south queensland Moreton Bay Report 1 December 2018

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Been a while since my last post...flat out with the rush to Xmas. Weather has been a bit ordinary as well especially this weekend! 

Anyways went out on my uncles brand spanking new Reflex Chianti 585 on Saturday. He asked me to drive it off the trailer...first time the boats been in the water!!!. Lot to be said for trust there 🙂 but the new 130 yammy was a dream and the new trailer was a breeze  it just slipped off. We did some wearing in of the motor before heading to the mile. Not much happening at all so then stopped in a Tangalooma before heading back to Scarbs. Great boat for the price with plenty for the fitout. Handle the chop pretty well but definitely trim sensitive for glass boat  could be because it’s lighter than most at its size being a PUFF boat.

Definitely worth taking a look if you are in the market.

now what to do this weekend


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Depends on weather. If it's calm enough we will got over to Bustard and fish inner , middle and outer rock as well as a few marks in close (Up to about 15 mile out). In crappier weather will hit up the creeks. It's a 4.3 stacer outlaw with a 50 4st yammy so I can't be too reckless. I am booked on Damos charter (Hookedon1770) for the 27th Dec. Hopefully the weather gods will be kind and we will get onto some reef fish.

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