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    I cant please everyone.
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  1. Angus

    Boat Wanted For Tv Ad.

    FB message sent with details.
  2. Angus

    Boat Wanted For Tv Ad.

    I am asking a contact.
  3. Angus

    Boat Wanted For Tv Ad.

    SO like a fly bridge but dated?
  4. Angus

    Wynnum Fishing Classic

    I cannot believe the success of the event considering weather. Well done to everyone who helped it has been a pleasure working with you all. And yes, a special big thanks to Robbie and all his hard work on top! Treasurer did the count last night and there is a healthy slab of coin going to the oyster reef project. Well done @straddiebrad as well and your grand kid. Efforts paid off.
  5. Well said @straddiebrad. Please remember as well everyone this is a fund raiser with huge volunteers behind it and not a pay cheque anywhere. This cause will make a noticeable difference and not in decades but single digit years. So weather aside please sign up, have some fun, have a feed and maybe win a boat!
  6. You can win the boat without even fishing As per the rules just need to bring the picture on the measuring mat (issued at briefing either Friday night or Sat morning) to the virtual weigh in Sunday. Angus
  7. Please come out and support a good cause! Can't fish? Get a raffle ticket for a boat! Don't want a boat? Come down for the festival as even a portion of food sold goes to the reef (options include pulled pork burger, hot wings, fresh oysters amd a sausage sizzle). Can't make it at all? Please check out crowd fund raising money for an oyster lease to help us grow our bio blocks:
  8. Angus

    Eoi - Kayak Social

    Sure floats well!
  9. Angus

    northern nsw End Of Season 2018

    Love it! Severn?
  10. Angus

    northern nsw Magic Murray Cod Trip

    Bloody good to see you Wes! I spent over an hour one day google mapping perving that back end of Copeton. Well done looks awesome!
  11. Angus

    south queensland Rugged Day Coming Up

    Awesome. How much $ per kilo of tail?
  12. Angus

    south queensland Rugged Day Coming Up

    Are the claw as plentful as they were? Man I remember filling that esky that time it was awesome. So many red claw pastas from that! Angus
  13. Angus

    fishing Wooli

    @Drop Bear should have some pointers for flatties and whiting. And that chilli crab far out! Angus
  14. Thanks mate. Will edit ASAP.
  15. It is and I hope it continues! Technically for a 90 day campaign we need $666 (a bit ominous) a day to make target... This is obviously greatly alleviated if some of the larger perks get taken. Angus