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    need less work and more fishing
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  1. That’s why he took the whole head mate
  2. When has Wikipedia ever been wrong
  3. jon

    Wynnum Fishing Classic

    I don’t think I’m gonna be able to make this one unfortunately. I have bought a few raffle tickets though does any one know if you have to be present for the draw
  4. jon

    south queensland Livies

    Haven’t done it for a while but used to regular cast net them at the poo shoot. If your chasing Jew or threadies I find that the big live herring also from poo shoot produce better results than the mullet imo
  5. jon

    Some Advice On A New Rod

    Plus one for the zing extreme I have one matched to a sustain. And have put it through it’s paces good all round plastics combo
  6. jon

    south queensland Deckie Spot Friday

    did you see any of it? Only asking coz I went there a week or so ago to stock up and it was pretty average all browned up frosty? If it’s new stock I’ll go buy a heap at that price and salt and cryvac.
  7. jon


    If you are through Suncorp they have or do endorse an app called trove which uses photos etc to record owner ship. After being through this I know you can also use photos on they’re own as proof. It’s a good idea to take photos of all your kit in Your own home and have record of this. And as much as it’s a stuff around you can always re adjust the list that was initially given to insurance and the cops. 3 months after I was done over I was still finding the odd thing that I don’t use often that was gone. I didn’t go down that path as I had already hit my content cover
  8. jon


    I’ve had this happen to me once and it honestly sucks my content cover did not cover the loss as I had an uninsured tinny go. I had little to no receipts. I you are a regular at say bcf of you can get all of your purchases from your club card record and claim all of that. Another thing I did was go to a local tackle shop whom I was a regular, I gave them a very “extensive” list of all missing gear and they were more than happy to write a letter to the insurance mob saying I had purchased all items there, other shops eg a tool shop would do this to if they remember your face with knowledge that when you receive your claim you will do right by them and replace missing items through them so it’s a win win. And not that I would ever do this next one lol but ask friends and family for receipts and take photos and print them out tell insurance mob they were all saved on your old phone in case they got lost or faded. Just make sure they are a proper invoice or receipt and do not have Somone else’s specific eftpos/or other bank details on it. A good mate will also write a hand written receipt for any second hand purchase he has sold you in the past. At the end of the day your only trying to get back the cost of what you lost and you pay good money for insurance so you dont ever deserve to be at a loss over proof of ownership
  9. Cheers mate until two days ago I was unaware there was a prize for this so it’s a welcome surprise,
  10. Nice session there Wayne especially seen as though it was only a short trip well done!
  11. jon

    Small Scale Wave Energy Converter

  12. jon

    Wynnum Fishing Classic

    Ok cheers mate