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My name is Rod - known as Rocket 🚀

Some of the older AFO/BFO members will probably remember me from about 10 years ago when I was quite active on BFO.
Since then my life has seen many changes. Most notably my wife and I now have 2 daughters (8+6) whom I am encouraging to get into fishing (with limited success).
I also have 3 kayaks, loads of grey hair and 1 YouTube channel.   

I write the odd fishing article for online mags and print, and enjoy making vids of my fishing adventures. 

An old friend recently sent me a message on AFO to catch up.
I enjoyed browsing the reports while I was here so I thought it would be a good idea to re-introduce myself instead of lurking in the background. 🕵️‍♀️

I hope I have some nice pics or a report to post some time soon 😎


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Hello Ray! 
The two that have been nice (or stupid) enough to jump onto my lures over the years are to the best of my knowledge still happily swimming around and hopefully making some baby gold coast barra 😀 
Glad to see you are still terrorizing the NPD Bass and Redclaw. I had heaps of fun dropping shrimp on them all those years ago with you and learned lots.


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