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  1. south queensland Paradise Point & Chevron Island 29/10/17

    How good is that... nice one mate. theres some good flatties on plastics at that spot at paradise point too... in amongst the weed!
  2. northern nsw Tips For Rock Fishing Nsw

    Hey mate. Haven't fished that specific spot but many others in the area. Really depends - you can target pretty much anything from tailor to tuna and anything in between. At this time of year I'd be targeting tailor or Aussie salmon, maybe have a crack at some bream, drummer or a mulloway. Always check the forecast and conditions before giving it a crack though. have a good one, look forward to reading the report.
  3. Newbie To Bayside - Moreton Bay

    Hey mate. Welcome to the site. happy to show you some spots out around mud or peel island for snapper, grassy sweetlip and various other reef fish. Nothing in the bay is guaranteed unfortunately but can usually put together a bit of a feed. Also know some good spots for sand crabs out there. If you're feeling more adventurous there's plenty of good spots out around cape moreton too. I can be free most weekends if needed. Cheers benno
  4. Mooloolaba

    I do not. I make you buy the ice creams.
  5. Fishing Cape York

    Another awesome vid guys. Love the double header on big trout!
  6. 2017 Seq Suburbs Of Origin - Round 2 - June 20 - 25

    You are SE Asia?? Big call... Have you found Pelagicus over there yet???
  7. Could Not Last

    And here i was thinking mrs Dino must have hacked your account and started posting based on that title... good to see you back out and about though mate.
  8. Barwon Banks On Monday (short Report)

    I'd be keeping that spot in the gps too Wayne... with those species must be some good ground there.
  9. 2017 Seq Suburbs Of Origin - Round 1 - May 25-27

    Well that's fine kelvin, I'm sure it won't change the result...
  10. Barwon Banks On Monday (short Report)

    Quality esky that Wayne, nice one!
  11. 2017 Seq Suburbs Of Origin - Round 1 - May 25-27

    Pretty sure that's a bullseye @kmcrosby78 no, it's not a darts joke, that's actually what they're called. I've caught several around mud in days gone by. re the bent hook - giant toadfish? They do weird things to hooks.
  12. 2017 Seq Suburbs Of Origin - Round 1 - May 25-27

    Ummm... bass goes to @Dinodadog (north) tailor to @Luke Landrunner (north) snapper to @Old Scaley (south) bream to me (south) flathead to me (south) so yeah, that's all we've got. And it's all we need!
  13. Wanted - Loan Kayak

    Hey mate always have my inflatable one on when in the big water. The spots I go aren't a long way out from the beach either which is a bonus but stuff happens. Last trip out there in sept last year I spent over an hour chasing around what ended up being a 8kg mac tuna, by the time I landed it I wasn't in Kansas anymore, about 2.5km from where I started and at least 1.5km from the island. Some guys in a 6.5m platey asked if I was ok on their way past which was nice, managed to make it home without incident. re @Sparksie point, the fact that three members were happy to offer up their craft no questions asked with no real notice is just awesome and is what I believe this site is about. I asked the question a bit reluctantly as I generally hate borrowing stuff off other people and was not expecting anything like the response I got. @Luvit @rayke1938 @kmcrosby78 Very generous indeed gents and very greatly appreciated by this member as it opens up a whole other world of fishing possibilities for me for the next week. thanks again benno
  14. Wanted - Loan Kayak

    Hmmmm... beach launch, open ocean and no other vessel to come to my aid... ah stuff it, might as well drown warm and happy! note : to all the kiddies out there, drunk kayaking is not recommended by anyone other than kriso
  15. Wanted - Loan Kayak

    Thanks very much for the generous offers @kmcrosby78 and ray just a bit concerned about electronics and salty stuff. Yet to go upside down but there's a first time for everything!