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    When i was a bit younger my favorite radio programme was the search for the golden boomerang that used to be on 4qr at 6.45pm just before the 7pm news.If we had done our homework and washed up the tea dishes my sister and I were allowed to listen. Well no golden boomerang today but Nearly as good. Also a drop dragon which is out of focus due to inept photographer. While on the nostalgia theme who remembers the song The sounds of silence? I am now immune to nagging and criticism. It was very windy today and my hat blew off and the chin strap caught my hearing aids which I am certain that a deaf bass will appreciate. Apart from all that we had a reasonable day Cheers Ray
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    Little Grey Men

    A Cool Start

    The rain and wind around last night made for a cool start before the sun came up. Walking the banks of North Pine Dam tossing beetlespins, then heavy lures later on to search out a few more hiding deep. I reeled in six bass before getting hungry myself and sniffing around for a coffee shop.
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    Made the call early last week to do an overnight trip out in the bay with the hope of tagging some sharks. Upon launching at the port of Brisbane just prior to sunset and trying to push out of the mouth, I soon knew I needed to run with plan B. The bay was a nightmare, waves crashing over the bow, 15knot winds (thanks willy weather forecast) so we decided to anchor up just outside the mouth of the Brisbane river for the night instead. We put some baits out (stingray flap, mullet and 30cm slabs of freshwater eel) the ray went untouched, as did the mullet but the eel received plenty of attention with 3 runs with one hook up. The first run dropped the bait and didn’t come back, the second run was a solid hookup, drag started to scream but lazy old me didn’t put any wind on leader on…so as the shark turned and started to swim towards to boat, I reeled like crazy until I felt weight again and bang! With a solid whip of the tail he busted through my 40lb braid. Lost the shark and my cable trace…I won’t make that mistake again. 8pm rolls around and we get the 3rd run, which resulted in a 1.13m bull which we tagged and released back. The tide changed around 11pm, so we got the baits in and waited for the slack tide to end before we floated the baits out again. 2 hours later the mullet goes off screaming off at a very fast pace (this was dodgy servo special frozen tweed mullet by the way) hooks set and we are in. The 24kg rod had a fairly good bend in it, wasn’t the most exciting of fights as we had it next to the boat within about 5 minutes. (Setup was a Penn Squall 60 with 50lb braid) Was a nice fat 5.8ft male bull shark. Circle hook did its job perfectly hooking right in the corner of its mouth which made for a super quick release, the faster the better in my opinion. We tried to tag this one as well but we didn’t have the right gear on board to puncture its skin (very tough skin to get a tag though!) That was it for the night, we stayed until sun rise then we powered home for a sleep. Was kind of poetic, as we left the ramp the sun was setting, and as we came home the sun had just risen. The amount of weekend warriors at the ramp was nuts! Line up 6 deep with 3 on the ramp at any given time. Lessons learnt form my first overnight trip ALWAYS use a leader My boat is super uncomfortable to stay on overnight lol DB2F908B-BC2A-4EB2-A48C-BE213DE6FC14.MOV
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    Fad Deployment In Npd.

    On 17/11 PRFMA members installed 2 groups of FADs in North Pine dam. Cheers Ray
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    CThis was a great couple of days with opportunities to catch up with old and new faces, engage in some healthy banter over one or two responsibly consumed beverages and overindulge in roasted deliciousness on Saturday night. I have only had one other freshwater fishing experience and that was with @rayke1938 and @ellicat some years ago, so I was looking forward to the chance of dropping the tinny in the dam and chasing bass and yellas. @Drop Bear and I set out at stupid o’clock on Saturday morning to hopefully beat the persistent wind that hung around all weekend. We had live shrimp purchased at Aratula on the way in on Friday and Robbie told me to use a small paternoster rig that he learnt from Ray (which just reinforces the value of this site in learning from the experts). We headed to an area of timber in about 7 metres of water and dropped our baits in. I managed to fluke a smallish bass of just over 30cm to the fork before dropping Robbie back to camp at 6am to take more registrations for the fishing comp. I went back to the timber and dropped another shrimp over the side. While I was putting on sunscreen my rod buckled over and he drag started to race. After a short battle up popped my first (and therefore PB) yellowbelly measuring 43cm. I was pretty happy about that and even happier with a 45cm upgrade not long afterwards. The wind was really gusting then so back to camp to rest up and socialise before the big cook up. Next morning the wind was still pumping at daybreak but fortunately died down for a couple of hours in the early morning, giving us all the chance for one last crack at a winning fish. I could only turn up one more bass at 33cm, giving me 4 bass, 2 yellas and a tiny spangled for the weekend. A modest total but I was stoked to have success at my first solo attempt on a dam. I was lucky enough to win 2 prizes in the comp (best fish on Saturday and best yella for the weekend) and landed some sensational prizes, thanks to Robbie and OzFish. I am now considering spending $100k on a bass boat and joining the professional circuit. Thanks to @aussie123 and @tugger for organising the trip and thanks to @Drop Bear for arranging the comp. I took 2 bass home for a feed last night and pan fried them in a marinade of Morrocan spices served with a fresh chick pea salad. Delicious. Having trouble attaching photos so will have to submit this, reboot the iPad and try again.
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    1770 Quick Vid Summary

    I’ll be in Melbourne from Wednesday till next Sunday night. So a quick 1 minute vid of our 1770 trip. I may do a longer version when l get time. It was a brilliant trip and is such a great place to visit. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4oRVHaBWkB4 https://youtu.be/4oRVHaBWkB4
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    Livebaiting The Beach - Fnq

    Hi All, Long time no post for me - have been living in Singapore for the last 3.5 years but got over it because the fishing is terrible. Was time to take a pay cut and move back to Aus and fortunate enough to get a job back home in Cairns. Been back two months and hitting the beaches for the spring salmon run; found the key is reasonable sized live mullet late afternoon and wearing my lucky fishing t-shirt (seem to catch only sharks if not wearing the brown shirt with a shark on it). The odd barra (just before closed season but released anyway - I'll wait for February to take one home) and queenfish has been in the mix, plus a couple of spoolings on unknowns. Looking forward to two weeks off at Christmas when there should be some big king salmon lurking at night. Here's a few recent fish. 2.mp4 3.mp4 4.mp4 6.mp4
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    Tingalpa Creek

    Hey everyone Went out to Tingalpa Creek to check out the area and was hoping to try and catch some bream and flathead and ended up with a little Jewfish. This is my second jewfish ever and first on a plastic caught from a boardwalk near to the mouth of Tingalpa Creek right near the canoe club. Didn’t expect this fish, was not going for this species at all and it certainly put my new light rod to the test. Was only small for a Jewfish 58cm but with 8lb braid and 6lb leader I didn’t think the line would hold. Now I’m wondering if people regularly catch them in here or was I just lucky and if so how big can they get in this system ?
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    Little Grey Men

    Not That Windy

    I decided to walk the banks of North Pine dam due to the crazy wind the day before, I'm aching to hit the place in my kayak but getting blown across a large expanse of water doesn't thrill me. Of course the day was just perfect with very little wind...typical ! I got to see a lot of kayaks having fun and the bass and one beautifully coloured yella were certainly interested in taking lures. The stand out lure was a pumpkin curly tail grub on a beetlespin. Lot's of fish were playing in shallow and casting to rings on the surface were rewarded with fiesty bass. I found three odd looking eggs in the shallows which felt kind of rubbery. I'm guessing they were beyond their expiration date but I put them under some dry grass anyway. I really do love this place !
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    This was an amazing social with so many people turning up. It was good to catch up with old mates and meeting some new people as well. Shame the weather was so crappy but we decided it was all Robbies fault for the wind. Saturday nights dinner was amazing so thanks to everyone who bought along some of the food and a huge thank you to everyone who helped to prepare and cook everything. Being close to Marlin and Mackeral season the next social will more than likely be down at Wavebreak so hopefully everyone can come along again and make it just as good as this one. Thanks Mark and anyone else who helped to arrange this weekend and also thanks Robbie for running the fishing comp.
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    Hot Day In The Sun

    Headed out with mates for another fun day chasing bass. The temp was set at 39 and scorching , did not take long to find some bass. Glenn was first on the board with a cracker! He lead the way racking up a few in no time, Kain started to hit a few smaller ones and I was still on a donut lol A quick lure change and i hit a yella, I decided to put one of my lures on and it paid off instantly with a fat 50cm bass All up we landed 17 bass and 1 yella for the day, not bad considerin how hot it was.
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    Small Jungle Bass

    Headed out on a solo jungle mission last Saturday I put on my anthrax 100 wakey i got with the rotm credit from masterangler. I tied it on in hope of big bass lollitlle bass tackled this lure all day with only a few bigger ones playing. I lost 3 yak side that nearly made me cry Towards the end i put a diver on to rack up a few more In the end I landed 32 rat bass and 1 yella for the efforts exploring the jungle
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    Report from yesterday heading out from Scarborough to Cape Moreton then Hutchison Shoal Weather forecast kept getting better all week with Saturday morning looking like it would be perfect for a trip outside for some bottom bashing... been waiting for some decent conditions to stretch my legs and build some more confidence outside in the boat. So by Friday it was so good I almost thought about pulling the pin on work and heading out to stay overnight at Combo, but had too much on. Was so pumped still thought of heading out at 2-3am...but decided on a 5am push off at Scarbs. Had my Uncle has deckie and an experienced hand around Moreton so we both decided to head to tempest or Hutchies or just go straight north up the channel...still trying to work out the payoff in my head for time spent v fish in the esky and I still have minimum hours outside of the Northern Bay (even then I have only clocked up about 70-80 hrs in total - so much area still to explore close in) so a bit of flip flopping going on in my head. Stopped off at one of the beacons close to Bribie to get some livies ... happy to report there was plenty around and had about 12-5 assorted pike, herring, yakka. Couple of boats were chucking slugs around and it looked like one got a mack on a pillie floater and was thinking we might just anchor up for a while but then reminded myself today was the day to head further out. Was going to head straight to Hutchies but decided to stop by yellow patch (think it is anyway) and pulled in some more livies then headed off. Must admit the swell was a bit bigger than I was expecting ... definitely 1 to 1.5m I reckon and still a bit of wind around so it was a bit bumpy ... was cruising around 20kts though before opening it up to 25-7kts as we got closer. Must remember to hook in closer to the cape and then head straight north - seems to be less swell. As per usual you can see the boats going up and down between Hutchies and Flinders, but I was trying to figure out where to go as I had no marks. So did one drift to get the direction ... reset and started our NW - SE drifts. New sounder is awesome - even with Mr Novice at the controls. I decided on using ball sink to swivel and 50cm leader to gangs with either a livie or slab of fresh livie, uncles was on a store bought double paternoster and fresh frozen bay squid. Would have to say that for bottom bouncing this time round the paternoster was a winner and the squid even more. Strange as last time it sucked ... could have been the tide as we most probably hit the first our of the ebb when we go there First drift and uncle pulled in a Pearlie (just legal - and we nearly threw it back but I said the fridge is empty and is hungry so kept it), I got hit a couple of times but no luck. The sounder was showing tonnes of fish high up the water column, and some occasional marks on the bottom but still not sure what is what. Pretty sure there was a massive school of Macks beneath us a couple of times but couldn't get any hits on metal slices. So keeping to the rule of don't move if you are getting fish ... decided to keep doing the same track. Got some more reefies gold stripped snapper, trevally etc - but by this time my uncle was well and truely giving the reef his view of burley from a bent over position. He was out for the count and while I said we could head in he said he'd push through so I could keep fishing a bit more. Couple of more drifts with plenty of bait being taken but nothing hooked (using big hooks) and then I got absolutely taken to the cleaners that just pulled the line off for 10m and then left me with my swivel - might of been Dr Greynose. Catch of the day was the Gold Spot Pigfish landed by my uncle, I got one as well but dropped at the boat (you think I would have got the net re ady ... rookie). Couple of boats trolling back and forth and almost thought about it but still learning the fuel economy (150l tank) and with Uncle looking bad decided to call it at 11.15 and headed back in. Felt pretty good about the decision as we got 15m away from Scarborough you could see the wave tips getting white and then just past the tri pod beacon it was really blowing up - to the point I was getting spray across the wind screen! All in all great day with some more experience under the belt and feeling better about the boat. Should have taken some more pics but here is the pig... almost too beautiful to keep. The gold spot pig fish went 45cm and looking forward to heading it tonight (first time - so going to steam the fillets I think) How did everyone else go ? p.s My Suzuki DF140 (2008) was fully serviced at 195hr when I bought the boat, but while I was out there it would start then stop, then when I started it again it would go...anyone got any ideas? Also anyone got recommendations for trailer rust repairer around North Lakes? Just realised there is a hold on one of the cross beam struts I didn't see when I bought it.
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    Well it looked like everyone had a good weekend I know I did the turn out was great between AFO members and friends . We had 40 people stay overnight at our camp with 10 boats and about 12 come up for the day on Saturday. I would like to thank everyone who helped organise and set up the camp and of course the awesome cook up on Saturday night. I finally got out for a fish on Sunday morning with Lance and we did alright the highlight was the silver perch we each caught. Great to catch up with some members I haven't seen for ages and hope to get another social going early next year after the Xmas period.
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    Tips And Spots

    hey mate, only places i have ever caught an oversized flathead land based are moreton island and eurimbula in central qld. I have caught some decent ones around golden beach caloundra and a few different spots around bribie, i am sure the bigger ones exists in these areas. as mentioned above, anywhere you have access to flats, especially around the mouth of creeks will be a good place to start searching. Definitely best fishing is in the last of the run out when the bait and therefore predators are concentrated in certain areas. these areas will change throughout the tide so being fairly mobile is key. things like small drains, weed patches, sunken logs, rock/rubble etc are all factors that can concentrate bait. Flathead happily feed in crazy shallow water so don't worry if it is only 1ft deep. flathead respond well to most plastics but curl tail or paddle tails seems to work the best in my experience. 3-5" sizes are generally good but they are pretty greedy things so even a 6 or 7" plastic is not too big for the larger lizards. colours vary day-to-day, general rule is natural colours when the sun is out and something bright or with a heavy contrast when it is overcast, early AM or if the water is murky. you will need to keep your plastic close to the bottom so depending on current etc you may need to look at a 1/4oz jighead or sometimes larger. often a long cast is a good thing, less chance of spooking fish before you have the chance to present a lure to them. hard bodies lures also work very well but are harder to cast and the more effective lures are generally a heap more expensive, especially if fishing some snaggier areas. best of luck in your quest, hopefully you find a few nice ones. Cheers, Benno <'><
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    NPD Opened Up To Paddlecraft

    Muskets at dawn
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    Npd 25/11/18

    Got a few this morning Perer was the tandan king. Cheers Ray
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    I've never found need for chum mate. I think you'd find most shark fish don't bother with chum, sure it might work....but its extra things to take out fishing, more stuff to buy etc If the sharks are around, they will find your bait. Given that sharks don't stop swimming, they cover alot of distance in a short amount of time. 12 inch trace is fine, i use the halco 60-100lb (depending on what im chasing) wire and clip on a circle hook. the wire is really only there to prevent bite offs. from the wire trace i run 40-80lb mono for about 1m with a small sinker running up and down the mono then tie that off to the main line. That rig hasn't failed me yet (once when a big bull tail whipped my mono...must have been a big shark) Live bait is great if you an get it, as is dead mullet etc....but in my experience, it wont last 10 minutes in the water before catfish, small bream, crabs, toad fish etc pick it to pieces...very frustrating. Especially when you dont even feel the tiny bites and you could have no bait on the hook without you even knowing! Slabs of eel on the other hand will last a very long time. Ive once caught 3 bull sharks in one morning on the same piece of eel haha. do you loosen the drag right off when waiting for a strike?
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    Hi Zakko, Welcome to the forum, look forward to reading some reports soon. Bull sharks are a potential catch in any of the sunshine coast rivers and creeks. during the early summer months, big females move into the rivers/creeks/estuaries to birth their pups, after which the pups stay in the system feeding on small prey (prawns, crabs, mullet etc) without worrying about predators until the reach about 4ft long (~6 months old) when they will move out. Some river systems attract more sharks than others - the maroochy and noosa rivers and coochin or bells creek would be the better options. so take from this that numbers will increase over summer. remember that bull sharks can happily live in fresh or salt water so they can be anywhere in a river, so often around the mouth of the river is not the best option. I would suggest having a look up around or even above bli bli in the maroochy river as a starting point. live bait will by far get better results overall than dead bait. it will be well worth spending the time to find them. any of the foreshores can hold mullet schools but like everything they can be hit and miss. Live bait constantly send out distress signals that sharks hone in on using electro sensors so a live bait will trump a dead bait. herring will also work well if you find them, they are also a great dead bait. a good fall back is a big chunk of a mullet but you will catch them on pretty much anything if they are hungry, even pilchards, chunks of mullet fillet, whatever. burley certainly helps as well. Good luck! Cheers Benno
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    hey Zak, But it seems like you're on the right track so far. Keep record of your fishing trips, and see what works and what doesn't work. Dead chunks of mullet have never really been the best in my experience. You are better off spending time trying to get live bait, much more likely to hook something. Or, just use small pieces of freshwater eel, hands down the best bait you can use. Id focus on smaller river systems, you'd be surprised how shallow the small bullies will hunt in. I know for a fact that Twin Waters has a healthy population of bull sharks (some relatively large too about 4ft plus) and im planning to go there in the next 2-3 weeks for an evening fish. Do yourself a favour, go either buy or catch a few freshwater eels, use about 10cm pieces. One eel should last you about 3-4 fishing trips. a hell of alot easier than cast netting bait every time lol What size wire are you using?
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    Mate Mark flew up to Cairns a fortnight ago and brought a yacht. He had it slipped and surveyed and it only needed a few things fixed so he said yes. He has never sailed before but has had some lessons from the Southport Yacht club a few years ago. After a few teething problems such as only replacing 2 bungs in the tender ( It actually has 3) he made it ok to Townsville where he topped up his fuel. ( He did a fair bit of motoring as wind was notfavourable) 150 litres of diesel used at just under3 litres per hour. He picked up a decky in townsville who is an experienced sailor and that has made it a lot easier for him; Yesterday they were moving along sedately and they found a spoon in the miscellaneous stuff that came with the boat and hung it out the back and scored a 1m queeny so they now have a few meals of fresh fish. Cheers Ray
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    hey mate, sounds like a good trip out, weather on saturday was mint. there's heaps of ground out there running from hutchies down to roberts/brennans. i always found the best success was on a paternoster but fishing as light as possible, or floatlining baits using small ball sinkers, again fishing as light as you dare, i usually ran 15lb or 20lb main line for this. i usually fished right up on the shoals or on the eastern drop offs, plenty of quality reefies like your gold spot wrasse to be had, snapper, grassies, moses perch, spangled emps etc. Always have a floater out for a pelagic as well, there's often spanish macks, kingies, cobia and even occasion green jobfish around there that will willingly take a floated pilly or livie. in the shallows spangled emps and snapper will willingly rise up to take baits pretty much off the surface if they are hungry. also worth a smash with plastics too, a lot of time the smaller stuff picks baits apart but they'll leave a plastic for the bigger guys. There's some other spots closer in that are always worth a look for a bag of mix reef and occasional pelagic too. Happy to come for a run one day and show you a few bits n pieces and how i used to fish the area. Cheers benno
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    Little Grey Men

    Small Jungle Bass

    Ha, I know right. quite often see spiders walking around on the brim of my hat. I remember paddling up a far away thickly vegetated creek years a go with a mate just before the sun came up. A bush turkey decided to fly across the creek right over my mates head....almost took his hat off ! His scream shattered the early morning silence. My next twenty casts were rubbish because I couldn't stop giggling.
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    Winners are grinners. Congratulations @tugger & @Old Scaley The weather was better than the 5 degrees we experienced in Victoria! Willy said 5.4 degrees but feels like -2.2 degrees Glad to be back.