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  1. north queensland Island Fishing At Its Finest!!

    Geeez what a cool first report! Well done and thanks for the effort!
  2. south queensland Flatties Around Lota

    Hey Simo I just split this off as it seemed worth a topic of its own. I have caught a few flatties on the flats at Lota and a few others up the creek. Well worth a shot. Who knows with poddies etc getting flushed out the creek it could be a cracker. Angus
  3. fishing Can Someone Help A Nooby Out

    Is that rose bay Sydney?
  4. south queensland Land Based Pelagics

    Headlands... Have a look through my straddy report (search funtion or my profile). Noosa National Park Alex Bay Cabarita Headland Byron Bay
  5. fishing Can Someone Help A Nooby Out

    1. Tarwhine 2. I don't think this is a star gazer and fyi stargazers are epic eating. Looks like some sort of common rock dwelling fish. 3. Wrasse 4. I used to call these squirrel fish. Of the 4 the tarwhine is your conventional eating fish. I think in nsw the size limit is 23cm. Welcome to the site mate Angus
  6. northern nsw Up The Creek With A Paddle

    Mate not to be vain but it was the one time in the session I was not solo. It was such a cracking fish tipping a little over 44cm, awesome colours and fat. I wish I had a better photo. DId not want to take a selfie as could not easily support the fish like the bream.
  7. northern nsw Up The Creek With A Paddle

    I love my 1000 but that bass put it to the test well and truly. Still landed it though so happy At the end of the day it holds more than enough like (I have 150 yards of 6lb on it and that is with heaps of backing). I have caught decent trevs, tailor and other fish from the jacks and plenty of creek fish. If I get a 40cm'ish jack on though I will know I am alive. Angus
  8. Also now there actually is a chapter I will contact the bcf manager at tingalpa as he implied support if there was a local chapter.
  9. Nice one guys. 2 questions... How easy is it to sign up more general members now? And did you come up with a name? Happy with position as it is all I would want to commit to this year anyway. Life is hectic enough amd study recommences soon as does the conference weekends.
  10. I won't be there but support the concept and eager to help later.
  11. south queensland Wild Time In The Hinterland

    Love the look of the terrain. Kayaker would have got wet! Rain shut down fish for me as well.
  12. northern nsw Crabby And Quiet

    One male and one female ready for lunch... NSW law is so much more progressive in regards to gender equity
  13. northern nsw Crabby And Quiet

    We will but are heading straight to a kids party sorry
  14. northern nsw Crabby And Quiet

    Well this is a bit of a brief followup to this report: Could not have been a more different trip. Not a single surface hit from anything. Was it the incoming tide? The rain last night? All I can say is different! At least there was a bit of action in the pots. 2 released 2 kept. Rebaited them so will try earlier tomorrow morning and see if that makes a difference. Anyone else fishing this weekend? 3m swell due to roll in this afternoon so will be giving the beach a miss. Angus