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  1. south queensland Flexible

    You got a drogue going there Dino?
  2. Hey Scott. Cod fishing is da bomb in my book. Actually doing opening on the Severn myself next week. If you are travellling solo can I suggest you bookmark where you can find ownership details on all the lots of land in NSW. Crown Reserves often have a Lot and Dp however these have different lot numbers and have a 7000 designation ie 7001, 7002 etc . For example if you type in 7302//1135036 in the search bar you'll find the TSR for Bolivia Hill. But don't go there next Friday If in doubt (i.e. you don't see a TSR sign) confirm its status with lands online And just a friendly tip, please don't hold a fish you intend to release by the jaw only, it does terrible damage to their spine. Support them by their stomach at least. Cheers and welcome Norm
  3. south queensland Borumba Camping

    And some guys are starting to catch Toga from latest reports On fly of course
  4. south queensland Unlucky 13. NPD 13/11/17

    That looks exactly like my day on Friday, only with fish. And by the looks of your co-ords I would have had to paddle another 500m to get to the fish
  5. spooky, I got an F1 too. Mackerel be very afraid!!!! Good to finally meet you Angus. Norm
  6. If I can get away, I'll pop over tomoz morning
  7. south queensland Hervey Bay Golden's

    Bugger the Goldies, what about that CC. I want one!!!
  8. Normally a survey covers a wide area representative of the predicted distribution of the fishies, not the front of the sailing club . Need more electric power maybe?
  9. south queensland Nearly A Ton

    The camera temporarily stole your fishing spirit dude
  10. south queensland Hammerhead + 50 Bonito

    Download the fisheries app on your phone and never have another problem iPhone Android
  11. south queensland NPD 10'/9/17

    One on fly . A few on the troll down and up
  12. south queensland Chased By Bass

    I always had good luck with a white bibless crankbait in the smaller sizes. Looking forward to getting out there. Just finishing off my leccie mount for the yak
  13. Vale Wallyfly

    Very sad news, condolences to his friends and family
  14. south queensland Hervey Bay Regulars Help!