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    Have lived and fished in the area for 30+ years
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  1. Luc53

    Anyone Used Lure "veins" Before??

    Commonly known as "paravanes".
  2. Luc53

    south queensland Pesky Bass

    Maybe they need to fish NPD so they known what a century is!!
  3. Luc53

    south queensland Pesky Bass

    Phew, only needed new batteries.
  4. Luc53

    south queensland Pesky Bass

    Great weather on the water, getting better as the day goes. Only managed 12 bass at least all good sized in the mid 40 cms. All on livies. Only went to the end of Koala Strait as it looks like the remote control for my bowmount may be catus. Turned it on, came alive then got all lines across the screen before it went blank and would not restart. Will try new batteries but last trip it showed still had 2/3 power. Luckily had the transom mount to use but chews power as it's only a 28 pound trust.
  5. Luc53

    south queensland Pesky Bass

    About to hitch up the boat, hopefully you left them all excited about chasing those pesky lures!!
  6. Luc53

    south queensland Gc Hinterland Magic

    Can't beat small water bass fishing.
  7. Luc53

    south queensland NPD 23/9/18

    With a bit of luck, I'll be on the water Thursday!!
  8. Luc53

    Fishways Bring It On.

    That's the sort of inane comment that gets used to demonise fishers. No need in any case as the fishway is working quite well. It's also a popular walking/cycling track.
  9. Luc53

    Fishways Bring It On.

    South Pine River fishway location, Leitch's Crossing.
  10. Almost a winner for a Darwin Award.
  11. Who'd be dumb enough to jump from a pier into deep water??
  12. Luc53

    Sticking Braid

    Possibly braid not wound on under enought tension causing it to dig in. When lure casting, every so often I'll make long cast into the open and rewind the line under tension. To protect my fingers, I use a moist piece of cloth to apply the tension.
  13. Luc53

    northern nsw Baileys Quest Cod Off The Top

    Great outing. Yak side strikes give the old ticker a jump start.
  14. Luc53

    Fishways Bring It On.

    The one one the South Pine seems to be working well. Fun to sit and watch for a while. The things that could be done with a well set up fishing licence!!
  15. Luc53

    south queensland Rugged Day Coming Up

    No fishing today, feeling like something the dog dragged in,