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  1. Hi all, Oz day long weekend coming up. Looks like a hot one but what better time to get out and about. I'll be heading down to a spot on the Macleay River just outside Kempsey for a weekend camping with my lady and her family. Dog friendly so Dragon the border collie gets a starting spot as well. Being right on the river, I will also be taking my kayak and a lot of lures to throw about late in the day in the hope of a bass or something else of a fishy nature. Only ever caught one wild bass before, hoping to at least double that tally. I'm sure lots of people on here are up to something fun - have a brag, tell us all about it! Cheers, Benno <'><
  2. benno573

    south queensland Jacobs Well Last Tuesday.

    I have caught undersized ones there yes. annoying when you are whiting fishing, you think you have a 40cm+ one on! also have caught grassys. Never have caught a stripie there. The facial patterns in the fish on the board are the giveaway. @jhedrick - being colour blind would make idenification difficult for sure in some instances. giveaway with spangled emps vs grassys are the facial patterning. grassys have very fine blue lines around the eye which do not extend very far, whereas the spangled emps have wider stripes the run the length of the face. The colour contrasts here should be discernable - something a mate of mine who is also colour blind told me when I asked him about it years ago, understand each set of eyes can be different though. Grassys and spangled emps are also a different shape overall than the striped sea perch, they also lack the canine-like teeth of the striped sea perch. The grassys have a different mouth shape to spangled emps as well, if you compare the photos above the spangled emps have a mouth roughly in line with the bottom of the fish, the grassys mouth sits a little higher relative to the overall body. easy to see if you have them both side by side, not so easy if in isolation.
  3. benno573

    south queensland Toga Toga Toga

    I'm just glad it was a saratoga, as opposed to a photo of you at a toga party...
  4. benno573

    Do I Take The Doeruperer?

    my old man bought a steel yacht some years ago from a bloke at a bargain basement price. after throwing over $100K and countless man hours at the yacht over a period of 8 or 9 years just in re-builds, fit-out, breakages, general maintenance, he managed to sell it for a paltry $8K more than he paid for it originally. And that was without worrying about woodworm! To slip the boat every 18 months or so was generally a $1500+ prospect, as well as about 20-25 man hours depending on condition of annodes and propspeed and all that sort of fun stuff. Berthing, rego and insurance was $9K/year. And all that was with a boat that came with a crazy solid hull, a pretty good engine and an actual proper fuel tank. In short, unless you have some significant business interests in the bahamas you're not telling us about and the ability to clone yourself multiple times to do all the work I would strongly suggest you have made exactly the right call shouldering arms to a good length ball outside off.
  5. benno573

    south queensland Jacobs Well Last Tuesday.

    Looks like a good trip. just a note on spangled emperor which i am 99% sure the fish on the board is, they have a legal size of 45cm. always best if you are even slightly unsure to grab a couple of good photos, release the fish, do you research at home and then know for next time. it's not worth the hassle or the fine with fisheries over a couple of fillets.
  6. benno573

    Diesel Engines

    I find my car gets much better economy from BP ultimate diesel or the mobil stuff from 7-11. Caltex not too bad. I would avoid shell diesel - my car did not enjoy the only tank of it i bought. I don't believe a change of fuel brand will cause any issue. If you try and change it from diesel back to your favourite unleaded this will cause a problem, regardless of the brand of unleaded you select.
  7. benno573

    north queensland Yeppoon

    Plenty of land based options but if you can get the boat up there do it. the headland straight under the singing ship or at Roslyn bay is a good place for some land based pelagic or even demersal stuff, you will get blue salmon, occasional grunter or fingermark in these areas. The causeway is another option, plenty of spots to flick a lure. Fishing creek is another good spot, as is waterpark creek. You can wade these on a low tide if your game, not too many crocs in them usually... If you have a 4wd heading up to byfield/five rocks or Corio bay is well worth a look, there’s a few creeks south of emu park you can get to with 4wd as well. definitely worse places to get sent to from a fishing perspective.
  8. benno573

    south queensland Where To Go?

    hey mate. i'll be heading a fair bit further down river from there, i've never really done that well that far up, i know a lot of people do catch stuff up there but not me! I'll definitely post a report from my trip where ever I end up going.
  9. benno573

    south queensland Where To Go?

    Nice one... livey or lure?
  10. benno573

    south queensland Where To Go?

    Yeah, there's a few spots down there that generally hold a few fish. Lot of different options available as far as where and how, also good options for any stage of the tide. Hmmmm... this might be the new leading contender.
  11. benno573

    south queensland Where To Go?

    Hi all, Looking at heading out for a kayak fish this weekend. Flexible to a point on the timing, just trying to decide on a location! Kayak is a hobie outback so no real issue taking it out into the big blue if the weather is right for it. Full moon is next monday so it should be a good weekend for it. Wind looks slightly more favourable on Sunday. My options so far are: 1) launch out of cabbage tree point either morning and go chasing flatties in my "regular" spots 2) launch out of coomera/pimpama either morning and go chase some flatties, jacks and trevally 3) head up to coochin creek or bells creek and chase flatties or a jack 4) try off redcliffe around scarborough reef - might be difficult as I don't as yet have a sounder 5) launch at caloundra and head out around the blinker chasing mackeral and reefies, likely only on option Sunday morning and weather forecast has to improve slightly. again might be tricky given the lack of a sounder. Also a little bit reluctant to take this challenge on solo. 6) try around the brisbane river mouth targetting threadies, jew, flathead and snapper. 7) launch at wellington point and try for a mackeral or some reefies along the ledge. What would you do? Cheers, Benno
  12. benno573

    south queensland Moreton Bay Fishing

    i just laughed at the "half decent box" comment... looks like a good day out mate. plenty of fillets to go round. @Dosla - if you have a decent GPS / sounder it is not too hard to find ground, especially around known features like boat rock and the 7's. have a look on your GPS for shoals and rocks, most of them will be named on your charts. Sound around these areas and look for structure holding bait and you're in with a pretty good shot. Another good option is to head around the top of moreton and fish around hutchies, roberts/brennans shoals, heaps of ground in this area too. Also means you don't have to cross the south passage bar. Just make sure you are up to speed with the green zones in the area as well.
  13. benno573

    Have You Seen A Sawfish?

    I saw two in the Ord River when I lived in Kununurra. One a reasonably small one at about 1.5m all up including saw, the other one was absolutely massive, the saw itself would have easily been well over 1m long. Such a cool fish, watched the big one smashing into schools of mullet in the shallows.
  14. benno573

    south queensland Skinny Water Bass

    Looks awesome mate. Would be awesome exploring that sort of area, fish would be a nice bonus. Hate to see how big the fish would be to make you smile in the photos!
  15. benno573

    Hi From Wynnum!

    No worries mate, happy to share what I know and what I have worked out. Hope to see some good reports come through soon. Seeing isn't the difficult bit - a good headlamp will fix that on a ski. Much more important to be seen with a good all round white light and red/green nav lights.