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  1. Hi All We are starting a promotion that will see a $75 voucher up for grabs every month. All you have to do is either tag us (on facebook or instagram or both) in your pics of either your order that you received or in your fish pics of what you have caught on products purchased from us. At the end of the month a winner will be chosen and the voucher sent to the winner. The images below show examples on instagram. have a happy fishy weekend cheers Rob PS here is pic of a fat green water jobfish i got a few weeks ago at wyraralong. hit like a freight train
  2. Zim man

    south queensland Coomera River Species?

    i have seen jew in there, threadfin salmon as well up the river by the powerlines. I have been utterly destroyed in there a number of occasions. Massive rays have also robbed me of gear as well. It gets its fair share of big fish moving through. I have seen big barracuda way up by the little island as well. its a cool system
  3. not long to go till end of the month, i you like a report, nominate it
  4. Hi All We have just received some new gear into stock. Long time members will know how effective the Damiki 3 inch armor shad was, well now there is a paddle tail version of it. Bass to shallow water bay snapper will be my targets with these. and even better there is a 4 inch paddle tail version We have also received jigheads to match the 3 inch model. These come 5 to pack and are pretty sweet If you chasing deep water bass in sommerset or npd, then the underspin may be what you are looking for as well. All products are now up on our site and ready for shipping. ======================== In stock now. Afterpay and zipPay accepted All orders get a free lure Free Express post for orders over $80 ========================
  5. great report mate, bad luck about the fishing though, there is always next time
  6. ## FREE PLIERS ## All orders over $50 received from today until & including the 7th May will receive a a pack of our Tackle Club / CAST Mag long nose pliers with your order. thats a $16.49 value free with each and every order over $50. Have a good weekend all, i am off to Maroon to feed some fish. ================================= Afterpay and zipPay accepted All ordered get a free lure Free Express post for orders over $80 =================================
  7. Zim man

    Prize Pack Up For Grabs

    If you are already a subscriber to that fine newsletter, then you are already in the draw mate. Its for all subscribers, new and existing
  8. FREE MEGA LURE PACK Want a FREE LURE Pack that has brands such as MEGABASS, Xesta Damiki, FISH ARROW in it? All you have to do is subscribe to our newsletter via the link below https://mailchi.mp/e3481e84501c/subscribe-win At the end of May, a subscriber will be chosen and the prize sent off to them. Pictured below is the actual prize pack. ================================= Afterpay and zipPay accepted All ordered get a free lure Free Express post for orders over $80 =================================
  9. Hi All A few new products have just landed on the store and i have listed them below and they are linked to the pages on my website We have new leaders from YGK in Japan. from 14lb up to 30.5lb 30 metre spools starting from $15.99 We also have from Damiki a 3 gram jig called the Tiny Jig (makes sense ) priced at $7.99 as well as a cool new jighead called the Mausrin Jighead (priced at $10.49) Next week we will be receiving some Sluggos from the states and a few other cool things , plus new Damiki Armor Shad colours and jigheads. cheers Rob ======================== In stock now. Afterpay and zipPay accepted All orders get a free lure Free Express post for orders over $80 ========================
  10. Almost time for the 1st winner to be announced. Get your nominations in before monday
  11. FREE SPIKE IT MARKER with EVERY ORDER THIS WEEKEND The Spike It Scented Markers are a great addition to your tacklebag, allowing you to add colour to soft plastics, changing their appearance and put fish in the bag. They can also be used on hardbodies as a temporary colour overlay. We reckon you will like them too and thats why we are giving one marker away with every order made this from today till Sunday night. All you have to do is make an order with us before Midnight 15th April (sunday) and we will add a pen to your order. www.masterangler.com.au There is no min order amount required. Colour and scent of pen given in the order is at our descretion. Offer expires on Mindnight Sunday Night 15th April 2018 We now accept Afterpay & zipPay as well. Free EXPRESS Shipping for orders over $80
  12. should be all sorted now. There is an Easter Promo running on the site now. $15 off all orders over 50 bucks. Use the Code EASTER15 cheers Rob
  13. Zim man

    south queensland Maroon Dam

    lots of redclaw in there and the bass fishing is usually pretty good,
  14. Zim man

    south queensland Megabass Service?

    not anymore. i think its viva in victoria that do it now. if you have a part number gus i may be able to source it