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  1. AFO Yuletide/christmas Party

    If we get some quick support for a $10 buy in i reckon the spit is the go. Let me know if you would be keen on a mixed spit of beef pork and lamb. Kids casting comp would be cool I will try and personally donate a prize for this. Angus
  2. northern nsw Cod Reconnaissance New England - Severn Nsw

    Welcome and cracking first post!
  3. AFO Yuletide/christmas Party

    Great @Drop Bear was a fan of spit as well. Reckon just wait for rough numbers then work out a price for what is needed?
  4. Christmas Party Swap Meet Swag

    I am locking this as the new thread is up.
  5. AFO Yuletide/christmas Party

    Good day all. I have some pretty great news. Our generous member @Drop Bear has offered to host this years AFO Christmas Party. Details: Date: Saturday 9th December Time: 12:00 Midday Location: 427 Wynnum North Rd Wynnum This will be a family friendly event so please feel free to bring children and partners. Robbie (@dropbear) has a great backyard for this. Catering: This is still up in there air. We could just do a bring a plate? And some meat for a BBQ? Or, we could chip in some coin and Robbie and I can get a spit on early. Let us discuss this and firm something up early next week. Swap Meet: This went quite well last year would anyone be interested in doing it again? Once again open to discussion. RSVP: Please give a firm statement whether you intend to come for logistical and planning reasons for our generous host. Cheers! Angus
  6. Christmas Party Swap Meet Swag

    Rob bumped last years and it was timely
  7. Christmas Party Swap Meet Swag

    Thanks Rob. Timely. Yes we should be organizing this!
  8. Mate it is a good rig. Messaged to dad to see if he will bump up a one year plan hahaha.
  9. south queensland Landbased Snapper

    Been a lot of snapper caught land based at Straddy this year.
  10. Yeah mate good fun indeed. Since the in laws moved down there it has been good learning it slowly. Slowly to be sure with baby and all but I have time. There is a lot of water begging for more exploration. Angus
  11. south queensland Rock Hopping

    For a second I thought you were chasing tailor or something in the salt when I saw title haha. Nice way to spend a morning Dino
  12. Nordic Stage Rod Snapped

    Cool man thanks for feedback. Look I hate to say it but I think it must have copped a ding somewhere along the line. As it was a rod that was performing fine and has been in possession for a good while this is the most likely option. It would be a bit different if it was fresh out of bag if you know what i mean. I am going to be cleaning out a few parts and bits this week and will have a really good look for you and see if I can find a bottom half (it was the bottom yeah???). Angus
  13. Nordic Stage Rod Snapped

    Hey Ramsey I replied to this same post earlier but have cut and paste reply and deleted duplicate. "How long have you had it Ramsey? And has it caught other fish etc? Def sounds ding induced for the location. The trade off for such light carbon fibre is this factor. Tiny blemishes, dings etc actually "bruise" carbon fibre and causes it to weaken over time thus not necessarily breaking right away but later. Tip snaps are usually different. Just a bit careless or high sticking etc but mid rod has in nearly every case I have seen (on Nordics) been this reason. Angus"
  14. Hey team a bit of a late report froma couple of weeks ago. Sorry been very busy and not on as much as usual but will pick up the game Anyway headed to northern nsw to chase some jacks with a mate Joel. Stayed at inlaws so a dawn was on the cards . Hit the water early and got straight into some little, but fun gts. Great fun on the areals and 1000 sized reels with gold drag peeling runs. 3 trevs in and lost a good jack. Watched it grab lure and run off only to have it, or so I assumed, spit the lure. It was 3 casts later I realized the back trebles were smooshed. Oh well Anyway in the arvo we headed down wirh some worms and plastics for a feed of whiting and 1 flathead. Good times. 1
  15. south queensland Bassday Sugapens

    Heaps of easy spots on the broad water as well.