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  1. Had an exploring morning yesterday, looking for bass and finding them in unusual places.Trolled up 3 while in sight of Ray doing his pots, then moved to the sunken bridge and got a couple on bait.Headed off then to a fishing ground we used years a go, called the stick. Cabbage weed was very thick so I dropped a bait down beside it and it was fish on. At times with the slight breeze I would be surrounded by this weed.I moved on then to another old location which had a very rocky bottom, the rocks were like crevices with sharp points, here I found some bass hiding in the gullies, so I drifted over them with a shrimp teaser.Then finished up with a few more trolling on the way home, 46 bass some over 35 and plenty over 40cm.Eighth pic shows crevices going past, you can see a bass in bottom right corner. Dino
  2. Dinodadog

    fishing Carching Decent Sizes Muller

    Small hook,with any type of worms on it 15cm under a float.Or some fresh bread squashed over the hook.Use a little bread for burley.
  3. Dinodadog

    south queensland Bass Had The Shits

    There is so much we dont know about bass.
  4. Dinodadog

    south queensland Bass Had The Shits

    Its never worried them in previous years. Something funny is going on this year as they are very late taking jigs.Last year they were onto the jigs and blades at the end of march.
  5. Dinodadog

    south queensland Bass Had The Shits

    Bass had the shits this morning and sat sulking on the bottom and didnt want to join in the fun.This is evident by the first pic. Managed a few trolling first up then a little bait fishing when I could find fish that would bite, Only managed 22 bass. Dino
  6. Dinodadog

    south queensland Bigguns And Littleuns Yakkun

    Back in the boat today with the neighbor.
  7. Exercise morning out on the lake in the hobie yak, got the bends out of my legs. Had a very good session, trolling between spots and casting to the bank amongst the lilies.Managed plenty of bass and had a 40 to 50cm toga to the yak and lost it while reaching for the net.It was a miserable morning raining and windy, but the bass didnt seem to mind. Dino
  8. Dinodadog

    south queensland Fussy Bass

    Supposed to help out with a video on monday, it got changed to tuesday. While waiting for viveo people to arrive I managed a nice 42cm at the end of the ramp.Helped with video from 9am till 11.30 am, then fished from 11.30am till 1.30 pm, then home for a late lunch. On the fishing side of things I found a good school a few hundred meters from the ramp,sad story was they had lockjaw and would not touch a lure or a shrimp. So with limited time I moved on a few more meters and found a small school and they were willing to take a shrimp.Each time bass passed under the boat I would get a fish.Managed 31 in the short time I fished. Dino
  9. Dinodadog

    south queensland New Faces In Old Places

    Willy weather got it back to front,supposed to be light winds till 10am then heavy winds, it was heavy winds till 10 am then it glassed out.
  10. Ray was right the bass were hard to find. I had to visit some old spots that I havnt fished for ages. Managed a couple trolling and lost a lure in the process. Then started looking for schools and the only schools were bait fish. So where there are baitfish the bass are usually not to far away. Managed 36 bass. Pics to follow. Dino
  11. Dinodadog

    south queensland Slow And Windy NPD 8/7/18

    Now I know why percy was hanging around me all morning.
  12. Dinodadog

    Happy Birthday

    He said he just received an OBE over blxxdy eighty
  13. Dinodadog

    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday Ray, happy birthday to you. ( hope this is right, seen it on facebook)
  14. Dinodadog

    south queensland 2018 Suburbs Of Origin - The Decider 6/7-15/7

    Couple of bass with three fingers in pic