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  1. Nrl 2017

    Women`s Pool game Wednesday results England 16 v 22 Cook Islands Big upset CI lead 16-0... Poms levelled 16-16,CI won with a converted try at 78 minutes. well done Cook Islands Australia 88 v 0 Canada Lucky Canada, their into the Semi Finals on Sunday, and get to play the Aussies again. New Zealand 38 v 0 PNG PNG gutsy and played hard for the 80 minutes, Kiwi`s too seasoned, too strong and gifted (in spirit) with more testicular fortitude than their (this years RLWC) mens side.
  2. Nrl 2017

    Women`s RLWC Pool game today (Wednesday) England v Cook Islands 12.30pm Live on 7mate Brisbane Australia v Canada 3::000 pm Live on 7mate Brisbane New Zealand v PNG 5.30 pm live on
  3. Cricket 2017-2018

    It`s been very quite in the land downunder, but finally some meaningful discussion about the Ashes series has come about… Lyon told English press on Monday Australia is out to “end careers” of English players this summer — pointing to the long-term consequences Johnson’s bowling had on the tourists four years ago. weather for test looking ok and may improve, with forecast of limited chances of a light shower Th-Sun with a vague chance of a thunderstorm Monday should the Aussies need the day to wrap up the 1st Test.
  4. Nrl 2017

    Has not signed with Parra, has a signed binding contract (these binding contracts do not seem to be binding to clubs when they want to get rid of someone) with Titans to the end of 2018. Reported verbal ok with Parra if the Titans give him a release. $180,000 for $1.2million to get rid of him, BARGAIN. Only leaves the Titans more regretful over the money or the box decision where Neil Henry was concerned.
  5. Nrl 2017

    Warriors must have played financial hard ball with Manly over Blake`s transfer arrangements for this (forecasted )secrete deal to take so long to get to announcement stage for both players. The Roosters have announced the release of Mitchell Pearce from the final 2 years of his contract. Manly announced the immediate release of Blake Green who reportedly wanted out to join the Warriors Full story: Gold Coast Titans confirm the signing of Panther`s Mitch Rein Full story:
  6. Nrl 2017

    Not happy chappies over the ditch THE reaction in New Zealand to the Kiwis’ Rugby League World Cup campaign
  7. Maltese Cross

    Bugger, Ray any well thought out plan can sometimes have an unseen, restrictive flaw . Good looking pooch, to me it appears to have great potential as a car security dog when ones out fishing.
  8. Nrl 2017

    Sunday result England 36 v 6 PNG England`s 22 from 45 sets completed stopped a huge blow out score line. PNG`s 66 missed tackles, 22/32 sets completed and 14 all up errors should have resulted in a mammoth blow out score line, against them. England v Tonga next week. I know the Tongans can improve on their week end `s performance, not too sure England can, apart from their ball control. England`s forwards will not have a size advantage to work with.
  9. Nrl 2017

    Oh, ok. obviously you missed the live match broadcast and only saw the channel nine highlights
  10. Nrl 2017

    New Zealand 2 v 4 Fiji WOW! well done Fiji. Fiji for most of the game forced the Kiwi`s to play to the Fijian game plan
  11. Nrl 2017

    Saturday result Tonga 24 v 22 Lebanon Good game to watch. Well played, unlucky Lebanon. 1 disallowed try should have been awarded IMO (obstruction for Tongan #18.. had already committed to the ball being moved away from him and had dropped himself off the play) With half a realistic Kiwi side playing and that result,Tonga, for me is still rating at daylight.
  12. Nrl 2017

    just a heads up for those who are following the women`s RLWC games, the live broadcast games that are not listed for ch7/mate broadcasts (usually the 3rd game of the round) can be seen online. Go to click on Sport click on RLWC and in there, there is a link to the live action WRLWC games Women's Rugby League World Cup - Pool Stage Sunday Australia vs. England 12.30pm Qld 7mate New Zealand vs. Cook Islands 3.00pm Papua New Guinea vs. Canada 5.30 pm
  13. Cricket 2017-2018

    7-14 day weather models are presently suggesting showers from the Wednesday 22nd and may be increasing over that weekend. Long way off still (in forecast reliability), fingers crossed and/or once again models over cooking predictions at this far out
  14. Nrl 2017

    my bottom line thinking regarding Tonga (in international standards over all) took into account the fact that if one took out this years rugby league political protest? against Kiwi selectors/coach by players who made themselves unavailable for Kiwi selection: Taumalolo, Fusitua, Lolohea Taukeiaho, Ma’u, Kata, Hurrell, Vatuvei, (yes I know Vatuvei was not realistically in the running) throw in Fifita, you would not have a Tongan team like the one they have for 2017. but… in saying the above Go the Tongans 2017
  15. Bait Tank Plumbing

    with forecasts of 10-22mm of rain/showers for today, good luck with your plan ( but stick with the beers no matter what happens ), nothing worse than trying to level out wet soil on a wet day. These day`s where Manual Labour is concerned, I look on it as if he is a Spanish soccer player and therefore have no interest in it what so ever