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  1. south queensland Flexible

    On the water at 5.30 off at 8.30am before the wind got strong.
  2. south queensland Borumba Camping

    It was on facebook Ray. To book info@ezyadventures.com.au seq may be a bit slow, the brothers are Terry and PETER hOLIDAY.
  3. south queensland Borumba Camping

    Borumba camp grounds is open again. Under new management, 2 brothers with a lot of new ideas. SEQ water is going to upgrade abu block and trafic control. Now run by Ezy Adventures.
  4. south queensland Flexible

    No Brian never worried about it, I wear at least one hook a year, but thats half the fun, trying to get it out. Different story if it was big trebles.
  5. south queensland Flexible

    Its hard to be flexible at my age when it comes to yaking, but I love it and will keep going while I am able. I visited lake K this morning and was nearly up to 40 bass when the wind got up and I had to head for home. Blades were the stand out lure when I found a school and at 2 dollars each they worked well. Dino
  6. south queensland Rock Hopping

    Slept in as long as I could this morning, woke up and there was no rain, so I decided to go and cast a few blades for some bass from the bank.Managed a few smallies and tagged a couple of legals then after having nothing for the next 100 casts I was home for bacon and egg breakfast at 7am. Dino
  7. south queensland Lukes Day Out

    Luke has been working that hard I decided to give him a ring and invite him along for a fish. Well it wasnt cricket scores but we managed nearly 50 trolling jigging and a few on shrimp.I picked up a 52.5cm bass early then spent the rest of the morning trying to get Luke one, he caught plenty but missed out on a photo. Dino
  8. south queensland Deep Purple

    Eye Eye Eye the eyes have it.
  9. south queensland Grandsons Day Out

  10. south queensland Grandsons Day Out

    Grandson had a few days off and asked could he stay overnight and go fishing with me in the morning. Glad to see one of my many grandchildren wishing to have a fish, oh and to spend a little time with poppy. Anyway as Ray said the bass were a bit shy, we would get a few and they were gone in a few minutes, so we had about 200 moves and repeated the same tactics again and again. Picked them up trolling, jigging and bait fishing. Managed 66 with grandson Jake getting 26 which made him very happy.Pics up next. Dino
  11. south queensland Crazy Day

    Crazy deeps were the stand out lure again today. Managed over 50 again trolling,jigging blades and casting plastics. Having a bait day tomorrow with the grandson. Dino
  12. south queensland Temp Down

    Might of noticed the bass are very dark from hiding under the bottle brush overhangs.
  13. south queensland Temp Down

    Arrived down at my sons place in the GC hinterland just in time for lunch and the sun was out and it was quite warm. By the time I finished lunch and started walking the creek banks the wind was up and the temp was dropping rapidly. Water was fairly clear and freezing cold. Enough of the excuses, I avoided a donut but only by a few. First bass was a good one for this creek, at 42cm it was one cm short of my PB for this creek. Had plenty of strikes well side slaps, but not a lot of hookups. This creek usually only fires up around xmas when the water temp is a little higher. Stayed for a nice barbie dinner while the GC traffic died down and then had a easy trip home. Dino
  14. south queensland Deep Purple

    They were right down the bottom end yesterday.
  15. south queensland Deep Purple

    Blades were a bit slow this morning, but purple hardbodies were the gun lure. It started off a miserable morning and remained that way until I gave it away just after 10am. Managed over 50 bass on lures. With several double hookups trolling through the schools that had lockjaw for the knockjaw blades. Dino