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  1. No Love For Cats ?

    seems to me your set on a cat style boat and just want someone to say yes, get one... ok, yes go buy one...
  2. Quiz Time

    at last, well done.... most were still working out how bo - - - - ga - - - - gr- - - = big breasts
  3. Quiz Time

    does it have a knob on the end so the hand doesn`t slip off ?
  4. Mexican Barra - Go Global Warming!!

    If memory serves me, sometime late last year the company, that owns the power station there and pumps the heated water back in, announced they will be taking it offline/closing it down in a couple of years. There will go there warm water supply for their barra program. Victorian government was not happy chappies about it.
  5. 1-2-18 Update AFMA and Seafood Industry Australia contacted Fishing World in response to this article an offered the below comments. A spokesperson for the Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA) said: “The suggestion, backed by conservationists, has been rejected by the government as ‘unsubstantiated scaremongering’”. “There are a very small number of vessels deemed for operation in Australia. The last time one was deemed was in 2015,” said the spokesperson. “When and if AFMA receives an application for a foreign boat to be deemed as Australian it will be assessed on its merits against legal and policy requirements. Any vessel to be deemed Australian would require Australian control over the vessel’s operations and must follow the rules and regulations of the Commonwealth fishery it will operate in, along with all of the other laws that fishing vessels are required to abide by. The application needs to demonstrate benefits to Australia.” Jane Lovell CEO of Seafood Industry Australia rejects claims in the SMH article as “mistruths being circulated by environmental groups”. “There have been no changes to protection of offshore areas. Even a cursory look at Parks Australia website would have made this clear,” said Lovell. “The actual proposal of the current government is the implementation of a network of marine reserves that will replace the plans proposed but never implemented by the former government,” she said. “The revised network would see around 25% of Australia’s waters in no-take marine protected areas meaning Australia would have the one of the largest area of highly protected waters of any country in the world. “Further, the motivation for review of the management of Marine Reserves is not linked to foreign vessels or to rates of pay for workers. It is based on concerns regarding the scientific rigour and level of community consultation associated with the management plans created under the previous Labor government.”
  6. Prawns White Spot Disease Outbreak

    taken from Qld DAF email newsletter Biosecurity Qld Thurs 25 January 2018 White spot disease surveillance Biosecurity Queensland will conduct the next round of surveillance sampling for white spot disease between late February and June 2018. Sampling will be conducted in Moreton Bay and in key locations along the east coast of Queensland north to Cairns. More details on surveillance conducted to date are available on the white spot disease surveillance webpage. White spot disease community engagement Biosecurity Queensland community engagement staff have spoken with recreational fishers at boat ramps throughout South East Queensland over the last few months. Our two engagement officers have also visited popular fishing spots to answer questions related to white spot disease. Below is a collated list of the frequently asked questions (FAQs). The top five FAQs are: Q1: Is it safe to eat prawns with white spot disease? A: Yes. White spot disease does not pose any human health or food safety concerns. Q2: What is the exact area that movement restrictions apply? A: The restricted area extends from Caloundra to the NSW border following a line 100 metres off the eastern coasts of Bribie, Moreton and Stradbroke Islands. It also extends west to encompass the western borders of Gold Coast City Council, Brisbane City Council and Moreton Bay Regional Council. Q3: What animals do the movement restrictions apply to? A: The movement restrictions apply to decapod crustaceans, such as prawns and yabbies and polychaete worms. However, an exemption applies to high value species that are caught and sold for the sole purpose of being eaten. This includes: spanner crabs, three spotted crabs, blue swimmer crabs, mud crabs, red champagne lobsters, slipper lobsters, tropical rock lobsters and bugs. Q4: How long will the movement restrictions be in place for? A: The movement restrictions will be in place for a minimum of two years from July 2017, providing future testing for white spot disease returns negative results. If we receive positive results in the future then this timeframe will be extended. Q5: What is Biosecurity Queensland doing to stop the disease? The White Spot Disease Program is focused on continued surveillance and prevention and control activities within the restricted area with the aim of eradicating white spot disease in Queensland and returning Australia to a white spot disease-free status. All infected prawn farms in the Logan River region have been disinfected and are now laying fallow until 31 May 2018 to ensure the virus that causes the disease is no longer present. Movement restrictions are in place to reduce the likelihood of the virus spreading through human assistance. Fishing restrictions are also in place in high-risk areas around prawn farms.
  7. Cricket 2017-2018

    keep the flag waving for me, guys. It`s now that time of year when my interest turns to the women players new year fashion parades, at the Summer of Tennis. I think it`s to do with the stretch and quality of the fabric.
  8. Rate Your New Gear

    just like well prepped mutton......
  9. Cricket 2017-2018

    Aus by innings and 123 runs Series 4/0 how`d they do it?... crapped all over them
  10. Cricket 2017-2018

    end Day 4 2nd innings Poms 4/93 trail by 210
  11. Cricket 2017-2018

    Day 4 Aus declared 7/649 lead by 303
  12. south queensland Off To Casurina

    These lady`s can be either amusing and/or confusing with their strange terminologies. Hope all enjoy the time away
  13. south queensland Into The Grass

    Thanks for the report Dino. Where`s the photo of Lobster
  14. south queensland I’m Back

    and a few bass too?
  15. Cricket 2017-2018

    at lunch Aus 5/578 lead by 232 looking good Paine needs to score runs now and not just tie up the other end . ODI style batting needed and soon T20