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  1. Nice effort, good sized flattie. Any day on the water beats an office day.
  2. south queensland Short Netting

    Here's the total effort. Not too bad for a few hours in the Briso River. Thanks again Brian!!
  3. south queensland Short Netting

    Great weather for the time we were out there. Thanks Elli for coming out. Yeah, little more practice should hopefully mean i don't take up too much ramp. Next time we'll clean up more flatties in boat passage.
  4. south queensland Short Netting

    You know it. Brian has the best buns in Brisbane. All bait action.
  5. Wanted - Loan Kayak

    Some generous AFO members out there. Sigh, I still wonder if the transfer from polyethylene to aluminium was the right thing to do. Hope you get some good weather in.
  6. Kingscliff Scouting

    Hi Drop Bear, maybe pack a yabbie pump. Been there about 5/6 years ago and there were some good flats to have a go.
  7. Game

    Hint time? In the Bay.....?
  8. Game

    Gilligan's Island off Bribie on a super low tide......???
  9. Cape Moreton Overnight - The Report

    Nice effort! Maori Cod yum! Fancy stealing someone's else tennis ball, poor old crab might have been using it to have a rest on the surface once in a while.
  10. Pin Trip 04.02

    Nice Benno. I promise to bring some Prawns next time I deckie.
  11. Heading Off Bribie

    Gary Howard did a ripper article in the Bayside Star re Bribie and options along eastern beaches this week past. Very informative.
  12. Aus Day Smoking

    Deliveries to Chermside at all today........?
  13. A Sparkly Scaley Day At The Pin

    Great day out Steve and Benno. We did well beating the storm too.
  14. A Sparkly Scaley Day At The Pin

    No pics. You know how ugly I am Ellicat.
  15. A Tough Call...

    Oh golly.