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  1. Yeah they look like yft but I think are called big eye tuna...
  2. Looks awesome! Cannot believe your first AFO event was 2016 Xmas party @Drop Bear Angus
  3. resolved Location Problem On AFO

    It should not Rob no.
  4. south queensland Fishing Invite

    Sorry mate speaking at a conference this weekend. Good luck!
  5. fishing What Rod?

    @Do$tylz any of the travel Favorites suit?
  6. Well as a back up plan for 1770 we had Fraser as an ace up the sleeve. As our time was restricted to the bad weather we made the call and headed up last Thursday morning for an overnighter. To be honest the fishing was tough with no birds whatsoever to hone in on we were restricted to trying to find bait schools and blind casting. We were lucky this did yield us a few mackerel, 2 solid longies and heaps of smaller random stuff (brassy trevs, heaps of little sharks etc). Despite the tough fishing it was an awesome couple of days largely due to the anchorage. I had never camped on the inside and Wuthumba Creek really turned it on. There were fires all over Fraser (we were wondering if this was keeping the birds away actually as it was smokey everywhere) which gave the dusk and dawn an amazing quality. Combined with snow white sand and crystal clear water it was actually incredible. I vote Wuthumba for a Wanderers trip next year! We would just need to plan it on an early morning and late afternoon high tide to make sure we can get in. This means you head straight out the creek and are right in the action! On top of that it is a quick shoot up to Roonies and around the top of Fraser for anyone wanting to hit the reef out there.
  7. Vale Wallyfly

    Sad news indeed. Cheers to a member always willing to help another with advice.
  8. south queensland Hervey Bay Regulars Help!

    Looks like we still may hit 1770... But this is an awesome back up. Angus
  9. north queensland Wanderers 1770 - September

    I know. All the way out to Sykes if the skipper as his way.
  10. north queensland Wanderers 1770 - September

    Thanks for that link. No chance for me. With the slightly improved conditions we may still be taking the plunge. To Valhalla!
  11. north queensland Wanderers 1770 - September

    Hey team, Just so I can show the crew what forecast (weather site or whatever) are you using to show that Thursday Friday are shite. I am not against bashing out in weather but am against towing a boat as big as Andrew's up to find it is not worth it. A couple of other guys are saying Seabreeze says it looks OK so I don't want to be the kill joy without something to back it up! Cheers. Angus
  12. south queensland Hervey Bay Regulars Help!

    I will still look into it. Can they be bought online? Never mind ill google
  13. south queensland Hervey Bay Regulars Help!

    Thanks guys Do you need a camping permit if you are just planning to chuck the swag out on the sand? Angus
  14. Hey team, With the weather looking the way it is for Wednesday to Friday, but with the days still up my sleeve we are thinking of running up the inside of Fraser to hide from the wind a bit and chase misc fish. I know (sort of) how to find the tuna up that way but have 0 marks for anything else. If anyone has any "rough" marks for trevally, kingies, snapper I would massively appreciate it! PM is fine. Will have a quality sounder so will try and find ground as well. Any assistance at this late planning date will be appreciated! Angus
  15. north queensland Wanderers 1770 - September

    Weather looking iffy for the Thursday Friday mission at this stage (would everyone agree??) so we are also considering contingencies... Angus