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    It had taken me 2 days to convince Mrs Drop Bear that an early start wasn't just to annoy her. On Monday and Tuesday we watched the wind come in at about 10am, saw the chop pick up and the boats disappear from the Broadbeach apartment. On Tuesday we saw schools of Toooona fish busting up everywhere on the glassy seas and after a great night at the Social I was very keen to get amongst it. It's very tricky to get the boat into the underground car park here. Low clearance and tight corners and the fear of things getting pinched out of the boat, but after dragging it up and down the coast for the social and spending hours sitting at infuriating gold coast red lights, we took the time and made it fit. All the gear locked up in the car. After all my prattling on about an eski @tugger rang me up and sold me his mackerel box. A cracker well over 1m long inside, it has low profile and is skinny and fits perfectly in the boat. I was keen to see some nice long spottys or even a Spanish in there. At 3am we made coffee and got started. Ice from the 7/11 and made it to the north side Currumbin Boat ramp. As we dragged all the gear from the car I spoke to a bloke (as you do in the pitch dark) who said they had been getting a few Spanish. towing live baits. Yesterday an 18kg was caught and a bigger one dropped boatside. This is one of my biggest fears. Dropping good fish beside the boat leaves a sick feeling in my stomach and I get very nervous when it is my turn to gaff. I'm sure @aussie123 would remember when I missed his cobia and put the tip of the gaff through the little bead above the hooks at 1770. It was a bowel spilling moment. Holding the gaff attached to the line above a monster fish... But talk of big fish got the fire in the belly and while still pitch black we pushed off and glided at 4 knots through ghostly glassy waters, under the bridge to the mouth. Another boat passed us and I was thrilled to have someone to follow out. I have done South Passage bar in the Quampie but not this one having only crossed it as a decky with @tugger. We had scoped the bar the day before and knew it doglegged hard left/north at the rock wall but I wasn't sure how long you needed to go until it was deep enough to get out. There was the slightest touch of dawn now. We could make out the small waves but it was still way too dark to see water depth. After about 100m, the guy in front turned right and punched through the small swell and we followed. No problem at all. I love how responsive Quampie is with her 70hp 4stroke Suzuki. My 5m Tornado SF series Stessco is spacious and comfortable. She is good in a sea and I cant fault it. These 2 pics are not from this trip. http://www.stessco.com.au/catalogue/open-boats-tinnies-dinghies/tornado/tornado-fl-series I didn't really know where to go. Tugger forgot to text me the GPS marks (or perhaps didn't want to find me on his spot next time he went out haha ) but had given me some visual marks on the last trip and I lined up the southern one and headed away from it and bingo the reef popped up on the sounder just as we were in sight of Tallebudgera creek. I marked some bait fish and we used the electric to spot lock us in place. Bait was slow to get but we persisted. I floated out 2 pillies and we ended up with 3 good size yakkas and 2 really small things that looked a bit like a slimy mackerel that were only about 70mm long. The bait tank works pretty well. Its not perfect yet but kept them alive happy and well. They kicked around and were feisty, making it tricky to catch in the aquarium net. We were using chunks of pillies on the bait jig and caught some scorpion cod, mouri cod and a stack of sweetlip while trying for live baits. All the fish were small and were released. One of the fairly large sweetlip had barotrauma so I popped him in the live bait tank for about 15 mins. He came good and screamed to the bottom when released. The boats and kayaks came in thick and fast but the fish were scarce. I did not see one bent rod the whole time. After a few hours and a drop of rain, we trolled out to the rubble grounds. Easy to find with so many boats. I had a paravane and spoon on a handline and a lively lure diving minnow in pilly pattern on the TLD. We trolled like this at about 8 knots for at least an hour and I marked bait schools and bottom features for next time. There were a stack of mutton birds around. They were feasting on the little bait fish that we had caught 2 of. Small tuna pushing them to the surface. I couldn't see what they were but they had no size about them. One of the mutton birds (Wedge-tailed Sheerwater, Puffinus pacificus) flew into my line and was less than appreciative when I had to untangle it. It flew away unharmed. Cheeky bugger bit me but left no mark. It was cool to see one up close. We traveled north to Broadbeach. No sign of the Tooona fish there today. There were a few pro boats out and about. They were all trawling at about 4 knots. I assumed they were towing livies. So with nothing doing on lures or pillies or livies under floats we switched up. I didn't have the right hooks and I hadn't put in the dacron nor the needle so I made do and pinned the large yakkas through the nose on a 6/0 Gamakatsu circle hook hoping the slight twist in the lure would not be a problem. Being a circle hook it seemed to hold on well. We slow trolled for a while. it was getting on to about 9.30am so we trolled back south towards Palm Beach Reef. At about half way there and having not seen any bait or reef for a long time we pulled in the lines and put the livies in the tank and belted along in the small swell back to the reef. About 200m north of the reef we resumed the trawl. Bec had been driving a lot of the time but we swapped and she held the spinning rod. I had put a lot of line out on this one and kept the other in the rod holder with not much line out to try and stop them tangling. She held it so the tip was low to give the yakka the best chance of keeping under the water. At 4 knots it worked really well and the hooks worked great. Most of the boats had gone home with only 3 left. As we neared the reef 2 of these left. Bec said lets go get a coffee and I agreed. The fishing was shut down... We got ready to bring in the rods and looked to see how far to get back to Currumbin creek. We took one last look at beautiful Burley Headland... Then all hell broke loose! Bec has never caught a large fish. All of a sudden the 40lb braid was pealing off the screaming Sarangosa 8000 under heavy drag. I encouraged her to play the fish but she was in real risk of dropping the rod. I quickly pulled in the TLD so as to not get tangled up and held the rod half way up to take some weight on the rod for her. Please don't be a shark... She was freaking out a bit. But I encouraged her to hang on. The first epic long run finished and she struggled to wind in some line and told me I had to take the rod. I'm sort of like Bat Man in that way... Selflessly and heroically saving the damsel in distress... No? I got a bit of line back before it absolutely screamed off again. This thing was huge. It was faster and ran longer than anything I can remember. The spool was getting low and there was soon only a few wraps from the backing as it headed for the horizon. Bec grabbed the tiller and was driving towards the departing fish when this second massive run slowed and thankfully stopped. It lolled about and I easily got a lot of line back. About half way back to the boat it took off again with a third thumping run although a bit shorter and slower. I felt the tail hit the line a few times that gave me a sick feeling. It mucked around a bit and came up close to the surface. Perhaps it was a black marlin? Perhaps it would jump!? Please don't be a shark... Then it came in again with steady pump and winds. I knew it would tear off again when it saw the boat and it didn't disappoint. A screaming run diving to the bottom. It was powerful but shorter than the first 2. Please don't be a shark... It came in and was deep under the boat. I faint grey and very long shape... Please don't be a shark It rolled on its side and I got a perfect flash of silver with distinctive bars... Now I was excited/nervous/happy/terrified. It was not a shark. Bec got the gaff but was worried. The fish had had enough. It came to the surface and did a few circles. I put the rod in my left hand and gaff in my right and pinned it just behind the gills and lifted it in. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF yes!!!!!! So so so happy to have this stunning fish on the floor. It was flogged. The wire trace was literally wrapped around its huge teeth. There is no way in hell it would have stayed on if it was using Mono. Way too excited. So a few picks and a rough measure saw it go about 1.3m. I was too scared to go anywhere near the massive teeth that would have given Chat Morgan a run for his money, so snipped the wire off and put it in the new eski... except it was too long. FFFFFFFFFFFFF yes!!! That is a problem I would be happy to get used to. Ok so with a bit of a bend of its tail we got the lid shut and packed it in ice. We released the healthy yakka from the other line, and headed back to the bar. The sea was fine. I followed the track back and saw that the boat we had followed out had found the gutter nicely. It was an uneventful crossing with not too many boarders to dodge and a delightful 6 knot cruse up the creek past a myriad of kayaks and stand up paddle boards. One of the kids asked how we went and asked to see. So we stopped for a second and it was a great excuse to hold up the fish again. It drew a crowd. I'm such a poser. yay. There is a nice cleaning table at the ramp so I knocked the fillets off there. Much to the delight of the Dump Ducks and Pelicans but frame and head in the bin. We have so much meat now. The fish must have gone close to 20kg? Hard to say but Bec couldn't lift it. She was convinced it weighed about 2 metric Jackflashs (our old dog) so called it 20kg. Thanks to all the help I have been getting from AFO members. You know who you are. All the little tips and tricks from what boat to buy, how to fish, how to set up a live bait tank, how to catch live bait, where to go, how to cross bars... it goes on and on. I have learnt so much this past year or so and wouldn't have caught this fish without all of your help. Sorry it is such a long report. I hope you can see how much this fish means to me. Its funny what a difference one fish can make. DB
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    Little Grey Men

    I'm Still Alive

    I've been a bit quiet for a good long while but I'm still waving my fishing fighting pole around. Here's some pics of the good ones over the last couple of seasons. That bass came out of knee deep water and wrapped itself around two submerged logs.
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    Pb Whiting & A Dino Style Bream Score.

    Well what a fun session. Hit a new spot this morning with good results. Using exclusively topwater lures my mate Joel and I yakked the dawn chasing, well whatever would bite. It was a bit slow to start with a few pike coming over the side... Things were looking grim and took this snap so I could at least do a poor report. No long after the sun breached we came to a little drop off. The current was moving over the shallow weed beds and edying as it hit the deep water. This is were things improved. Every cast was a bream hit with over 20 landed in an hour. The most productive and entertaining session in ages. Stopped taking pictures as well, they all look the same after a while... As if I was not happy enough the last fish I hooked was my best for the day. After a solid no mucking around surface hit and a brilliant fight in less than 1m of water I caught site of a huge whiting. A measure confirmed what I had been hoping. A new PB at 43cm. A genuine elbow slapper Very happy with the session I was home to help with the kids by 8am. Great start to the day.
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    Luke Landrunner

    My Wet Threesome

    After a frustrating Krispy Kreme in the sunny and hot Noosa River on Wednesday morning I turned my attention to the fresh of Lake Borumba. Although the Friday morning forecast had a high chance of precipitation, the cool overcast and low wind conditions were appealing.I packed everything up the day before and headed up to the health retreat at Greens Creek that my better half Co-manages.My day job these days is a bit of grounds keeping, maintenance and being the "Soup Nazi" in the kitchen ( my ratatouille is legendary and eases the guests into their first night ). Getting to the beautiful Lake just before first light, the predicted showers began.Two boats turned up and i saw only one other launch the whole session i was there. I pedalled across to a spot where i had some luck late last year. Attached on my first rod was an Arbogast jointed Jitterbug surface lure in a green tree frog colour and on the second, the same brand but 60mm in black. The weed beds had grown since my last visit and had formed a barrier to the timber and overhanging trees. I found a clearing with weed to each side and timber plus the added bonus of a big flowering bottlebrushin the middle. Peppering the area with a dozen or so casts, I got distracted by the loud squawking of a moor hen and squawked back at it. Of course as I did this I got my first hit of the day and failed to hook up. After a few more casts I moved on to some other clear structure with no results. There was plenty of surface action around in-between the showers and the sounder had me interested on what was below. Before moving over to the other side of the Lake in knew I had to give the first spot another going over. Sure enough after a few casts a big hit on the lure and some acrobatics I had my first Saratoga of the day in the kayak. I grabbed the waterproof camera for a happy snap and turned it on, and again, and again. Crap battery dead and no photo. ( IT HAPPENED @Drop Bear ) A quick measure and the 49cm fish was safely released. Off the mark, I headed over to the other side. Plenty of casts in likely spots as I made my way along the edges, all that was hooked up was a very heavy bunch of weed that pulled the front treble anchor out of the lure.I swapped over to the second setup to give the all black a go. With the lure paused in the water I turned to watch a boat coming in to the ramp. Bang another hit and a big swirl was all that I saw. Bugger ! The number of times I get a hit when distracted.... Continuing on in the drizzle I came to a little inlet that looked most likely and no sooner had the lure hit the water, a second Saratoga had started doing its dance. Woohoo two Togas, a first in one session and a PB at 59.99cm. This was worth being moist ! Looking for a hat-trick, I kept moving along until a wayward cast went higher and longer over the fork of a tree in about a metre of water. There was no way that lure was staying up there and after about ten minutes of different strategies, the lure fell from its two and a half metre perch. Giving the surface a rest for a while, down went a blade. For about five minutes. There"s something about watching a surface lure that interests me more than sending something under and that"s why 99% of my fishing is just that. ( Offshore is a different story of course ) So back to the black Jitterbug and soon enough a very very feisty Saratoga makes its way into the net and into the kayak and then somersaults out the other side, luckily still pinned and then netted again and back into the kayak ( Does it count as two ? ) WOOOOHOOOO a triple treat of Saratoga ! This Toga with attitude went 55cm and was happy to swim off. Getting greedy I had visions of adding a forth or perhaps a Bass and pedalled on. About ten minutes later I thought very heavy rain was approaching but instead it was the start of the wind picking up and the end of the session was called. Really enjoying the beautiful Lake Borumba with heaps more still to explore on the Yak.
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    This trip all stared when we checked the weather for the next few day realised the weather was perfect and the weekend was near, so we pack the boat stocked, up on a few lures and started our trip to the magical wonders on the sea. It was still pretty early so we decided to stop the boat and go for a vertical jigging session was not much to show but a greedy cod and 2 HUGE hook ups but both busted me off in seconds, after the drag stopped peeling and the jig bite slowed down we went to the island to setup camp for 2 night. As we finished setting everything up and i had some time to burn on the island i went for a flick with some zman 2.5 inch slim swimz on 6lb braid and as you can tell by the photo the Gt was pretty big, 43cm to be exact it was pelling drag and almost spooled me 3 times with 200 yards of line, the bite had been tough but this gt was hungry and followed my lure right to my feet and went Mental over my lure! After catching that GT i had a flick for another 30 mins and i decided to grab my dads setup with 6lb but this time i had a zman 2.5 inch grubz on, kayaked over to the reef and pulled out a solid 41cm stripey snapper on 8lb fluro! after 7 solid mins of this fella peeling drag and chasing him away from sharks i landed him and decided to feed the fam as he wasn't releasing to well. And just to top off the trip I managed to catch my first ever squid with a storm so-run 90mm with the bib broken because it hit a rock and that squid made the day by giving us 1.2kg of pure calamari!! Over all was a good trip and will defiantly be doing some more reports for you guys! Hope you enjoyed!
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    Little Grey Men

    Run In Flatties

    This is a bit of a late report from Sunday am. The plan was to fish the incoming tide over the flats, then chase the breambos up into the mangroves again. The little flatties were slowly following their breakfast up onto the newly submerged sand and I found six of them in no more than a foot of water. The prawns are still hanging around and were popping everywhere on the surface. As soon as I'd seen them, I'd back up the kayak slowly and put a cast over the top. Most times a bream would say G'day. Not sure about the weather this weekend though..I might see if the bass are home !
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    Jacob's Well Mystery Man

    Hit Jacob's Well with this mystery man today. Turned out it was only @Old Scaley with a buff on. Forecast wasn't the best with possible storms and 20 knot winds but there's always someplace to hide down there. The fishing wasn't great but we got onto a good feed of whiting while we waited for the 4 crab pots to fill....and fill they did. Mostly with water, but the first pot showed promise with two big muddies, one being a buck. Yayyy. The next 3 were all under size unfortunately. Never mind, one is good. Whilst fishing I scored a very pretty purple spotted morwong of sorts (??). Steve'll post the pic later. Right near the end of the day, with me being confident my 30cm whiting was going to be Fish of the Day, Steve's rod buckled and in came a nice 35cm specimen. I tried some of the tips on photography but alas my skills are still lacking. Whilst not a great day on the fishing front it was good to get the doughnut monkey that's been around for a couple of months off our backs. Upwards and onwards, Steve. Top day out.
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    Wicked dawn session today chasing bream and jacks on surface. Started scenic but slow with a half dozen little bream coming on board to say hi. Checked the pots soon after for one leg (luckily jennies are legal in NSW or it would have been a donut). After that a couple of legal bream. Man they fight dirty in this creek with snags and grass everywhere. Then it got interesting... Joel landed a cast right on a likely looking snag and CRACK CRACK two massive strikes with a solid jack getting out of the water. Sadly, but maybe lucky for Joel's 8lb leader and main line there was no hook up. Not 5 minutes later Joel dropped a donk of a bream as well. He was feeling a bit like things were not going to go his way when another cast at the same snag resulted in a big boof and hookup. A little fight later revealed Joel's first bass. To get your first bass on topwater and wild to boot... Happy. We paddled for a fair way after this with a few more little bream and suspected bass boof. On the way home I decided to have a cast at the bream bass snag and could not believe my luck when BOOF a big surface take and screaming drag. I was a bit worried as I was only running 6lb leader but after a hairy fight a smile lit my dial as this 44cm wild topwater bass was boated. After that things shut down with one more bream and a random crab that crawled into my pot despite having no bait. All in all an awesome morning and I am loving exploring this place. Angus
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    Launched the boat at 6am on Sunday morning with the intentions of a lazy morning on the water with some music and food with my fiancé Lauren Dropped the anchor, setup the two rigs and threw out two baits….2-3 minutes later (literally, I had barley sat down and just opened a bottle of water) one reel starts peeling off line. Set the hook (I have a new found love for bait runners) and the fight was on. It was a fairly lazy fight of only about 5 minutes and we had our first shark for the morning in the boat. Only a pup at 78cm but still a fun catch. Popped a tag in its back and back in the drink he went. An hour passed with a missed hookup before we had another run. Though this next run hit the bait at speed and was swimming against the current. I had to wind in a lot of slack line about 30m worth before I felt any weight, then as soon as I felt the weight the little bull shark started going beserk! Must have had something to do with having a hook in its mouth…maybe he was just in a bad mood…who knows? Another 5 minute battle and we had bully number two in the boat. Another little male that went 77cm, but it fought much harder than the first. Tag went in and back in the water to fight another day. Happy with twofor the morning, we called it a day. Back home with the boat and gear washed and away by 10am, sure beats sleeping in! I never ever get sick of catching these beauties on gear intended for bream. Gear was a 3000 reel, 2-4kg rod, 8lb main line, 40lb mono leader (50cm), 80lb wire trace (50cm) with an 8/0 circle hook. Fresh water eel as bait (always) On a side note, just after we got the first on in the boat some bloke went screaming past on his jetski with a big smile on his face. So I held up the shark and showed it to him....I've never seen someone's smile disappear so fast and turn into a worried look, we cracked up laughing after that Im hoping to be able to offer a decky spot or two in the coming weeks for anyone who is interested.
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    Real quick report just to let everyone know that a heap of birds were working in the centre of the bay yesterday, with spotties and I'm pretty sure some tuna surfacing here and there. I trolled a spoon with a paravane all around the Hope Banks area in amongst a heap of birds, who I think were getting as frustrated as I was trying to keep up with the fish. At one stage they popped up right next to me and I had a real dilemma whether to continue trolling the spoon along the edge of the school or stop and cast a slug. I opted for the former, possibly wrongly, and was devastated when I didn't get a hit and the school popped back down again (I then threw a slug in the area but I think they were moving rather fast). Continued on, with birds spread out basically all through the section between Green Island and Harries and south, some not too far out from Wellington Point. I decided to stop near where a school had been up north of the Hope Banks, throw some cubed pillies in the water and one down on some gangs, while throwing a slug. Hooked up on the slug first cast, just as I'd noticed some fish go under on the sounder, but somehow it snapped my braid (20lb), I think at the leader knot, so not sure if my braid needs replacing (it did knot a couple of times when casting while on holiday down south so might be time). Was meeting the wife and kids back on the western side of Wello Pt at 5:30pm to take them for a quick fish so unfortunately was time to go right as I felt I was getting closer to success, so started flying in that direction but as expected, came across another school within a few hundred motors and just had to troll a spoon again quickly. Stopped to throw a slug, with no luck, then tried to start trolling the spoon again but the paravane off in the distance wouldn't go back down, so started winding it in by hand, trying to get it to bite back into the water. As it got closer, I noticed a dolphin swimming behind it and started to wonder if it was amused/attracted by the paravane. As it got closer again, I started to wonder if it was interested in the spoon .......... Then as I lifted the paravane out of the water (with the dolphin still hovering ....) and grabbed the leader to wind it in, I realised I had a fish on ......... ahah, that's why the dolphin was hovering - can only suspect that I hooked the mackerel just before I stopped trolling. Just legal at about 53 cm (photo later when I have time ). Fishing with the family was quiet despite the burley and it almost being dark, until I hooked a large stingray right as we were thinking about packing up, much to my wife's pleasure as the fight took a while and it was dark once we managed to subdue it ...... The boys loved the experience though so it's all good. Collected my 4 pots from the Wello Pt dropoff in 7m of water (which was fun with not great conditions, no headlamp and a cr@ppy torch - note to self, buy a new one ...) and had lots of crabs in the pots but only one keeper. Going to have to get out again next weekend and try to get my first bay spottie.
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    1 Cobia 10 Unstoppables

    Went out through spb yestetday and hit up the group it was hard anchoring as tide and wind were against each other. By the time i got it sorted we had a hit on the top live bait and a big barracuda was giving me curry we released it after a few choice words as it ate 1 of only 2 slimie mackerel livies we had. We did have plenty of little yakkas and i dropped 1 to the bottom only to have it hit straight away. This fish was a wrestle it didn't want to come away from the bottom i had my heart in my mouth a few times as i know what the bottom is like as i have lost many fish to the reefs sharp edges. What seemed like an eternity i started to gain line eventually seeing colour the call cobia was made and after a choice gaff shot a good cobia was in the boat. After despatching, bleeding and chilling down the cobes in an ice slurry we got back to fishing. Dropping down live yakkas to the bottom both Terry and i managed to be reefed by many more cobes most of the time they were hitting the livies as soon as it hit the bottom. Frustrated we persisted and soon enough another surface bait was hit it was a good spanish but alas lost boatside with the silver gleam of its sides disappering. It was 1 of those days where not everything goes to plan so with the livies tank spent and the bite over we headed for home. At home we measured the cobes at 1.25m and a gues of weight at around 15kg.
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    Hi From Toowoomba

    Hi all, I'm a father of two teenagers who express a small but growing interest in fishing. I've got some gear and some experience but rarely go fishing on my own. Looking to get the kids interested in it more and expand the family outing experiences by getting a boat. My daughter likes being towed on a floating object and my son likes the idea of getting a license on anything that is powered by petrol so I think a boat might be a start. My wife is a non-starter on boats at this stage. I'm new to fishing on the East Coast. I come from WA. Fishing in brown silty rivers seems all wrong but I'm coming around to the idea. A number of species are new to me too (like yellowbelly). I hope to attend a social or two and to perhaps hire someone to aid in helping my son to catch his first fish ! Cheers, Steve
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    Up The Creek With A Paddle

    Another fun and much better than expected session up a small Northern NSW creek today. The goal was actually some crabs. I am slowly tweaking the best way to paddle pots up skinny water. Some else had visited the spot before me this morning but as he was of the eucalypt eating variety I was not to phased. Although crabs were the goal of course a rod came. I had zero expectations as it was about 1pm in the afternoon and I am pretty committed to surface at the moment. So much literature suggests this is a terrible time to fish surface and it was bright and sunny to boot. Well my initial pessimism was wiped when on my 3rd cast, casting into some ripply flowing water caused by the outgoing bang, a nice chunky 32cm bream took my lure. This became the theme with each little eddy and rapid producing hits or a fish. It was a cracking session and easily my most productive from this creek despite the time. This makes me think ill work on tide logic for a while. As if the session was not good enough it was ended with a nice kicker. Casting a likely looking snag the water erupted after only 2 twitches. A drag screaming heart in mouth fight finally resulted in a solid 44cm nugget of a wild bass. Such awesome colours on this fish. Lure of the day was a berkley scum dog. Not an expensive lure at all but I have caught a lit of fish the last 2 weeks on this exact one. Other gear: Nordic stage areal sharpshooter Shimano stella 1000 6lb siglon braid and 6lb leader. Cheers for reading. Angus P.s. ill be heading back to check pots later and will report
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    Old Scaley

    Jacob's Well Mystery Man

    Well it was a great day out despite the wind limiting our choices of fishing spots and it is always good to have a week day fish away from the crowds. I learned a few things today. First, @ellicat showed me how to choke a whiting. Later Brian showed me a new variety of Morwong, which was very pretty. Then he showed me how happy he was to be off his donut. Later, I used everything that I learned from the photo topic this week to take a classy photo of our one keeper crab. Then I forgot everything I had learned and took my usual dead fish photo at the end of the day.
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    Drop Bear

    Quick Crab Grab

    I love to go fishing with friends and family. We set alarms early to fish the high tide and headed to the Whyte Island Boat Ramp at fisherman's island. Mrs Drop Bear, Junior #2 Drop Bear and Howler. It was supposed to be a 2.1 or something meter high at 7am ish but was much lower than this. Did any one else experience this today? Does it go wrong quite often? You can see in the background of this next shot where the normal high tide is and although we were there a bit early it didn't get much higher than what you can see in this photo. The wind was a bit crappy with about 10-15 northerly so the bay was yucky in my 5m open tinny. The creeks were our option as it was really nice. We put the pots in about an hour before high in some skinny creeks I have found not far from home. Look how tidy my boat is when I go crabbing... not Do you recognize any pots there @Angus? thanks I had run out of floats and because we were only leaving them for about 2-3 hours made do with some properly marked milk bottles. These worked fine but would never use them if fishing for longer than that or if I was in an area where there was some fast tidal movement or choppy water. We then fished for gar with floats and a little bit of prawn. I have seen the gar thick here before but only the little ones turned up today. Hundreds of them ravenously ate all the burly that we chucked at them but really were too small to catch. Even if we were to have caught them they would not be big enough to eat. One cast net would have gotten some nice baits but I only had my big one and there were lots of snags. We finished the fishing and pulled in 9 of the 12 pots with only one nice bug ugly (but sadly 1 clawed) buck. No Jennies and no under sized crabs. As we tried to get the last 3 pots we realised that the water had gone out too far and couldn't get back to them. It was barely 2 hours past high and it surprised me at how low the water was. So we had to leave them for another day. I know where they are and will get them next trip. If anyone is keen to go grab them and take any crabs out of them I can PM you the location. Its not far from the ramp or hard to find but you would need a very small tinny and be not too worried about little dints in your prop... We had a 12 foot top pocket cast net with us and there were millions of small prawns skipping on the surface. We were only in about 2 or 3 foot of water so it was totally the wrong net but had a go any way. We watched hundreds of little prawns jump out through the net weave but quite a few got stuck enough to get them in. I love little prawns. Fried hot and hard in a combo of butter rice bran oil and garlic. yumm. I did nothing to them this time but they are even better if you dust them with seasoned and spiced corn flower or some similar flower. We put on lots of salt and white pepper then eat the whole thing. Crispy and good. They take about 1m to cook. You just have to watch the spike on the front of the head. I just break this off or crunch it first. I want to go and buy a cheap 8 foot bottom pocket net for this and have it ready in the boat for next time. Any tips on what one to buy? Is there a small weave version? It probably wouldn't matter as if you pulled them in fast enough they would stay in long enough. Will these prawns grow up to be big ones in March? Not telling where they were The live bait tank kept them fresh until we got back. After a few fruitless swipes with the aquarium net to try and get them out I realized I would have to drain it first. I was worried that they would get sucked out the bottom but put the net under the outflow pipe and all was good So a bit quieter than we had hoped but the muddy was as full as a QLD politicians wallet and made a great and delicious lunch of prawn and mud crab. Poor us poor us... Oh and sorry for no photo of the crab... perhaps we didn't catch it after all? POIDH? DB
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    86 Left Them Biting

    Great morning out at NPD, Willy weather got it wrong again and lucky we had some wind to cool things down as it got hot very early. Headed off to the weed edges where I found zilch, as the sun was up early the bass remained hidden in amongst the weed,I'll have to wait for an overcast day. Managed to pick quite a few up trolling down the dam that were sitting very deep. I then decided Ray cant have all the fun catching them on bait, so stopped at the first spot and managed 20 fairly quickly. I then set off trolling to the next spot, in amongst having a feed I noticed a good school on the sounder, so pulled up and sent a few fish finders down and it was full on for awhile. Good to see the numbers returning. Dino
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    A Gain In The Rain

    Well I finally got back in the boat this morning, there was a bit of rain about but not enough to get to wet. Started off with a bit of casting to the edges, picking up a few small bass, then headed off down the dam trolling picking up a bass here and there.Found a couple of schools on the sounder so tried some jigging, for zilch, so down went a fish finder and instant hookup, a bloody forkie, next spot same again, ended up with 11 of the mongrels. So headed off to another spot where the bass were hungry, managed 32 bass all up, so not bad for first day back after falling over.Leg still raw and has to be dressed each day, so I was very careful on the ramp.Forgot to mention one of the forkies put a small gash in my finger, I was waiting for the sting but it never came, lucky lucky lucky. Dino
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    Sara Popped My Cherry

    Hopefully the heading isn't too misleading.. Scored my first toga land based at NPD this week, on a little Chartruese spinner-bait slow rolled/hopped along the bottom, she went 70cm tip to tail. The two fellas I was with both scored 40cm+ tilapia. We saw a kayak in the section of the dam which I thought was zero-access.. have the rules changed? Anyway, here's the photo
  19. 9 points

    They Are Back.

    Not too good start to the day this morning. Left home nice and early at 4.05 and about 10 ks from home realised that I had left my wallet at home. Normally this would not be a drama but I had planned to fill up with cheap diesel at the red dog at petrie as it is 10c a litre cheaper than at home and I only had enough fuel to get to the dam so a quick return home to get wallet and laughed at by wife and dog. The dog was already cracking a pooyey on me as I was not taking her for her morning run in the dog park. Headed off again and on the gateway near the Deagon on ramp in the pouring rain i found a free ladder in the middle of the left lane. At first i thought it was a carton in the middle of the road and swerved to miss it and realised it was a ladder the rain then got heavier and next thing I found another ladder and hit it fair and square as I did not see it in time to swerve. Luckily I was going slowly but it still gave me a hell of a fright . I pulled over and had a quick look and got nice and wet but could not see any damage . When I got to the gate of the dam saw that one of the trailer mudguard support brackets had a good bend in it and the impact had caused one of the dura hubs to fall off. The good part is that Rick was there yesterday and had dropped in 4 redclaw pots as we had been getting small redclaw in our shrimp pots recently. We ended up with half of a basket of redclaw. No whoppers put they will continue to grow . Rain and wind was a bit of a pain and the bass are still slow and scattered but still a fun day with great company. Will be pulling more of our shrimp traps and replacing them with opera house pots on Wednesday. Cheers Ray
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    Newbie Hunting Flatty

    hey mate, welcome. If youre still a bit hesitant to use lures, a favourite dead bait of mine for flatties is a dead or live herring. live is great, but a fresh dead herring is also good bait. I just chop the head off, and trim the bottom of the belly off (pic below). also a good snapper bait. best of luck!
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    Aussie Day Pelagics

    My son Brock and his mate Dylan were taking my boat out i couldn't resist going and show them where the cobia were feeding on Australia day. The weather was awesome with not a breath of wind so the ride out was glassy there was no bar and it was one of the best runs out. We 1st stopped and got a tank full of live yakkas and slimies then headed for the group we anchored up and streamed out a live slimie on the surface then dropoed live yakkas to rhe bottom. The slimie went off early and Brock was in to a big spanaird with 3 big screaming runs that stripped 150m of line on its 1st run atleast. It then went deep and used its mass to stubbornly resist Brock's effort of reeling him in with a few more short quick runs it started to wear out but just 5m from the boat just in sight it threw the hook. Quickly reseting another live slimie we settled in to some more bottom fishing but with a few short runs on livies on the bottom each time not staying connected we never gave up. Next thing we hear is the drag going off on the surface rod and Dylan had a turn fighting a good spanish mackerel i got the gaff ready as the fish wore itself out with a few big screaming runs, you never get sick of hearing the ratchet screaming with mackerels blistering speed. I sunk the gaff in to a solid spanish as it surfaced beside the boat the fish must of been 11kg and it went 1.15m long. We kept fishing but the wind swung us around and the fish went off the bite so we moved north to the 7's. We dropped livies down on some good shows and soon enough Brock hooked up to a solid fish he strugled on the heavy drag setting but eventually got line back and the fish closer. As it came in to view we knew we were looking at a nice Amberjack i slid the net under it and soon it was chilling with the spanish in the ice slurry. We had a marlin jump in front of the boat it got us excited seeing the fish free jumping so we set a lure spread and trolled around the 7's for the next hour. We couldn't raise any fish and the call was made to head home the wind never got above 10 knots all morning and a top ride home topped off the day. Hope everyone had a great Aussie day thanks for reading.
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    Coochin Creek 18/2/18

    Fished the Monthly Toorbul Comp yesterday. Fished the mouth of Coochin Creek early for the annoying pony fish (atm my most hated fish!)and undersize bream. Moved to Hussey Creek to find more under size bream. The wind got up so I decided to try Coochin again. It payed off this time boating 10 nice whiting. Inbetween them where the normal rays and long toms to keep the little reels screaming. One of the whiting was this horse at 40cms. A couple of cms under my PB but was still stoked to get it. Little hands always make for better fish photos
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    Mid River Moment

    River perch. Memories. When I was young on a saturday mum,dad and myself and 2 sisters used to walk a mile from ekibin up to the tram stop at Chardons corner. ( no local bus service then) Dad used to carry youngest sister on his shoulder . We used to catch the tram into town and get off at the Treasury stop and walk across William Street and purchase bait prawns from the bait shop that used to be under the old Victoria bridge and then walk down to the Gray Street Bridge ( Now called the William Jolly bridge) and fish on the upstream side of the bridge. We used green cord lines no such thing as nylon lines then. Steel nuts as sinkers and match stick sharpened and worked through the line as a stopper. We used to stop fishing when we had half a sugar bag full of fish because we had to carry everything home. Do not remember ever catching a forky but the occasional bream which was not kept. Dad used to be able to cast further out into the river than us and sometimes used to hook into a jew but very rarely was able to land one as we were about 10 feet up above the water. Used to be a long drawn out slog carrying everything up the last hill to home and then mum and dad used to have to clean and scale the fish. Fish for 3 meals a day for the next 2 days as we only had an ice chest to keep everything cold. Even the dog ate fish. The perch were very prevalent in the river and favorite spots were Dutton Park Davies Park,Grey Street Bridge,Near the Coal Wharves,Mowbray and Newstead parks and it was a favorite family outing even in the late 1950,s. Cheers Ray We used to use cord lines
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    Bit Busy Npd.

    Non stop action this morning until we ran out of bait at 9am. 129 bass 6 forkies And a big smile for Rick. Cheers Ray
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    Crabby And Quiet

    One male and one female ready for lunch... NSW law is so much more progressive in regards to gender equity
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    Its a really good question. There are so many little things that change it up. I will try and only put a few things in that I like. I suppose this is more of a fish photo thing so will focus on this. The good thing about digital photography v's old school film is that you can take a stack of photos and see how they go, change it up and take another. But there are a few thing/rules I like to keep in mind. If you are looking for a beautiful shot and don't mind that some of the detail is not present, put the sun behind the subject. AKA Back lit. So this is very heavily back lit to the point it is nearly a silhouette. Thanks @christophagus Same as this. As you can see when it is this heavily back lit you loos some detail but can be more beautiful. I was lucky enough to have a beautiful model for this shot thanks @rayke1938 You can even get the sun in the photo if you like. This is the same time of day as the last 2 photos but it is much more back lit. As you can see you see much more detail but it is flatter and less interesting. Next thing is framing. Try and only have the things you want to show in the photo. In this photo its pretty much all action. Sure its not a perfect shot, the fish is not sideways, the engine takes up too much of the frame, there is an annoying rod in the left, the light if very flat and uninteresting, strap across face etc. but generally your eye goes to the subject's smiling face and the fish is in the foreground. Looking at the fish works sometimes too. I love to have some context in the photo if you can, so by off centering the photo we can see the beautiful mangroves in the background and not see my messy boat that would be on the right if we centered the photo. As apposed to this photo. Way too wide (should have got closer). We are so distracted from the fish and the person. the background is lame (could have moved up to the front of the boat) There is way too much "stuff" in the shot and it is distracting to see. This photo again only shows the stuff you want to see. This one is has a great background and is still quite a nice shot but less about the subject (model thanks @Luvit). That's up to you and what you want to say with your photo. This is the same photo that I have cropped in on. I have also changed the Vibrancy and a few things in photo shop in a vain attempt in the low light to bring out the colours. I prefer having people holding fish to a brag mat shots but brag mat shots have a purpose for nice fish so I like them too. One of the best fish photographers I know is Troy Neilson and I stole some of his shots from Face book. These 3 shots are very well set up and look fantastic but it is not by luck. The first 2 are in full sun the third the subject is shaded by something. The sun is behind him but quite high. This would normally make it fully shadowed and dark. Just like @Luvit pointed out he has used a flash to "fill in" the shadows (you can see the flash in the sunglasses and reflected in the face of the fish). Also note how clean the shots are with nothing distracting in them at all. Sitting on the front of the boat takes more effort but can make for great shots. Framing is perfect, lure in wet fish, smiling faces, stunning background, boga grips hid behind fish. There other great ways to do this but with what they had (IMHO) as good as it gets for showing beautiful fish. The thing is it takes a fair bit to set up shots like this. Portraiture is another thing and I wont go there. This shot is well set up, rod and fly look great background awesome. The flash has filled in the light. Could do with a crop but pretty nice. This shot I don't like as much. Framing is loose with too much junk in the shot, the fish looks beaten up, sunglasses on. Still a bloody good fish and good shot haha. But really the main thing is get closer and only have what you want in the frame. Now selfies... I dont know really the best way to do this. I have put the fish in a nice spot and take a photo but it's nice to have a person in the shot if you can manage it.
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    Old Scaley

    What Do You Look For In A Report

    I like reading that people are going fishing and then I am always hanging out for the report. @Luvit is really good at building that anticipation. I love seeing pictures of different places like the creeks and rocky headlands and wondering where they are and why I haven’t been there. I like information about different techniques and styles of fishing. I have learnt so much from people on this site over the past 10 years. i enjoy reading donut reports and what went wrong just a little more than I enjoy writing them. I like the comraderie and the friendly banter and happy that we don’t see the “one upmanship” that you see on some sites. Just keep them coming people because life is just a bit more boring when the site goes quiet.
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    Hi Angus, Great thread starter! Everyone has their likes and dislikes (there's probably a rude analogy there somewhere) and i'm sure fishing reports are no different. I don't read all the reports so a great title releases the scent that makes me interested. Relevance to the fishing i do (or used to do before kids!) gets me biting, if it includes a rough location of where i fish, have fished before or want to fish in the future - especially if they include the way i like to fish and the species i target. Quality, well composed pics of photo-worthy fish sets the hook and a great story sharing the writer's experiences and genuine stoke shortens the fight and gets me close enough for a gaff shot. If the report is informative, well-written and allows me to learn something then the gaff shot hits the spot and i'm well and truly slapping around on the deck of the boat. Chuck a bit of humour in there and i'm bled and on the ice in the esky! Some recent or more memorable reports/threads with these features that come to mind are: drop bear's spanish mac story any of luvit's reports but especially his Kimberley adventure the noosa river stuff from the guys catching jacks and barras at night from a few years ago the PNG trip reports from your AFO trips Wayne Youngy Young's reports from here and abroad any post by Aussie123 Things that make me want to bust you off are reports that are too long, incoherent, or clearly trying to deceive. I'm really interested in other people's thoughts - i'm on another site but know that other media platforms (which i have logged out of) have definitely taken over in the last few years and that site in particular has really suffered. This forum seems to maintain its interest and traffic which is great to see! There is a sense of community on this site without elitism which is a credit to the people who post and the moderators no doubt. Thanks for the opportunity to contribute! Hopefully a few more reports from me in the future. Andrew
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    Breakfast Whiting

    Self explanatory... Got some bigger sessions planned ill put more effort into report then. Time for coffee and brownie pointa
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    Happy On Weed

    Had a quick session this morning fishing the weed, casting and slow rolling spinnerbaits over the top of the thick weed along the edges out at NPD. Managed 16 bass, most of which were small to medium size. It takes a lot of patience and a lot of casts and cleaning the weed off your lure time and time again. Its that strike that gets you in, when you are slow rolling your spinnerbait just above the weed in 2 to 3 metres of water, when all of a sudden you get whacked and its fish on. On my way home by 9.30am. Dino
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    Relief From My Rod

    Conquered2 problems this morning, on my exercise walk, with new rod in hand. With the problem of getting older, and at the moment unable to get my sore leg wet, I bit the bullet and purchased a samiki zing 9foot 4 to 7 lb rod to see if it was easier to cast from the bank. I put on a 2500 twin power shimano reel to cover the amount of line used when casting 1/2 oz blades. I thought I would try it out at lake K before using it at NPD.I It worked well on 1/4 oz blades, I had to be careful I didnt hit the shallow water on the other side of the lake This fixed problem one, but created another problem, with upsizeing from 1000 reel to 2500 reel I had to really slow down my retrieve, as soon as I did I managed a couple of bass.A bell went off in the head then, I have been watching a few videos while laid up, and all the so called pros kept saying slow the retrieve right down and I realized they were all using 2500 and 3000 reels, where as I usually use 1000 reels. Like Ray I left the camera at home and now have to wait for wifey to get home from cards to show me how to get pics off i phone. Dino
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    Bit Of A Surprise

    Hi EveryoneFishing Ningi Creek the other day and decided to anchor near the red beacon towards the mouth around 8.00am to fish the last 2 hours of the run out.Anchored up in 5 mtrs of water with about 15mtrs of rope out in quite a bit of run and anchor rope is taught, just starting to enjoy a cup of tea when my boat starts to move slowly upstream against the tide, anchor rope hasn't gone slack though, as quick as it happened anchor rope goes slack and the boat settles back on taught anchor rope again , I am thinking WTF's going on here, all of sudden the boat heads up stream again only this time the bow starts dipping quite violently, everything stops, anchor rope goes slack again and she settles back down on a taught anchor rope, by this time I am a bit concerned and thinking it might be best to move, when right beside the boat up pops one of these bad boys, I am in a 4mtr tinny and this fella was almost as long.He or she was obviously rubbing themselves on the anchor rope for some fun.This is not a picture of the actual dugong that made me age somewhat but similar.MSB
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    Arvo Delight

    Delight was catching bass, otherwise it was a bit of pain to gain some from the rain.I thought I would go for a walk as the wind was up to much for a boat trip, picked a spot where the wind would be over my shoulder, this saves the effort I have to use to cast and saves my back, well it does if you dont keep trying to cast further each time, old habit. Anyway the fishing was great, no monsters but a steady flow of dark colored weed dwellers. Rain was light to start with and I kept dry with only a spray jacket and not a proper rain coat (lightweight ) I could make out the weed about 7m in front me and this is where most hookups came from. I knew it was to good to last as the heavens opened up and down come the rain. It was a long 2k back to the car carrying the extra weight of being drenched.Managed to get a few pics each time the rain stopped. Dino
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    Spooking The Bass

    It was off to a bad start out at NPD yesterday, I left my casting rod at home. So off to do some trolling and bait fishing. Trolling proved OK and gave me a chance to find some small schools. I would pull up, send down some fish finders and it would be game on, usually resulting in double or triple hookups, then after about 10 to 20 bass they were spooked and gone. Sometimes I would find a school and before I could get a bait down they were gone. Took me awhile to work out a pattern,I would not hang around when the bite stopped, I would move to next spot quickly. Managed 93 bass before heading home, with not much size amongst them.Turns out I didnt need the casting rod afterall as the weed edges were not fireing for others, because of no cloud cover. Dino
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    35 Barnarbys ,57 Bass I Yella.

    Barometer was 1005 so fishing was crook. Carpet of barnarbys on the bottom. Bass were around 15 feet but the Barnabys were also rising from the bottom so we couldnt avoid them. Cheers Ray
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    Fishing When Barometer Is Low

    I find fishing theories often relate to the reason why you didn't catch fish, as opposed to why you did. For example: "Did you catch any?" "Nah mate, tides were wrong; moon was wrong; bloody northerlies; drought on the land, drought in the sea; too much fresh; not enough run in the tide; barometer too high; barometer too low; too much light, fish were spooky; too much boat traffic; etc., etc." I've gone out in perfect (theoretical) conditions and caught nothing. And been out just to have a look, when everything pointed to no, and caught plenty. I've kept a fishing diary for years, and whenever I think I'm onto a pattern, it can quickly be disproved. I now live by the notion that more you fish, the higher chance you have of catching fish. The only time I think barometer makes a difference is when you have those sudden huge drops, like just before a storm. For some unknown reason it seems to wake everything up and give them a charge. Other than that fish generally need to eat quite regularly, so probably aren't waiting for the perfect barometer conditions just to feed.
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    Only got offshore once in 2017 (!) but got a nice red and trout. Finally got a jew off the beach. By far my most memorable catch wasn't fishing related (well, maybe fishing related - at a stretch!). I'd like to say it was a double hookup but it was more like catching two fish on the same set of gangs!
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    Old Scaley

    Spotted No School Macs

    So I got a bit interested in paravane fishing for school mackerel after reading @kmcrosby78s topic on the subject so last weekend I ordered a paravane from @aussie123‘s site http://www.reeltackle.com.au/index.php?option=com_ixxocart&Itemid=115&p=product&id=19007&parent=437&vendorid=2 along with a couple of spoons. They turned upTuesday (thanks Lance, great service as usual) so then I contacted Kelvin to see if I could tag along and extract his secret spots and the plan was hatched to meet up at Hope Bank early this morning. We put in at Wellington Point which is a first for me. I have never really fished that part of the bay - fished Green and Peel many times but never in between. Good ramp with lots of parking and easy access to both those islands. The weather was mint. Kelvin was on the water at stupid o’clock and I left the ramp a bit before 6. Kelvin sent me a text to say he had given up on Hope and was down near Peel. I motored out to where I thought Hope Bank was but ended up at Harries so decided to troll down towards Peel to find Kelvin. Long story short, I met up with Kelvin near Peel and we trolled around that area and then trolled back to Hope and around there for a while. Did not see a single bird all day except for a few shags. It was smiles all round for Kelvin as he picked up a few of our old mates the grinner. I landed a bonito which Kelvin later told me was a Watson’s Leaping Bonito. We finished up with a bit of a bait fish around Green and back at the ramp around 11.30 in time to catch some eye popping scenery which I won’t elaborate on in case @ellicat reads this and gets over excited. So, yet another day of underachieving but great to be out in such good conditions and trying a few different things and places. Here is the bonito if anyone is interested.
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    Chasing The Cockies.

    Went to NPD this morning and arrived a little later than normal. While we wait for opening time i normally remove the safetynet,plugin the rear leccy,screw in the bung,turn on the sounders then plug in the bow mount motor so all we have to do when re launch is remove the tie down strap. Because this did not happen the bung got overlooked. We launched and Rick held the boat while I parked the trailer and when I walked back to the boat thought gee the boat is sitting a bit low in the water. I hopped in and pushed off and the extra weight brought the Water up to the floorboards and plenty of cockroaches flushed out of the bilge. Turned on both bilge pumps and grabbed the bung and reached over the stern and screwed it in and off we went to do our traps.. When we launched there was no sign of rain and we both left our wet weather gear in the carbut by the time we ngot half way down the dam we could see a heavy shower and thought "O Bother " or something like that. We found some fish on the sounder and set up a couple of umbrellas to keep us dry. Fortunatly th drizle soon cleared and the fish kept us busy thii around 10am when they went off the chew. So another move and we found another school finishing off the day with 45 bass,one very pale tandan and 20 odd forkies. When we got back to the ramp there was a SEQ water mowing contractor parked on the ramp eating his lunch. He must have no sense of smell or taste the smell of all the pelican poo is enough to make you chuck. Cheers Ray
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    Hey Everyone

    thanks guys for your warm welcome! Hey Drop Bear, i use a simple cooked prawn (usually venamei.. or however its spelt) on a 2/0 double strength suicide or snapper hook (mustard). I use a running pea sinker. or 2 if its windy or swelly. Drummer can also be caught using sea cabbage or cunji but this takes more time and a hunt at low tide generally.. but my biggest drummers tend to be on prawn.. usually whole. As for grouper.. for the handful that I've caught only one, a couple years ago, was a blue.. being a couple years ago finding a photo would prove to be a mission.. and in the excitement of it all half the time I forget to take a photo. it was the size of a 20L fishing bucket. Every now and then I get lucky and have some fun out there..
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    This is for ALL members, new or not so new. A few of us discussed in @Doyley's "New Tow Rig" thread about having a get together somewhere on the beach. I'm proposing the weekend of Friday 16th - Sunday 18th February as dates when we have high tides around 8.30 - 9.30am at Cooloola/Teewah. EDIT 29/1/18 Settled at Teewah 9/2/18 - 11/2/18 EDIT 1/2/18 Cancelled Alternative place of Bribie Island has high tides 1.30 - 2.30pm. It would be good if you could indicate your location preference and any alternate dates. Once we've thrashed it out and settled on a place and time we can organize the finer details.
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    This is the January post for an ongoing Moreton Bay Oyster Reef restoration project. There is more info in this thread. @ellicat and I had a great meeting with Craig Copland from Oz Fish Unlimited this week. Basically they offer a lot of things we can use to get the Moreton Bay Oyster Reef project up and running. The first step we need to do is get a list of people that want to be involved. We all live busy lives so please don't think I am putting any pressure on any one to get involved. A few of us have shown an interest and I will clearly mark any topics with what this is so if it is not your thing it is totally cool. Please let me know if I am overstepping the mark at any time. Interested people need to become members of Oz Fish Unlimited. This costs $25. https://ozfish.org.au/membership/ They are keeping it under their hat but they are hoping that members are going to be offered a $50 gift voucher to BCF when they renew membership so probably a good investment anyhow (this is not a thing yet). Membership gets you a hat and a sticker and some other stuff. Then we need to have a BBQ and a beer at my house and go through a few things. We need to; Name our Chapter Decide where our chapter will work Decide a few titles for people Register the chapter Have another bbq and beers and laugh a lot. Oz Fish have; Insurance for members, volunteers and public liability, Funds available for these sorts of projects, Political muscle to get these projects approved, Experience on how best to go about things like this as well as writing grants for council and govt, Scientists on hand to give us great info and guidelines, Great contacts with BCF including Tingalpa (for fund raising if we want) lots of other benefits. Another thing we should all discuss as it involves everyone. @angus said we should start a fishing club "Australian Fishing Club" so we can just have a banner and this would be attached to AFO. I don't know much about how this would work so would love your feedback. I hope this will all help us get lots of prizes from BCF for AFO competitions. I hope it will help revitalise AFO with prizes for competitions like the North v South, Fish of the Month, Report of the Month type things and encourage younger anglers get involved in AFO. Prizes yay! There could be prizes for things like socials, wanderers and Christmas parties. Again, please don't feel any pressure to join Oz Fish or even be involved in the Moreton Bay Oyster Reef project. This is just for people that want to get involved and I feel wont disrupt the awesome AFO site. Please let me know if you agree or if I am over stepping the mark in any way. Thanks
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    NPD 31/1/18

    We had a reasonable day today. First off a feed of redclaw. Not as many as last trip but we were using dog pellets for bait and they are only good for an overnight soak and the redclaw escape when there is no tucker to keep them in the pots. Found a good school of forkies with one solitary bass in the first spot we tried so we moved on and found more bass with the occasional forky so we went exploring and successfully proved that there were no bass in a lot of spots before we returned to the second spot and got some more bass. Jason was in the gun spot in the bow and caught 30 odd bass compared to 14 between rick and myself with Rick cheating at one stage by moving up to the bow and dropping his bait over Jasons right shoulder. No problem for redclaw bait for next trip with half a bucket of forkys. Cheers Ray
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    as we put the boat in at runaway bay on the high tide ,i went and payed my fee on return i had put my wallet down on the back, to undo the tiedowns back the boat down leaving my wallet on the back duck board,we looked everywhere for it even going in the water,30 mins later i was over it cracked a beer and headed for the island my wife contacted the bank to cancel my cards,after a few beers durning the day mick fillet said lets go for another look by then i had thought no its gone dont worry about it then about 4 in the arvo after a few more brown bottels mick said once again lets go see i thought at least in the morning i could say we tryed, so we left for the ramp by this time the tide was well and truly out put on a snorkel and away i went first dive nothing second dive nothing,by this time mick went and ask if anyone had handed it in but the answer was no,i had said to mick if the tide was still coming in the wallet should be near the corner so i went over one dive in about ten feet of water and as i reached the bottom there it was open and right infront of me so stoked and i had just got money out to give to lance for some things i brought for the weekend,so realy if it wasnt for mick pushing me to look it would have been gone so thanks again mick
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    Well to see out the weekend we opted to try some brand new water once again. The creek had some potential with jelly prawns busting everywhere. Huge bit of excitement was had when a metery giant herring skimmed along the surface chasing said prawns. 2 free swimming muddies along the bottom ensures Ill head back here with pots as well. Anyway... the fishing... Lots of little bream caught but probably nothing that crossed the legal mark. Pictured is typical. Not many pictures sorry as it was so muggy my shirt was sweated right through and the phone was stowed in the hatch on mates kayak for most the trip. It was exciting enough though with hits being more common than not. Despite a lot of these failing to connect it is one of the best things about surface fishing in my opinion... the visuals that keep you focused and on game. At one point I had also cast towards a juicy looking snag when "boof"!!!! A large surface strike and drag peeling run and well... it was all over in seconds. I hate calling a fish I did not see but I strongly think it was a jack. My drag could barely be manually pulled off the spool and it was nothing like the bream. At the end of the day we will never know and if it was a bream it was a big one! AN ISSUE OF HOOK UPS Onto the next issue... Does anyone do anything to improve hook ups surface fishing? Finer gauge hooks? Better quality? Over the course of this weekend I feel the hit to hook up ratio has literally been 15:1 with a few dropped fish as well. This is using several lure types and brands so not to be blamed on dulled one off hooks. Or... is this the clumsiness of fish (particularly) bream on a surface strike and part of the game? (The whiting and suspected jack certainly did not miss). Cheers Angus
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    Jacob's Well Mystery Man

    Nice work you pair - feeling a bit, uhhhmmmmm, sick today Steve ........... ? Don't feel too bad about your photo efforts Brian - you didn't have much to work with ..........
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    Wild Time In The Hinterland

    Had to drop down to my sponsors place ( my son ) yesterday arvo in the GC hinterland. There was a storm forming so I thought I had better get a few quick flicks in before it arrived. After a bit of scrub and paddock bashing and losing more blood, I was onto a hot bite, sadly the storm arrived to quickly and I was not going to get sapped with a rod in my hand. Just as I was about to call it quits a kayaker came around the bend. I said hello and said you are a gamer person than me. By the time I reached the D Max it bucketed down. Back to sons place for arvo tea then back down to the creek on his property for a few more. Tried again this morning and all I got was a lot more scratches from scrub bashing and not a single bass.
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    Wow everyone. Thanks so much for the detailed and info and great tips. Not sure I will ever reach the dizzying heights of some of the members here but I will certainly get incremental improvement. Special mention to @Drop Bear for the incredible detail, time and thought that went into his post. You are a machine, Robbie.
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    What Do You Look For In A Report

    I don't really care for exact locations, echoing Angus's comment on exploring our own. BUT, I do like reports that cover techniques that worked or and sometimes more importantly didn't work. Oh and unfortunate accidents happening to your fishing buddies is a must (with pics obviously)
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    NPD Bit Windy 4/2/18

    When i got up at 2.30 it was blowing quite well at Redland bay and the whiteside forecast was of 20ks by 10 am and it was already 20ks at redcliffe so desperate to dodge having to think about the possibility of doing something at home I checked a couple of inland weather stations and it was only blowing around 6k so that was good enough for me to head off. In the excitement of launching I left my box with sunnies,glasses and camera in the car. Got a feed of redclaw and headed downstream. First spot 2 bass and 5 forkies and the wind started to get up with the i pilot just able to hold its own so off to the floats. Forkies on the yellow so a move to the white Ended up with a total of 47 bass most in the low to mid 30s. By 10 am the dam was covered in whitecaps and i pulled the pin as i was a bit worried about recovering the boat on the ramp by myself. Only photo is the despiked forkies that i brought home for redclaw bait. Cheers Ray