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i just laughed at the "half decent box" comment... 😆

looks like a good day out mate.  plenty of fillets to go round.

@Dosla - if you have a decent GPS / sounder it is not too hard to find ground, especially around known features like boat rock and the 7's.  have a look on your GPS for shoals and rocks, most of them will be named on your charts.  Sound around these areas and look for structure holding bait and you're in with a pretty good shot.  Another good option is to head around the top of moreton and fish around hutchies, roberts/brennans shoals, heaps of ground in this area too.  Also means you don't have to cross the south passage bar.  Just make sure you are up to speed with the green zones in the area as well.

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There are a few Spanish around as well. Good luck.

Have you crossed South Passage bar before? It can be challenging at times. It is a long time until Saturday but meteye is showing a nne wind. Be careful on that wind there. There is a nice high tide in the morning which will help. 

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