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  1. benno573

    Fourby And Fishing Get Together Cancelled

    Hmmm... tides are better this weekend for a leave work and head up kind of arrangement. I think I’m a goer, will just have to confirm no other commitments!
  2. benno573

    Fourby And Fishing Get Together Cancelled

    Geez... you wouldn’t want to hit a speed bump hard at that! My ideology stems from a guy at moreton in a brand new Range Rover who wouldn’t let his tyres down at all coz he had nitrogen in them. And the apparent expectation that I would tow him up the track out of my way to the resort. I towed him out of my way and then left him to work it out. I don’t know what his problem was really. I was running a ~78% nitrogen blend in mine at the time, no issues.
  3. benno573

    northern nsw Pb Whiting & A Dino Style Bream Score.

    Yeah, as I said, total fluke, doubt I’ll ever see one like it again, especially since they started netting teewah beach more. Think my next best is about 44cm, would love to put a few in between. And would love to get more on topwater too - you’re killing me on that tally @Angus!
  4. benno573

    northern nsw Pb Whiting & A Dino Style Bream Score.

    Nice one angus, cracking fish. I’ve only caught one on topwater, it went 41. not trying to show off but fluked my pb off the beach on a pippie, think I was about 15 or 16. Went 51cm and went like a train. Get a few in the low 40’s at the pin in a couple of the more out of the way places. @ellicat the fish have been there, you’re usually too busy rolling a smoke to catch them though!
  5. benno573

    for sale Heaps Of Gear!

    Hey Sam, interested in the 30-50lb terez if still available. to quote mr Kerrigan - how much you asking? edit: after further review of photo also possibly interested in zmans and jig heads, and potentially some metals.
  6. benno573

    Fourby And Fishing Get Together Cancelled

    Sounds like a dud root @Drop Bear... hope it gets sorted for you. I’m a maybe at this stage, depending on final dates. Will likely take my own truck, potential for passengers if required. @Sparksie or @Old Scaley can have first dibs if interested. I am fully equipped and capable of recovering pootrols, however, refuse to help anyone up the beach with 40lb in their tyres...
  7. Cracker dolly there @Luvit 5ft down... now to crack the 6ft mark!!
  8. benno573

    south queensland Operation Crabby: Mission Debrief

    Nice one angus. Might inspire me to hit up a land based place I used to drop pots in with some success. Not walking or a short drive though unfortunately. Love the crab sangas... how do you do yours? I’m all about fresh white bread, butter, bit of pepper and good whole egg mayo...
  9. benno573

    Carp Fishing Brisbane

    @Angus I know, I had similar visions... Good luck throwing that about on your 1-3kg bream gear!!
  10. benno573

    Carp Fishing Brisbane

    40-60cm bream lures... so that’s where. I’ve been going wrong, using lures that are way too small!!!
  11. benno573

    Carp Fishing Brisbane

    The park at west end near the bbq shelters works well on an incoming tide. Easy to catch something, mostly catties but you also get the occasional bream, little/river jew or threadfin there, as well as bull sharks.
  12. @kmcrosby78 - at least it would still be fresh? Although come to think of it... flake doesn't freeze all that well...
  13. benno573

    Introducing New Angler

    Congrats on the new arrival angus, glad all went well.
  14. Can always start stockpiling? Probably easier to get a few here and there than it is to get several pallets at once. Then when approval comes through - BOOM, job done. *mic drop*
  15. I work for a concrete company and we have a pre-cast yard so may be able to get my hands on some reject concrete pipes/culverts or similar if that would help and meets the environmental guidelines. if that's not helpful, I have contacts at most of the big (and smaller) masonry places around so should be able to source some reject bessa blocks with relative ease and minimal (if any) cost. let me know if/when you need me to start making calls @Drop Bear