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  1. south queensland Spooled By An Idiot

    NPD bass can be so inconsiderate at times
  2. south queensland Each Way Bet

    "Finding the schools is the hardest bit." It sure is!!
  3. south queensland Nearly Late For Lunch Pic Heavy

    NPD at 70.6% this morning. Might get to 71%!! More rain needed.
  4. south queensland Nearly Late For Lunch Pic Heavy

    NPD at 70.3% this morning Hopefully it'll come up a bit more.
  5. south queensland Nearly Late For Lunch Pic Heavy

    That would be great. There were some good falls in the catchment area in the 24 hour to 9 am this morning. NPD at 68.5% this morning, I think it's come up about 3 %.
  6. south queensland Nearly Late For Lunch Pic Heavy

    Not enough falling in the last couple of days to give any flows. If it had kept going at 50+ per day as per three days ago, NPD might have had some inflows.
  7. south queensland Somerset And Wivenhoe Closed Why?

    Wivenhoe is at 65.5% and Somerset at 76.2% so water releases are highly unlikely. On 21 January 2016, temporary full supply levels were enacted for Somerset Dam and Wivenhoe Dam (part of the Somerset Dam Improvement Project). These equate to storage percentages of approximately 80% for Somerset Dam and 90% for Wivenhoe Dam
  8. south queensland Top This.

    Get a pontoon boat and take 10 out!!
  9. south queensland Over A Ton Not Out

    Dino, try a good pair of soxes to protect the footsies!!
  10. Hi Dino, PM sent.
  11. Trailer Winch Work

    A fuller drum will make retrieving the boat faster. Maybe I'll just get a powered winch!!
  12. Trailer Winch Work

    It's already a 5 to 1 gearing so plenty of grunt for my 4 m tinny. The problem with 10 meters is I don't think that the inner loops would ever dry out!!
  13. Trailer Winch Work

    No fishing for me for a few days, have to replace winch rope, will use spectra. First I'll need to clean the rust off the spindle and also have to find a way to pack the reel as 5 meters of 6 mm spectra only half fills it. Any suggestions how to do the packing?
  14. south queensland NPD Still Going Off.

    Going tomorrow so conditions like that would be great
  15. south queensland Difference In Bass Growth Rates.

    Don't think so. Can't see the Qld govt/fisheries undertaking such a project. It might benefit the recreational fisherman!! Seeing spangle perch breed in freshwater, they could be an easy species for some selective breeding experiments!!