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  1. Well they don't seem to be starving
  2. I wonder what will happen to the fishery if and when it's opened up to all and sundry. Personally, I'd love to fish the nooks and crannies in my yak when it happens.
  3. Hey all Lure and Fly Show on again this weekend at the Ipswich Showgrounds. The Brisbane Fly Fishing Club will have a stand so come along and give us your best sledge. Cheers Norm
  4. Mate, I don't mean to teach you how to suck eggs, but if my experience with other "experienced" fisho mates is anything to go by. 1. Freshest bait you can get your hands on and use the lightest sinker and line possible 2. If using soft plastics, lightest jig head and make sure you rig the plastic "perfect". Any deviation from the centreline of the hook will make it swim like a drunk chook 3. Get to the spot before sunrise 4. Do a set drift a few times and if nothing "move". Don't sit around waiting for something to happen. My $0.02 Norm
  5. You get small choppers around Woody Bay at Bribie around now.
  6. It's on iTunes dude. Search for Bass Fishing 3D II
  7. I've only really targeted them on walk the dog style lures with limited success. I think they have to be in the mood. I got mine in amongst seagrass beds, so more likely that they thought I was a fleeing shrimp.
  8. Bass Game
  9. I too got up at sparrow on Monday to slay the beast at NPD. With all the flooded grass and lack a room behind for a cast I built an 11'6" double-handed fly rod (called a Switch rod). With these rods you can use a roll cast to cast out to 60-70 feet. Got two only in a new area, this one measured 38cm
  10. Dammit, all I'm getting are rat Bass and big tillies. Bring on the unpowered craft rule!!! Nice fish btw Dino
  11. Intermediate as in price or sink rate? Any redfish type lines would be good, but I'd look at those with either an intermediate tip or full intermediate sink rate 1-2inches per second. major brands are Rio or Scientific Anglers
  12. We got up a bit later Dino
  13. Sam's right about Moon. The good old days are over for now. Have you thought about hitting the mouth of the Susan? Good threadfin can be found around the rocky bits out from the ramp, or just left of the ramp in the big hole. Pelican Island, close to Moon often has some nice fish around it especailly as the flats on it drain. Back of Big Woody is also a go, a bit like Mud, find the reef and drift over it with splastics etc.
  14. FYI. 14th May is Mother's Day. I just recheduled our fly comp to those dates. Wondered why there was heaps of accomodation avaialble that weekend
  15. Nice to see they're coming back on the chew Dino