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  1. Nog

    northern nsw Virginity

    Good effort in what looks like brass monkey country. I've fished the Mole and Severn in Wwnter when flows are traditional low. Don't discount those weeded up sections of river in future. A scum frog or similar can be deadly. The weed keeps the underlying water warmer . And if you want to catch lots of fish you could always take up fly fishing
  2. Nog

    New Sounder Concept. Amazing!

    Damn, just upgraded to the latest sounder
  3. Nog

    Hows This For A Surface Strike

    If it's the main arm then the water flow is terrible
  4. Nog

    Hows This For A Surface Strike

    Reid Cunninghame doing his thing. Hope that's not the main arm of the river though
  5. Nog

    south queensland Shrimpin

    Dino, you need to take the fly rod more often to make it more of a challenge
  6. Nog

    south queensland Big Mama Session

    Jes those girls are all roed up with nowhere to go
  7. Smart thinking by the winners, patience pays off. But I'm still amazed at the fish handling practises at these events (i.e. hanging fish by their jaws only). I don't think it is a good example to younger fishos.
  8. Great stuff, happy family happy fisho. We caught all our squid on live fish too on technique
  9. Nog

    south queensland Bay Snapper Fishing May 20th

    Quality fish there mate, especially while the sun is up. Do you add any weight to your livies. We tried at the shallow northern reef Sat morning with another 50 boats for one squid and a cuttlefish.....on the livies
  10. Nog

    for sale Used Kayak Sold

    How much for the Thomas-The-Tank 4 -wheeler
  11. Nog

    Knife Sharpener

    Just a cheapy off Ebay. You need to make sure you don't get a deep groove in it. I just run it over 120 grit wet and dry sitting on an old glass louvre pane after a fw sharpens
  12. Nog

    Knife Sharpener

    I ended up with a Japanese sharpening stone after all my fancy sharpeners fail to get a good edge (I have a Global three stage sharpener and an old interlocking wheel one). I got the 1000/4000 grit stone with sharpening guide (looks like a fancy bulldog clip). Most of my family have now a trimmed fingers, including yours truly. Bloody brilliant.
  13. Doyley, that's actually showing the number of hours on the motor (350). Single gauge trickery
  14. Thanks mate. It's more the grief I'm getting by taking up my wife's parking spot. New boat has original spot
  15. Geez, I thought I had this one priced to sell. Tough market, lots of lowballer f#$%t#$ds