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  1. jon

    south queensland 1770 Quick Vid Summary

    Yeah there so annoying, If you only lost two fish that’s not too bad though. we lost a bucketload of good fish a few weeks back and we were using heavy gear too
  2. jon

    south queensland 1770 Quick Vid Summary

    Nice work mate. Looks like a fun trip!What was the shark situation like up there at the moment?
  3. jon

    south queensland A Big Whooaa

    Yeah no good at Caloundra . We chipped away all day for a pretty average box of fish.resorted to heading to some wrecks in 140m just get to some 40 to 50 cm squire Had one good fish all day a cobia about 15 kg which escaped during gaffshot.
  4. jon

    victoria Fish Id

    Disregard the two photos side by side in the middle they are other fish
  5. jon

    victoria Fish Id

    Was this the fish?
  6. jon

    victoria Fish Id

    I’m guessing they were pike they can be a royal pain at times but keep them for bait
  7. jon

    What Would You Do?

    Pretty sure a similar thing happened not far offshore from the godly a few years back and I think they left it till it run outta fuel lol. Must have been a long day
  8. jon

    south queensland A Big Whooaa

    Yeah gonna hit caloundra wide tomorrow if we don’t do any good might do the cape on sat or sunday
  9. jon

    Slow Motion Testing (got It Working)

    I can view it alright very clear footage great slomo vision
  10. jon

    south queensland Beware

    I’m not sure, I’m guessing that or bolt cutters
  11. jon

    south queensland Beware

    Also one stolen from Cleveland boat ramp last week. Which I thought was one of the safest ramps. Vmr had it all on camera apparently. In and out in a couple of mins the guy had a trailer lock But they cut it off
  12. jon

    south queensland A Big Whooaa

    It’s hard to get something working a14 without blowing out. And unfortunately it can come down to the individual lure as I’ve had some of same model that didn’t do as well as others you should be able to confidently get CD 18s over ten knots. Also try x wrap magnums and classic blue water f18s
  13. jon

    south queensland A Big Whooaa

    We hooked one on each. Fish landed was on a hex head, they love a fast troll around 14 knots
  14. Epic trip mate, with great eating fresh seafood as well, dosn’ t get much better than that. Well done
  15. jon

    south queensland A Big Whooaa

    Spanish Mack’s taste better hands down imo. But I still enjoy wahoo just don’t over cook it. Don’t find the size of the wahoo changes taste a great deal. If you are getting flatties and other undesirables you are most likely letting your jig hit the bottom which isnt always necessary. Adding a tiny piece of bait to the jig can help in getting the bigger livies.