is a stand alone tank. Ive attached a photo of what im after.
  24. Hi guys. Just joined up as im building a new boat and want to throw a few ideas around to see whats worked in the past when it comes to fitting out a boat. I've just purchased a bare Stessl 385 Edgetracker to fit out with a deck etc. I'll be installing everything that was on my previous 375 allycraft including the 20hp yamaha and all the previous wiring. Bought all the aluminum channel to start tig welding the floor bracing in this weekend ready for a copeton trip in 2 weeks.
  25. Some decent sized ones there....Yum !
  26. Looks safe to use but I'd get a repair eventually to get your max performance back..
  27. Hi all, Went redclawing on the dam, pretty rough the wind was blowing a bit, was pretty choppy going across the middle. Only got 11 for overnight soak, but good enough for a chew. Plenty of terrorists around, must of been up to 10 boats in the morning, hit something under the water, 40 feet deep, so assumed it was a floating log, damaged prop a bit. Anyhow it keeps one out of the pub, and it's always good out on the water. Cheers Gary. DECKIE SORTING POTS Burdekin dam from lookout Redclaw 19-2017
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