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  1. The old man sent me these today. Jealous!! Biggest was 70cm and all above average.
  2. I have seen reports of good numbers caught at breakky but have not done it. There are lights there. I would say if the prawns are running it could be a goer. I have heard of them smashing prawns under the Captain Cook bridge in the light pools as well. Angus
  3. Land based is tough as most are caught on the deep drop offs around the port. I have caught 2 land based jew in the river though, one of hadbody and one of plastic. Hardbody jewy: The rocks under the Green bridge leading over to UQ from Dutton Park. Soft Plastic jewy: Under the bridge at boggy creek on a run in tide. Watching the clips the boys form Bait Tackle Store put up yesterday while I was in the store and man the IMA Koume is a vibe that seems to be slaying. Once again though this is the typical deep water tactic of drifting the drop offs and lifting and dropping the vibe. Angus
  4. Manly harbor has plenty of littel big eyes and GTs.
  5. I catch plenty of Summer whiting there... Have not the seen the winteries. Will give it a crack though!
  6. Hey all. I have been very quiet lately juggling work, baby and some pretty intensive study. Next weekend I have a 3 day break and looking to break the drought. Lately the wee man has been loving fish I would actually like to get him some feeds. With this in mind I thought winter whiting might be a good option. I have seen on some of the facebook pages massive numbers getting caught but O have no experience with them. I had heard rumour that they were just out of Manly harbor and to the south but basically looking for any tips. It seems a lot of people target them but not so much from this website. Anyway not looking for exact marks or anything but anyone jad some advice I would love to hear it. Rigs, rough locations, baits etc. Anything is more than I know now Angus
  7. I have heard (although this is not my usual area of fishing) that straight out of the harbor and to the right around the markers between king island and lota creek the winter whiting have been running. Not a bad spot for sand crabs either. I am only going by hearsay but might even give it a crack myself on the weekend. Angus
  8. Man I missed my winter straddy trip this year. If they are in such numbers there I bet they would be on the point. Awesome Mark thanks for for sharing! Angus
  9. Nice mate! I guess it is my dream to get the boy to an independent fishing level to get out more but also be able to fish! Angus
  10. Good catch!!!! And thanks for the offer. Yaaaaay work Angus
  11. Great shot though
  12. Oh mate yeah they sure are! Right at the top of the the short list for me. Angus
  13. Mate we are under subscribed with members from your area so please keep us posted with your activities. A very diverse and awesome part of the world down there! Angus
  14. Yeah I paddled them out. Was a nice rock bar about 30 meters in front of the house. Very shallow leading over to it but dropped off on the other side Generally had most successes on this drop off.
  15. Awesome! Cracking snaps mate!