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    need less work and more fishing
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  1. jon

    south queensland Jew Fishing Land Based

    Try near the bridge at port of brisbane ( fisherman’s island). You aren’t allowed on the port side but can fish boat ramp side. Definitely know of a few caught there lol, fish the run out tide
  2. Yeah good combo there I run a talica 10 on a terez for chasing reds, occasionally I’ll stil get dusted but that’s all part of it, I have the torsa for backup if I come across big fish and keep losing them but the talica is my goto. Definitely my fave combo for 1770
  3. jon

    south queensland Few Fish Last Week

    Thanks mate still haven’t scored a big knobby out there yet this year. But I reckon it’s not far off
  4. jon

    south queensland Few Fish Last Week

    We just come back at night. Tide swell and moon made it ok
  5. jon

    Horizon Scorpion 525 Review

    Personally I would not, purely for the Fact that you’ll nine times out of ten get a far better bargain going private and keep thousands extra (the dealers are buying from private owners just like me and you the doing some mostly aesthetic mods and then marking up price to get a profit) . When buying second hand big boat don’t hesitate to go out on a water test in choppy conditions. If they want to sell the boat they will do this, then after that spend $150 on a mobile outboard Mech to go over the engine he will also most likely be able to tell you what ever else you need to look over eg trailer, corrosion etc. ps don’t be ashamed to throw low ball offers my boat was initially advertised on boat sales for 50k and I ended up getting for under 40k
  6. jon

    south queensland Few Fish Last Week

    They were caught outside spb they are a few in and around the rouse atm apperantly but I haven’t tried there yet
  7. jon

    Horizon Scorpion 525 Review

    Hey bud sorry to here of your lemon, I’d bite the bullet accept a loss sell as a near new rig somone will buy eventually. I’d almost always go the second hand option in that price range. If you be patient you can get some good rigs under 40 k off gumtree that would satisfy both bay and offshore easily. One of my mates used to have a similar size horizon and the quality was on par with yours. Good luck with your next option
  8. Hi been a while since I’ve thrown anything up so thought I’d do a quick report. Managed to get my boat out for two trips last week which both fished reasonably well, not the best session but managed a few good fish both times. Majority of fish were caught on live or fresh yakkas. Tried with plastics a few times but not much interest. Also dropped some big wahoo on the troll. Any way I’ll let the pictures do the talking cheers.
  9. Yeah I need one bad. My boats ready to go if there’s two day/ night break in the weather in the next two weeks you know where I’ll b headed
  10. Nice work there mate gotta love the reds
  11. jon

    for sale Scotty Downrigger 30" Electric

    Ball park figure?
  12. jon

    sailfish adventure

    Ahaha lol not on here
  13. jon

    overseas Kuala Rompin Malaysia

    Now I think of it I’m pretty sure his name is dave
  14. jon

    overseas Kuala Rompin Malaysia

    Yeah mate I would highly recommend ocean blue charters. There are definitely cheaper operations but these guys use great skippers and don’t hesitate to burn fuel to hunt for the fish. They only fish three per boat while other mobs I saw there were chock a block and while they would only boat a couple fish we would get double digits in every boat every day from memory it’s was only around 2000$ for four full days fishing and all accomodation and transfers from Singapore pretty cheap. The trips not on the website any more so maybe ring them and see if they still do it. If not get in contact with the owner of this shop through face book. I forget his name sorry he was one of the guides and told me I could go direct through him next time which would also save you money