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  1. south queensland Heading Offshore Thursday

    Hmmm, and I thought this was a fishing site. Might need to be careful what I post in case it gets misconstrued and I end up on an unintended outing....... Good luck tomorrow @kmcrosby78.
  2. north queensland Late But Better Than Never,,,,

    Hard to beat a good fresh muddie and a freezing cold beer. Nice work @Angry51
  3. south queensland River Dance With Old Steve (pic Heavy)

    Geez, @ellicat. I thought you would be in the middle of your nanna nap now, not posting. The breezy conditions made it a bit tricky today but we didn't use much juice and still have a feed. Boat is cleaned, fish is is filleted and crumbed and I am on beer number 3. And to think I could have been at work today listening to blah blah blah. Thanks for your expert net work and sharing your sweet bun and guava juice with me. We will do it again soon. PS. You forgot to mention your squire. Undersize but noteworthy none the less.
  4. south queensland My Weekend

    Your kids do pretty well out of that comp, hey @Doyley. Nice family feed there as well.
  5. Great report and nice photos Wayne. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Stuff For Wheel Studs?

    Thanks @rayke1938 but really should we have to go to that expense just to change a wheel? Do you remember how much it cost?
  7. Stuff For Wheel Studs?

    Not sure Gary, but if it will do the job then that is what I need. Thanks @Angry51
  8. Stuff For Wheel Studs?

    So I have ordered a new trailer to replace my aging redco. I can't remember the name of the stuff you put on the wheel studs to stop them locking on. I have been lucky to never have to change a trailer wheel on the side of the road but if I did have to I know there is no way I could undo the wheel nuts. Every time I have replaced the bearings I have had to take the trailer to the local mechanic to get the rattle gun onto them. So this time I want to make sure I could get the nuts undone on my own. What is that stuff called?
  9. Keep Australia Fishing

    Looks like "fake news" to me.
  10. south queensland Short Netting

    Thanks for the report @ellicatLooks like you didn't have to go too far for a feed. Brian, you know that @Sparksie is only interested in your buns! Good to see a few flattie around, although it is amazing how they can shrink between when they surface and when you get them on the brag mat. Bait or plastics?
  11. Trolling Small Lures

    I agree with @Dinodadog that not all lures like to be trolled. Especially the small ones. The micro mullet range troll pretty well and are adjustable if they go a bit wonky.
  12. Nrl 2017

    Still a chance of an all Qld final. What a game that was.
  13. Bodgie Trailer Repair.

    All that fresh water is a real trailer killer, hey Ray. Need to dunk it in the salt occasionally to toughen it up.
  14. Nrl 2017

    Frustrating game if you are a Broncos fan. Despite all the errors and lazy defence they almost pulled it off. Definitely missed Boyd's leadership at the back. Hopefully they will be a lot better next week.
  15. Haha, mate. Saw you on the news. Going into full production now?