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    Hey team a bit of a late report froma couple of weeks ago. Sorry been very busy and not on as much as usual but will pick up the game Anyway headed to northern nsw to chase some jacks with a mate Joel. Stayed at inlaws so a dawn was on the cards . Hit the water early and got straight into some little, but fun gts. Great fun on the areals and 1000 sized reels with gold drag peeling runs. 3 trevs in and lost a good jack. Watched it grab lure and run off only to have it, or so I assumed, spit the lure. It was 3 casts later I realized the back trebles were smooshed. Oh well Anyway in the arvo we headed down wirh some worms and plastics for a feed of whiting and 1 flathead. Good times. 1
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    White Pointers First Adventure

    Finally managed to get some time free and decided to take my $50 canoe out for a spin last Sunday and again on Sunday afternoon just gone. Trip #1 Having never fished the area, we weren't sure exactly how to approach the fishing and started with some imitation TN60's which didn't attract any attention. The fair amount of water flow was pretty discouraging as the water was far from clear. I would say about half a meter's visibility. We pushed upstream as far as we could until the shallow rapids wouldn't allow any further progress. The current pushed us downstream fairly quickly which made the fishing hard and we were having to correct our position after nearly every cast. With no interest vibes and plastics in the first pool averaging a meter deep, we floated further back to the launch point to a deeper section. A decent laydown tree looked too good to ignore and with a cast to the back of the snag, I saw a bronze flash, my drag zzzzzzzzzipped, and my leader knot failed we switched to diving hardbodies which proceeded to land us 6 fish, all under 25cm, but all heaps of fun and a first for both of us in a canoe! (and a first bass on lure for Tika). Sun went down and with tummy rumbling we went home for tea. Trip #2 Although I was hungover from Saturday and Tika was feeling just as good, we couldn't waste the weekend after having to work most of Saturday (again). Canoe went back on the roof, quick stop to BCF to buy some jig spinners and top up my plastics supply and we were cooking with gas. Because I've not yet had time to add any extras to the canoe it's still a blank canvas but I've got fitout gear coming from ebay in the mail and a couple of hundred stickers to make it look the part. Water was still flowing over the causeway but at a much slower rate and the water was awesomely clear. Again we pushed as far as we could (however I was paddling with my thongs on my hands as I forgot the paddles lol). We both opted for Zman 3" Minnowz in mood ring on a 1/6th jighead equipped with a jigspinner on the front for flashiness and snag resistance. My third cast of the afternoon landed underneath a bottlebrush tree......... Twitch twitch, BANG! A good tussle on 6lb line & leader gave me a 36cm FL fishy. Needless to say was stoked. Two casts later on a shady snag only two meters from the first, another good fish!! Came in slightly smaller at 33cm and with some kind of lesion on his noggin. The bite went quiet for a while until tika landed a cute 25cm model from the same snag which I lost a fish on the previous week. Stoked again! We continued for another half an hour before heading off. Not bad for a two hour session on 30 minutes from home Tim
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    Hi all, With a weekend not dominated by rain, it was time to get out and have a serious fish for whiting. The first port of call was a location at Paradise Point. It generally holds plenty of fish, but it has plenty of run. This is not usually a bad thing, but at this spot nine times out of ten the run is full of weed. It didn't disappoint with more weed than a Friday night in Nimbin. Both Max and I got our PB of weed, and I got a pile that must of been about 3kg (wet weight) that took line in the current. There were a couple of whiting mixed in with the salad. Yabbies were the the best bait on this occassion. We followed up the morning session with a later afternoon trek to the Nerang River. Specifically to a spot at Chevron Island which I refer to as either the "Pancake Manor" due to the amount of stingrays present or the "Ant Farm" due to the high probability of being bitten by a variety of ant species. Often the best bite there is from a green ant. The stingrays didn't disappoint with a three out of the first four fish being stingrays and the other being a long finned catfish eel. Not a great start but persistence paid of with a good burst of whiting at dusk and into the evening. Cribb Island worms did the trick here. The best fish for the trip was only 33cm, but most were between 29 and 33cm. We ended up with a fair haul. The light got too poor to record any useable footage after awhile, but the highlight in my opinion is at the end of the video when a very excited Max deals with a double hook up of a 32 and 33cm fish. You sometimes hear that you can't catch fish land based in the Nerang, but that is not true. While public access to the foreshore is limited, there are still various locations to get a feed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mTyqVLLTHDc
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    Each Way Bet

    Had a great session out at NPD yesterday. Lures had been a little slow so I decided to edge my bets and have a each way session. Quickly racked up a score on shrimp, was up to 56 before I got bored and then headed off to try and find some bass willing to take lures. Well I came up trumps again with a few different schools taking blades, then when that slowed down I would troll to look for the next school, then the last school I found when they slowed down I would change colors and reactivate them into biting. Managed 116 bass with multiple hookups on shrimp, double hookups trolling and heaps on blades. A bit different to monday, I went upstream and found dark chocolate water holding no fish and had to troll 23 bass not far from the ramp.
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    Morning Out Testing

    Disclaimer: Lots of product placement but can't get around it as you would expect. I have been given some new micro jigs to try from Gobblers and since I haven't fished since 1770 trip many weeks ago, I was keen to get out Saturday morning. I wanted to try the out-riggers out, makes it look like a real boat. Warning: Do not have these things up if it's high tide they WILL collect the Bribie Island bridge. My son Luke joined me and we found some marks which looked promising. A few casts into it and I had 4 hits before I finally hooked a small but nice Kingfish. Bit of editing can make a world of difference to photos. Tried hard to get Luke onto one, but the hooks pulled on the one he hooked. Then it was time to drop a micro jig down. It was not a good move on 20lb leader and the Kingy took it near the surface before racing to the bottom to cut me off. Maybe if I had not been getting the SP in, I would have gone to work on it earlier and prevented the bust off. A surprise was a nice 65cm flathead which we released. Headed out wide to see how the outriggers went in the hope of scoring a dollie but no joy. After trolling I moved in Hutchies reef and found some more good marks and tried a few more micro jigs. I first tried with 30lb leader but couldn't get a bite. So I droped back to 20lb braid and leader only to be smashed another 2 times. I changed rods again to the heavier outfit and again no bites. Frustrating not being able to stop them on the lighter gear. Headed back home in the early afternoon to pick up the father in-law from the airport. A small vid of the couple of fish.
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    Spooled By An Idiot

    While trolling down the dam yesterday I hooked up to a fish and after releasing I cast the lure out, put the rod in the rod holder while the line was running out, then forgot about it, until I see the rod buckle around, thinking it had picked up some weed as a fair bit around at the moment, I reached forward and gave the line a yank, snapped the knot on the reel as it had all run out. So I turned around and trolled through the same area trying to pick up the line, failed on the first run, but picked it up on the second.Then I set about threading the line back down the guides and attaching it back on the baitcaster. As I was trying to do this a blxxdy bass decided he or she wanted the lure, well let me tell you its not easy trying to tie line to a baitcaster with a fish on the other end of the line. After a lot of swearing and cursing my self I eventually got there. Dino
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    Solo Bay Fish 2/11/2017

    Evening all. Had some time off during the week and managed to get out for a fish on thursday chasing one of my favourite bay reef fish and that being the The Grass Sweetlip. About 10yrs ago i spent hundreds of hours exploring certain parts of the bay trying to crack them . Since getting the SURTEES i have been busting to have a crack . I left Spinnaker sound around 7am thursday morning only to be met with a solid SSW wind about 12-15kn . Not what i was hoping for but the boat handled it very well. Got out to my spot amd started sounding until i found a few shows in 20m water . Now i had not fished this area in at least 8 years so i was a little rusty on technique and feel on pinning a good sweety as they are such a finicky fish too hook and stop on light gear. Started off on 20lb O/head outfit and could not get a bite drifting a floating a pilly on 3ball .So i pulled out what i would call "light" gear being 15lb mono and motored up to start my 4th drift. It payed off instantly nailing a few solid fish each drift . 3 x Grassy sweet lip at 55cm 50cm and 47cm . Also managed a 42cm squire and 42cm and 37cm moses perch making the esky look nice to feed the fam and grandparents . Only took a shot of the fish in the esky. Cheers Josh <><
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    We hit the water on Sunday after a few weeks of not fishing at all (thanks rain!). Plan was to stay a few hours and be home and cleaned up before the “storm” hit We only had two runs on freshwater eel, with one hookup. With the Penn 850ssm drag locked up, and the line peeling off easily I knew we were in for a fight…. Every time we got her boat side, she would scream off for another 100m run. We did about 3 laps around the boat, passing the rod under the anchor a few times and after 30mins, the shovelnose was in the boat and we were spent. Circle hook came out easily, few pics and back in the water for a strong release. Very proud of my fiancé who fought it the whole way through like a champ, it was a dirty fight that’s for sure. I was hoping for a bull or whaler, but this wasn’t a bad runner-up prize. It measured 143cm Later I checked the drag capabilities of the reel…on 6kg of max drag. No wonder it peeled line off easily. 40lb braid, 200lb wire trace and 12-0 circle hook with a 15cm slab of eel. Awesome fun!
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    NPD 20/11/17

    Three of us to NPD yesterday morning. We got heaps of shrimp in our pots so then started searching for some fish. We only had 10 fish on the counter when we arrived at the far marker at around 8.30 It was not a big school but the fish were coming on board consistently till 10.30 when the wind really got up and made things uncomfortable and we headed over unto the lee of the island where we spent an hour and a half for another 2 fish so we pulled the pin and arrived back at the ramp with a total of 62 bass on the counter. 4 tagged fish recaptured. Cheers Ray
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    One More Bite

    Had a quick bait session this morning. Wind was up so I didnt travel to far, last few I got was right at the ramp. 62 bass before 9am. Dino
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    After last weekend’s success, it was time to go fishing again. Our first spot was at Chevron Island. With the steep drop off and oyster covered rocks, it doesn’t really look like a go to spot for whiting, but it produces. It only took about 90 seconds for Eva to get the first whiting, a good fish of 30 cm. We got a few more whiting there and some legal bream and tarwhine to 30cm before we decided to head upstream to Mermaid Waters. Again, very quickly we got our first whiting before we got a couple of bream. One of the lines then took off out of the rod holder and started sliding down the beach, with a grunter bream of about 34 cm being the culprit. Things went quiet for awhile. Max started fishing for garfish and got a fan tail mullet of about 10 cm which I used for live bait, only to have it eaten by a pike eel. We then got a double hook up which turned out be another solid grunter and then a whiting. All in all, it was another fun day which produced a good feed of fish.
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    Black Is Back

    Interesting session this morning, the bass decided they liked the black blades to start with and later on the white ones. Along with a few other colors in between and a bit of trolling, I managed to rack up 74 bass before heading home at 11am. Dino
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    Drop Bear

    The Right Boat.

    Woo hoo the deposit is paid. They said before xmas... I hope it is true. So excited
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    Tips For Rock Fishing Nsw

    Sorry for the massive delay but here goes the fishing report. I fished the south rock ledge of bateau beach for the enitre of this trip. The night we arrived i headed down with a 105 Rooster popper and had a few casts before sundown with one follow and hit on the popper, but no fish landed. The next morning i headed down again with the popper and first cast hooked on to a 56cm Kingfish, these fish have amazing fight. After about 4 casts i hook onto one that was a lot bigger than the first, i personally believe it was 80cm to 1m. Somehow it bit through 80lb leader and broke off with my popper. I only had one popper with me and the fish werent going on stickbaits or metals. After that the weather turned for the worse which meant out of 6 fishing days i was limited to 2. But all in all not bad for first kingfish.
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    Aldi Fishing Line

    Aldi have their fishing gear on sale again, I have been using aldi braid now for a couple of years, I have had no trouble with it fishing for bass. 8lb for jigging up to 30g jigs 12lb ,15lb and 17lb for trolling 20lb for casting from the bank amongst timber. Dino
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    Its hard to be flexible at my age when it comes to yaking, but I love it and will keep going while I am able. I visited lake K this morning and was nearly up to 40 bass when the wind got up and I had to head for home. Blades were the stand out lure when I found a school and at 2 dollars each they worked well. Dino
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    Old Scaley

    Bait Tank Plumbing

    Hi all Bit the bullet and had a live bait tank welded into the tinny. Plumbed and wired it up myself. Took it for a test run today. Works a treat, but I have a minor design flaw. I put a non return valve in the inlet pipe so it didn’t drain when I turn the pump off but off course that means I have no easy way of draining it at the end of the day. I know I could replace the non return valve wth an in-line turncock but then I would have to remember to turn the tap off when I shut the pump down to move. Any ideas? Some poor low light photos might give you the gist of what it looks like. Thanks in advance, Steve.
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    Lukes Day Out

    Luke has been working that hard I decided to give him a ring and invite him along for a fish. Well it wasnt cricket scores but we managed nearly 50 trolling jigging and a few on shrimp.I picked up a 52.5cm bass early then spent the rest of the morning trying to get Luke one, he caught plenty but missed out on a photo. Dino
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    Daryl McPhee

    Nerang River

    We made it three weekends in a row with a good solid feed of quality fish. Plenty of whiting, some nice tarwhine and a really solid grunter bream. Live yabbies and live worms did the trick as usual.
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    NPD 9/11/17

    I was dubious about going this morning but as today was the only day that Daz was available and he had not been fishing for 3 months we decided to give it a go with the plan being if it was too windy we would head upstream and try to find a sheltered spot where we could tie up to a tree. The wind was only a gentle breeze when we launched so we went downstream and did the shrimp traps. By the time we reached Andrews drop the wind had got up a bit and we only found average sized bass just over 30cm and the i pilot was working hard to stay on the edge of the drop off so we decided to get in the lee of the island and see what we could find. We found a school of good sized fish and they moved on when the counter reached around 70 bass. We then decided to move again and tried over near the hard hat and found another school in 60 feet of water with the fish holding between 15 and 20 feet. We ran out of bait with the counter reading 126 fish being 125 bass and one yella. Don had the " pleasure " of catching the only forky of the day. It was good to get some trophy sized fish again. Cheers Ray
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    Overnight Kayak Trip - Bass

    I took the kayak down over the border into NSW over the weekend to see if I could seek out some new wild Bass country. It was a successful trip, I landed 18 Bass, hooked up and lost another 5, and got a few hits and taps as well. Best fish were 42, 41, 40, 38cm. Average was about 35cm. Lures that I was using were soft plastic worm on a weighted worm hook, trolling a shallow chubby crank, surface popper, and a rubber bibless vibe. Hope you enjoy the video, it was a lot of work making it, but I'm getting better at editing... let me know if you have any tips on making it better. -Steve.
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    Temp Down

    Arrived down at my sons place in the GC hinterland just in time for lunch and the sun was out and it was quite warm. By the time I finished lunch and started walking the creek banks the wind was up and the temp was dropping rapidly. Water was fairly clear and freezing cold. Enough of the excuses, I avoided a donut but only by a few. First bass was a good one for this creek, at 42cm it was one cm short of my PB for this creek. Had plenty of strikes well side slaps, but not a lot of hookups. This creek usually only fires up around xmas when the water temp is a little higher. Stayed for a nice barbie dinner while the GC traffic died down and then had a easy trip home. Dino
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    Hervey Bay Golden's

    I found some old footage and whacked together a quick couple minute vid. Had some good times on that boat.
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    Last 2 Days A Blast He Says

    Well I got greedy again, after a good day on the lures yesterday 73 bass, I hit the pond again this morning for 71 bass. They were a bit harder to entice into action this morning, they wanted to sleep in. I have been having a bit of fun lately with plastics, having chased flathead on plastics and not interested in bream and having used plastics on beetle spins, I decided it was time to get into plastics on bass. I have caught plenty but not consistently, so over the last few trips I have been trying different types, colors and casting methods. It was not going so well, until I looked up some old notes I made years a go,it said try a jighead with big eyes and color coded to the plastic you are using, well it worked I was getting bass hopping the plastic on the bottom and also slow rolling through the school on the bottom and suspended ones.Its good to put a smile on the dial now and again. Now off to the tackle shop again to get a dozen different jig colors to go with the couple of thousand dollars worth the plastics that I have. Forgot to mention a 50cm each day and one of the fish below was caught by the fin, see if you can see which one.
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    Banana Lure Great

    I was having a bait fish this morning and was doing OK for awhile then the bite went off. So with 2 baits over the side I decided to throw my little banana colored blade around and I could not believe, I was getting a fish a cast and about every 10 to 15mins one of the bait rods would go off. I think the bright color of the blade in the dirty water done the trick. Managed over 60 bass, half on lures and half on shrimp.
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    Drop Bear

    The Right Boat.

    Ordering today. Getting it from Burpengarry.
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    Rock Hopping

    Slept in as long as I could this morning, woke up and there was no rain, so I decided to go and cast a few blades for some bass from the bank.Managed a few smallies and tagged a couple of legals then after having nothing for the next 100 casts I was home for bacon and egg breakfast at 7am. Dino
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    Cricket 2017-2018

    So sick of the Marsh's!! Hohns' "selecting for the future" policy of not considering older players who dominate the shield like Cowan, Ferguson, Klinger and others due to their age is the epitome of hypocrisy when a mediocre 34 year old with a batting average less than his age gets selected for making a couple of 50s this season. Logic? Renshaw should have stayed, Bancroft bat at 6 and Shaun Marsh never ever again to be selected. He's had 7 chances to cement a spot and failed.
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    Hey guys, been a while since posting. Hope you are all well! Unfortunately it's time to move on my rig to a new owner. I've had many good memories in this little beast! With plenty of AFO members included. $15,500 2015 Quintrex Renegade 420 TS Yamaha F50FEHTL 4stroke I bought this ready-to-fish 2015 model brand new and has been a very versatile fishing machine. The Quintrex Blade Hull design creates the driest and smoothest riding tinny in its class. I have not been in a drier boat of similar size and it feels like you are riding in a much bigger boat. The 2.2m wide beam creates a very stable and solid fishing platform, even in light offshore conditions. Along with it's riding ability it is also very practical with comfortable seats and plenty of fishing room and ridiculous amount underfloor storage space. It has always been garaged and cleaned after every use, including the trailer always sprayed with Lanox to help prevent corrosion. The 2015 Yamaha 50hp 4stroke tiller steer with electronic tilt and trim offers top of the range technology that assists in creating one of the most reliable and fuel efficient outboards on the market. The range is incredible, getting 150km a tank (around 3km/l). The key start results in a first time every time ignition and this outboard has not missed a beat in its 300 hours of use. It is an exceptionally smooth and quiet outboard and is easy to forget it is on when fishing! Always flushed and cleaned after every use and service log book is up to date. Features: -Heavy duty Oceanic galvanised braked trailer 1000kg -Lowrance Elite 7 Chirp sounder and transducer with maps and marks -Minn Kota Riptide ST 55lb thrust with gps, hand remote and foot pedal -GME marine radio -3 marine batteries -8 months boat and trailer rego -50l underfloor fuel tank -Electronic fuel gauge -Live bait tank -Fuel filter and water separator -Automatic bilge pump -Navigation lights -Extra seat spigot position -10 rod holders -Inshore safety gear including flares -2 Lifejackets -2 paddles -Anchor and rope -Trailer coupling lock -Flushing muffs Thanks, Sam
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    You could get twice that much Sam, just put another Gobblers sticker on it it's perfect for what you bought it for and you had some great times and experiences in it. Some fond memories, remember that time you and Skeggzie were dripping wet in the storm, beaching the boat at Fraser, cuddling under an emergency blanket sharing body heat nipple to nipple. Bet you will miss that.
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    No arm wrestle required. I think Sam has was sick of catching all the fish and sharing half with me. (Luke hasn't worked it out yet ) Don't say anything.
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    Maltese Cross

    Bugger, Ray any well thought out plan can sometimes have an unseen, restrictive flaw . Good looking pooch, to me it appears to have great potential as a car security dog when ones out fishing.
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    Nrl 2017

    Sunday result England 36 v 6 PNG England`s 22 from 45 sets completed stopped a huge blow out score line. PNG`s 66 missed tackles, 22/32 sets completed and 14 all up errors should have resulted in a mammoth blow out score line, against them. England v Tonga next week. I know the Tongans can improve on their week end `s performance, not too sure England can, apart from their ball control. England`s forwards will not have a size advantage to work with.
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    Deep Purple

    Blades were a bit slow this morning, but purple hardbodies were the gun lure. It started off a miserable morning and remained that way until I gave it away just after 10am. Managed over 50 bass on lures. With several double hookups trolling through the schools that had lockjaw for the knockjaw blades. Dino
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    Grandsons Day Out

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    Crazy Day

    Crazy deeps were the stand out lure again today. Managed over 50 again trolling,jigging blades and casting plastics. Having a bait day tomorrow with the grandson. Dino
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    NPD 5/11/17

    Schools were scattered and the forkies have returned with the warmer weather. We picked up 10 quick fish near Alans large float before the school dispersed so we then headed to Andrews drop off for around 30 odd bass and the odd small yella and some forkies before the school once again dispersed. We found another school which was good until the forkies took over so another move near the far marker for more bass and forkies. Ended up with 3 yellas all around the 32 cm mark. 100 bass and 25 forkies. Cheers Ray
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    Solo Bay Fish 2/11/2017

    I use tru-turns rigged as a 2 gang with a swivel between in 5/0 when fishing a WA pilchard and 6/0 or 7/0 when using whole diver whiting. Sinker sizes vary from a 000 to a 5 ball pending on depth,current and drift speed and then on occassions i run a single 7/0 or 9/0 gamakatsu octopus because the grassy's will only take a half cut WA pilchard or whiting. . I just keep changing tactics after 3-4 drifts until one takes a bait. I reckon they are harder than big snapper to target sucessfully in the bay.
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    Somerset Dam Social 27th To 29th Oct

    Great weekend away the weather was tops the dam was warm at 28 degrees so I had a few swims to cool off on the sunny days out there. Friday was a big turn out as by sunset we had 20 campers in our group and the drinks around the campfire begun I also cooked up a mad feed of coral trout for everyone. Saturday we got out for a fish and set the opera house pots for the redclaw but by lunchtime it was time to head in and start up the fire so we had a good bed of coals for the big camp oven cook up. We had 4 camp ovens going and a rotisserie as well over the coals and by dark there was a huge feed of roast chicken, pork, lamb and veges. I then got my butterscotch pudding baking in the camp oven straight after dinner and Lance prepped a beaut pavlova with fresh strawberries and whipped cream and desert was served. Dinner was all dusted and we got back into the festivities around the campfire with plenty of fishing tales told long in to the night. We checked the pots in the morning for only a few redclaw caught and had another fish before heading back in and breaking up camp. We are looking at febuary for our next wanderers camp most likely down the gold coast chasing mackerel offshore and some flathead and whiting on the broadwater so keep a lookout early next year for this 1.
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    Nrl 2017

    Fiji 58 v USA 12 you have to feel just a little for the septic tanks. 20 years ago they had Bob Hope and Johnny Cash, Steve Jobs and real news, now they have no hope, no cash, no jobs and fake news.
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    Landbased Snapper

    You want to be close to that reef, but not too close. The things that live on that reef you don't want to catch, they'll be wrasse, bream and pike. The squire and snapper do not live there, instead they will come in from deeper water and hunt these reefs for anything they can flush out. Unlike bottom bashing in deeper water for snapper, where the fish are holding on the structure, shallow water fishing for snapper involves targeting nomadic fish. They will cruise the edges of the reefs searching to see where the bait is holding. The bait will be on, against and in the reef, but you want it in an area that both the fish will be and you can catch them. In short, you want to fish the sand and rubble close to the reef. My mate who catches heaps of snapper off Redcliffe says his number one by-catch is flathead, so go figure. As I said, you will spend a fair bit of time with no bites, even expect to spend many nights without bites, it's all part of the reconnaissance. If there are pike around, you're in the right spot. Probably the easiest way to catch them is with a cheap bait rig from Kmart, don't waste bait on pike, I used to catch them on red wool wrapped around a hook. As for the balloon or float size, just bigger than a tennis ball is enough, the bigger it is the faster it will drift. Once it is out too far, wind it in and do it all over again. You want your bait too look as natural as possible, drifting along in the current, presentation is key. Oh, and avoid still, calm nights, the fish are generally too spooky. A little bit of chop, wind of 5-10kts is generally in your favour.
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    Transducer Saga

    Update After taking our visitors out yesterday whale watching a bonus was getting to see how the deeper trany position worked. It sits about half the depth of the Transducer when in line with the bottom of the hull. This is the deepest it can go with out the mounting bracket dropping below the hull line. (The photo from this angle makes it look a lower than it actually is). The conditions were very good yesterday so not a full conclusive test, but for the most part of the day I was cruised between 40-50 kmph and the reading was perfect for most of time. This is an improvement on what I had previously when I added washers behind the bracket to get the back of the trany down and higher. It is now mounted directly on the mounting block and seems a good angle. I will move it up slightly for the next few trips and mark where it is now, so if lifting it higher slightly doesn't make for any improvement I can reset it back to where it is now. Lance spent 30 minutes on the phone helping me out with this and everyone else that contributed has been much appreciated.
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    Morning Dark And Light

    It was black as charcoal as I left home this morning, but by the time I launched it was light again.Trolled down the dam picking up a few bass, then tried some jigging with little success only getting a few, then tried some shrimp fishing, before going back to trolling. All up 71 bass and 2 yellas. Dino
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    Hi all, (long time lurker, first time poster) Am from down in Victoria and most of my fishing has been primarily saltwater out of a boat. I have since fallen in love with freshwater fishing and often spend a lot of time exploring the Otways near my home, and do a lot of time up the Ovens/Murray region chasing cod now. Last year i lucked upon a rental car relocation ($4 a day) and drove from the Goldy to Sydney, spending 3days around the Glenn Innes/Deepwater area of the New England region. Safe to say I fell in love with the place, and was quite successful on a lot of cod in the 40-60cm mark of morn and dusk, and have dreamt about coming back since. I found access to waterways pretty limited due to predominately private property flanking the major rivers, and most of the farmers less accommodating up this way. (other than 1 who made my trip by allowing me access to his small waterhole, after numerous no's.) Is it true the property line extends to the middle of the river bed in NSW? I have done extensive recon in the lead up to my Dec 4-8 solo trip, and have managed to get myself onto another property for this trip prior to my departure, although it has taken significant searching, emails and phone calls. I am not sure how i will go, but plan on putting in some big days and hope to reap the rewards (to share here of course). I am also planning on making a big walk through one of the few nature reserves which flanks the Severn, and replied to a post on this topic on this forum where someone else asked about it. Anyhow thought i would introduce myself, and of course I would welcome any advice, or by any small stretch of a chance, hook ups, up that way (discretion can be exercised). thought i would include a few pics from my last trip.
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    Christmas Party Swap Meet Swag

    Thanks Rob. Timely. Yes we should be organizing this!
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    A bit mid-high end but well worth the money; the Diawa airport V2 travel rods are awesome. I have one now for when I come back to Aus to fish. - match with a Diawa Sol 2508 and 8 pound braid - 12 pound-ish leader - 1/12 oz size 2H TT jigheads - Berkley powerbait 2 inch minnow in the smelt colour - bottle of loctite for a little drop to secure the plastic to the jig head (so it doesnt slide down) - bit of gulp scent (or similar) on the plastic - cast out and let sink to bottom, two very sharp jerks and let sink to bottom again. Repeat. Two years living in the Central Pacific (Tarawa 2005-2006) refining my SP techniques landbased in the lagoon almost every day after work; this was my best lagoon fish producer.
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    anyone heading out over the weekend looks to be a good few days ,i will be on straddie friday for a week hope to get off-shore a few times,plan is to head out through the spb first light saturday and maybee sunday depending how many beers we have saturday ,brad
  48. 3 points


    we went on a trolling fish ended up with a mackeral small yellow fin tuna small and a bonito small but was a good day,and also put an offer on a house over there so fingers crossed.
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    Hervey Bay Golden's

    It good to have the vids to look back on and having them on you tube is a good back up if the computer crashes. Yes we normally stay at the Harbour veiw because we can walk to the ramp and the boat club. I would expect now we have a boat with some cover, we will stay on the boat more often.
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    The Right Boat.

    420 is mine @kmcrosby78 Happy to take you for a ride @Drop Bear if you're interested.