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  1. south queensland Borumba Camping

    nothing on seq water website do you have a link? Cheers ray
  2. Maltese Cross

    5 months old and has wife well trained. I came a cropper here thought the dog would be company for her when I go fishing now she thinks more of the dog than me and I am not allowed to go fishing on her days out as she does not want the dog to be at home by itself and I cannot take the dog on dams. Cheers Ray
  3. south queensland NPD 20/11/17

    Three of us to NPD yesterday morning. We got heaps of shrimp in our pots so then started searching for some fish. We only had 10 fish on the counter when we arrived at the far marker at around 8.30 It was not a big school but the fish were coming on board consistently till 10.30 when the wind really got up and made things uncomfortable and we headed over unto the lee of the island where we spent an hour and a half for another 2 fish so we pulled the pin and arrived back at the ramp with a total of 62 bass on the counter. 4 tagged fish recaptured. Cheers Ray
  4. south queensland NPD Fail 15/11/17

    Started off on the wrong foot by leaving camera and I pilot remote at home. Fortunately I have a spare remote stashed in the boat. We tried everywhere and could only find a few scattered bass. I was going to claim dyslexia and reverse the catch score but seeing we only caught 22 bass I could not even do that. We still enjoyed ourselves and I gave my shoulder a rest for a change, Dino was there and did ok. Cheers Ray
  5. Back again to NPD this morning with Mark and Graham. It was unlucky for the fish but we were ok. Things were slow first up after doing the shrimp traps. By 10 am we only had 20 bass on the counter when we found a school that we sat on till 11.am when we ran out of bait with 162 bass on the counter. The majority of the bass were in the high 30s to mid 40s. only a couple of photos as I was a bit busy. We ended up with 5 tagged fish. Triple hook ups were the norm with the bass hitting the shrimp on the way down. Cheers Ray
  6. Self Propelled Mowers

    I ended up with a ryobi 18 inch one from Bunnings it was only $1 dearer than a 23 inch Chinese one that they also had. The ryobi has a 2 year replacement warranty against the 1 year for the chinese one plus the dubious availability of spare parts for the chinese one. The ryobi is quite light and going downhill i just push it and used the self propulsion for the uphill work as i find it is too fast using self propulsion down hill. Cheers Ray
  7. south queensland NPD 9/11/17

    I was dubious about going this morning but as today was the only day that Daz was available and he had not been fishing for 3 months we decided to give it a go with the plan being if it was too windy we would head upstream and try to find a sheltered spot where we could tie up to a tree. The wind was only a gentle breeze when we launched so we went downstream and did the shrimp traps. By the time we reached Andrews drop the wind had got up a bit and we only found average sized bass just over 30cm and the i pilot was working hard to stay on the edge of the drop off so we decided to get in the lee of the island and see what we could find. We found a school of good sized fish and they moved on when the counter reached around 70 bass. We then decided to move again and tried over near the hard hat and found another school in 60 feet of water with the fish holding between 15 and 20 feet. We ran out of bait with the counter reading 126 fish being 125 bass and one yella. Don had the " pleasure " of catching the only forky of the day. It was good to get some trophy sized fish again. Cheers Ray
  8. south queensland Bassday Sugapens

    the spit out to king island at wello or the flats at pt halloran Cheers Ray
  9. south queensland Wind,wind And More Wind

    Get out early is one solution or look for sheltered spots. Depends on what type of fishing you do. Most of the stocked inpoundments have sheltered bays where you can fish Cheers Ray
  10. south queensland Black Is Back

    any forkies? Cheers Ray
  11. south queensland NPD 5/11/17

    Schools were scattered and the forkies have returned with the warmer weather. We picked up 10 quick fish near Alans large float before the school dispersed so we then headed to Andrews drop off for around 30 odd bass and the odd small yella and some forkies before the school once again dispersed. We found another school which was good until the forkies took over so another move near the far marker for more bass and forkies. Ended up with 3 yellas all around the 32 cm mark. 100 bass and 25 forkies. Cheers Ray
  12. Rick,Mark and I went to the eastern arm this morning to have a look. It is a few months since we have been there and expectations were not high. We found most of the shrimp traps that we had left there and some of them had plenty of very large black shrimp in them so we did not to have to resort lures. The bass were scattered and quickly moved on after we caught a few. In all it was a nice relaxing day with a tally of 26 bass between 30 and 43 cm. It was also great to have a natter to Dodge and Jim from the KFDU forum back at the ramp when we were chased off the water by the wind. Cheers Ray
  13. Baroon pocket has been closed for a while so I inquired why and here is response from SEQ water. Wondering if anyone has been there and is the ramp chained off ? it would be handy to drive your car to waters edge to unload yak. Good morning Ray The southern boat ramp at Baroon was subject to a risk assessment in September when water levels fell below 50%. This resulted in the ramp being closed to trailerable vessels but remaining open to paddle craft and shoreline fishing. Exposure of the submerged roadway which was being used as an extension of the boat ramp allowed assessment of the condition of the road surface and surrounds for hazards and potential safety concerns. As a result of this inspection the trigger level for closure of the ramp is set at 66%. Although recent inflows have resulted in an increase in water level (just over 66% today) the water levels have not yet reached the trigger for reopening which is set at higher level than for closure. We would generally expect the trigger for reopening to sit at approx. 1 months usage over the closure trigger for any given site. This buffer means we can provide some certainty to users regarding access. As an example Baroon is currently at 66.2% but we could realistically expect that with drawdowns to supply consumers that level could fall below 66% within a week or even shorter period. Cheers Ray ps by my calculations the dam will have to rise to 70% before it reopens. Ray
  14. south queensland NPD 29/10/17

    The bass are still there . 7 Yellas with 6 under 30cm. 153 bass. Would have got a lot more but someone has sharefarmed some of my pots so have taken list of people who have been there since i was there last so eventually will be able to track down culprit. Cheers Ray
  15. C Tek Chargers 40% Off Repco

    Repco advertising CTEK chargers 40% off this weekend only. Cheers Ray