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  1. Old Scaley

    Wynnum Fishing Classic

    Good call @ellicat. I am sure Robbie will be hearing people calling his name in his sleep tonight. Really successful event despite the weather. Bring on the 2019 event.
  2. Old Scaley

    Wynnum Fishing Classic

    Congrats Brad, and good on you and the boys for sticking it out and putting in the the hard yards in ordinary conditions. Highlight of the day was the smile on Jackson’s face every time he came up to claim a prize.
  3. Old Scaley

    Nrl 2018

    Kiwis 26 defeat the Kangaroos 24. The score line probably flattered Australia given how many mistakes they made. Shows what happens when you have too many Blues in the team, including a few of the most overrated players in the NRL (we all know who they are). One narrow series win and the selectors think the Blues are the answer. Reminds me a bit of the last time the kiwis won when we arrogantly sent a B side over to NZ and got flogged. Having said all that (with a bit of tongue in cheek) I thought Mitchell was the Kangaroo’s best and the Kiwis played a near perfect game. And I can’t even blame the referee, which kinda takes the fun out of losing. Congrats to the Junior Kangaroos and the Jillaroos for holding up their end of the bargain. Ahh, rugby league - the greatest game of all!
  4. Old Scaley

    south queensland Want To Win A Boat?

    Shame about the weather @Drop Bear, but like you said the chances of winning one of these brilliant prizes is so high that any legal fish could win a category and the raffle odds are amazing.
  5. Old Scaley

    south queensland Albert / Logan Junction

    That area might be a good option for the fishing comp this weekend. You can hide from the wind and plenty of species on offer.
  6. I still have 3 Snyder Glas surf rods with Alveys (1 heavy and 2 light surf rods that I bought for my boys when they were young). I still love surf fishing with Alveys and rinsing the sand out of them in the surf. Also have a Wilson Heritage 8 foot rod that I bought when I was feeling nostalgic for the old school rods a few years ago. I thought I would keep it for blackfish or bream fishing with bait but don’t do much of of this sort of fishing. It certainly feels weird after using the modern rods.
  7. Old Scaley

    south queensland Livies

    Poo Shute is reliable, but I would avoid the run out tide because I think that is when they release the gates. I got a rash on my arms after castnetting there on the run out tide that took 3 weeks to disappear. Another spot to try for mullet is in the little creek behind the tug station, but you need plenty of water to get up it. Good luck to you and the kids in the comp Brad.
  8. Old Scaley

    Cricket 2018-19 Home Internationals & Big Bash

    4.30 pm this arvo on Fox, @ellicat
  9. Old Scaley

    south queensland Prize Packs

    Amazing prizes for the inaugural event!
  10. Old Scaley

    Some Advice On A New Rod

    Check out the Samaki Zing XTreme rods. I use one for my go to soft plastic rod and it has a really nice feel and action. Right in your price zone as well, and teamed with a Ci4+ would be a good set up at a realistic price.
  11. Old Scaley

    Nrl 2018

    And thanks for organising the comp again.
  12. Old Scaley

    Nrl 2018

    Congrats, @ellicat. Also, congrats to Dan for coming just behind the old man. Bragging rights in the family for another 12 months Brian.
  13. Old Scaley

    Nrl 2018 Predictions

    Billy is off the hook. Now we have to hope Cooper can play so we have the best v the best.
  14. Old Scaley

    New Oyster Shell Recycling Site

    Moreton and Tweed Heads??
  15. Old Scaley

    south queensland Fish I'd Please

    Some sort of wrasse?