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  1. List of sponsors is rising rapidly (if that's OK mods?) Bionic braid, tapered leaders and hats from Platypus Sunglasses from Tonic Eyewear Flylines from Manic Tackle Flyrods from TFO Esky seats from EvaKool Super cool flies from Ammo Flies Professional fly casting lessons from Peter Morse and much more Hope the weather gods are on our side this year
  2. What Do You Look For In A Report

    I don't really care for exact locations, echoing Angus's comment on exploring our own. BUT, I do like reports that cover techniques that worked or and sometimes more importantly didn't work. Oh and unfortunate accidents happening to your fishing buddies is a must (with pics obviously)
  3. Yeah Drop Bear that was Tim Rajeff from Echo Sports. I was there. I used to be El Presidente of the club until last year. Now I'm just a pleb Norm
  4. Hey AllThis years comp is on the 16-18th March based at the Bongaree Caravan Park.Also we have been super lucky in receiving a Quintrex Wanderer 320 package as our major lucky door prize from the awesome dudes at Brisbane Yamaha (our premium sponsor obviously).Lots of other prizes as usual on offer so watch this spaceNorm BTOF Promo 2018.pdf
  5. south queensland Sara Popped My Cherry

    Nothing better than feeling that dead stop in your retrieve Nice one mate. I've caught a few in Lake K but not in NPD yet, although I've seen a few big girls cruisin'. Norm
  6. south queensland Longer Rods

    9' 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11 and 12 weights
  7. Single wide gap assist style hook? I use singles on my whiting flies (for obvious reasons in the first instance) and they get solid hookup rates. I also use singles for mackerel and tuna slugs. Miss too many on trebles.
  8. Fantastic result from some hard work....I would have bailed much earlier
  9. Quampie Needs An Eski

    For day trips chasing pelagics that white one would be fine, it's not like you need super duper insulation for one day. I just freeze a couple of old 5 litre pool acid containers a few days before. Freezer gets them down to -21. Throw them in the esky the night before to chill it down. Once on the water I throw in another 5 litres of salt water. Happy chappy for the day. Actually, ignore all that and buy yourself a Yeti. They're bear proof. The Tundra 75 at $599 is a bargain
  10. south queensland Tt Assassin Lures

    Thanks @rickmarlin62. I have a few of those setups myself, but I'm too lazy to keep them shiny.
  11. Hey guys and gals. I'm on the hunt for some chrome slugs. TT lures used to do the Assassin slug. It was short and fat and heavy and perfect for fussy mackerel. The other lure like raiders and searock have too large a profile I think. Does anyone have an idea on where I can get these (other than TT lures of course) Cheers Norm (I fly fish exclusively until I need a feed)
  12. problem Weyba Creek Flatties

    Lake Lice, a.k.a, Jetskis.
  13. problem Weyba Creek Flatties

    We go to Noosa in the September holidays and have a great time on the flatties and trevs in particluar. Was there last weekend and caught a heap of Bream, Grunter and Silver, you just have to know the spots. Agreed the bottom gets and absolute flogging in Summer but the system is very healthy and bounces back quickly. Now if only we could ban lake lice.....but that's another rant.
  14. south queensland NPD Lockjaw

    Now you know what fly fishing is all about