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  1. south queensland Bit Busy Npd.

    Non stop action this morning until we ran out of bait at 9am. 129 bass 6 forkies And a big smile for Rick. Cheers Ray
  2. northern nsw Up The Creek With A Paddle

    With the crabs visible in the clear water have you tried spearing them? Cheers Ray
  3. Wanted - Old Transom Mount Electric Motor

    sent earlier today cheers ray
  4. Wanted - Old Transom Mount Electric Motor

    See you then cheers ray
  5. Decent Rod For $150

    Go and have a yarn to Barra Jacks or Tackle World they both price match BCF can be an unknown quality depending on the knowledge of the sales person you strike but wont hurt to speak to all of them . there are quite a few on line stores such as motackle and dinga who are good to deal with. Be very careful with ebay sellers . Cheers Ray
  6. Wanted - Old Transom Mount Electric Motor

    when do you want to pick up? Home today,tomorrow only home after 3 on sunday or monday as fishing. Cheers Ray
  7. south queensland 35 Barnarbys ,57 Bass I Yella.

    Dino must not be a NP member he outfished us and did not get one Barnaby, Cheers Ray
  8. south queensland 35 Barnarbys ,57 Bass I Yella.

    Slimey fat lipped mongrells must have been forking as there was so many of them. Hope they take a weeks holiday to repent. Cheers Ray
  9. Barometer was 1005 so fishing was crook. Carpet of barnarbys on the bottom. Bass were around 15 feet but the Barnabys were also rising from the bottom so we couldnt avoid them. Cheers Ray
  10. south queensland Fishing

    Nerang Beaudesert road is ok and much shorter. Cheers Ray
  11. south queensland Fishing When Barometer Is Low

    1020 fishaplenty was only 1006 at hinze yesterday and fish were hungry I reckon barometer makes no difference in fresh the fish cannot read. Normally first day of rain brings them on chew in the dams. Cheers Ray
  12. south queensland Moogerah

    Aitkinsons was removed from the sip list when it was empty . I am uncertain if Somerset and Wivenhoe or Brisbane Valley anglers used to stock it. It is a irrigation supply dam and the local irrigators draw it down to very low levels it has been at around 10% for the last year and the last time it was full was around 2012. When it has water in it it is very popular with waterskiers. Cheers Ray
  13. south queensland Hinze Western Arm 12/2/17.late Home.

    When doing shrimp traps in among standing timber you only just have to bump a tree and branches fall especially after rain. Cheers Ray
  14. 1 launched 5.30 2 Plenty of bass around 30 cm at Ians island Did shrimp pots. Tried upstream better sized fish in high 30s and low 40s. Both tied for tandan king Back to Ians island as Rick was determined to use up the last of his 50 tags. Cheers Ray
  15. Vermin Day NPD 21/1/17

    We had a look for some tillies a couple of weeks ago but couldnt find any as there was too much weed. Cheers Ray