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  1. Sorry for the late response fellas, been stuck down by gastro. Thanks very much for the info. I have 4.5 polycraft so picking the day is 100% important for me. More then confident boating out there, more so learning out to run a speard without getting a tangled mess is my issue. cheers
  2. Hey guys, just curious about when you say trolling in close to the cape, how close do you mean? Just getting in to trolling and I have a smaller sized boat so I want to try keep in abit closer for the first few trips out. any help would be much appreciated. cheers
  3. south queensland Zmans Sp

    Hey mate. the plastic in motor oil colour the tail is actually horizontal to the plastic so the action is the same regardless, it just appears how it is in the photo because of how it's placed down on the photo. for rigging I use to headlockz which I very rarely have a plastic slip. For rigging spin the plastic 180 degrees from how it's rigged now and measure where the hook will sit, pop it out the top so it's nice and straight and off you go
  4. fishing Long Tail Tuna - Tips & Tricks

    Thanks guys, I'll have a look around and see what I can find. might have to get a 8" blank and cut it down to what I need. I think I'll go on the heavier side and use it as a big stick bait/plastic rod for the big longies. Now I just have to sort out getting a chance to actually go fishing.
  5. fishing Long Tail Tuna - Tips & Tricks

    Hey gents, great read with all this information. Im looking at building a dedicated long tail rod, I was just after your opinions on what blank would be preferred specs if you were choosing one. Cheers