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    Jumpinpin 15 Sept

    Hi all, Went out early Saturday to fish the Pin with my brother in law and another mate to chase some flathead. Got to the Pin mouth by 6.15am and it was already chockers. All the boats were parked up on each other and as we didn't have an electric motor, we decided to fish the bank/ledge between the mouth and Kalinga Bank as we kept seeing schools of bait on the sounder with some decent archers through the school. In the first hour we were there, we landed 10 flathead. Mixed bag in the way of size but we managed 3 fish over the 65cm mark (2 at 65cm, 1 at 75cm) and all the others ranged from 40-55cm. One of the 65cm fish was caught right on the bank in less then a foot of water!! Ended up catching 20 flathead for the day and kept 4 (of the smaller ones) for a feed. All fish were caught on either Z-Man 3.5 inch Trick Swimz, or 7 inch jerkshads. The Pin is firing at the moment!
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    NPD Sunday 30/9/18

    For a change I was a decky and enjoyed sitting back giving cheek ( I called it advice) In case you did not notice it was wet and stormy on sunday. Tai did not like the lightening and thunder. We all found out how good our wet weather gear was at keeping the moisture in. We had to tie up to the float as Tais boat does not have a bowmount with spot lock and it was too windy to anchor up. Plenty of bass plus a feed of redclaw so it was worthwhile despite the testing conditions. Cheers Ray
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    Sitting down in the library Thursday morning, I noticed Wayne had thrown out a decky spot some 10 hours earlier and no-one had hit it. Having returned from our hit and run visit to the U.S. for another Burning Man. ( YouTube it you may see me...) I was still suffering get lag and a severe sinus infection, damn dust, but instantly felt much better. Going.Fishing.Yes! We were treated with beautiful conditions and steamed out to an area Wayne had done well with his boys earlier in the month. Only using Gobblers plastics and an assortment of micro jigs led to a clean day. For the first half an hour or so we fished plastics, giving them action to entice a bite. Nothing much happening and Wayne left his to dead stick while letting down a MJ. Not long after his plastics rod buckled over and he pulls up a high 40s squire to get off the mark. Seeing the dead sticking working ( beer drinking fishing ) I did the same. Working our MJ's for the occasional bump and brief hookup, my plastic gets hit by a 35cm maori cod. Then I land another squire of similar size on the plastic. This dead sticking plastics is too easy as Wayne brings up another fish, this time an undersize Kingy. Finally my MJ gets smashed and a fight to get this fish off the bottom begins. Usually my Gomoku rod is matched with one of my Stradic 5000 but today I chanced the 4000 Rarenium. The drag screamed as the fish went on a few runs and the heart was beating fast as it was a decent fish on the end of this toothpick setup. Up plopped an 85cm Mulloway which was a PB for me. The esky was looking good for a few meals. The bite stopped and we searched and sounded with no luck. The Markfish was doing its job and Wayne was happy. He made the call to go out to some Pearl Perch marks in 70-80m. On the way we came across some birds and fish working the surface and Wayne landed a fat MacToona and then continued to the marks. The wind had started to pick up as did the run and it was making vertical drops difficult even as we increased weight. Wayne managed an undersized Pearly in between two really good sized fish that were lost half way up much to his anguish. Then the visitors arrived. we had seen whales all day, in the distance.... These three were real close and one decided to come and say hello. Never have we been this close to whales that you could almost touch! He/She would lift its head out of the water, blow bubbles, swim under the boat and come up the other side and just hung around the Luvit like it was a toy. much to our amazement not once in its many passes so close did it even touch us. ( I'm sure Wayne wanted his lifejacket on at first.) This went on for about 15 minutes after a few times we thought they had gone when they went deep only to return just as close. After their last deep dive we decided to take off to try for some more Pearlies. With nothing going down well we made the call to head for the ramp, stopping for bust ups where Wayne managed another MT. I'm still to get my first Long Tail..... Another great day out on the water.
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    Drop Bear Awareness Week

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    Health Warning On Hinze Dam

    Purpose This advice provides guidance o n the co nsumption of both freshwater and marine fish that may be contaminated with mercury. Summary Fish is an important part of a healthy diet. Some varieties of fish may contain high levels of mercury. Mercury can be harmful if too much is ingested. Pregnant women, women planning a pregnancy and young children (up to six years) should limit their consumption of fish that contain high levels of mercury . The rest of the population can safely eat 2 to 3 serves of most varieties fish per week, which should be sourced from different locations or sources, except shark (flake), broadbill (swordfish) and marlin which should not be eaten more than once per week. Fish that may contain high levels of mercury include shark (flake), broadbill (swordfish), marlin, orange roughy (deep sea perch) and catfish. Additional precautions are required for freshwater fish in some areas due to higher levels of naturally occurring mercury. Fish in Hinze Dam on the Gold Coast have elevated levels of naturally occurring mercury and should not be consumed. Where is mercury found? Fish and other seafood may become contaminated with mercury in their environment. The mercury may naturally come from rocks and soil or from man-made sources. Some fresh water bodies naturally contain higher levels of mercury, which is mainly in the bottom sediments rather than the water. Mercury in fish People take in small amounts of mercury in their diet from eating fish. The levels of mercury in most fish are very low, but some species of fish contain higher levels of mercury due to their feeding habits or surrounding environment. Mercury can accumulate in fish through the food chain from bottom sediments, so large predatory fish (those that eat other fish) and lo ng-lived fish tend to have higher concentrations of mercury. Marine fish that may contain high levels of mercury include shark (flake), ray, broadbill, swordfish, marlin, gemfish, orange ro ughy (sea perch) and catfish. Freshwater fish in Queensland that may contain higher levels of mercury include Australian bass, Murray cod, eel and golden perch. Health advice Fish is an excellent source of protein, is low in saturated fat and high in unsaturated fat and omega 3 oils, and is also a rich so urce of iodine so everyone, including pregnant women, should regularly include fish in their diet. People can safely eat 2 to 3 serves a week of most types of fresh water and marine fish, which should be sourced from multiple locations or sources. This includes canned fish. However, because of the presence of higher levels of mercury in some fish there are a few types you sho uld limit in your diet. Additional precautions are necessary for pregnant women, women planning pregnancy and young children (up to six years of age) because the developing nervous system is particularly sensitive to mercury and an unborn baby can be exposed to mercury through its mother’s diet. It is recommended that consumption of the following fish should be limited as follows: The general population should not eat a serve of shark (flake), broadbill (swordfish) and marlin, more than once per week and no other fish that week. Pregnant women, women planning pregnancy and young children (up to six years of age) should eat: A serve of Australian bass, Murray cod, eel and golden perch no more than once a week, and no other fish should be eaten during that week. A serve of orange roughy, catfish, no more than once a week, and no other fish should be eaten during that week. A serve of shark (flake), broadbill (swordfish) and marlin no more than once a fortnight and should not eat any other fish during that fortnight. The recommended weekly servings are 75 grams for children up to six years and 150 grams for the rest of the population, including pregnant women and women planning pregnancy. Consumers concerned about the so urce of their seafood should ask their supplier for more information. Hinze Dam and other South-East Queensland dams. Can I safely eat fish from these dams? Australian bass (fish) and water in a number of dams in South-East Queensland (SEQ) were tested for mercury in 2018. Bass in Hinze Dam on the Gold Coast were found to have elevated levels of mercury. Based on the results, fish from Hinze Dam should not be consumed. However, they may continue to be taken on a catch and release basis. If you have occasionally eaten fish from the Hinze Dam, there is very low risk of any health effects or harm. Lower levels of mercury were also detected in fish in the Wivenhoe, Somerset, Borumba, and North Pine dams. However, the recommended consumption limits discussed above are sufficient to protect against excessive consumption of mercury. Is it safe to drink the water? Mercury is not very water soluble and settles in the sediments of streams, rivers, lakes and dams. Very low levels of mercury were detected in the dams tested, including Hinze Dam. These were well within safe limits for drinking. Only treated water from these sources sho uld be consumed because untreated water contains microorganisms that may cause illness. Is the water safe for water activities? The levels of mercury detected in the water of SEQ dams were all within acceptable levels for recreational use including swimming. To find out what activities are permitted at SEQ dams, visit www.seqwater.com.au/recreation Further information Food Standards Australia New Zealand: http://www.foodstandards.gov.au/consumer/chemicals/mercury/Pages/default.aspx Seqwater For information about SEQ drinking water dams and recreation activities: www.seqwater.com.au See your local doctor if you or a family member have health concerns.
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    NPD 23/9/18

    Back again with Colin,Hai and Mark for a good day. Picked up 14 bass within 100m of the ramp before heading to Kens spot and we ended up with 40 fish on the counter by 7am before we headed off to check our pots.Found that someone else with my name had checked my pots and rebaited them so it was not a complete disaster . Only reason I knew was that the dog pellets were a different size and were fresh but at least they had rebaited them and closed them up again. Headed downstrem and had another fish to finish up with 70 bass and still a reasonable haul of redclaw. CHeers Ray
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    Back In The Saddle Yeah Yeah

    After being at the doctors every day for the last 3 weeks I finally had enough and went fishing today.Bass were a bit shy to start with, but come good as the day rolled on. Dino
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    Went to NPD with Andrew this morning and as we had to wait for Drew and Steph to arrive from Lockyer waters with an anticipated arrival time of 7.30 we has a bit of time to fill in so we checked the redclaw pots and filled the esky before returning to the ramp . While Andrew drove up to the gate to let them in I dropped a shrimp on the road crossing straight out in front of the ramp and found bass in 12 ft of water on top of the old road. With the boat loaded up we went back to the spot and pulled another dozen or so bass and a couple of tandans before the school moved on.' The bass were a bit shy in a couple of spots but we found them again and ended up with a total of 56 bass and 2 tandans. Cheers Ray
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    NPD 19/9/18

    Had a reasonable day with Malcom,Rik and Hai. 37 bass 1 yella plenty redclaw. Initiated Malcolm into the art of pot pulling and showed him a few spots as he is a newbie at npd. We had to knock off early as Rick had an appointment so have arranged to take Malcolm back and take him further downstream.
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    Made some bottarga from some bass roe a while back Finally got up the courage to taste it after it has been hanging for a couple weeks. Judy refuses to touch it . I Had a taste of it on its own and extremely salty and fishy. Tried a taste of it crumbled on a sanga with guacamole and not much better. Still got the taste of it in my mouth 2 hours later. May try it grated on a pasta dish if I can get up the courage in the meantime its sitting vacuum sealed in the back of the fridge. Definitely an acquired taste.
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    R A F F L E

    $30 for a chance to win - Boat - Bluefin 4.2m Rogue Valued at $4,979 With Oceanic Trailer Valued at $1,990 With Parsun 30hp outboard engine Valued at $1,750 $8,719 Insured by Club Marine Drawn 14 October 2018. The raffle is to support the www.ozfishmoretonbay.org endeavours in restoring oyster reefs to Moreton Bay. Just leave a message below or send me a PM to arrange a ticket.
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    Smoking fish - who does it?

    Smoking is all about the brine. Get that right, with a good plume of smoke, and its hard to fail. *Oily fish are best. Fat carries flavour and thats true in all cooking. That's why oily fish are most famous for smoking. (salmon, mackerel, eel, trout) *Fresh water fish (eel, trout) need more salt (or brined longer) than Saltwater fish. *Flossy salt is best. Sea salt next. (arguably) A liquid brine will give more consistent flavour than dry rub. * A standard brine may be; Try a cup (tea cup) of salt per 2ltr water. Add brown sugar (1/2 cup) if you like. Make sure its all dissolved. Other ingredients can be added to your taste. 8 hours for a standard trout, eel. 6h for saltwater fish. *Take fish from the brine, pat off excess moisture and let the fish dry to the touch. (2 hours?) This will allow a 'pellicle' to form (sticky scum thingy) which will hold a lot of smoke flavour and give the fish a great colour. *Australian hardwoods are excellent sources of woodsmoke. Yes, gum trees. You could also raid orchards and break off dead woods from fruit and nut trees. Personally I get sawdust from a hardwood sawmill, or chip up dead branches of gumtrees and soak them in water before smoking. Not rocket science, just get it smoking and not on fire. *Forget cold smoking. We want enough heat to cook the fish. Remember you want to smoke for about 4 hours, so you want a low cooking heat. I'll leave that up to you to judge. Lastly, If you aren't happy with the salt flavour, don't play with the brine. Play with the brine time! If too strong, brine for less time, if too weak, brine longer. Keep your brine recipe and learn how long you need to brine. If you keep changing the brine recipe you'll take a lot longer to get it right. Don't release that next freshwater eel.. Its an expensive delicacy all over the world, and for good reason. We in Oz are blessed with an abundance of them. Give it a go. Oh yes... SMOKING IS ALL ABOUT THE BRINE!
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    Pesky Bass

    Those pesky bass would not leave me alone yesterday, I kept trying to get away from them but every where I went they followed.Bass finally decided to start taking jigs. I pulled a couple of my shrimp traps and couldnt believe the amount of shrimps in them, so decided it was going to be a bait day. After nearly 50 at the first spot, I got a bit bored and trolled off down the dam picking up plenty of bass on the crazydeeps.Next spot the bass were willing to take some jigs as well as shrimp and last spot found another school.Then picked up a few more trolling home. All up 114 bass,one yella and 3 tandans.I could probably go out tomorrow and be lucky to get 20,just got to be lucky on the day, I think the overcast conditions early helped a lot. Dino
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    NPD 26/9/18 Short Report

    Left camera at home Bucket of redclaw 71 bass 1 tandan Cheers Ray
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    Gc Hinterland Magic

    Family gathering,grandsons 18th birthday. It was great to be where the rapids run and the rabbits run. Unlucky for eldest son the rabbits didnt run fast enough sat night. Anyway in amongst the festivities I managed to do some fishing.Found plenty of willing bass but no mary river cod this trip.Last bass I caught was a bit of magic,I made a cast to short, so next cast I put a bit of effort into it, result was it went up over some power lines and as the lure hit the water I gave it a twitch (teabagging ) and it was fish on. Lucky for me it was only a small bass as I had to get it up to the power lines and flick it over,it hit the water heavy and remained on. Dino
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    Jumpinpin 15 Sept

    Just in time for the flathead classic next week. My boss was out there but they only got 7. He went to the seminar at Doug Burt's a couple of weeks ago and the flathead guru (forget his name) says most of the big lizards will be caught in that foot of water depth.
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    Builders Plate

    Thank you all, the lights are being moved to the side this week. The tinny was sanded by myself and another old boiler! I had the centre and front benches removed and the tinny braced for a floor by a mate, he also painted it for me. He did a beautiful job. I have done all the floors, carpet seats etc. It is now with a another guy to hook up all the wiring as that is a no go for me!! I have also fitted a CMC PT-35 Tilt and Trim. I will post before and after pics soon. Cheers
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    Drop Bear

    Care Instructions

    Pretty Funny
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    Flats Fishing Queensland

    hey guys does anyone know much about flats fishing, cause i don't. i would love to know some tricks and times to fish there, i've caught some nice flatties but lacking lots of consistency. i recorded 1 session this morning on youtube (lots of small guys, but check it out) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v7V0sATyCwc thank you (im new to this forum)
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    Old Scaley

    Nrl 2018

    Congrats, @ellicat. Also, congrats to Dan for coming just behind the old man. Bragging rights in the family for another 12 months Brian.
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    Pesky Bass

    Phew, only needed new batteries.
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    Droppy and the Landrunner Top-water Toga Party Heading to Lake Borumba for round 2 early on Thursday. Wind looks mint. I hope the rain stays off. Wish us luck. Report to follow... hopefully if I don't donut and drink too much rum for consolation that is
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    Gps Marks

    Hi Adam Welcome to the site, i suggest you get on to the local bait & tackle stores in the area, they will be able to give you a couple of general locations to try which will give you a start somewhere at least, particularly if you purchase some bait and maybe a bit of gear off them, just a tip and intended to be delivered in the most courteous fashion to you, best not to come straight out and ask for GPS marks on any fishing site the same day you join , reason being is that most good GPS sites are hard earned and you need to establish your credentials with people on the site by why of contributing before requesting, no offence intended towards you mate, just giving you some friendly advice for the future, hope you bag out on your trip and don't forget to post a report, successful or otherwise. MSB
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    Old Scaley

    Nrl 2018 Predictions

    Billy is off the hook. Now we have to hope Cooper can play so we have the best v the best.
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    Smoking fish - who does it?

    I just use a hot smoker, then smoke my fish for 4 hours. I bought it from a BBQ shop and it is quite tall. You put the hot beads at the bottom, then there is a dish for water to control the temp. I smoke at about 60F and use chunks of wood for my smoking material. Before I smoke the fish I put it in a salt water and soy sauce brine for an hour then dry this for another hour. When I do my batch tomorrow night I can post up my guide with pics if you like? The flavour is soooooo nice!