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  1. Go maroons, last minute impulse decision yesterday arvo equals me deep in blues territory ATM , half charged in Sydney reppin qld colours, not sure why but they don't really appreciate my maroon attire.
  2. Yeah I agree I recently had Lencos put on mine and would not be without them now when there is a bit of Chop around. Allows you to fine tune the way your boat sits for a far more comfortable ride
  3. Recently went through this my self when converting to a hard top, be a aware about how adding any extra weight up high can change the balance of the boat. Also take into account your reach and what will be comfortable when retrieving rods from the rod holders. No one like standing on the gunnel to get the rods down. And lastly if you plan on running any wiring within the tube itself ensure the builder leaves draw wires inside during the build to save you a massive headache. That is about all I can think of from my personal expierince
  4. Nice work lads, some great fish caught. I reckon you'll end up being a 1770 regular with your new rig!
  5. Does this mean all forms of prawining are now banned in the bay as well as the original areas?
  6. Will keep an eye out mate, bloody gronks did the same to me a few years back too
  7. Nice one guys hope you smash it up there , if my boat wasnt needing a service I would have gone up as well. So jealous
  8. Nice work mate, how big did the red bass go?
  9. Nice work mate, how big did the red bass go?
  10. Nice work mate
  11. @AngusYeah the colour change is pretty cool if you have a look at some of the pics from my trip there were quite a few that were patchy which I'm guessing they had just been through a change
  12. Hey mate, great fish you got there. good to see you on the site. I was up there this time last week, it's a great spot. We got into the reefies on bait and plastics but I might have to throw a few poppers and stick baits next time I'm up there by looks of it
  13. Sick beats mate
  14. Would love to come along but unfortunately I'm working those dates