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  1. Luc53

    south queensland Unwelcome Visitors.

    Yep, the modern youth, a lesser wrong is right since they're not doing a greater wrong. Piss poor way to rationalise your actions.
  2. Luc53

    north queensland Peter Faust Trip

    I'd allow 1.5 to 2 days drive from Bris. You can get there faster but you'd be stuffed from continuous driving. Many years ago, did Brisbane to Townsville in one hit (3 drivers) but the time saved travelling was then used up recovering from the driving. Ideally, plan a 2 to 3 weeks multy dam trip circuit doing coastal dams up and inland dams back.
  3. Luc53

    Free Xmas Turkeys.

    Time to try some of the measures we discussed a few months ago!! The aroma gives you an incentive for quick launches and retrieves
  4. Luc53

    south queensland Unwelcome Visitors.

    "... and said that the dam is open for everyone - everywhere" Yeah sure, I bet they didn't know!! Typical of some who seem to think the rules don't apply to them. Unfortunately I'm sure they won't be the last. I wonder if there's a direct number to the rangers. They seem to be on the water daily at present.
  5. Luc53

    south queensland Fad Deployment In Npd.

    Wing forecast for tomorrow isn't very flash. 22 knots northerlies by 0530 am hiking up to 30 knots by noon !!
  6. Luc53

    south queensland Fad Deployment In Npd.

    If the test one is any indication, the bass probably took residence within 24 hours. An underwater camera would be interesting!!
  7. Luc53


  8. Did a drive past around lunch time, no one on the water, all busy loading up. White caps everywhere, bad enough for yaks, would hate to see a canoe out there in those conditions.
  9. Sarts Wed 21/11/2018 so hasn't been fished yet!!
  10. Luc53

    south queensland Small Jungle Bass

    You just can't beat small water bass fishing. Mind you things dropping out of the overhanging trees can get the old ticker racing
  11. Luc53

    south queensland Learning To Fish For Bass

    Some good in here Plenty to be found online, just search using "Bass fishing Australia". Use Google maps to suss out your local rivers and creek to find possible access points. Spinnerbaits and jig spinners are great exploring lures.
  12. Luc53

    south queensland Last For Awhile

    Hope all goes well and you're back on the water soon.
  13. Luc53

    south queensland Molested By A Yella

    Sheer inaccuracy in measuring or differences in the measuring devices !!
  14. Luc53

    south queensland Edge Bite

    Chasing shrimps, baby redclaws and hopefully baby tilapias!!
  15. Luc53

    south queensland Jiggle Jiggle Cast Cast

    Even though the males gards and tends the eggs, I suspect survival of the eggs & fry is not great especially since the tilapia invasion. When the dam was first built you could catch some craker spanglies some pushing almost 1 Kg. They then overbred and stunted. When bass were stocked, size got better for a while. Since they had to compete with stocked fish you don't see or catch many. Would be awsome if they grew to 2 Kgs or so. PS only ended up with 5 bass on the troll, no takers for bank casting.