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  1. Wasnt going to be put off with a little rain this morning and thought I might be the only silly buggar out at the dam. But while I was at the gate, I found there was a lot of silly buggars turning up. On the fishing side I picked up over 30 bass at the first spot and over 30 at the second spot on shrimp, then had a few cast to the edges and got the tally up to 68 bass. While I was still dry on the inside, I thought I would head for home for some hot soup. Dino
  2. Dinodadog

    south queensland Had A Plan

    I plan to go again this morning if the rain eases off.
  3. Dinodadog

    south queensland Had A Plan

    I recently purchased the new Shimano Curado DC, so the plan today was to get used to it.I put on a jackal squirel and had my first bass on it 50 meters from the ramp.New DC is supposed to stop over runs, well until you get used to it, be prepared to get a few. As the morning wore on I think I nailed it. One thing that stood out for me was my fat thumb hurt each time I released the thumb bar, in the end I had to just use the end of my thumb. On the fishing side I had a good morning on the lures casting and trolling, managed 71 bass. Some bass were sitting right on the bottom, see if you can see which ones. Dino
  4. Dinodadog

    south queensland Before The Storm

    Robbie when we first started I got a nearly 70cm model,over the years plenty of 51,52,53,54,55,56,57.58,59.60 over 60s Michael thought I had hooked a lungy, in my haste to get the lady back in the water, I wore a spike in end of thumb Beau a few are showing up for the summer
  5. Dinodadog

    south queensland Before The Storm

    Wasted the first hour of my session yesterday, listened to voices in my head saying go west old man. Well west resulted in zero, so changed direction and found a couple of willing schools to the east. Picked up a real skinny nearly 50cm bass in amongst a lot of good healthy models and also picked up a nice big yella it was nearly 60cm,pic doesnt tell the story as it moved while I took the pic, it was a mossie **** off 60cm.Also picked up a few jigging and trolling as well as bait. Dino
  6. Dinodadog

    south queensland Albert / Logan Junction

    I have only been there once years a go and caught, jew, whiting, flathead, bream. Dino
  7. Dinodadog

    south queensland Crazydeep Session

    First or second year we were allowed on the dam I caught close to 3000 all on bait. I got 103 on bait yesterday, shrimp traps were overflowing.
  8. Dinodadog

    south queensland Shrimpin Session

    Shrimp have been plentiful lately, with each trap having heaps in them, so I decided to have a bait fishing day this morning and it was electric.I tried 4 spots and all were on fire,I didnt get a chance for to many pics as I was kept busy. Managed to get 100 on shrimp and then picked up 3 trolling home.Then when I got home I found a heap of dead shrimp in the fish tank, to many in it. Dino
  9. Dinodadog

    south queensland Crazydeep Session

    With the bass taking a few jigs last trip, I thought I would try the same today. Well I tried and tried but they were not interested, so I tried trolling and bingo they were hungry for the crazydeeps today. Had several double hookups and got to 78 bass. Dino
  10. Dinodadog

    south queensland Jigging,trolling,baiting

    Yes Ray no whoppers Last year during winter jigging blades was great, this year its been a bit quite.You have to have a few fish under the boat so they compete for the lure.
  11. Dinodadog

    fishing Catching Mullet With Rod And Reel

    are you fishing Fresh or salt
  12. Had a late start yesterday, had to get a tooth put back on my plate, so I didnt get to launch until after 10am.Picked up 15 quickly at first spot on bait, then they stopped instantly for some reason.( might of caught each one at least once ) So headed off trolling picking up the odd one, before I found a small school. Managed some jigging and some on bait, Ray passed by for a chin wag on his way home. I then moved to another school and managed to get a few more jigging, no size amongst them just legal bass. All up 44 bass in a few hours.It was good to get them jigging again, this has been missing for quite awhile. Dino
  13. Dinodadog

    Eoi - Kayak Social

    Water is up to high at the moment to walk the banks, but it is dropping quickly so anything could happen.You still can have a cast from the picnic areas though.