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  1. south queensland Nearly A Ton

    The camera temporarily stole your fishing spirit dude
  2. south queensland Hammerhead + 50 Bonito

    Download the fisheries app on your phone and never have another problem iPhone Android
  3. south queensland NPD 10'/9/17

    One on fly . A few on the troll down and up
  4. south queensland Chased By Bass

    I always had good luck with a white bibless crankbait in the smaller sizes. Looking forward to getting out there. Just finishing off my leccie mount for the yak
  5. Vale Wallyfly

    Very sad news, condolences to his friends and family
  6. south queensland Hervey Bay Regulars Help!
  7. Canoe Project

    Have you got a little electric to put on her for long trips?
  8. south queensland From Tragic To Magic

    Fear me fish!!!!!
  9. south queensland From Tragic To Magic

    Bit the bullet and bought a family permit as waiting for a decision form SEQ Water might be around 2050, Will be out to pick it up when I get a chance. Betadine that wound Dino!!!
  10. south queensland Bombed Out At Borumba

    Yep, it was fishing pretty hard a month ago as well. Couldn't get any of the main basin schools to bite. Only got fish from weedy banks. Fly almost outfished shrimp....almost
  11. south queensland NPD 6/8/17

    Lucky Lowrance sounders are slime proof
  12. south queensland Greased Lightning

    What sounder are you using Dino. I've seen sounder shots of downscan with fish looking like they are fleeing.
  13. Classic case of no consultation with scientists. "Where is the best nursery grounds for our bread and butter overfished species?" Simple question, possibly difficult to answer without sufficient research. I've been out of the game for a while, but a rec license would go along way to help fund this type of research. There are bugger all funds for rec research in QLD. Commercial research on the other hand......
  14. Lazy Day Of Sun & Fun

    Well they don't seem to be starving