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Hi Ray

Do you know who is responsible for the upkeep of the ramp, will only take someone who has some litigious bones in his or her body to go arse over and hurt themselves and lawyers will be involved, even if the responsible party has erected a sign as an attempt at cover all by declaring anyone using the ramp does so at their own risk, they will still face a possible duty of care lawsuit, particularly if the party responsible for the reasonable upkeep of the ramp has been notified by someone of the dangerous situation faced by users of the ramp , due to the mess the pelicans have made of the ramp.

Public boat ramps are generally administered by Main Roads in conjunction with the local council authority, in the case of NPD it may be SEQ Water, however not sure.

Just saying😕


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it is not a public ramp.Used to be a couple of stiff brooms beside toilet for cleaning slime off edge of ramp but I dont know if they are still there. The only slippery bit is right on the waters edge. Waste of time pressure washing the ramp as its shitted up again next day,


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