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  1. south queensland NPD Still Going Off.

    Going tomorrow so conditions like that would be great
  2. south queensland Difference In Bass Growth Rates.

    Don't think so. Can't see the Qld govt/fisheries undertaking such a project. It might benefit the recreational fisherman!! Seeing spangle perch breed in freshwater, they could be an easy species for some selective breeding experiments!!
  3. south queensland NPD Still Going Off.

    Just show you don't know the local conditions till you get there!!
  4. south queensland Difference In Bass Growth Rates.

    Maybe we should keep the fast growing ones for future brood stock!!
  5. south queensland NPD 13/9/17

    I'd be installing it on a mounting plate so you can remove it before car-topping it.
  6. south queensland NPD 13/9/17

    If the bow section of your boat is flat, you can bolt the bowmount directly to it. otherwise you may need to have a flat piece of aluminium welded on to give a suitable bolting area. if you want to make the engine detachable, you need to get a mounting plate such as
  7. south queensland Just Doing His Own Thing,,,,

    One reason the Noosa bass are slow growing is that it's not a very food rich environment unlike dams. Having said that, there's always quite a variety of growth rates among any bass population. It would be interesting to run a selective breeding project where you continuously select the brood stock from the fast growing individuals.
  8. south queensland North Pine Is Fishing Fine

    Yes. And there can be lots more arches!!
  9. Personally as they are not specifically covered in the saltwater regs, I would not use them. Also, I don't think they'd last very long. Having said that, opera traps would seem to meet the requirements of crab pots so can't see any problems. As Tybo said, if in doubt, as fisheries.
  10. south queensland Wanting To Case Tilapia In NPD

    NPD but can't say where. That pic is from a post by Binder on that date. He might remember. But any shallow slightly dropping bank is a likely location, opposite Koala Straight for example.
  11. south queensland Wanting To Case Tilapia In NPD

    With the weather warming up, they'll be starting to breed soon. If you can find a bank where they're making their nests, that would be a good place to target them on lures. Given the nesting density, it clear why fishing is not really a good method to control the tilapia population!!
  12. The NPD catch data collated from the sign in/out book for April, May and June 2017. Catch Data - Apr May Jun 2017.pdf
  13. Monster NPD Bass

    Not 1 April yet Dino
  14. south queensland From Tragic To Magic

    Other than the grip, the rod cleaned up nicely. The reel will be a rainy night project.
  15. south queensland From Tragic To Magic

    Went for a fish yesterday, only 3 bass and one fishing outfit!! Maybe one of yours Dino, it's been down there for a long time, half the cork grip has been eaten away. The reel (Shimano Sienna 2500) still works but need a complete strip down and clean. The spool lip is rough in places. Haven't decided if the outfit is worth refurbishing!!