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  1. Nog

    south queensland A Sunny Rainy Day

    Then they burn!!!
  2. Nog

    south queensland A Sunny Rainy Day

    Ray has them too well fed is my theory.
  3. Nog


    Your shaft looks slightly off-centre from this angle.
  4. Nog

    Fibreglass Hull Damage

    These guys show you all sorts of repairs.
  5. Nog

    for sale Suzuki Tote Tanks

    Hey guys I've got some tote tanks left over from my old boat. Suit Suzuki motors. Both are 22.7 litres or thereabouts. Both work fine, no leaks or whatever. $50 for both
  6. Nog

    Rust In Trailers

    1. Wash with salt away after every saltwater trip. 2. Every few trips spray with a penetrating lubricant such as Inox, then use a protecting layer like white lithium. I used this setup on my old gal trailer and did not see a speck of rust after 10 years of being buried up to the top of the wheels at boatramps
  7. Taken from the latest Seqwater newsletter Forgan Cove recreation area upgrade Seqwater are upgrading the facilities at Forgan Cove, Lake Samsonvale. The upgrade includes the construction of a new launch point for paddle craft, wash down facilities, carpark and toilet facilities. Contractors will be working at the Forgan Cove recreation area between 6.30am and 6.30pm Monday to Friday until the end of September, subject to weather conditions and other unexpected delays. During the construction works, the Forgan Cove recreation area will be closed to the public. Other recreation areas around Lake Samsonvale including McGavin View, Bullocky Rest and Forgan Park will remain available. We will attempt to minimise noise and other disruptions where possible during this period. You may notice trucks and machinery in the area, as well as some temporary changes to traffic conditions. For more information please call 1800 771 497 or email Thank you for your patience and understanding during the construction period. Permitting paddle craft on Lake Samsonvale Once the construction works at Forgan Cove are complete, public paddle craft will be permitted on Lake Samsonvale for the first time in the lake’s history. Stay up-to-date via our website which will soon detail information about paddling on the lake such as when and where you can paddle, what type of craft are permitted and wash down and safety information. Our rangers and compliance team will be conducting patrols and pop-up stands to field questions relating to the new access and to ensure compliance with site rules. Just in time for a bit of summer paddling and fishing,......pending any delays of course
  8. Don't discount the type of prop you are running as well. some are more suited to lifting the bow (not what you want) and some for lifting the stern. My boat is like yours, have to trim right in to stop it jumping. Now have two deep cycles up front and a new prop to see if that makes any difference
  9. Stones Mac and sausages. A match made in Aussie heaven
  10. Nog

    northern nsw Virginity

    Good effort in what looks like brass monkey country. I've fished the Mole and Severn in Wwnter when flows are traditional low. Don't discount those weeded up sections of river in future. A scum frog or similar can be deadly. The weed keeps the underlying water warmer . And if you want to catch lots of fish you could always take up fly fishing
  11. Nog

    New Sounder Concept. Amazing!

    Damn, just upgraded to the latest sounder
  12. Nog

    Hows This For A Surface Strike

    If it's the main arm then the water flow is terrible
  13. Nog

    Hows This For A Surface Strike

    Reid Cunninghame doing his thing. Hope that's not the main arm of the river though
  14. Nog

    south queensland Shrimpin

    Dino, you need to take the fly rod more often to make it more of a challenge
  15. Nog

    south queensland Big Mama Session

    Jes those girls are all roed up with nowhere to go