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  1. Spoke too soon. Pelagicus found?
  2. @benno573 you are wasted in Finance mate. You should have been a proof reader or an English teacher. No sign of Pelagicus so far but I am keen to resume the search for that elusive mythical beast when I get back. I will let you know when I am home and we can launch an expedition. Now to check spelling and punctuation before I hit send...............
  3. I am SE Asia for another week so count me out.
  4. Can't believe you don't have a taker @tugger. If I wasn't heading off to Asia tomorrow I would be pulling a sickie and putting my hand up for this opportunity. Hope you have a good trip.
  5. Until the Cowboys game yesterday I would have said start him at number 6 and bring Morgan off the bench as an impact utility player. Morgan played a blinder and deserves a start. I doubt DKE will get in ahead of him.
  6. Good to see you getting amongst them @kmcrosby78. Looks like your boys are just as keen as their old man. Happy days ahead.
  7. Broncos were very ordinary last night with even their big name players dropping the ball and missing tackles. The storm had the rub of the green for sure, just like the broncos did last week, but they did play exceptionally well. You can't help but wonder at Smith's ability to control a game. Throw in the footballing brains and ability of Cronk and Slater and I think they will be hard to beat at the end of the season. Maybe a full strength Broncos playing at their best might give them a run for their money but were a long way off last night. Poor old Josh McGuire is probably still wondering what time is kick off.
  8. Happy days, Angus. One of my favourite fish dinners as well. I bet the pots were heavy to drag up.
  9. Woohoo @demarc. Pressure is off on the snapper front. Lovely fish mate.
  10. Very proud to be a diehard tonight @rayke1938. Hope eBay was kind to you. QUEENSLANDER!!!
  11. I haven't fished the port since the fire foam spill but you have made me have a rethink. Those Zman curly tails in the white colours certainly work well in that area. Thanks for sharing.
  12. I was feeling pretty smug at the 30 minute mark, being the only person in my work footy tip comp that picked the Titans. Not so smug 10 minutes into the second half.
  13. Already scheduled Kelvin. Planning on having a face like a giant cold sore around August - just in time for those biting westerlies. My user name is not old Scaley for no reason.
  14. Good luck, @Dinodadog. I have done the whole face twice now and by the third week I have felt a bit sick and even a little depressed. It is a potent drug, similar to chemo. The sun certainly can sting so I hope it is cool and overcast for you tomorrow.