Fishing And Patience

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Hi all

Well another earlier morning chasing livies, travs and jacks. Unfortunately nil on all

Last high tide 2week ago i fished same tide same area etc and got heaps of livies and bust ups happening all around bait fish getting nailed 

Got a nice trav around 42cm.

The main difference it was very over cast and light showers.

Iam using 80mm minos,  plastic with 1/4 jig heads. 

Area fished....salt water creek upper coomera. 

Has anyone had any luck today ..or is it just

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i think it’s probably just fishing haha. 

Theres soooo many factors that can affect the likelihood of a bite to repeat itself under what on the surface seems like the same scenario. 

I don’t know anyone personally that can go out and smoke it every time even though social media can definitely make it look that way!

Sounds like you are doing a lot right, the fact that you struggled to catch liveys probably explained why the predators weren’t there also.....the old saying of find the bait and find the fish definitely has some merit  


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Yes indeed....

Going to look at moon phases and see how that goes...

The main problem is getting livies at low tide at the fishing spots.

Fishing in a kayak has its good and bad points...throwing a cast net from a kayak will take practice...hopefully wont fall in...

Thanks for the chat.....


Hope ya catch a few

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