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  1. Nrl 2017

    It shows cowboys had the desire to win, something lacking in the broncos, bennetts motivational skills must be waning.
  2. south queensland Trolling Terrific

    Its the same one in pic 4 and 6 its a flickershad from the USA, cost $4.50 There are over 40 colours, but we only see about 10 colours here. With the exchange rate and postage they cost nearly 10 bucks these days. Dino
  3. south queensland Trolling Terrific

    Stumpy fat ones would be the females roed up, got spotted a couple of times by males yesterday, oversexed little buggars.
  4. south queensland Trolling Terrific

    I was in no hurry to get downstream so as I left the launching area I put on a couple of good old flickershads. This proved a winner as the bass were sitting high in the water column, they were only down 10ft. I had 9 bass before I got 300 metres and 14 by the time I reached the downstream area.So I persisted with the trolling and only done a small amount of casting blades. Dino
  5. south queensland Lake K Skinnies + Fatties

    Spices are great fish not so good. Dino
  6. south queensland Lake K Skinnies + Fatties

    No I had to get home early also to take wife to doctor, she knocked the chair out from under her with her dressing gown then sat on the floor, hitting her head on a wooden waste bin, ended up with a couple of big lumps on the back of head, also had to have a MRI.All clear now.
  7. Seq water will be getting a call tomorrow,gate should of been open at 5.30am and didnt get open till 6am not happy. But was happy with the fishing they were on the chew, managed nearly 40 trolling and casting blades. No monsters, biggest was 37cm and there was 10 that only went 20cm. Dino
  8. south queensland Nearly A Ton

    Back in the yak this Morning to see if any fish still in lake K
  9. Big Brown

    I have seen one like that in the car park at NPD went down a hole in amongst rocks where Ray parks his car.
  10. south queensland Nearly A Ton

    Might have a yak fish tomorrow. Dino
  11. south queensland Bugged Out

    I have caught quite a few spanglies on fly there. Dino
  12. south queensland Nearly A Ton

    I had a big smile when I was back into the bass.
  13. south queensland Nearly A Ton

    I was happily catching bass on blades, when I had a camera put on me to promote fishing out at NPD and guess what, I was unable to perform. I had to catch a couple on bait. After the camera went away I was back onto the bass on blades. Picked up a few trolling as well, all up 94 this morning, 34 on bait and 60on lures. Dino
  14. south queensland Bugged Out

    Yes there was a bit of surface action going on. Dino
  15. south queensland Bugged Out

    Baroon I have encounted them a few times now. Lucky they are not sand flies. Dino