Selling Red Claw Is Naughty

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Seized black marketer’s boat
serves as a warning
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A fishing boat has been forfeited to the state and a recreational fisher and restaurant manager fined more than
for black marketing of redclaw.
Minister for Agricultural Industry Development and Fisheries Mark Furner welcomed the successful court
prosecution, as the Queensland Government moves to further strengthen fisheries laws.
“Unlicensed selling of fisheries resources undermines the legitimate commercial fishing industry and threatens
Queensland’s reputation as a producer of high quality seafood,” Mr Furner said.
“Reforms currently before Parliament are aimed squarely at fishers who illegally sell seafood on the black market,
including stronger compliance powers for fisheries officers and higher penalties for offenders.
“The community has been calling for change to fisheries legislation for many years and these proposed reforms will
bring Queensland fisheries management in line with world’s best practice.”
Member for Lytton Joan Pease said all fishers need to know the consequences of committing a serious fishing offence,
which included losing their vessel.
“If fishers are thinking about breaking the rules, they better be ready to risk losing their fishing boat,” Ms Pease said.
“To reinforce that message, this particular forfeited vessel will be displayed at prominent boat ramps in south east
Queensland over the coming weeks, including at Manly Harbour on 29-30 December.”
Queensland Boating and Fisheries Patrol officers intercepted a Kuraby-based fisher delivering almost 200
redclaw to a Sunnybank restaurant in March.
During the investigation, 82 freshwater traps, more than 133 kilograms of redclaw, a 4.5 metre catamaran and a
kayak were also seized at Somerset Dam and Brisbane.
A recreational fisher, who was not a first-time offender, pleaded guilty to five charges including selling fisheries
without a licence and using 78 excess and unmarked freshwater traps, was fined $7,600 and had his vessel forfeited
to the State.
A restaurant manager, who said he bought the redclaw for a staff party and didn’t intend to sell it, was fined $1000
after pleading guilty to one count of selling seafood without an authority.
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Think the value of the boat would exceed the fine.

See they also had a mono net on board should have been hit up for that as well and also impound his vehicle. Wonder if the sharefarming there has decreased since.

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Wow that is a lot of gear to loose. What a grub!!! More of it I say especially if they are that into it. 133kg of red craw!!! It must have been a long term operation to know that they had so many traps etc. 

Now if we can get fishing licences in QLD we will see more of this. 


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