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  1. Makes Me Wet

    Maybe we should look at building a nice shelter at Boral Landing, be great for bbq and somewhere to dry out!!
  2. south queensland Arvo Delight

    Some nice bass Dino. At this stage, Sunday & Monday look OK for an NPD boat fish.
  3. Decent Rod For $150

    Have a look at this outfit I asked for 3 kilo braid rather than 6. Very happy with mine, lure casting, trolling and bait fishing. Also
  4. Quiz Time

  5. south queensland Sara Popped My Cherry

    Rules haven't changed. Some yakers think rules don't apply to them. If the facilities are completed on time, by mid 2018 paddlecraft only access will be available from Forgans Cove. Great capture by the way. Togas are becoming a regular capture in NPD.
  6. south queensland They Are Back.

    Also guilty of that, but the trailer lock made certain it didn't get loose!!
  7. south queensland Careless

    Need to get a portable pump to the ramp and get rid of the PP. Then need to find a way to move on the pelicans!!
  8. south queensland Lake K Beauty Spoiled

    For some strange reason, fishing related hurts don't seem to attract compassion when you go for treatment!! Still need a heavy downpour to give the ramp at Boral Landing a clean up.
  9. south queensland Lake K Beauty Spoiled

    And if because of that sort of thing Seqwater closed access, the same drongoes would be the first to scream WHY.
  10. south queensland Longer Rods

    Definitely casting distance. The rod I use for casting from the banks at my local dams is 8 feet long.
  11. south queensland Fishing The Soup

    Definitely a pea soup!! Water looks down too. Where's the rain.
  12. south queensland Ass Up, Snake And Bass

    Have a good trip. Baroon and Lake McDonald are both on my to fish list.
  13. south queensland NPD Fingerling Release 14/1/18

    Have to agree with the smelly ramp!! Need a good downpour to give it a clean and find another roosting spot for percy and his mates. Maybe we need to tell them Ray doesn't fish there anymore
  14. south queensland Who Rang The Dinner Bell

    Be a warm day on the water today and for the fingerling release Sunday!!
  15. south queensland Anyone Going Out Tomorrow

    If you went to NPD, the bass seem to be having a bad case of lockjaw at present. I suspect the water temp is on the warm side. Last time out it was 29.5 C pretty much everywhere and pushed 31 C in a couple backwaters we visited. One bloke who was checking his shrimp pots said they were all "cooked". Maybe we need some solid rain will stir the bass up. Was thinking of going out tomorrow but 33 C predicted maybe not!!