Mark Frost

Karumba-or Normanton?

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Hey fellas,

 got a few days off, and hangin' to get onto the saltwater.  Im thinking of camping on the Norman River, around Normanton, OR- Camping around Karumba.  End of this month.

Anyone have suggestions re: where to go? haha!  Sounds ridiculous, when I put it like that. 


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Hey Mark,

I just realised it has been 10 years since I was there and a mate said it has changed a lot. When we were in Karumba there were sooooo many caravans it really turned me off. We only stayed one night and we drove straight out to Burketown. 

Apparently there are no where near as many people at Karumba now and it is getting later in the year so hopefully they would have started to move off. The campgrounds were very nicely set out.

I don't know anything about fishing at Normanton sorry but say hi to the giant crock for me. The pub is supposed to be great too. 

It's worth the trip for sure. 

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I've never been out there but the boys from Innisfail Brothers head up to Normanton about this time of year for two weeks. They are all in there late 60's early 70's and drink that much piss and have fantastic time and rave about it when they get back...They do it every year and from what they told me have done for the last 45 years. I never saw photos of the fish they caught but then they are a bit older and can't operate there phones properly. But don't quote me on this choice.... 

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