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  1. FREE SPIKE IT MARKER with EVERY ORDER THIS WEEKEND The Spike It Scented Markers are a great addition to your tacklebag, allowing you to add colour to soft plastics, changing their appearance and put fish in the bag. They can also be used on hardbodies as a temporary colour overlay. We reckon you will like them too and thats why we are giving one marker away with every order made this from today till Sunday night. All you have to do is make an order with us before Midnight 15th April (sunday) and we will add a pen to your order. www.masterangler.com.au There is no min order amount required. Colour and scent of pen given in the order is at our descretion. Offer expires on Mindnight Sunday Night 15th April 2018 We now accept Afterpay & zipPay as well. Free EXPRESS Shipping for orders over $80
  2. should be all sorted now. There is an Easter Promo running on the site now. $15 off all orders over 50 bucks. Use the Code EASTER15 cheers Rob
  3. south queensland Maroon Dam

    lots of redclaw in there and the bass fishing is usually pretty good,
  4. south queensland Megabass Service?

    not anymore. i think its viva in victoria that do it now. if you have a part number gus i may be able to source it
  5. Preference In Braids

    i use YGK, love it, have not had any issues, some have had with the 14lb but so far i am impressed. before that it was pontoon 21 braid (made by ygk as well) and also good ol power pro, good value for money and never let me down
  6. AFO Yuletide/christmas Party

    not sure if i can make it, put i can put in some goodies for the kids attending. PM me @Angus or send me a text and we can arrange something
  7. thanks mate, she was only on the market a week and was gone in a flash
  8. Thanks Gus for posting that. If anyone is interested or has questions, please send me a pm cheers Rob
  9. cheers gus, thanks for top morning out. tyler was talking about the clown ships for ages after wards. Some good fishing along there at the moment, good to see it coming back
  10. AFO Winter Camp

    funny enough ray, i was talking to gus the other day about trying moogerah out for the next winter camp with the same format as last years (look after yourself food and drink wise). You can leave the boats in at moogerah as well i think and camp next the shoreline. If this is the 10th year of it, we need to make it a biggie. What weekends are available?, late july and august have been the usual times for it.
  11. New Products From Searing Tackle

    good luck mate, i am hoping to hit maroon again on friday arvo. they love the cablistas there as well
  12. New Products From Searing Tackle

    Hi all Have not posted in a while and have had a few new products come in the door which may be of interest to some or all of you first of all the Pontoon 21 Cablista 75 and 125mm Cablista 75SP SMR Length: 75 mm, weight:4.9 g, Suspending (SP), depth: 0.7-1.1m this has a free moving weight in it that gives it an extremely erratic action 75mm colours 125mm specs and colours Cablista 125SP SMR Length: 125 mm, weight:19.9 g, Suspending (SP), depth: 1.6-2.0m Pontoon 21 Beta Vib 48mm Beta Vib48mm Length: 48 mm, weight:5.6 g, Sinking Colour chart for the Beta Vibes Pontoon 21 Preference shad 55mm Designed and produced for Pontoon 21 by DUO lures of Japan , the Preference Shad is one exceptional hardbody. Featuring Owner hooks and all the quality components you would expect from a lure made in Japan. Preference Shad 55mm DR Length: 55 mm, weight:4.5 g, Suspending (SP), depth: 1.0 - 1.5m Preference colour chart Pontoon 21 Pillo grub 2.25 inch colours available Pontoon 21 Awaruna 3 inch and 4.5 inch 3 inch colour chart 4.5 inch colour chart Magbite Mimiq new colours The Mimiq from Magbite is 42mm long, weighs 2.4 grams and slow sinking. This solid body sinking stickbait has a baby squid shaped body that is bound to attract attention wherever it is used. full colour chart Fish Arrow Threeshot Minnow 65mm & 80mm This will be out next month sometime. the 65mm wieghs 4 grams and the 80mm weighs 6.4 grams. Both will dive to a metre and both have a casting system within them for longer casts. Thats it for now, there will be a heap more stuff coming out in the next few months as well. cheers Rob
  13. Fish Arrow Flash J Grub now available

    they are $13.99 a pack. i am seeing tacklewarehouse this week and hope to get them in there asap. Othwise the best bet is online at the moment. If you are down the the goldy way then sportys fishing have stocks already www.fishin.com.au and www.masterangler,com.au cheers Rob
  14. Winter Camp Official Thread: 8-9th August

    i will have a box of lures out there for sale, nothing massive. Soft plastics 5 packets for $10 and hardbodies $5 each or 5 for $20. will be a variety thing. come and see me there if you want to grab stuff , i wont have a lot on offer to first in scores cheers rob