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  2. end of round 20 Sunday results Dragons 52 vs 22 Sea Eagles Who would have thunk…. Dragons 30-0 half time, then Dragons 30-22, them WTF Dragons 52-22 full time. maybe all 34 need to pee in a cup and give blood samples….. Tigers 16 vs 17 Eels Tigers fought hard, with Parras 15-20 minute drop offs in games can`t see them advancing in the finals if they stay in the eight.
  3. Taylor and Hurrell let me down with my Titans tip , oh well 7/8 aint bad
  4. Good luck Mark & Lance, hope the fish are on fire. Anyone out there considering joining them, DO IT!!!!! Decades of experience and expertise between these two and a great day out for a much cheaper price than going on a charter. You'll learn heaps.
  5. Memorable capture due to the circumstances @Doyley - greedy bu99ers aren't they!!
  6. Perfect round (at last ....) - woohooo!! Was a bit nervous during the latter stages of the Eels match - thankfully Brian's hapless Tiger cubs helped me out .....
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  8. Give him 4 weeks. He quite clearly should have been sent off imho.
  9. Some tense moments no doubt. How'd you go in the comp ?
  10. I fished the Toorbul Monthly Fishing Comp with 2 of my kids this morning. I had a bit of a sleep in and hit the water around 6:30. Fished around Hussey Ck in the Passage and really struggled to find fish. My son got 2 legal bream and 2 whiting and my daughter caught a mixed bag of undersize fish. The kids had enough at 9, so took them back to the ramp and headed out solo. First cast and i pick up a little bream. As i pulled him out of the mangroves he gets smashed by a brown shape which knocks him out of the water. It took me a few seconds to realise it was flatty. I stopped the retrieve and the flathead came back and smashed the bream again. It was a nervous few minutes as i tried to get the flathead who was only attached by the bream in its mouth to the boat. Somehow it didn't let go and I was able to net both of them. Picked up another legal bream and it was time to head to the weigh-in. Suprisingly not much was weighed in
  11. Lures reigned supreme both upstream and downstream today we caught mainly unders today on bait. Cheers Ray
  12. Headed west this morning out at NPD, havnt been upstream for ages. I quite enjoyed myself, with plenty of fish and all good quality, I never got any small bass. Change of scenery was like going on a holiday Dino
  13. Saturday results Panthers 24 vs 16 Titans Black cats played out a tough win, helped by a pass thrown by Taylor, intercepted and scored off by Moylan. Titans again lost a strike weapon early in the game when Hurrel did a hammy.Panthers final eight hopes still alive. Raiders 14 vs 20 Storm Was not the best game of footy, with Smith (precautionary, pec strain?) and Slater (stetched off after high shot, only penalty given?) off the field for final 30 minutes, the Raiders again showed how to lose a game. Storm ground out the win. 2 questions come out of this game: will Soliola play next week? Can the Raiders beat the Bunnies next week or are they finally dead and buried for 2017? Cowboys 24 vs 12 Warriors Probably could be nominated as the best game of the year for ‘the battle of the forwards’. A couple of penalties here, a bounce of the ball there, along with the forward bash added to a good 80 minutes of footy.
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  15. You need a program called "classic shell" Dino, turns computers running windows 10 back in to a real computer. Just set it back to look like windows 7
  16. Hope to chase a few kingies as well and what ever else is lurking around maybe some pealies etc etc
  17. Sweet 1 deckie spot left to partner Lance and myself now , the weather looks great and the moon phase doesn't get better for snapping snapper
  18. Count me in for Tuesday Mark. Will be nice to grab a few snapper for a feed. Thanks mate
  19. Going to chase some snapper etc offshore through south passage bar if you keen and would like to chip in for fuel and bait have 2 deckies spots on Tuesday heading out early and be will head in early arvo post up here.
  20. Seats gone Cheers Ray
  21. nice been a while since i have had a fish from the beach over there and good size to em
  22. Blxxdy hell, new computer, what a nightmare, went from windows 7 to windows 10. Wife has torn out all her hair and wont speak to me. Had to go to the doc first up yesterday, gave me a ok on the nose and an appointment in 4 weeks to have the bottom lip done ow ow ow. So had a late start to the fishing with the neighbour, fishing from 11am to 4.30 pm. Picked up a few trolling, then spent a lot of time jigging for a few more and finished up letting the neighbour do a bit of bait fishing, while I was casting and jigging back to the boat, I have found that the suspended bass like a sideway fast jig of the rod, which is a lot faster than just winding the reel fast. Dino
  23. The old man sent me these today. Jealous!! Biggest was 70cm and all above average.
  24. Last week
  25. Friday results Roosters 28 vs 4 Knights everybody saying the bunker got it all wrong again, with that scoreline it sure was a big stuff up. Sharks 26 vs 12 Rabbitohs the Sharks made hard work of the win, on the other side, the Bunnies did not deserve to be still in the game as long as they were.
  26. I have just about made the decision to upgrade my current sounder to the latest Furuno sounder. It will be available in a few weeks time. So I'm seeing if anyone is interested in the FCV 585. Offshore it leaves my HDS for dead and It works perfectly. A very common thing with this renown offshore sounder is the screen around the top and edges has slight delamination. It does not affect the working and as you can see from the working pics you can see through it no problems. I will keep the transducer as it will be fine for the new sounder. There is one available at the moment on Gumtree for $100 dollars. Price will $900 negotiable. Pm if you are interested.
  27. Decky spot avail sunday 6am start fishing for bass with live shrimp. BYO tucker no bananas. Dam is fishing very well for bass and the occasional yella. 0403072325 if interested. Cheers Ray
  28. Thanks. I've been to the Burdekin Dam once and it's certainly a large piece of brown water. Also quite a shallow and can get very rough. Didn't catch many fish but the redclaws more than compensated.
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