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I Am Red-y

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    I was ready to have a good morning in Glen's everything red boat yesterday, but the fish were not so willing, well not as much as they have been. It was raining heavy at the gate before we went in and stayed this way for about an hour, it was cold and I was starting to think I should of stayed in bed. It wasnt long before the action started on the troll down the dam, although small and not worth a pic it still was keeping us focused. We reached the main area and started jigging and was rewarded first drop, they were good quality bass and the tally quickly started to rise, but as quick as they come they would take off and we had to keep moving to keep in touch  with the small schools.

    It was great when the sun finaly shone down upon us and helped dry out the wet ass and one could once again feel life in the  fingers.:1_grinning:












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