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  1. south queensland Landbased Snapper

    Or cooked whole in lemon butter over coals. Just need to a fork to pull the flesh away from the bones. Great for a camping breakfast.
  2. south queensland Landbased Snapper

    Google butter bream. Where there is one there is hundreds. Sweet flesh but very bony.
  3. Nrl 2017

    I think we learned 2 things from that game. 1. Tonga won’t win the cup. 2. How crap are the kiwis when they are not being bolstered by their neighbours.
  4. Cricket 2017-2018

    Shaun Marsh gets more chances than any cricketer since Kim Hughes. I hope he repays that faith this time. I will be there for Day 1. Was hoping for the weather to be hot and steamy but then remembered how poorly our guys handled the heat in India. Here’s hoping it is a great series with a whitewash to the Aussie team.
  5. Bait Tank Plumbing

    Have done a bit of that in the distant past @Gad but wouldn’t be up to it now. I will be putting both those tools to good use today to spread 3 cubic metres of topsoil in between rain showers (and beers). Will take another look at the bait tank tomorrow.
  6. Personally, I would love to be eating enough crab to be worried.
  7. Bait Tank Plumbing

    Thanks @Luvit, so simple but still effective. Might pop into Whitworths over the weekend to see what sort of skin fittings the have (there is a gap between the transom and the tank).
  8. Bait Tank Plumbing

    Hi all Bit the bullet and had a live bait tank welded into the tinny. Plumbed and wired it up myself. Took it for a test run today. Works a treat, but I have a minor design flaw. I put a non return valve in the inlet pipe so it didn’t drain when I turn the pump off but off course that means I have no easy way of draining it at the end of the day. I know I could replace the non return valve wth an in-line turncock but then I would have to remember to turn the tap off when I shut the pump down to move. Any ideas? Some poor low light photos might give you the gist of what it looks like. Thanks in advance, Steve.
  9. Decided to pair it with a TD Sol that I have on another rod that I haven’t used for ages and see how that combo goes before I start looking at yet another reel. Pretty sure that approach will last until the next time I am driving past a tackle shop.
  10. Thanks @Angus, pretty happy with my F1 and now poring over catalogues to find a matching reel. Good luck tomorrow.
  11. Nrl 2017

    Only saw the second half. Another entertaining game. I couldn’t help thinking that Aus might prefer to play the kiwis rather than the Tongans. There are some big units in that team.
  12. Nrl 2017

    Felt like I was watching rugby sevens sometimes, but another entertaining game with lots of enthusiasm, crash tackles and dubious decisions. Not sure what tonight’s game Aus v Lebanon will bring, but the Aussies might want wear Hannibal Lector masks to protect them from any biting allegations by a certain well known whinger.
  13. Hey Angus, I know you said 9 to 3 on Saturday and Sunday but do you have a preferred time so you are not sitting around all weekend waiting for people who may not show?
  14. northern nsw Overnight Kayak Trip - Bass

    Very pretty spot and some nice footage of the takes. Thanks for sharing.
  15. Nrl 2017

    Heaps of mistakes but still one of the most entertaining games I have seen for a while. So much enthusiasm on both sides. There will be some sore boys tomorrow.