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    Love chasing bass and the occasional cod in skinny creeks on my kayak all up and down the coast.
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  1. Little Grey Men

    south queensland Wet Behind The Ears

    With the apparent crazy weather this weekend, which wasn't that crazy after all, I decided to play it safe and slip on the wet boots and trudge the slippery banks of Lake Samsonvale. The dark grey conditions allowed me to work the edge bite all morning and most fish were taken in very close to shore on trusty old beetle spins. I did tie on a lipless crank for something different but it got very little love with only one bass , so back to the light stuff. It rained for a good part of the morning and after it stopped it decided to rain a bit more, after that lot stopped it decided to start raining again. Note to self, spray jackets are not rain coats, I was soaked through ! 19 bass posed for photos before I gave up and squelched back to the car.
  2. Little Grey Men

    south queensland Pleasant Morning Weeding

    Good old beetlespins, doesn't hurt so much when they get stolen by scaley thugs !
  3. Little Grey Men

    south queensland Sweet Or Salty

    On 5lb line and a 1-3Kg rod, I might have to loosen my drag a bit !
  4. Little Grey Men

    south queensland Sweet Or Salty

    Yep, it is quite amazing what species can appear in our local waterways.
  5. Little Grey Men

    south queensland Sweet Or Salty

    Possibly, that's why I'm enjoying the salt, you never know what you'll see on the end of your line.
  6. Little Grey Men

    Free Xmas Turkeys.

    You get a lot of meat off them but they taste a bit fishy. But the beak does make a good back scratcher, Chrissy present for the Mother in law perhaps.
  7. Little Grey Men

    south queensland Sweet Or Salty

    I was thinking Tarpon, I've caught them in the North Pine River chasing bass and this thing had similar acrobatic skills.
  8. Little Grey Men

    south queensland Sweet Or Salty

    I couldn't decide if I wanted to fish the fresh or the salt Sunday morning. The tides were looking good so salt it was. I usually fish half the time with hard bods and the other using plastics. All fish were taken on plastics with only one double clutch snagging a very large by double clutch ! Four OK sized flathead with the largest going 55cm and one little tacka. I was working a snag when a spash right behind me caught my attention. I simply lobbed the lure back over my head and something long and silver grabbed it instantly. It peeled drag fast then jumped, shaking it's head like mad, the lure was spat straight out. I have no idea what it was but I do know it was fun trying to fight a fish backwards. Back to the fresh next week to wash my lures off I think.
  9. Little Grey Men

    south queensland Against Doctors Orders

    Gee they're getting some size about them mate. One day they'll all be 50s.
  10. Little Grey Men

    south queensland Not That Windy

    I think cattie eggs would be small and jelly like. I should have taken them home and had them with a strip of bacon.
  11. Little Grey Men

    south queensland Not That Windy

    Possibly turtle eggs, being rubbery I was thinking some type of reptile. Something must have messed around with the nest bescause these were just sitting out in the open water about a foot deep.
  12. Little Grey Men

    south queensland Not That Windy

    I decided to walk the banks of North Pine dam due to the crazy wind the day before, I'm aching to hit the place in my kayak but getting blown across a large expanse of water doesn't thrill me. Of course the day was just perfect with very little wind...typical ! I got to see a lot of kayaks having fun and the bass and one beautifully coloured yella were certainly interested in taking lures. The stand out lure was a pumpkin curly tail grub on a beetlespin. Lot's of fish were playing in shallow and casting to rings on the surface were rewarded with fiesty bass. I found three odd looking eggs in the shallows which felt kind of rubbery. I'm guessing they were beyond their expiration date but I put them under some dry grass anyway. I really do love this place !
  13. Little Grey Men

    Little Grey Men

  14. Little Grey Men

    south queensland NPD Opened Up To Paddlecraft

    exactly, many times I've fished out there in waist deep water with waves hitting me in the chest.
  15. Little Grey Men

    south queensland NPD Opened Up To Paddlecraft

    I was thinking of braving the crowds but I think it's too damn windy. Might just stay home and do some knitting instead.