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    need less work and more fishing
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  1. for sale Scotty Downrigger 30" Electric

    Ball park figure?
  2. sailfish adventure

    Ahaha lol not on here
  3. overseas Kuala Rompin Malaysia

    Now I think of it I’m pretty sure his name is dave
  4. overseas Kuala Rompin Malaysia

    Yeah mate I would highly recommend ocean blue charters. There are definitely cheaper operations but these guys use great skippers and don’t hesitate to burn fuel to hunt for the fish. They only fish three per boat while other mobs I saw there were chock a block and while they would only boat a couple fish we would get double digits in every boat every day from memory it’s was only around 2000$ for four full days fishing and all accomodation and transfers from Singapore pretty cheap. The trips not on the website any more so maybe ring them and see if they still do it. If not get in contact with the owner of this shop through face book. I forget his name sorry he was one of the guides and told me I could go direct through him next time which would also save you money
  5. south queensland Palmy Reef Dad Against Son

    Good session Tugger . Love fishing palmy using four litres of fuel and being back at the ramp before nine with a mad feed, dosnt get much better
  6. problem Old Topics

    I’ve tried to find an extremely informative report that rosco did on catching sand crabs in Moreton bay but can’t find it too I wish I had cut pasted it at the time. If anyone can locate please bump it
  7. 1 Seat Left Png 2018

    Hey bro pm dates and price when u get time, cheers
  8. Want To Buy A Nordic Stage Artist

    Mate I'll be back in Brisbane in 4 weeks I should have one there u can buy
  9. north queensland Wanderers 1770 - September

    That will be the perfect combo for stopping big reds.
  10. northern territory Nt Gas Rig

    I'm pretty sure that it's a non operational drill rig that came to darwin to have work done I'd say if it's getting moved it will be for a drill job which will most likely be a long long away. I could be wrong though
  11. Talica ten single speed I got mine second hand mint condition for around 400
  12. northern territory Nt Gas Rig

    Awesome part of the world up here. Looks like your making the most of it well done. I've fished that stena Clyde before it's absolutely loaded with fish. Spanish, cobia queenies and goldens to, plus a few suprises. Drop a few micro jigs down next time and you can literally catch as many queenies and Trevor's as u could be bothered catching. We found that a higher speed retrieve up through water columnwould result in Spanish over some of the less desirable species
  13. Hey mate, in my opinion I would opt for traditional overhead over a bait caster for 1770. The small handles can be a a pain especially if you were trying to stop big reds. This is only my opinion but I have a pretty heavy duty pluton combo and personally find it a royal pain for fighting reef brutes when your fishing straight up and down above the fish.Or if you head wider to some deeper grounds. Since my torsa now lives on the seabed around Sykes reef my reel of choice up there is a talica. If you can get your hands on a good condition used one you won't be disappointed. Other wise a good quality larger spin reel is my go to for stopping trout on plastics if that's your thing
  14. south queensland Heaven Raining Coral Trout

    That's awesome, when done right you can't beat a good 1770 trip for value for money, people spend that much for a charter trip of the seaway that dosnt even compare