north queensland Wanderers 1770 - September

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    Your fishing gear that you will need Rob is basically near identical to what you did with Mark and myself the other week except a bit heavier.

    You will be float lining the same way and also dropping patternosters if you want to use that type of rig.

    You will need a variety of ball sinker sizes and snapper leads, good quality swivels and hooks.

    You will need some 60lb and 80lb quality trace line.

    Hooks can be an issue with Reds straightening them out so only buy quality.

    I use 8/0 Tru Turn hooks and find them really good and also the Mustad Big Guns.

    You gang 2 hooks together with a swivel to make a set of hooks for virtually everything up there.

    Jigs also work a treat up there as well as soft plastics.You will fishing mostly between 15m and 70m so you will need jig heads and jigs suitable for those depths if you want to fish with those types lures.

    At a guess, most of your fishing will be around 30-40m for the Trout and Red Throat and 55-70m for the Red Emps.

    The good thing about 1770 is if you are fishing baits, the gear needed is very minimal.

    A good rod and reel with 50lb braid and 80lb leader will catch everything up there.You do need to expect to be blown away a few times though as those Reds are real beasts if they are sitting over heavy ground and the sharks can be extremely brutal as well.

    You will need some bedding for the boat as well as the usual junk like sunnies, sunscreen and hat ect.

    The boats are well loaded for a 3 day trip with gear, excess fuel, ice and food so try and condense your gear and only take what is needed.


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    @Drop Bear

    For the boat:

    • Only bring ball sinkers, I'll provide snapper lead
    • Swag(traditional style, single if you can?) for sleeping on the deck, I'll have a tarp to keep the fish juice clear
    • Limit yourself to 3 rods. I usually bring 1 big overhead for the Reds, small overhead for the shallower water and a rig for flicking plastics and for squid
    • One tackle bag if you can
    • We'll organise food at 1770
    • I'll provide bait(50kg of Mullet and 15kg of pilles)
    • Costs will vary each trip, we'll burn between 150 to 250ltrs(91oct) each trip(depending on location). We'll feed the fish easy 3 - 4kg of mullet($4 a kilo) and 1 - 2kg of pillies. Add on grog for each trip and food. I'd say budget 200 - 250 per trip, which we'll do two in the week if weather allows. We'll target north one trip and hopefully south another. The south trips are shorter(by half sometimes). I have some nice ground wide of Boult Reef which holds Reds, Cod and Trout.
    • Big thing is, less you bring on the boat, the more comfy the trip will be(less to move to go to sleep etc...)

    I plan on leaving Thursday(31/08) after work, around 2PM. I'll be staying at a mates place Thursday night, then working from 1770, 9AM till 1:30PM.Friday night is usually a fun night at the pub, and unless the weather is perfect for fishing, I plan on having a big one there.

    There has been some changes in accommodation, it'll be sorted in the next few days with Brad once I have a chance to chat to him.

    I would also like to do a sinker night soon, maybe on the 26th,  which is a Saturday. Anywho, that's everything I can think of for now.

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