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  1. I remember that report now, and you gave that catch of the day away , if Sparksie and Steve have not mentioned it, with donating catch of the day, bun, guava juice ( is that code for something Steve ) , your a great deckie.
  2. Dangerous Boating Npd.

    geez Ray, their not that scary are they? don`t forget the roll...
  3. cheers for report. well photo`d flatty.... you need to find a skipper who will allow you to catch the fish of the day well done Steve
  4. Nrl 2017

    me too.... but if people have their hard earned on a Storm v Roosters GF, all the stats, form etc say their outlays are safe.
  5. Nrl 2017

    The last 3 times the Broncos have played in Melbourne they have a 2-1 winning record and the only loss was a poor Broncos pass, intercepted by the Storm, and they went down 14-12. Admittedly Mccullough is missing, Hunt`s not playing halfback and Blair has been doing some really dumb things. (being ex Storm I expect him to have a big game, he likes playing against them down there apparently) My calculations say the Storm were No.1 on the ladder for 19 weeks straight + 1st week final win…. due for a shocker The Rooters are over due a loss, they have only just been winning for a while now, may be the week off will have taken the momentum away for them.
  6. Nrl 2017

    Des no longer holding the dog leash
  7. Nrl 2017

    Hunt and Milford are each over due for huge games, and the Broncos have been improving in all the right areas over the finals series, so being brave or overly optimistic, I`ll tip the Broncos. The Cowboys believe they can do it, so if they can keep on doing what they have been doing, good enough for me, I`ll tip the Cowboys.
  8. Nrl 2017

    Finals WEEK 3 PRELIMINARY FINALS Friday, September 22 Storm v Broncos AAMI Park 7.55pm Saturday, September 23 Roosters v Cowboys Allianz Stadium 7.40pm
  9. Another couple of self anointed ‘voice`s of the rec fisho`s’, with their own commercial interests/agendas to promote/protect, need fisho`s to comment on marine parks for them. in saying that, these plans are more favourable and realistic than the lock every thing up mentality taken from FW email newsletter 12-9-17 THE Australian Fishing Tackle Association and Keep Australia Fishing are seeking your help in supporting the latest version of the Federal Government's Marine Park Plan, which they say provide a more balance aproach between marine protection and use if the marine estate by recreational anglers. AFTA is asking you to complete a simple registration form to ensure your letter goes to your local MP. You can access the registration form and letter HERE You only need to enter your email, name, postcode and individual comment and it automatically goes to your local member. "We are currently nearly 75% through a consultation period for the latest MarinePark proposal by the Government," saysd AFTA's Colin Tannahill. "The latest proposal is much more recreational fisher friendly than any of the previous proposals over that last 8 years or so. "We believe this may be the last proposal before the MarinePark system is finalised in the shorter term at least. "The Australian Fishing Trade Association AFTA supports the latest proposal and thanks the Government for listening to our voices and ensuring access for recreational fishers to most fishing grounds. "Therefore we are supporting the Keep Australia Fishing letter being sent to local MPs."
  10. Maritime Safety Queensland (MSQ) has approved an exemption allowing Personal Locator Beacons (PLB) to be used in place of an EPIRB for lightweight craft, with certain conditions. Lightweight craft are off the beach type craft, human powered kayak and canoe, small sailing ships (less than 6m in length) and personal watercraft. These lightweight craft are now entitled to have the operator/master of the craft wear a PLB in place of or in addition to carrying an EPIRB. In brief, the PLB must comply with the following items: · comply with the AS/NZ 4280.2 standard, · it must have current and up to date registration, · it must be worn on the operators person, · it must float, and · must be GPS enabled. A copy of the exemption containing the detail specifics for your reference can be downloaded here. E-News 6 September 2017&utm_content=BIA E-News 6 September 2017+CID_463fec297ed21251f156bce37c12db78&utm_source=Email marketing software&utm_term=downloaded here Copies of the relevant Act and subsequent regulation can be viewed at the following links: >> Transport Operations (Marine Safety) Act 1994 >> Transport Operations (Marine Safety) Regulation 2016
  11. Nrl 2017

    well, here you go… here was I assuming Gallen had, had his hand up Flanagan`s butt moving his lips like a puppet, but it turns out Flanagan`s his own muppet with a shovel, I guess if the club tells you the $30,000 is yours to pay you start digging fast and deep… Cronulla coach Shane Flanagan has apologised just over a week after his scathing criticism of match officials following the Sharks’ exit from the NRL finals. A day before a response is due from the club for a $30,000 breach notice over Flanagan’s comments, the premiership-winning coach admitted he had erred in attacking the referees after his side’s extra-time elimination final loss to North Queensland. In an 1100-word letter to Sharks fans posted on Cronulla’s website on Monday, Flanagan first expressed his disappointment over the team’s exit before turning his attention to his post-match behaviour. “I owe you an apology. I owe the game an apology. I’m sorry for the way I reacted,” Flanagan wrote to fans. “My answers in that press conference were born (sic) out of honesty and the disappointment of a shattered dressing room. “I took all that emotion into that press conference. I know that doesn’t make it right though.” The letter comes a week after NRL chief executive Todd Greenberg told the game to “grow up” following Flanagan and Manly coach Trent Barrett’s attacks on match officials in the first week of the finals. The Sharks’ fine was the heftiest in more than a year against a coach after Flanagan also blamed poor crowds on officials as he read a list of perceived referee errors. He then made similar comments to the Sharks’ website the following day. It’s understood Cronulla has sought legal advice in preparing its response to the NRL, which is due to be submitted by the end of Tuesday. “In 157 games as head coach of Cronulla, I’ve never been hit with a breach notice by the NRL for disrespecting our referees,” Flanagan wrote. “What I need to do is learn from my mistake to ensure it doesn’t happen again.” Flanagan also admitted in the letter his side’s performance had contributed to the loss to the Cowboys – something he hadn’t done in the press conference. “In 2017, we were nowhere near the standard required to be challenging for this year’s premiership,” he wrote. “In the end, that’s what cruelled us against the Cowboys. “Our discipline and errors – particularly in possession – wasn’t good enough and in the biggest game of the season, we were found wanting.” Meanwhile it’s understood Manly is also yet to send through its finalised response to the league over Barrett’s comments, for which he was provisionally fined $20,000.
  12. Jewfish Swim Bladders

    so it`s all about Richard Greed .
  13. Keep Australia Fishing

    some will be for, some will be against. for me it`s that.... Déjà Poo feeling. If the plan was passed, at the next change of government Pew and associates will want their pound of flesh again, and with the following change of government that pound of flesh would be taken back. Mouse on the wheel politics. The only fact everyone agrees on… the cost of living is continuously rising. Come the revolution, I want to be President, Treasurer, and Commander in Chief of the Armed Services ….. trust me, I`d do the right thing for Australia, ‘don`t you worry about that’.
  14. Nrl 2017

    at the moment (last night) down played as a soft tissue twinge?, will be right for next week. Truth, imagine scans today/tomorrow followed by a bit of play the media for most of the week and we`ll find out late in the week or an hour before kick off
  15. Keep Australia Fishing

    Thanks for that e`cat, I missed that. cheers for the warning I`ll skip the video and will read the story more (?) thoroughly tomorrow and then try to be tactfull , if I reply