2017 Seq Suburbs Of Origin - Round 2 - June 20 - 25

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    After a solid win from the southsiders, can team North win round two and take it to a decider? only time will tell...

    Remember folks, this is a just for fun and bragging rights comp, no money, no physical prizes, just the glory of winning! The teams as it stands now are as follows...let me know if you are not on the list but want to fish

    TEAM NORTHSIDE  @christophagus@Luvit@Tybo@timtam_@Doyley@Terrova@Dinodadog@Luke Landrunner@Binder@Fishaman

    TEAM SOUTHSIDE @Angus@Do$tylz@Old Scaley@kmcrosby78@DropBear@Danny91@demarc@ellicat@benno573

    To summarise the comp... 7 target species; Bream, Bass, Flathead, Snapper, Golden Perch (yellowbelly), Tailor and the peoples choice fish!. For a team to win the round, they must hold at least the biggest 4 out of the 7 species. To submit an entry, simply post a crystal clear photo of the fish you caught on a brag mat with the unique item (to be advised on Monday night) with the size of the fish clearly visible! Please note, legal fish only will be accepted! All submissions must be posted in this topic by 7pm on Sunday night Happy Fishing and tight lines. Unique item will be released on Monday night. SO watch this space!


    To brush up on the rules, please se the below topic link


    Please note: as i will be overseas for round 1, you will all have to keep a running list of who has the largest fish of each species. If someone wants to post up the below fish list and continue to edit it as fish are caught, please feel free.


    BREAM - 27cm Team South - Demarc

    BASS -


    FLATHEAD - 52cm Team North - christophagus


    SNAPPER - 85cm Team South - Demarc


    GOLDEN PERCH - 45cm Team North - Gary_C


    TAILOR -



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    15 hours ago, kmcrosby78 said:

    I vote for a combined jew/threadie category - both viable targets and are a similar length.

    agreed. pretty sure this was what we did last year. very similar sized fish, both targeted the same way most of the time.

    PLUS, can be caught landbased just as easily

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    Im easy. I will just target what ever the species are. I have done a few facebook comps run very similar to this one. They had bass, bream and talapia in one, jew and threadies in another and flathead and snapper in the other. That way it was all fair and more variety of fish for both landbased and boat anglers

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    Im thinking about heading out to bribie Thursday morning for a flathead sesh if anyone is interested, north side or south i dont care, i dont ask for anything like fuel money or help cleaning the boat. Just turn up and bring your own gear, drinks and lunch. 

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    1 hour ago, ellicat said:

    I call "ring-in". :D

    Nice one @Gary_C. My fishing plans have been cancelled. Sorry team northside. Hopefully get offshore mooloolaba monday

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