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    Well after so much anticipation I drove the 5+ hours to 1770 on Saturday where I was greeted by @demarc @aussie123 and Brendan. Whether the weather was wonderful or woeful was what we wanderers wondered. I drove around Seventeen Seventy to have a look as it had been quite a few years since I had been there. It's such a beautiful town. Bustard bay extends from Seventeen Seventy to Bustard head. It was named when the crew from Endeavour caught an Australian Bustard as they stopped by in the year 1770. Duh... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Australian_bustard They reported that it was the best bird they’d eaten since leaving England. There is some interesting history on the memorial here. here. https://espace.library.uq.edu.au/data/UQ_207595/s18378366_1928_2_4_159.pdf?Expires=1505075494&Signature=I7OEJRHjS~R7TmzA14K45-1Zi43zFAH8efo9b3UfyDpnh9KxFz6hvrEzK8048vlrqo9K-wAX~mtPY6urs6xv9c~Z8aWjGqSOtxaTAxOMYNeqcgxuXah7zFfkMRA56q6zuLkiEY6gqZXKnP6BRbjEhS2YuRF6xv3faFloJLck8McfW51YePvgZb6X7XgBbD0q5T2NjDrWu5WUDOoxOC0HGMn0Fdycq~-1DQEvOPTiutsM5PB6kNj5S9W8M0Eqec4zmVfleIbhTgf0keiIrMMfcYueZ1Z3gKv1Q9tiCV5xhzYektHDIDS-2qZhwukvT-Ppw2F42ZriP~BcRQrhw0RSfg__&Key-Pair-Id=APKAJKNBJ4MJBJNC6NLQ Sunday looked great for wind but it was expected to blow up on Monday and Tuesday so we planned a day trip focusing on Mackerel (W@^&*r Fishing apparently) We headed out at first light. and caught 10 Schoolies and a Mack Tuna that we cut up for breakfast on the surgically clean bait board... @demarc caught a cracking Grassy, the biggest I have ever seen. @aussie123 found a new wreck where we got, Whiptails, juvanile Red Emperer and grinners as well as Hussar that we had for dinner that night in a bit of a curry. The next few days were windy. We had some down time and a few beers and saw @Luvit and his mate Luke that I don't think is on AFO turn up. As well as @straddiebrad and @tugger come up with Mrs Straddiebrad We all agreed to head off on Wed. The time that we leave was the only problem. Weather forecasts were all over the shop but we all ended up getting out at about 10.30 on Wed. It was a bit lumpy but the following sea saw us all make good time to the reefs not too far from Heron Island. We took stock and went to a lump that the boys had a mark on and it produced straight away. RTE, Hussar and coral cod came straight in. @aussie123 caught 2 massive Spangled Emperors, a solid Coral Trout and a great Maori Cod. @demarc got a stunning Coronation Trout aussie named it Lizzy and declared they are not a real Trout... I think mostly because he had a trout already. These are such beautiful fish. A cracking start and a good bag considering this was really just a travel day. We rafted up with the other boats, told a few lies and had a bite to eat. Fresh fish sandwiches with way too much butter were fantastic. The next day the weather was ok and we headed a bit deeper for a bit of an electric reel bash. The snappers were thick and really good size. We bagged out very quickly and moved to a new spot to try and get some Pearlys. I caught my first Pearly and then caught a really nice sized one. We caught more Snapper that we had to release as we had our bag. Its quite emotional releasing large Snapper but for the best. I dropped a jig down in the deep water and had something smash it. I was on my 5000 Sustain with 30lb and the Cheater. It took ages to get it a bit close and then took off. The nearly locked up drag screamed off at a rate I have never known before. A few more screaming runs and we gaffed a nice Yellow Fin Tuna. SashimiI said... Bloody Toooona Fish @aussie123 said. This jig was going to prove itself many times over the next 2 days. Other than a few pearlys it was nothing but snapper out this way so we had to leave them and we went back to the mount we had fished on the first day. A reef anchor didn't really want to hold in the sand but let us fish the back side of the bump. More RTE and Coral Cod and the ever present Hussar. These Hussar are a Lutjanidae and are delicious. They are only a small fish but quite quick to fillet so are a very welcome fish to the bag. I tried a bit of Fish Pigging. A technique where you put up to 6 hooks on (not in the Yellow zones as you are only aloud 1 hook per line) and drop down. The trick is to not pull in the fish until you have all hooks filled. It didn't work for me as I think it takes a bit of skill :). Strangely one of the Hassar that I cooked up from the first day was like rubber while the other 3 were superb. Poor @aussie123 was so looking forward to a whole baked fish but what he got was a rubber ball with bones.... Sorry not sorry . @aussie123hooked something that took him into the reef. it came out and as he reeled it in he saw something silver follow the now bare hooks up. Then I saw large shark hit the bare hooks right beside the engine. "Bloody shark" I said but aussie said nope It's not a shark! I was skeptical . It was a shark and Aussie was dreaming... He was really worried that the line had been damaged in the reef but didn't give it a quarter calling for the gimble belt after the rod but had stabbed him a few times. I offered to cut his line... the shark did a few huge run under very heavy drag before showing colour and heading off again. Not to bee seen for about another 10 mins. Again i offered to cut the line but aussie really wanted this shark, then it cam back up and rolled on its side... a striped sided shark? Nope it was a Cobia... and a thumping good en. It came close to the boat and I had a swing with the gaff, missed the fish and hooked the little bead on his line.... and stayed hooked to it... I had no idea what to do but luckily (although aussie claimed he jiggled it free.. sure he did ) the bead came off. I had another swing and expertly sunk in the gaff and heaved it over the side. The first miss was intentional... it was to um... bring dramatic efect to the story... . The Cobia was massive... A real Hippo... I have caught little ones but this was a cracker. The whales were doing a show for us which was very kind. We didn't even ask. and they didn't breach onto the boat once! We all got a few more fish. I caught quite a few on the light line with the magic jig. So much fun, but soon it got late so we went back to the west side of the reef. Weather report was wrong so we had a bit of a bumpy night. I found out as we were having some more magnificent reef fish on bread (again with way too much butter) that pretty much everyone in the party had caught a better Cobia than aussie's and spent most of the night telling me how much better theirs was... before we hit the sack. We all woke up very early and we headed out to see if we could find A Red Emperor. Although we had caught a few juvenile fish we had nothing that came close to the mark and were all keen to try and bag one. The wind was supposed to be variable to 10 knots... it was southerly at at least 20 but @demarc's boat is a cracker and handled the seas well. But although we fished some great shows on the sounder the Reds didn't like our offerings and we headed in to try and fish some more sheltered waters. This was not the best day for us. the spots we had fished well on previous days were shut down and all the marks were slow. We had caught 46 mixed reef fin fish already and were keen to bag out but could only scrape a few RTE, Tuskies and Hussars. With ice lower than we would like we headed back towards 1770 and tried to grab some Trout on the way home but they weren't biting. We tried in closer and caught a few small fish and saw some working fish. I cast the magic jig at them and got smashed but dropped then smashed again and fought for a while and finally landed a Bludger Trevally. I love these and am going to smoke it. The others think I'm nuts bringing home a "$#!t fish". The southerly was tending East then NE as we aimed at Bustard Head. Then 1770. The fish were well iced over night and cleaned the next day. It took me us over 3 hours do do them all. I am thrilled to have so much fish. Mum and dad have some now and I have eaten Snapper for dinner and Cobia for breakfast and looking forward to many many meals. Thanks so much @demarc for letting me come. your boat is a cracker and you skipper it well and thanks too to @aussie123 for so much advice. I have learnt so much from this trip. PB's for me; First Pearl Pearch then biggest Pearl pearch First Longtail...netted... Best yellowfin Tuna First Sunset Snapper (unsure of name sorry) First Bludger Trevally First time east of Heron Island and to all the reefs out there. Is that all? Seems I forgot a few. Species Caught but not necessarily kept in order of an old addled brain and just the ones I remember...; School Mackerel Spanish Mackerel Mackerel Tuna Long Tailed Tuna.... nearly Yellow Fin Tuna Hassar Stripey Sunset Snapper (not sure of name) Striped Sea-perch Snapper Grinner Whiptail Red Emporer Maori Cod Scorpion Cod White-Dotted Cod Coral Cod Coral Trout Corination trout Tea leaf Trevally Bludger trevally Cobia Spangled Emperor Wire netted cod Pearl Pearch Remora Moses Perch Iodine Bream frypan bream Grassy Sweet lip Venus Tusk-fish 2 different types of leather jacket/trigger fish Some sort of Gudgeon Red Throat Emperors RTE I'm sure there are some I have forgotten. I can't wait to do it again.
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    Inside Fraser Magic

    Well as a back up plan for 1770 we had Fraser as an ace up the sleeve. As our time was restricted to the bad weather we made the call and headed up last Thursday morning for an overnighter. To be honest the fishing was tough with no birds whatsoever to hone in on we were restricted to trying to find bait schools and blind casting. We were lucky this did yield us a few mackerel, 2 solid longies and heaps of smaller random stuff (brassy trevs, heaps of little sharks etc). Despite the tough fishing it was an awesome couple of days largely due to the anchorage. I had never camped on the inside and Wuthumba Creek really turned it on. There were fires all over Fraser (we were wondering if this was keeping the birds away actually as it was smokey everywhere) which gave the dusk and dawn an amazing quality. Combined with snow white sand and crystal clear water it was actually incredible. I vote Wuthumba for a Wanderers trip next year! We would just need to plan it on an early morning and late afternoon high tide to make sure we can get in. This means you head straight out the creek and are right in the action! On top of that it is a quick shoot up to Roonies and around the top of Fraser for anyone wanting to hit the reef out there.
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    1770 Afo'ers Representation. Pic Heavy

    Luke and I took up Demarc’s invitation to join the Wander’s at 1770 and so glad we did. We had an absolute ball with everyone that attended and even pulled a fish or 2. It had it all, good weather, good company, thrilling NRL and ALF finals being played when the wind was up. We did 2 trips both times we stayed out on the reef for 2 nights. The highlight of the trip fish wise, was Luke’s estimated 13kg Red emperor. It still fought hard even after the tax man took his share. Being new to Sykes reef we went exploring to see what we could find. There is so much ground to fish up there and never enough time to explore it. All the Wander’s were very generous with their knowledge pointing us in the right direction. The wind increased over night which when rafted up was interesting. Not having ever done this before we were under gunned with the fender sizes and unfortunately ‘Luvit’ has 3 new scratches to remember the trip by. I found it hard to fish soft plastics till the second trip when the wind and tides were less. I coped a bit of banter from the guys trying to get a bite out of me regarding the Gobbler Lures. But, it looks like Julian is going to convert to the dark side and start using Sp’s more often. Here are some of our photos from the trip. Julian's weapon. Thanks to Dropbear Robbie for taking a couple of photos for us. If you ever get a chance to do a trip like this there is no better way and the safety factor of having a few boats to help out if anything went wrong was most reassuring. A big thank you to all the guys it was a great trip made better everyone's involvement,e specially Julian for arranging everything.
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    Wanderers Do 1770

    Well i caught up with plenty of the Wanderers crew in 1770 over the 2 weeks i was up there we had a big crew in town with Lance, Julian, Robbie, Brendon, Cheech, Damo, Luke, Wayne, Brad and Leslie all resting up inbetween fishing trips in 2 rented houses. I was crewing on Brads boat and the 1st trip we had Leslie join us as well this was a 3 day 2 night stay on the reef and Leslie caught some of her 1st ever northern species with some big coral trout, red throat emperor, tuskies all caught by Leslie. We went snorkelling and Leslie got a bit worried by a black tip reef shark that swam by us she turned and went back to the boat but i did talk her around to having another swim a few minutes later only to be circled by another white tip reef shark this time she stuck to me like glue but i showed her some spectacular reef and fish this place holds. We all caught lots of good trout, cod, red throat, tuskies, moses, sharks, spangelds, hussar and i dropped a big red emperor. On the last day we headed for fitsroy lagoon to have a swim and spend lunch time there to show Leslie the lagoons beauty on the way there we past a humback whale mother and calf in 8m of water over really white sand and crystal clear water the calf wanted to check us out so we stopped still and had these whales swim right up to us. We headed for home after a rest after lunch and got back to the ramp to see Wayne loaded his boat on the trailer 1st trip down and fish and boat clean we all had a few days to relax in town. The next trip was planned with the weather looking good for another 3 days out on the reef the boats fueled we headed for the bunker group again it was just Brad and i this time so we fished hard and found new ground to pull fish from The 1st day was hard going finding the bigger fish but Brad did get his biggest trout ever and what a stonker at 80cm we did find a good way to fish the top of the reef able to drift slowly away from the edge slowly getting deeper and passing over goood structure. These drifts could last up to an hour before having to drive back to the edge of the reef which was still only a few hundred meters away. The 1st night we rafted up the 3 boats and cooked diner and had a few cold brews sharing the fishing stories of the trip so far the night was long for a few of us and i think i was lucky to have had 2 hours sleep before dawn and the start of our next days fishing. The rewards soon came especially on the 2nd day with the weather and current dropping right off big trout and cod were thick and by 10am the fish went off the bite so Brad and i went for a swim and an early lunch relaxing for a couple of hours behind the reef. The arvo was a bit slow so only an hour or so of fishing we did before going to anchor where we stop for the night and chill especially after the big night before. The 3rd day started a litlle slow and we had a cut off time of 10am to head home as the weather was due to turn windy but we started to find some good trout i was fishing light using 30lb braid and 50lb leader on 5000 sustain and 15 to 25lb gforce extreme 7foot rod. This was being tested on the big trout then in the last hour before heading back in i hooked something big by far it was the best fish i had hooked on this rod it was running hard the line singing as it went through the buckled rod. I was shaking knowing this could be a trophy fish after many thumping runs i started to turns its head and get him away from the bottom. My heart sank when i saw it was a big red emperor and could still lose it before finally netting a 10kg + Red the boys in the other boats could easily here my jubilation from a few hundred meters away. After a few pictures we kept fishing and luckly another good trout was caught before heading in at 10am beating the windy change that blew through just after we cleaned the boat a few more pictures finished the day before beer oclock. We finished off our 1770 trip with a night down at the tree bar watching the sunset over the water, plenty of laughs while retelling our stories ended a awesome couple of weeks up at this little patch of paradise. Here are some of the photos out on the bunker group the southern great barrier reef.
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    Headed off from Port ramp courtesy of @Old Scaley around 8.30 this morning and made a bee-line for last weeks successful spot. The start wasn't promising with only a few tiddler bites, Steve eventually landing a nice live bait diver whiting. Shortly after a bit of commotion on the livey and Steve winds in a dank length of braid. Oh well. Next minute I had a massive tiddler bite and had some more live bait aboard. Today the fishing calendar suggested a 3* day with best time being 11.40am to 1.40pm. We drifted around trying different spots but could only manage an undersize squi (not big enough to be a full squire) and some smaller bream. We headed for home at 1.40pm sharp. lol Oh yeah, I almost forgot - Steve hooked this little 70cm girl too. She was perfectly netted and quite frisky coming aboard making us dance to avoid the spikes. Steve danced on a little too long I thought. It's hard to beat the buzz of a good fish coming aboard, Cheers again for another top day on the water, Mr Scaley.
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    My Weekend

    Our staff breakup for the term (yes another school teacher) was last Friday and we spent the day at Tangalooma. A early 4:30 start up the coast and down the highway to Pinkenba. The trip was booked at Easter so it was just pure luck that we had beautiful weather. Snorkelling the wrecks was quite impressive with some bream easily over 50cm. An amazing lunch followed as well as a few drinks. It has certainly made me want to dust off the snorkelling gear and take my boat over more regularly this summer. Sunday I had another Toorbul Fishing Club's Monthy Comp. Up early and on the water around 5:30am. Calm conditions again and a few legal bream came over the side. About 1hr later I heard a roar coming up the passage, which was wind and we got hit by strong winds for the rest of the morning. We managed a few more legal fish and a sand crab while hiding amongst the islands. My daughter ended up winning the Nippers (Juniors) category as well as the Junior membership draw.
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    Short Netting

    Got a message from @Sparksie last week to meet up today at the Port ramp for a spin in his kayak upgrade - a 3.7m tinnie with 15hp. Being new to trailer reversing, I had a little chuckle when he said he was after my tips on doing it. I told him the only thing I know - to use the brake before the car gets wet. He had no dramas reversing at all (under threat I was videoing). The start of the fishing with plastics was quite slow and @benno573 was texting to see how we were going on such a fine day whilst he was plugging numbers in an office. I gave him this update of the feed we were gathering to make him feel better. A move was made just in time for the tide change. Sparksie was soon onto a decent bream then I added one and then we sent a few back. A squire showed itself - promising, but no more showed up. We sent Benno a picture of the squire but he was unimpressed, responding with "Where's the rest of it ?" After a while I got sick of the bream and decided to catch some flatties. I brought in 3 while Sparksie watched on in amazement. The 1st just over 40, the 2nd just under 40 and the 3rd was 60cm when it originally surfaced. However due to sparksie's kayak pedigree the landing net was one with a very short handle. The big girl was pretty frisky and avoided the short netting attempts on about ten occasions. By the time she was finally netted she only measured in the low 50's. With the wind on the up we headed back in satisfied with another beaut day on the water done and dusted.
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    Hammerhead + 50 Bonito

    Morning all, After having my new bot serviced this week, it was time to get it out on the water. We headed for some beacons to float some shark baits out and spin for some mackerel too. Long story short, not one mackerel to be seen, but 50+ bonito were caught on halco twisties. They were a bit of fun to pass the time while waiting for the shark rods to go off. Only one run for the day which resulted in a 1.2m hammerhead which was caught on pike eel. It was only a 5 minute fight, with it only in the boat for 2 mins before the hook was removed, tag was inserted and she was released. Was an awesome sight to see her swim away strongly as hammers can sometimes struggle to after being caught. The pic doesn't do it justice as there looks to be a lot of blood , but it was a perfect hook set in the corner of the jaw. First shark for the season tagged and released, very happy. My aim for this season, is to tag and release as many as possible. I know doing so may rub some people up the wrong way, but at the end of the day im providing the possibility of obtaining valuable data on these beautiful creatures which may end up helping protect both us, and them.
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    Offshore Thursday - report added

    As mentioned two of my brothers, one nephew and I took Dad's boat for a spin offshore yesterday. Decided to head through the Rous Channel for the first time, leaving from Manly, and all went well, out through the bar (not quite as early as I would have liked but so be it). Stopped to try to get some livies but mostly small reef fish apart from a bonito and my brother got a large yakka on a slug (while I was working the bait jig). Went straight out to the Waverider (well, once we realised my marks were old and then updated them ....) to find one boat spot locked just above it and another boat drifting past. Was our first time out there and very enjoyable seeing all the dolphinfish swimming/jumping around. We saw a very large (estimated 150-200kg but we're novices) marlin chasing the dolphinfish on the surface which was VERY cool!! We tried a variety of options - cubed pillies amongst berley, a soft plastic, and a slab of bonito but no reward for around 20-30 minutes so we decided to throw the live yakka in and bingo, straight away a good sized dolphinfish was on and landed - about 95cm prior to going into the esky. After that they went quiet again so off we went to check out the Cathedrals area for the first time. Having only generic internet marks we sounded around and found a few isolated lumps and tried short drifts but couldn't get anything of note. Unfortunately the short drifts meant my floatlining technique (my brothers were dropping paternosters down) was limiting my chances. We had a bait jig in the water whilst drifting and got another yakka plus a couple of grinners so with the bottom fishing being slow we went back to the Waverider. Strangely they wouldn't hit the yakka but we got three more on slabs of bonito (2) and a whole pilly (1). There were LOTS of whales around all day and some came right up next to the Waverider buoy (including one that scared the CARP out of us) and we thought they may have been rubbing up against the rope??? Got some great footage of 3-5 whales cruising past us really close (scared my young nephew). Also had another two come straight at us from the other direction and go straight under us (and not real deep ......). Very cool but also slightly worrying. Also had a very large school of dolphins swim by/with us and got some good footage of those also. I'll have to see about putting both lots of footage up. So all in all despite the lack of reef fishing success we had a fun day out. Was my first time seeing a marlin in real life, the whale action was spectacular and these were the biggest dolphinfish I'd caught. Just need to spend a bit more time out there to get to know the area better and put a few more marks into the sounder so we can drift for longer. Going on a charter with John Gooding (Outlaw Charters) in January so hopefully learn more then.
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    Late But Better Than Never,,,,

    Hi all, Reports a couple of weeks late, been having puter trouble couldn't load photo's. Anyhow we went crabbing earlier in the month, got these two keepers. Got about 6 others but were all couple of mills under so returned them for some other. time. Everything caught were bucks, only soaked for about 3 hrs as we had shopping to do and a 2 hour drive home. Got a few bream but all were undersized,returned for another day. Cheers Gary.
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    The Boy Borrowed The Boat

    Brock and his mate took my boat for the weekend up to 1770 and headed out with Brad in his boat close by. The boys said the weather was awesome and could cruise at any speed all weekend. They fished all Saturday and half the day on Sunday before heading home with some nice fish filling the box. This trip has me keen as to catch up with the crew still in town up there.
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    Fishing Invite

    G'Day all A couple of times a year I organise a "Flatty Forage" on another fishing site. It's just a bit of fun for a bunch of blokes to get together for a fish and a chin wag. I thought I'd extend the invite out to you lot too. So details as per below Let me know if you are interested and as there is a BBQ after what you might want to bring (eg. sauce, bread/rolls, salad, onions) I have a bbq and tools and sausages organised. Venue: All anglers meet at Bells Creek Road Boat ramp. Fish anywhere you like in the passage. 196 Esplanade, Golden Beach 4551 https://www.google.com.au/maps/dir/-...b1!4m2!4m1!3e0 Date and Time: Saturday 9th September Depart the Ramp at 6am. Lines in the water as soon as you hit your spot. Lines back in at noon. Make your way back to the ramp for a 12:30pm BBQ and presentation. Rules: Each boat may have up to 2 anglers. The boat with the most total length of flathead (cumulative) wins. (ie one 80cm fish beats two 35cm fish). Only fishing lines may be used. Bait or artificial is fine. All flathead must be measured and photographed on a brag mat with a token that will be handed out on the day. Smack talk is mandatory. Entry Fee: Entry fee is one packet of plastics or one hardbody lure. Prizes: The Angler with the biggest Flathead gets first choice of the prize pool whereby they are entitled to 1 of the entrance fee lures/plastics. The remaining prize pool goes to the boat with the winning total length. This is a fun day where we get to catch up so please ensure you compete in that spirit. Last one was well attended and fun. Please indicate what you will bring as far as BBQ / refreshments. Any questions list em below. Entry is at participants risk. The organiser and this site take no responsibility for injury or damage blah blah blah
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    Luke Landrunner

    Rubbery Fish

    I've heard this is caused by biting off the tails of numerous Gulps over the course of the fish's life.
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    Geez, @ellicat. I thought you would be in the middle of your nanna nap now, not posting. The breezy conditions made it a bit tricky today but we didn't use much juice and still have a feed. Boat is cleaned, fish is is filleted and crumbed and I am on beer number 3. And to think I could have been at work today listening to blah blah blah. Thanks for your expert net work and sharing your sweet bun and guava juice with me. We will do it again soon. PS. You forgot to mention your squire. Undersize but noteworthy none the less.
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    1770 Thanks!

    Just want to do a big thank you to all the AFO folk that came to 1770 from the 1st to the 16th. This was by far my most enjoyable trip and it was the folks that came that made it. I got out 7 times, including 2, 3 day trips. Without my boats photgrapher, my second over nighter is lacking pics... To the blokes staying in my house, you left it in an awesome state with barely any cleaning needed before I left. Lots of memories from this trip! Few highlights: - Robbie on Gin - Hippo porn - Damo fish guts removal - Land sharks - Fish piggin - Depth messuring by Lance and Robbie - Wombat Lyoyd
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    Wanderers Do 1770

    a few more pics and cocktails by the tree bar and a bit of hippo nrop
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    Npd Short Session

    Rick and I had to pick up our new permits this morning so naturally we could not drive up there without having a fish. I had to be home by lunch time so we did a couple of shrimp traps and tried a couple of drop offs close to the ramp picking up a few bass here and there before knocking off at 9am Ended up with 15 fish and some brownie points for getting home early. Back for a longer session tomorrow and again Monday. Cheers Ray
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    Sundown National Park Photos For Dad's Day

    My eldest son Jesse asked if I'd like to go camping for Father's Day. Answer was of course YES. Had a great weekend, here is some pictures of the awesome scenery. Hope everyone had a great day also.
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    Drop Bear

    Wanderers 1770 - September

    Now that is the perfect breakfast. Thanks for the tooooooona fish @aussie123
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    Drop Bear

    Wanderers 1770 - September

    Heading out
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    Drop Bear

    Star Fruit Wine

    So work is a bit quiet for one reason or another and its a bit blowy to go out on the bay today and I was pottering in the backyard and realised we weren't going to get through all the Starfruit (Carambola). They are delicious this year. So juicy and good. @Angus @tugger I know you guys are not far away so please feel free to drop in and grab a few and if anyone else is in Wynnum area and wants to try a few pm me. Anyways... i'm having an AFW (alcohol free week) so naturally I was wishing I could have a beer and I though why not make some wine! So I don't really know what I am doing... but I have some stuff from when I first made small batches of honey mead. I simply pureed them and strained out the juice with the dodgy kitchen strainers I had. then put this in the Carboy with a glass of mead that I had made a wile back for yeast and topped it up with water and a bit of sugar for good measure. Air lock on top. Bob's ya mother's brother. I am worried that I might get fruit fly in it but will strain it again if this happens. Just don't tell the missus if you think she might want to drink some. Perhaps I will bring some to the x mass party... haha as if it will last that long. I think it will be a bit strong. I like to sometimes have soda with my mead and even lemonade is nice as it adds some sugar as I make it very dry. I will siphon it out in a month or so, discard the stuff in the bottom and put it back in the carboy for a bit. then siphon it again into bottles with a teaspoon of sugar and leave for a few months more. I hope I get to share one with you. Cheers!
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    NPD Still Going Off.

    I very nearly did not go fishing this morning as when I got up it was blowing like stink.Checked BOM and 30kph at Alex hills and nearly 50kph at Redcliffe. I have been caught with conditions like this before as uite often the South easterly's do not seem to penetrate inland. This is what it was like NPD when we launched and it was practically glassed out all morning. The fish were on straight away. As I had to be home by 12oclock we did not venture too far from the ramp and knocked off fishing at 10 oclock with 41 bass and one yella on the counter. Cheers Ray PS spotted Dino waiting for security to arrive and open gate at Kurwongbah.
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    Crazy Looking Um... Whiting???

    I'm guessing it will be posting a 'Yes' vote.
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    Nearly A Ton

    I was happily catching bass on blades, when I had a camera put on me to promote fishing out at NPD and guess what, I was unable to perform. I had to catch a couple on bait. After the camera went away I was back onto the bass on blades. Picked up a few trolling as well, all up 94 this morning, 34 on bait and 60on lures. Dino
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    Wanderers Do 1770

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    I gave the boys a quick lesson on how to fish pig and Robbie mastered the art straight away @Drop Bear Leslie, Brad and Mark enjoying a chat while we were all rafted up behind Sykes Reef This screen shot is the 1770 Musgrave Charter boat that burnt down and sunk about 6 months ago.We sounded around and found the wreck after a while. We had a few drops on it for some small Red Emporer and other reef fish as well as a couple of bust offs from bigger fish.
  27. 6 points

    Orright At Hinze

    Mark,Rick and myself ventured to the western arm this morning. It has been a while since I as there a nd so we were flying blind. We were pleased to see that the water has finally cleared after Debbie .Wehad to look for the fish but ended up with 38 bass and rick and mark tied for the tandan king award with one each and I got the booby prize for a barred grunter. Which the resident eagle enjoyed for breakfast. The wind got up a bit and Rick had to be home early so we knocked off at 10.30 with a final score of 38 bass and 2 tandans so it looks like we will now be alternating between Hinze and NPD. Cheers Ray
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    Not huge but this is my PB. Caught in the rain on the Eastern Beach North Straddie on a big fillet of bonito. 64cm.
  29. 6 points


    You betcha the bass were on the chew taking lures in all the usual spots. Trolling was a bit slow but the blades were the lure of choice. Hope these bass stay around for the summer. I was in the mates boat as you can see by the red pics. Dino
  30. 6 points

    Nrl 2017

    Flanagan`s hissy fit: {"It's disappointing for the game we're talking about this right now, but I had to come and talk about it.} http://www.nrl.com/flanagan-hits-out-over-decisions/tabid/10874/newsid/111997/default.aspx Yep, it was somebody else`s fault you lost, so…. Cry Me a River. You had your best 17 on the field and bench You had host game advantage. You played a team with a poor win record playing at the venue... You played the team that just got 8th spot. You played a team with key players out injured. and Your completion rate 60% Cowboys 80%. You missed 34 tackles Cowboys 15. You made 17 errors Cowboys 10. You gave away 11 penalties, the Cowboys 5. (law`s of grubbiness and milking, sooner or later it kicks you in the butt.) You gained less metres, made less line breaks and had less offloads, You lost, after 90 minutes of football, by 1 point...
  31. 6 points

    Rubbery Fish

    on another note.... I went to a Chinese restaurant and ordered the fish of the day did not enjoy it at all as it was very tough. I called the waiter over and said "Hey mate, this fish is rubbery" and he said "fank you velly much I will tell the cook you enjoyed it" ...... boomtish...... I'll let myself out
  32. 6 points

    Father's Day Tilapia

    Spent the morning with my parents for Father's Day and took the kids down to a local stream/pond for a fish as one of my brothers has pulled some good sized tilapia out of there at summer time. Saw quite a few when we rolled up then they retreated to hiding on the edge of the reeds. Eventually, after losing one, Liam caught a nice big one all by himself, put up a good fight!! Good way to christen his new BCF fishing shirt and capped off a great father's day as it is his biggest fish to date.
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    Wanderers 1770 - September

    Hussar curry from @dropbear
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    Drop Bear

    Wanderers 1770 - September

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    Why Does This Make Me Happy?

    After re positioning my Furuno P66 transducer 4 times and researching transducer positions it looks like I may have finally got right. At slow speeds never a problem but at high speed planing the bottom reading was not solid with gaps in the return. Finally with an early morning test on the Pine river today I think I have it. Will have to test it in choppy conditions to be sure. Just in time for 1770 if the weather plays nice. Even the Lowrance totalscan transducer was reading in the glass conditions at over 60mph. IMG_3800.MOV Don't know if the video is in the right format, but the photo tells the story anyway.
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    Micro Jigging

    Hey mate, it's probably my favourite type of fishing at the moment. I love the slower jigs like Gomoku Koika's and Slow Rockers, weight depending on the depth. 40g is good for pretty much everywhere in the bay (or up to 15m) but it really depends on current. You can fish lighter jigs in deeper water if there's no current. I usually drift, but in saying that, anchoring on a reef or rubble patch and cast/retrieve hopping it along the bottom is also popular, guys like Sammy Hitzke are smashing it in the bay. If you are heading out to the Gneerings then 40-60g jigs would be sweet if you are drifting with minimal wind. I've found slow, fat jigs are ideal for pretty much anything on the reef, slimline jigs like Shimano's Colt Sniper are good on the Tuna (and everything esle) from what I hear. At the end of the day it's dependant on what type of fishing you do, if there's not much current, you can jig while at anchor if you are smart about where you drop your jig and try to keep your line as vertical as possible. Goodluck fella!
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    Louie The Lip Pic Added

    Well I finally got my bottom lip (face ) done yesterday and feeling fairly good this morning. Not so yesterday though, firstly they had to wash my lip, then attack it with rough guaze, then wipe it again, then apply a cream, cover it with glad wrap and tape, then I had to wait for 3 hours for the cream to work. Next they wiped it over again and I had 5 injections, one each side and 3 crossways in my lip, boy did it hurt, meantime I am thinking to myself well thats the pain bit over I shouldnt feel to much from here, boy was I wrong. Next up was the burning light that moved across my lip from side to side slowly, honestly its like being torched the pain is excruciating, this goes for 8 minutes. After you think you are being real brave gritting your teeth and clenching your hands and thinking to yourself only a few more seconds, the lovely girl says to you, well done Dennis only 5 mins and 20 seconds to go and you just surrender to the pain and think about your next fishing session and about buying that shovel to help put the sunscreen on. I hope this has encouraged the young ones to cover up and where broard brim hats or neck socks as I would hate for you to go through this. Dino
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    Sunglasses - Found

    Yesterday, Sunday 17th September, on the bank of a popular Victorian (fresh-water) river, a pal of mine found a pair of good quality (read expensive) sunglasses and their case.I'm guessing that there may have been an utterance or two when they were discovered missing.A small chance of finding an owner, I know, but if they are yours or a mate's, let me know what you know of them and there will be an excellent chance of them finding their way home.Cheers . . . . .
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    Wanderers Do 1770

    You guys smashed the snapper
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    From Fisheries Qld Facebook page. https://www.daf.qld.gov.au/fisheries/pest-fish/report-a-pest-fish-sighting
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    We didn't get any Taylor in WA but got these Australian Salmon... The one Dropbear +jr is holding was a mighty battle.
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    Nrl 2017

    the way a coach with grace and sportsmanship handles a similar situation…… http://www.news.com.au/sport/afl/the-lesson-shane-flanagan-can-learn-from-port-adelaide-coach-ken-hinkley-in-losing-gracefully/news-story/c8e68a3973077ce2b59fdeaf837f5ae2 Port Adelaide’s two-point loss also finished in controversial circumstances, with West Coast midfielder Luke Shuey awarded a free kick for receiving a high tackle in the dying moments of the match. He then converted the goal after the siren to knock Port Adelaide out of the finals. After the match Hinkley was asked about the free kick. But the graceful Power coach said it was his side’s inaccurate kicking — not the umpires — that had decided the outcome. “What do you do other than be disappointed that you’re not continuing on and congratulate the winners?" Hinkley said. “We didn’t kick straight when we needed to, but the Eagles found a way to win and I give them great credit for being able to do that.”
  43. 5 points

    Nrl 2017

    Awesome win by the Cowboys - brave bu99ers. Not such good news for my brother who has his wedding next Saturday - there might be a few not paying their utmost attention to the wedding speeches ........
  44. 5 points

    Nrl 2017

    end of week 1 Sunday result 1st ELIMINATION FINAL SHARKS (5) 14 V 15 COWBOYS (8) WOOHOOO….. All the shires porch lights are on again …. playing against an 18 man side at times the Cows have helped the Sharks to a new record, eg 1st 5th placed side in the new finals format to get eliminated in a finals week 1. Gutsy display by the Cowboys over 90 minutes. 2 Qld teams into week 2 GO the QLDers
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    Chased By Bass

    Finally back on the water after 2 weeks off with the fat lip, still not right yet but couldnt wait any longer. Bass were pleased to see me as I was on trolling before I was out of sight of the ramp. Bass then chased me all over the dam, until I had to Quit fishing at 9.30am and head for home as there was a slight breeze which caused quite a chop on the water. Found a few schools and caught a lot of late 40 cm models. Dino
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    Wanderers 1770 - September

    The weather is looking better for Wednesday,Thursday & Friday. So @Luke Landrunner and I are heading up on Tuesday and get up there early evening before heading out with all the boys Wednesday morning. If all goes to plan we will stay out Wednesday & Thursday night and come back on Friday and recover over the blowy weekend. This should be a fantastic trip.
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    You Never Know NPD 3/9/17

    After a couple of less than average trips we went back to NPD yesterday and could not decide if we would look upstream or downstream to see if we could find some bass. None of my 3 deckies would make a decision so the captains decision was downstream . We picked up 20 odd bass at the dropoff opposite the end of Koala Straight hen I decided to go to the far marker for a look. We were not able to pass Andrews drop off on the way without having a look but not a thing on the sounder. Things were looking a bit dismal at the far marker until we found them in around 40 feet of water. Mark outfished us all because he was using a hookless tassie devil 7 g disco dancer jig head instead of a sinker on his paternoster rig. Yet when he used the discodancer as a jig head he did not get a strike. We had to tear ourselves away when the counter reached 100 bass. Going to give the Hinze western arm a crack on wednesday. Cheers Ray
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    Thanks for organising @christophagus
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    NPD 28/817 Bit Ordinary

    I had egg on my face today after telling all and sundry how well NPD has been fishing of late. I have been delivering brochures for permits to NPD to all the local tackle stores and offering trips to anyone interested. Peter Stanley from Mossips at Cleveland was very supportive to the PRFMA and to my surprise took me up on my offer and we arranged for a trip for today which was his first day off. Things looked promising at the first drop off with a couple of bass hitting the landing net fairly quickly but then things slowed down and we struggled for the rest of the morning. To make matters worse one of the 6v deep cycle batterys for the stern mount motor dropped its guts and we only had 19volts under load so we spent most of the morning traveling at reduced speed on the bow motor and I did not go past the fig tree as the wind had also picked up. On the way back to the ramp we pulled up at the end of koala straight drop off and picked up a couple more bass. Tally for the day was only 10 bass with best one going 46cm. Bit of a consulation prize was when we got back to the ramp was 2 other boats were also out and they both donutted. Cheers Ray
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    NPD 27/8/17

    Not many fish but the company made up for it. Phoebe has turned out to be a bit of a photo tart and kept us all on out toes. She kept on saying that we needed to catch a forky so that she could feed percy the pelecan who as normal shadowed us all morning and ended up still hungry as we did not catch any forkys. She was also chuffed to land a tagged bass. It goes without saying that the blue rod was once again the fish magnet. We ended up with only 28 bass Cheers Ray