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  1. south queensland Fishing When Barometer Is Low

    I used to check the barometer religiously before every session but now if I'm awake I'll head out. Caught fish on a low barometer as well as high. The only time I really notice a big difference, especially on bass is when the barometer changes quickly with an approaching storm. That's when things can go nuts. If you're brave enough to wave a rod with lighting around the fishing gods will reward said bravery with lot's of bass....or an early demise. It's a gamble.
  2. south queensland Bream On The Top

    I occasionally take my lures out for a swim in the rust water. This morning I went for a paddle along some mangroves and tossed poppers and walkers to the feisty bream who chased just about everything I threw at them, especially if it looked anything like a prawn. No huge bream were caught but I had fun chucking lures deep into the shady pockets of the mangroves and extracting these spiky little devils. I had a big fish splashing in front of me so I put a cast over it and jagged a great big longtom ! The thing took off straight into the mangroves and I bid fairwell to my nice sugar pen. For some reason the line went slack as it left the mangroves and headed to open water where some fellow fishos in a boat helped me retrieve my lure after the fish was worn down enough. All in all a very pleasant morning.
  3. south queensland I'm Still Alive

    No mate, Kyle picked one up but I gave it a miss this year.
  4. south queensland I'm Still Alive

    I've been a bit quiet for a good long while but I'm still waving my fishing fighting pole around. Here's some pics of the good ones over the last couple of seasons. That bass came out of knee deep water and wrapped itself around two submerged logs.
  5. south queensland Sara Popped My Cherry

    Very nice fish mate. There are some beauties cruising around in there.
  6. Vacancy

    I'll keep a few of the bass busy for a while. I'll make sure I don't hook any big girls. I'll leave them for you mate.
  7. Beaus new PB+New PB

    That's a thumper Beau. Well done mate.
  8. south%25252Bqueensland Nearly a 55 NPD 14.5.15

    That's fishin' Ray, I once caught a really good sized bass in the river in my kayak and put my camera on my lap while struggling to set the fish up for a good shot. It flicked it big old tail and I heard a "plop" got everything set up then couldn't find my camera. The big girl had knocked it into the water :S
  9. south%2525252Bqueensland NPD 19/3/15

    Good stuff Ray, I fished NPD from the bank about a month ago and I kid you not I caught a pink blade using a pink blade. The best part was, I was using a cheap Kato blade and I hooked an Evergreen Littlemax blade....yeehaa !
  10. Run Rapid Run

    Looks nice and full mate.
  11. Whopper time

    Dusting off the waders now mate.
  12. Clear Island Waters

    Good fishing mate, I like the way you took the selfie of you and the bigger bass with the tail supported by your upper idea. I've tried to take pictures of bass with my mug in the shot for years and they usually look like rubbish. I'll pinch that idea if you don't mind.
  13. Hinterland Hotties

    That heat yesterday was just cruel. I spent the morning dragging the dam kayak over boulders and across paddocks inbetween very shallow and fishless pools and getting harassed by bovines. Looks like you had a much more productive day. Was the water nice and cool there ?
  14. GC Hinterland Wonderland Pic Heavy

    Nice one mate, that level crossing is just one savage little bass alley. Good memories.
  15. Had A Gutful!

    Nice photo's and some decent sized bass too. I do like it when a bass pukes up. It always gives you something to think about, lure wise.