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  1. I very nearly did not go fishing this morning as when I got up it was blowing like stink.Checked BOM and 30kph at Alex hills and nearly 50kph at Redcliffe. I have been caught with conditions like this before as uite often the South easterly's do not seem to penetrate inland. This is what it was like NPD when we launched and it was practically glassed out all morning. The fish were on straight away. As I had to be home by 12oclock we did not venture too far from the ramp and knocked off fishing at 10 oclock with 41 bass and one yella on the counter. Cheers Ray PS spotted Dino waiting for security to arrive and open gate at Kurwongbah.
  2. Dangerous Boating Npd.

    Things are getting so bad at NPD that you have to hide under the gunnel to bait your line. Going to install this on my boat as I am sick and tired of getting hit by flying bass while I attempt to bait up. Cheers Ray
  3. south queensland NPD Cricket 17/9/17

    Ran out of bait Cheers Ray
  4. south queensland NPD Cricket 17/9/17

    Went with Mark,Tai and Jason. Bit of a queue at the gate but we ended up first one to launch as we had everything ready and were able to back straight down the ramp whilst others were busy removing boat covers etc. Was relatively calm till around 9am when the wind got up. We had 50 odd fish on the counter and made the decision to see if we could find a sheltered spot. Turned out to be wise decision Including one solitary yella. I left camera at home so here are a couple that Tai took. Mark should send me some more later on. Tai also cooked up a welcome sausage sizzle that warmed us up nicely. Cheers Ray
  5. Stuff For Wheel Studs?

    around $130 on special worth every penny when you are stuck beside m1 at 4am in rain Cheers Ray
  6. Stuff For Wheel Studs?

    Been caught twice with overtightened wheel nuts so have invested in a battery operated rattle gun from super cheap. Last time I did a side wall on a tyre that was only 3 weeks old and was not able to undo 3 of the nuts even with a 4 ft bar on the brace . 2 hrs on side of M1 was the decider. Went back to the retailer and had a big spit and was told that their rattle guns were checked every day so i challenged them to try and undo wheel nuts on the other 3 wheels on the car and guess what he had to get rattle gun and retightened them using a torque wrench Magic bit of gear and i use it frequently could not do without it.. Cheers Ray
  7. south queensland Bugged Out

    Some good sized fish there. Were the spanglies hitting the bugs on the surface? Cheers Ray
  8. south queensland Just Doing His Own Thing,,,,

    Unfortunately the only accurate method of determining the age of a fish is by counting the growth rings on the otoliths which means killing the fish. Same process to age of trees. Cheers Ray Cheers Ray
  9. south queensland NPD 13/9/17

    All ok problem yesterday was with leaseholders lock not the PRFMA. PRFMA"s intervention resulted in a speedy resolution. Cheers Ray
  10. south queensland NPD 13/9/17

    Went with Don and Graham for a foggy start. Good thing we had the GPS to find our way out of the bay. Still plenty of fish on live shrimp. We picked up over 30 at first drop all around the 40cm mark but about 1/4 of them had varying degrees of fin rot. Looks like the water quality could be dropping with a lot of green slime up close to the ramp and lots of algae particles in the water further downstream. Hope we are not in for an outbreak of blue green algae which would result in the closure of the dam whilst it is fishing so well. Sorry no fish photos as we were too busy catching fish. Total of 105 after running out of bait. Cheers Ray
  11. south queensland Npd Short Session

    Just slow grower . Shame that it was kept and not released. Normally a 50cm bass is at least 10 years old with good growth rate. Cheers Ray
  12. south queensland Orright At Hinze

    get plenty in NPD Cheers Ray
  13. south queensland Wanting To Case Tilapia In NPD

    We used to get them upstream at the entrance to where the bridge is. Cheers Ray
  14. south queensland Wanting To Case Tilapia In NPD

    Have caught them on SX40's. Best bait worms of cooked red redclaw flesh targeted in shallow water . Small ones starting to show up in our shrimp traps. Cheers Ray
  15. south queensland NPD 10'/9/17

    Live shrimp. After doing our shrimp traps we picked up 30 odd bass on the first drop off in Koala Straight and another lot at the drop off on the point opposite the end of koala straight. Got some more at drop off before the fig tree and headed downstream with nil at the far marker and then found the school in 40 feet. They were thick there but if you let your bait down to the bottom they were all small but at the 0ft mark they were in the low 30'S. Steve had a good tussle with a large eel around the 4 foot mark. Also saw our first black snake for the season having a swim out in the middle of the dam. We ended up running out of bait. Were you with Ken Woodley?. Next time if you see us getting into them come over and share the fun, Cheers Ray