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    Love chasing bass and the occasional cod in skinny creeks on my kayak all up and down the coast.
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  1. Little Grey Men

    south queensland Wat U Lookin At

    Nice sunset pics mate. It's a popular place for photographers.
  2. Little Grey Men

    south queensland Floundering About The Shallows

    Looks a little like one of my ex girlfreinds.
  3. Little Grey Men

    south queensland Floundering About The Shallows

    Yep, two good sized and the one little cutie.
  4. Yesterday I dunked my kayak in the salt water again in an attempt to suss out these flathead. Quite a few little tackers jumped on my lures and one good sized lizard came to say Gday. What was odd was the number of flounder, or sole or whatever you want to call them that were out and about. Caught three, dropped two and had another two follow the lure all the way back to the kayak. They are such an odd fish !
  5. Little Grey Men

    fishing Yellowbelly Fishing

    10lb- 15lb main line and 15lb leader would be fairly safe to explore with, if it's really snaggy use 20lb leader. Spinnerbaits would be a good start, if your budget allows, get a light one (1/4 ounce ) for working close to structure and surface, and a heavier one (1/2 ounce ) for casting out deeper and dragging along the bottom. 3-4 inch curly tail grubs hooked onto a jig spinner. Yellas and saratoga will happily chase a jig spinner ( beetlespin ) For the yellas swim it very close to the bottom and for toga throw it around structure and swim closer to the surface. You attach the jig spinner onto the jig head and a good allround size jighead would be 1/4 ounce. The jig spinner is simply a spinnerbait in very basic form. The flash of the spining blade and the vibration thrown out attract the fish, for the price of one spinnerbait you could set up about three jig spinners which work just as well, they would have to be my favourite lure for the fresh. A hard body lure that dives to around 3m should do the job. A size 2 Stump Jumper ( 75mm ) is a good priced lure that performs well. Swim it nice and slow, if you feel it bump into a snag,,,STOP and let it rise up over the snag then keep winding slowly. If the water is dirty choose a bright colour....a favourite is anything with bright green in it. Another good cheap lure is the 50mm RMG Poltergiest, it dives to 3m and has a great action. I've had good success on the Oz Frog colour. They have a great range of colours, the metallic orange gold is also very popular. These are all cheap options which is imortant when you're scoping out new water. You don't want to be tossing a $20 lure into snaggy areas. Leave that up to silly people like me ! Have fun mate.
  6. Little Grey Men

    south queensland Bass Served With Fresh Salad

    A lot of wading chest deep just to find little open alley ways to bring them back in. I had to wear my snake gaiters as well. A lot of effort for not much result.
  7. Little Grey Men

    south queensland Bass Served With Fresh Salad

    It's been quite a while since I chased bass in the freshly submerged salad of Lake Samsonvale. Beetlespins, shallow divers and tight drags are on the menu right now. Luckily the water is still quite pleasant to stand waist deep in at 5:30 in the morning.
  8. Little Grey Men

    Kayak Trolleys

    I use à sea to summit scupper hole cart, Very easy to use but the only problem is sometimes pulling the thing back out of the scupper holes can be hard, as the rubber insert is a conical shape to suit different sized scupper holes. Maybe I just need to go to the gym !
  9. Little Grey Men

    south queensland Creek Fishing At Its Best Pic Heavy

    Nice work on the cod mate, i'm surprised you haven't despatched those giant gold fish yet.
  10. Little Grey Men

    south queensland That's Not A Bream

    Yeh mate, I like to start off small. : )
  11. Little Grey Men

    south queensland That's Not A Bream

    The wind was blowing in a wonky direction but I decided to wet my bum in the kayak anyway. Very very slow morning with only one fish hooked. I honestly didn't know what the hell it was as it went like stink every which way. It ended up being a little GT. And I thought bass fought well for their size, they've got nothing on these crazy things. I can only imagine how hard a good sized one would go.
  12. Little Grey Men

    fishing Tide Changes And Which Side Of Tide Suits Best

    I think a lot of those factors come into play with helping catch rates, but since I have limited time to fish, usually 4 to 5 hrs every Sunday very early in the am. I can't afford to be too fussy and fish the best I can with the available conditions. Since I can't pick my fishing times I use other methods instead. Lure choice to suit water conditions and trying to find places where fish naturally like to hang out. I've changed my fishing plans about four times this week trying to work out what will be best for me.
  13. Little Grey Men

    south queensland Baroon Fat Females

    Sounds like fun mate, I love fishing in crazy conditions.
  14. Little Grey Men

    south queensland Run In Flatties

    Thanks mate, I often try to get pics of bass after I release them in the shallows but I usually just get a picture of a big splash. Flatties are a bit more laid back I guess.
  15. Little Grey Men

    south queensland Run In Flatties

    This is a bit of a late report from Sunday am. The plan was to fish the incoming tide over the flats, then chase the breambos up into the mangroves again. The little flatties were slowly following their breakfast up onto the newly submerged sand and I found six of them in no more than a foot of water. The prawns are still hanging around and were popping everywhere on the surface. As soon as I'd seen them, I'd back up the kayak slowly and put a cast over the top. Most times a bream would say G'day. Not sure about the weather this weekend though..I might see if the bass are home !