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  1. south queensland Wild Time In The Hinterland

    Not concerned about snakes in that grass, @Dinodadog?
  2. northern nsw Up The Creek With A Paddle

    Good fish and great photos. Inspiring in many ways.
  3. How Do You Take Good Photos For Your Reports?

    I am bagging a deckie spot on that beast right now Kelvin
  4. How Do You Take Good Photos For Your Reports?

    Not only is there some great information in these posts, but how good is it to drool over some of those example pics! Thanks everyone.
  5. south queensland Fishing When Barometer Is Low

    Interesting article on the subject https://www.socialfishing.com.au/2015/12/01/the-weather-effect-pt-1-barometric-pressure/ but as others have said, fish when you can.
  6. How Do You Take Good Photos For Your Reports?

    Great tip @ellicat. Happy now?
  7. How Do You Take Good Photos For Your Reports?

    Wow everyone. Thanks so much for the detailed and info and great tips. Not sure I will ever reach the dizzying heights of some of the members here but I will certainly get incremental improvement. Special mention to @Drop Bear for the incredible detail, time and thought that went into his post. You are a machine, Robbie.
  8. What Do You Look For In A Report

    I just get jealous.
  9. How Do You Take Good Photos For Your Reports?

    And those grinners have such nice smiles @kmcrosby78 But you have nailed the problem Kelvin (well, one of them at least).
  10. Following on from the post about what makes a good report, I need some tips on taking good photos to add to my reports. I often fish solo and usually forget to take the happy snaps. I used to take a waterproof camera out but then the process of loading the photos to a hard drive and adding them just seemed a bit tedious so now I just take my phone but I struggle a bit with that as well. I see some great photos in other people’s reports so looking for any advice on the following: Eliminating shadows when snapping fish on the brag mat. Using a camera phone with wet hands. Any advice about taking photos when you are fishing solo. Managing glare on the phone screen (often I am guessing what is in shot) whatever else you can think of. Thanks team AFO. Steve.
  11. What Do You Look For In A Report

    I like reading that people are going fishing and then I am always hanging out for the report. @Luvit is really good at building that anticipation. I love seeing pictures of different places like the creeks and rocky headlands and wondering where they are and why I haven’t been there. I like information about different techniques and styles of fishing. I have learnt so much from people on this site over the past 10 years. i enjoy reading donut reports and what went wrong just a little more than I enjoy writing them. I like the comraderie and the friendly banter and happy that we don’t see the “one upmanship” that you see on some sites. Just keep them coming people because life is just a bit more boring when the site goes quiet.
  12. south queensland Hinze Western Arm 12/2/17.late Home.

    There is the Boy Scout coming out in you again. You truly think of everything Ray.
  13. south queensland Hinze Western Arm 12/2/17.late Home.

    Not often you see a fisherman with a safety helmet @rayke1938. Pelican protection?
  14. All You Need To Know About Tilapia.

    Ah, social media - the people’s potty.
  15. south queensland Quick Crab Grab

    And you might need to put a gps tracker on them cos I am pretty sure that are not hanging around waiting for you........