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  1. welcome to AFO @bassmandan
  2. Congratulations @Daryl McPhee
  3. The people having errors try again and let us know. we have applied another software upgrade so keen to know if that has fixed it.
  4. Nice
  5. Some of you may have seen, the Fishing Regions category has been consolidated into one forum category (as well as a few other categories). This is to try and simplify the structure of the AFO forum and make it a better experience on AFO. To facilitate this we are rolling out a new tagging feature across the site. Whilst this is still in it infancy we ask you to bear with us while we implement this across the site. This may take a few weeks to fully do, as we try and iron out a few issues we have encountered. We will also be going back and tagging many topics that are missing tags. What this allows is for forum topics (and many other site items) to be tagged with a tag. Each forum has a predefined list of tags to select from. Tags will be mandatory for each forum topic. You can select multiple tags to tag forum topics with. So if you are posting about fishing in Moreton Bay you would post in the Fishing Regions category and select 'south queensland' as the tag. If you are posting about fishing freshwater in North Pine Dam, you would select the 'south queensland' tag as well as the 'freshwater' tag. When viewing a forum category you can filter on the right hand side to drill down to only see the items with that specific tag. Also in the search feature you can search for only items tagged with a specific tag. At the moment we still have the Queensland > Freshwater forum category visible for people to reply to topics, however, no new topics can be created in here. Please post in the Fishing Regions category going forward. Over time all of these topics will be moved into the Fishing Regions category once we correctly tag these posts. We will be refining the system to make sure it provides a user friendly experience. We understand that this new workflow/organisation of the forum may take a little to get used to, but please ask you keep an open mind as it opens up lots of possibilities going forward. We will work with the AFO community to refine it and get it right over the coming weeks and months.
  6. what a beast
  7. only says for fishing in Randwick LGA, not northern NSW
  8. Great post! looks like a cracker of a trip
  9. Also the Latest Posts block on the right hand side has been updated to act like it used, showing the latest poster to a topic.
  10. Here is a tutorial on how to make your own customised activity stream
  11. Many members may not be aware but you can customise the activity stream on AFO to suit your own liking. If you click on the main menu 'Activity' tab (Step 1), then click on 'My Activity Streams' (Step 2) you are given the option to create a new stream (Step 3). You are then presented with the options to create a new stream. This 'stream' is the list of activity on the site, and so you can customise this so you don't have to see all the activities, but just the ones you're interested in. So if you only want to see topics and posts that are about sharking that you haven't read yet and that has been posted in the last 7 days, you can create that! After you create your new stream you can then also set it as your default stream if you want. You can also rename and delete it. If you set it as your default stream this is the one that is at the top right of the screen for easy access for you to just see the content you want on AFO. There are so many options in how you can customise it, so hopefully this will allow you to make AFO more personalised and focus more in showing you the content you are interested in.
  12. If you go to the tab on the main menu called 'Forum Activity', this is where each person can customise their activity stream and save this stream for themselves, so it will only show them the information they want to see.
  13. Good tip @ellicat! There are actually many ways to tailor the site to each member's individual preferences. We will be doing some forum posts in the coming weeks to help explain. One feature that we are introducing is 'tags' which will allow members to drill down topics and posts to their own liking. You can search with tags, customise your activity stream with tags and also filter with them