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  1. bennyl

    Goldie Flathead And Tailor

    Went for a crack this arvo northern Broadwater , caught a few flathead and tailor on dark. Water allot clearer today, cheers
  2. bennyl


    Nice one looks good
  3. bennyl


    Just seeing if anyone is getting any tailor round the goldie atm, cheers
  4. bennyl

    Casurina Flathead

    Nice fish, did you get it in a gutter, what did you get it on cheers
  5. bennyl

    Any Tailor Around

    Looking to chase some tailor round the Gold Coast, any reports welcome cheers
  6. bennyl

    Narrowneck Tailor 8 September

    Looking at goin down for a fish are they still on cheers
  7. bennyl


    Howdy anyone getting the tailor round the Gold Coast are they running yet cheers
  8. Hey man do u cast net under the sundae bridge???
  9. Just after some spots where I can catch livies guaranteed on the Gold Coast, I have a castnetting and boat to go get them just after some spots cheers guys
  10. bennyl

    BlueFin 4.25mtr Rougue Delux Side Console

    nice rig mate get stuck into the fish now
  11. yer thats why im goin out through seaway, ill see how i go at mermaid first that way if the fish are on there i wont bother goin to palmy, im running a 4.2m tinnie anyway so if the weather is shit i wont go at all rather be safe then sorry, i have a fair bit of experience with bars so the minute i think it is unsafe i wont go at all, i always log on and off and have all the saffety gear required.
  12. goin to launch at the seaway try mermaid then palmy i think, how far is palmy from mermaid
  13. hey guys im goin fishing tomz mermaid or palmy ??? how are the conditions shaping up for tomz morning
  14. bennyl

    Goldie herring

    Howdy guys where on the goldie can i get live herring on a bait jig, cheers
  15. bennyl

    BlueFin 4.25mtr Rougue Delux Side Console

    Hey bud, I have a bluefin rogue, awesome boat and I've had a few, I had a quintrex dory 4.2 dory which is the rogue equavelent which got stolen so I went out and bought a rogue and never looked back, heaps better than the quinnie but I think that is due cause I have a better motor a 40hp yammie 4 stroke on the rogue, awesome motor trim tilt on the handle and very quiet, I was looking at side consoles but didn't bother as the tiller steer has those features on it with the trim tilt throttle control lock ect.. I also have the yammie hooked up to the lowrance hds for engine gauges log hours ect if ya want anymore info or pics setup ect just send me a message. I fitted out the boat myself as well which turned out really well cause I new where I went wrong with the quinine. Cheers ben