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  1. Headed west this morning out at NPD, havnt been upstream for ages. I quite enjoyed myself, with plenty of fish and all good quality, I never got any small bass. Change of scenery was like going on a holiday Dino
  2. Blxxdy hell, new computer, what a nightmare, went from windows 7 to windows 10. Wife has torn out all her hair and wont speak to me. Had to go to the doc first up yesterday, gave me a ok on the nose and an appointment in 4 weeks to have the bottom lip done ow ow ow. So had a late start to the fishing with the neighbour, fishing from 11am to 4.30 pm. Picked up a few trolling, then spent a lot of time jigging for a few more and finished up letting the neighbour do a bit of bait fishing, while I was casting and jigging back to the boat, I have found that the suspended bass like a sideway fast jig of the rod, which is a lot faster than just winding the reel fast. Dino
  3. I was lazy and the bass were lazy also, I had to move around quite a bit to stay on their tail.There was a few fatter bass around which put up a bit of a fight, which created a bit of fun.Trolling and jigging were the winners again on lures. I pulled 2 shrimp pots but never got a chance to use any.Boating permit time starts again soon (august ) and I have my $110 saved already. Such a awesome fishery in the suburbs of Brisbane. Dino
  4. It was great when we were leaving
  5. I was ready to have a good morning in Glen's everything red boat yesterday, but the fish were not so willing, well not as much as they have been. It was raining heavy at the gate before we went in and stayed this way for about an hour, it was cold and I was starting to think I should of stayed in bed. It wasnt long before the action started on the troll down the dam, although small and not worth a pic it still was keeping us focused. We reached the main area and started jigging and was rewarded first drop, they were good quality bass and the tally quickly started to rise, but as quick as they come they would take off and we had to keep moving to keep in touch with the small schools. It was great when the sun finaly shone down upon us and helped dry out the wet ass and one could once again feel life in the fingers. Dino
  6. Took the neighbor out to NPD again yesterday to get him onto a few fish, and a few is what it was. We could find them but they were shut down,they were hard to talk into a lure, but we persisted for a few hours to get a reasonable tally. It was the most boats I have seen on the water for a friday for years, there was a decent line up at the gate early. Same old reason the fish were a bit quite, there was hardly any schools of baitfish. Dino
  7. Gee if she likes fishing, your made in the shade, dont let her get away, we dont want another nearly. Dino
  8. It was a gutsy effort alright, even the blues stopped playing to watch. Ref tried to help them out a couple of times Got a bit dirty in second half when fafeeta came back on, at one stage I counted 6 penalties in a row QLD could of been awarded. If NSW forgot about the heavy stuff they might win more games.I think Munster has earned himself a future spot. Was great to watch
  9. for sale

    All the ones listed above, I have deleted what has been sold. These are good boat rods, not realy for casting. Dino
  10. Was a chilly morning out at the dam yesterday, trolling was very slow and the jigging wasnt much better. I think the bass are getting used to the blades we are using as I would have heaps of fish on the sounder but they had lock jaw. I got up to 32 trolling and jigging from 6am til 10am, then I wanted to head for home so decided to put a shrimp down to see if they realy were not hungry and got 20 in a row, Just goes to show they are not silly, they know fresh is best. Dino
  11. I seen Luc53,said hello, and saw Norm was hanging around outside the toilet, he made a grab for me as I walked past after I came out he was gone. Spent the usual $100 or a little bit more. Dino
  12. If I fell in I would of gone straight to the bottom with the weight of all the wet clothes.
  13. paranoia's reffing last night was shamefull, its the first time I have seen DCE go off in a game, ref was keeping manly out of the game.(i dont go for storm or manly)
  14. Where is da pics