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  1. benno573

    south queensland Fishing The Gold Coast

    Generally have to go far and deep to get a feed of reefies off the Goldie. Pin bar reef and a few pinacles around it was a pretty reliable place. Best bet at this time of year is to chase the pelagics, also get a good run of small black marlin over summer.
  2. benno573

    What Would You Do?

    Ummm... if it was my boat - what the big fella did in the end. If I was on the other side of the camera... laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh.
  3. benno573

    victoria Fish Id

    Mulloway, snapper, mackerel... anything big and predatory will have a smash at them. Prime bait for mulloway.
  4. benno573

    Handsome Harry

    she's moving out to buy a better gurney to use on you after the 10 days has past... glad all went well, hope you heal up soon.
  5. benno573

    south queensland Swains Trip October 2018

    awesome trip mate. young fella will be bragging to his mates at school for months to come.
  6. benno573

    south queensland 1770 Here We Come

    @Drop Bear Saturday looks good for a more local trip... just a suggestion... looks pretty awesome all round wayne. i would say think of us slaving away at work while you're up there, but I know you won't...
  7. benno573

    south queensland 1770 Here We Come

    This i would have called in a sore hair day for. Hope you have a good one mate. Get amongst them!
  8. benno573

    south queensland Top Tip Of Moreton

    Hey mate, anything 12kn and under and you’ll be fine. The bay is shallow generally so can chop up. In winter time generally calmer afternoons, summer we generally get a N/NE sea breeze kick up from about lunch time, can make for a choppy run back. It is a decent run out from brisbane, budget 100-120km for fuel etc, depending on launch location. Use channel 21 on vhf for the cape moreton repeater station. other tip would be to be a bit careful going around the NW tip of moreton (combyoro point), especially on an outgoing tide. Can jack up a fair bit here with a bit of swell running. Heaps of good ground out there to find a fish and great scenery to boot. Hope you have a good one, look forward to reading the report.
  9. benno573

    south queensland NPD 11/11/18

    They made an epic Thai red curry tonight...
  10. benno573

    south queensland NPD 11/11/18

    Thanks for the trip Ray, was great to be out on the water regardless of the slower than normal day. Have been googling many receipes for redclaw... i think i'll be seeing them in my sleep for the next few weeks.
  11. Thanks @Angus. I wasn’t even aware ROTM was a thing, it had just been ages since I had done anything worth reporting! Thanks to @Zim man for supporting.
  12. benno573

    Engine Problems - Any Ideas?

    What was the answer @kmcrosby78?? Who won the guessing game???
  13. benno573

    Rod Advice - Ugly Stik Rods

    you'll find fibreglass rods more difficult to use if you are planning on throwing plastics. a graphite rod would be a better option here as they generally cast better, are lighter and impart a better action on the lure. fibreglass rods are excellent for bait fishing. on the flip side, graphite rods are more fragile and susceptible to damage if not packed securely or used properly. fibreglass rods generally certainly have a better "bash" factor and may be a better option, especially if the kids start to imitate some of the more athletic moves of the jedi... other option would be to get a couple of cheaper sticks from kmart for the kids to use (cheap combo about $20-$30) and grab something a little more serious for dad to use. the raider rod series are great value for money, a 2-4kg weight would be perfect for what you have described, will throw baits, plastics and troll lures from the yak no worries. there are often some good priced shimano combos in BCF catalogs, especially in the lead up to Xmas. I have bother raider series rods and a couple of ugly sticks, both have their place in my collection. haven't fished the gippsland lakes myself, hope you get amongst a few!
  14. Hey Bryce, Some areas are fishable on the low tide, a lot of times you need a pair of snow shoes to get near the water but there are some spots that are accessible. If you can get out to the channel edges, any of the drop offs can hold fish. personally i found flats fishing best in the last two hours of the run in and the last of the run out. on the run in look for obvious places where food may hold, weedbeds, a log, rubble patch, mangroves, anything like that. For the run out I concentrate on any area where fish or bait may be forced to congregate as the tide drops, a deeper drain in a large bank, a small creek/drain mouth etc. Fish as light as you can and if possible longer casts with the wind at your back will mean less chance of spooking fish. Early morning and late arvo / dusk will definitely give you the best chances of success. Cheers, Benno <'><
  15. and you don't even have to wear pants...