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  1. So I had a call from a mate yesterday. Unfortunately he had succumbed to a severe bout of industrial diarrhoea, and as we all know, the only cure for that is a day on the water chasing fish and crabs. As luck would have it, I was planning to take advantage of an all too rare (at the moment) break in the wind to do exactly that. Let’s call him the dentist, not because he is one, nor because he is always looking down in the mouth, but because he can’t show his face on the World Wide Web whilst undergoing this highly confidential treatment. The dentist has a few favourite spots down the Pin area so we head there with a yabbie pump, assorted rods, plastics, hard bodies, 8 crab pots, a bag of chicken frames, and high hopes for a successful recovery. We launch at 5.30 am and head to spot A to try for some flathead in a small drain on the low tide. The dentist was confident but the fish didn’t play the game so off we went to drop the pots in known mudcrab territory. Pots successfully deployed, we headed to the yabbie bank to gather our bait. Heaps of yabbies with a bucketful in no time. Then it was off to spot B to try for whiting. Not there long and the dentist nails a nice fat whiting of around 32cm. It was quiet on my side for a bit, but once I pulled in a small ray we knew it would be ok because @ellicat has this crazy theory that you won’t have a good whiting session until you land a ray. We landed a few more whiting which were all good size (biggest was a donkey at 36cm) before that spot went quiet and we headed to spot D which the dentist assured me was good for whiting, grunter and more rays. His prediction was correct and we ended up with 3 legal spotted grunter, a few more jumbo whiting and a shedload of small rays. The dentist saw a bull shark jump and next minute he was onto a good fish. We speculated about the odds of catching a bully on yabbies but dismissed that theory as the battle continued on light line. Eventually a juvenile GT popped up which was soon bled and tossed in the esky with the rest of the catch. Things went quiet on the tide change so we pulled the anchor and went to pick up the pots. Not a single crab in any pot which was both disappointing and surprising, but we couldn’t complain after a good session like we had just had. The dentist was well on the way to a full recovery by the time we pulled the boat out of the water at high noon. It was a good morning on the water with the final tally of 9 good whiting, 3 spotted grunter, one lonely bream (gut hooked) and a 42cm trevally. The dentist donated his share of the catch (all the good ones) to me, which has made Mrs Scaley very happy, but not as happy as if I had come home with muddies. Here is another of my woeful photos of dead fish. Thanks for reading.
  2. Old Scaley

    What The?

    Fortunately @kmcrosby78 I am talking about the Paleozoic era where we were mercifully not bothered by dinosaurs.
  3. Old Scaley

    What The?

    That is hilarious @Luvit. Funny how there is a highly specialised product for almost anything these days. Way back in my youth, cars had metal bumper bars and you would just tie whatever rope you could find from the rear bumper of the tow vehicle to the front bumper of the towed vehicle. If the rope was thin you just doubled it and if it broke (which it often did) you just tied a granny knot to join it up again and off you went. Cars needed a whole lot more towing back then. They rusted out quickly, had no power steering, power brakes, aircon, electronics of any sort, overheated regularly and generally took a lot of maintenance to keep them on the road. Ah, the good old days
  4. Old Scaley

    south queensland Pleasant Morning Weeding

    That purple lure seems to nail a few @Dinodadog
  5. Old Scaley

    south queensland First Time Shark Fishing!

    Great to see you and your wife had such a good time and managed to catch a couple as well. Robbie is a good host. And I see Pippy has new friend. I am fishing tomorrow and the offer still stands if you are up for another trip. Can’t promise it will be as exciting as your trip with @Drop Bear though. Just drop me a pm if you are interested.
  6. Old Scaley

    Aj Rampage!

    Still there when I look, Robbie.
  7. Old Scaley

    south queensland Moreton Bay Report 1 December 2018

    Looking like this sh#tful wind is going to hang around for the next week. What the hell is that? Good luck if you get out.
  8. Old Scaley

    south queensland Caloundra Flathead

    Nice work @Fishaman. Good choice of music. I found it really relaxing to watch. Good to see you getting amongst them up there. Thanks for sharing.
  9. Old Scaley

    south queensland Crabzilla

    Had planned a trip out on Moreton Bay today with a mate looking for mackerel. Unfortunately he called it off last night due to work commitments. I just laughed, having almost forgotten what work means. Anyway I decided to have a solo trip and to use up the fish frames that have been cluttering up the freezer. I have had my eye on some very crabby looking territory but needed a high tide to get to it and enough water to get in and out. So I got there about 90 minutes before the high and dropped four pots. Then I went to amuse myself for a while throwing a soft vibe around some threadie country. Got 2 bumps but no hookups. The bumps could have been blue jellyfish because there was no shortage of them. Also tried drifting over a couple of banks throwing soft plastics around in the hope of a flathead or two. Nothing interested in my plastics at all so I head back to the pots, about an hour after the start of the runout. First 2 pots had nothing. The third pot felt a bit heavier and bingo - a nice healthy buck that was obviously legal so into the esky he goes. I was feeling pretty happy about that because Mrs Scaley loves muddies even more than I do so I know I will get a warm reception at home, if you catch my drift. Then onto the last pot. Definitely some weight in this one, and up comes crabzilla. Chocolate brown and sporting the Maltese cross. I love it when you don’t have to measure your crabs. Called it quits then and headed home to clean up and cook the crabs. Crabzilla went 1.7kg and his little brother was just under the kilo. I think I have found my new crabbing spot for this summer. Now I just need the prawns to start running and the fish to get hungry and it could be a very merry Christmas.
  10. Old Scaley

    south queensland New "boat", Maiden Voyage

    Back to the old stomping ground, hey @benno573. Pretty sure the word is getting around the fish in the Jacobs Well area - HE’S BACK!!!! Not a bad start for your new vessel. I still owe you a few deckie spots, so if you see a good midweek day with the right tides that happens to coincide with an unfortunate bout of industrial diarrhoea, sing out and we can arrange a play date.
  11. Old Scaley

    south queensland Tips And Spots

    Don’t they say that there are only 2 types of booties down the Pin - those who have hit a sandbar and those that are going to? Hope you both have successful trips and I am looking forward to the reports.
  12. Old Scaley

    south queensland Tingalpa Creek

    They are delicious. Just remember the minimum size is 38cm.
  13. Old Scaley

    Half Day Charter Recommendations - Gold Coast

    I wish I could remember the name of the half day charter that a mate arranged for us on the Gold Coast about 6 or 7 years ago so that I could NOT recommend it to you. He got the places cheap on Groupon. The boat was dirty even when we first boarded and I think the deckie was still half cut from a big night the night before. The bait on offer was something that used to be squid and some pillies that were on their third outing at least. The skipper was obviously trying to conserve fuel and turned south from the seaway and started fishing so close in to the beach at Surfers Paradise that I half-joked out loud that I could hear the lifesaver ordering us out of the flagged area. That didn’t go down too well with the skipper who told everyone it was a well known pearl perch spot, but they just weren’t firing today. I guess they were just not that interested in our slimy squid or the one third of a pillie that we were allowed. One of the punters asked about the morning tea that was part of the deal and the deckie produced one pack of Sao biscuits (“sorry everyone, the wife forgot to pack the cheese and tomato”). Then, about 90 minutes in, a teenage boy on board who had been bragging all morning that he had been drinking since lunchtime the day before suddenly started heaving inside the boat (at least it looked like someone got some tomato at some stage) and the skipper declared it as too rough to continue and we headed back to the wharf. I think the total time on the water was about 2 hours. Needless to say there were no fish on board. I hope your brother has a better trip.
  14. Old Scaley

    south queensland Tips And Spots

    You would not be the only one to score a donut in that area. It can be very hit and miss. Having one big hit means you are doing something right. Next time you might nail it. Good luck.
  15. Old Scaley

    south queensland Tips And Spots

    I have done a couple of bay charters with Sean. From memory his advice was not to fish too close up to the mangroves if fishing for flatties because the new mangroves that are just sticking out of the mud are too uncomfortable for the flathead to lie on.