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  1. south queensland Decky Spots NPD Sunday

    Water chocolate brown at kobble creek and the sailing club Clear at bullockies
  2. south queensland Arvo Delight

    Might have to put up with the rain on the weekend.
  3. Makes Me Wet

    I have always said first day of rain is always good, but I'll settle for the third or fourth day if I have to.
  4. south queensland Arvo Delight

    Delight was catching bass, otherwise it was a bit of pain to gain some from the rain.I thought I would go for a walk as the wind was up to much for a boat trip, picked a spot where the wind would be over my shoulder, this saves the effort I have to use to cast and saves my back, well it does if you dont keep trying to cast further each time, old habit. Anyway the fishing was great, no monsters but a steady flow of dark colored weed dwellers. Rain was light to start with and I kept dry with only a spray jacket and not a proper rain coat (lightweight ) I could make out the weed about 7m in front me and this is where most hookups came from. I knew it was to good to last as the heavens opened up and down come the rain. It was a long 2k back to the car carrying the extra weight of being drenched.Managed to get a few pics each time the rain stopped. Dino
  5. south queensland Spooking The Bass

    Yes you are right there, I removed a one piece rod when I went to sons place on weekend and took a 2 piece that fitted in the back and forgot to replace my casting rod back into the car.
  6. south queensland Spooking The Bass

    It was my choice it got a bit crowded and I had to be home for pool repairs ( new chlorinater )
  7. south queensland Spooking The Bass

    It was off to a bad start out at NPD yesterday, I left my casting rod at home. So off to do some trolling and bait fishing. Trolling proved OK and gave me a chance to find some small schools. I would pull up, send down some fish finders and it would be game on, usually resulting in double or triple hookups, then after about 10 to 20 bass they were spooked and gone. Sometimes I would find a school and before I could get a bait down they were gone. Took me awhile to work out a pattern,I would not hang around when the bite stopped, I would move to next spot quickly. Managed 93 bass before heading home, with not much size amongst them.Turns out I didnt need the casting rod afterall as the weed edges were not fireing for others, because of no cloud cover. Dino
  8. south queensland Wild Time In The Hinterland

    Canungra creek is riddled with carp, black, grey,orange, orange and white.I have seen them up to 70cm. Thats a Kokoda black bat 5 dollar cheapie for the creek, has caught heaps of bass and still going.
  9. south queensland Wild Time In The Hinterland

    I forget about all my aches and pains while walking the creek (and think about the new ones I am getting)
  10. south queensland Wild Time In The Hinterland

    Got my first scratch on the D Max the other day watching the reverse camera instead of the side mirrors, hit the gate to the carport, while putting the boat away. Be using the side mirrors again from now on.
  11. south queensland Wild Time In The Hinterland

    Way I crash through the scrub they would be long gone I run into one every now and again, saw a white snake at my sons place, I would say it was a pale version of an eastern brown.
  12. south queensland Wild Time In The Hinterland

    I was in the AC shed one new years, went to toilet about 2 in morning, while eyes were clearing I noticed something black beside the throne, red belly black, trying to clear his eyes to see what this tiny snake was in his space.
  13. Had to drop down to my sponsors place ( my son ) yesterday arvo in the GC hinterland. There was a storm forming so I thought I had better get a few quick flicks in before it arrived. After a bit of scrub and paddock bashing and losing more blood, I was onto a hot bite, sadly the storm arrived to quickly and I was not going to get sapped with a rod in my hand. Just as I was about to call it quits a kayaker came around the bend. I said hello and said you are a gamer person than me. By the time I reached the D Max it bucketed down. Back to sons place for arvo tea then back down to the creek on his property for a few more. Tried again this morning and all I got was a lot more scratches from scrub bashing and not a single bass.
  14. south queensland Smashingem

    Spot on it pays to notice these things.
  15. south queensland Smashingem

    Morning started off poorly, I was trying for some weed dwellers, but I should of known better. As they like hot balmy mornings with cloud cover overhead. I had the hot right but it was dry heat not balmy and the sky was clear, which meant the fish were deeper in the weeds and staying there. So not to be out done I changed tactics and headed off trolling looking for schools. I managed to find a few and put them in the memory bank ( never to be thought of again ) and continued on till I found a very good school. Down went the fishfinders and it was just fish after fish. Managed 78 bass by 9.30am and got a bit bored with it, tried a few lures but they were not interested,still had some small shrimp left, which I wanted to keep for the bullrout my mate gave me. I think Ray must of had the binocks on me as he came scooting over and landed on top of a school of forkies, I think they got 20 in a row, anyhow I left them to it. Dino