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  1. Old Scaley

    south queensland Crocodiles Kids Kayaks

    With a great deal of caution. Generally the further south you go, the safer you are. Crocs have been sighted and caught in the Mary River but have not harassed humans to the best of my knowledge. There are also reliable sightings on Fraser Island but very rare. Once you get into real croc country in FNQ, you can fish from the beach but try to stick to beaches with clear water so you can see any big critters hanging around. Even then, stand well back from the water and keep a good eye out. Fishing from small boats is pretty safe but won’t be for much longer if these croc tour boats keep teaching them to associate boats with food. You will love it up north, just take more care than you might somewhere else. Talk to the locals. Once they finish trying to scare you to death they will have good local knowledge to help you out.
  2. Old Scaley

    south queensland Offshore Saturday

    Pearl perch poached in lemon butter last night - spectacular! Snapper in panko crumbs tonight. Gave a couple of fillets to my mum and cryovacced another 4 meals. You can never eat too much fish in my house.
  3. Old Scaley

    2018 Suburbs Of Origin Round One - 8th - 17th Of June

    ^^ Could be like State of Origin last year. Blues blitzed the Maroons in game one but went down like a bag of you know what in the next two games.........
  4. Old Scaley

    south queensland Offshore Saturday

    I know that not everyone had a great day out yesterday, but I have to say that I had a sensational day offshore with @tugger and his son Brock. I was so happy that Mark had offered me a spot for the day that even if we caught nothing it was going to be a good day. like a good deckie, I got to Mark’s place early (4.30am) and we met up with @straddiebrad and @demarc at the ramp. Nice to meet you Brad, and to see Julian again. The armada set off across the Bay in the dark, arriving at a very calm Bay right on first light. We all slipped out into the ocean and headed to the bait ground to get a few livies. With livies gathered, Brad and Julian headed north to the 33s while Mark headed over to some new ground, let’s call it Mark’s mark. Mark had a few bust offs on monsters of the deep at his new spot but the current was making things hard. So, off we went to check in with the boys at the 33s. Fishing was patchy but we did put a few snaps and a couple of pearlies in the box. We persevered for a while then Mark decided we should head to Tugger Rock. Good call. We anchored up and got a steady stream of trevallies that fought above their weight class and some pan size snaps. Close to knock off time, Mark made another good call to have a drift through that area. Tugger and son had some big hits and landed a few good snapper while my mojo ran out and I couldn't lose a bait. Once we had our bag of snapper, it was home time after about 11 hours on the water. The boys were very kind with the distribution of the catch and I have been busy today filleting and bagging some delicious morsels. Pearl perch tonight - yum! Not too many photos sorry. Here is the catch Here is Mark hooked up (again) Also saw heaps of whales, some were very close but disappeared as soon as I got the camera loaded. Thanks again Mark. It was a top day out and I learnt heaps.
  5. Old Scaley

    south queensland Noosa Family Holiday

    I am calling that a fishing trip dressed up as a family get away @Angus. Very nice. Good question from @Drop Bear about the jigs. How deep was the water you using them in?
  6. Old Scaley

    south queensland Offshore Saturday

    So looking forward to learning about technique and tackle from someone who really knows their fishing. I will pay this opportunity forward and offer a decky spot on my next solo trip to someone who doesn’t have a boat.
  7. Old Scaley

    south queensland Offshore Saturday

    Just replied to your message @tugger. Keen as mustard. Just had snapper for dinner for the second night in a row and my wife had commented that she could eat fish 5 days a week. That was about 2 minutes before I read your pm so she could hardly say no to rearranging a couple of things this weekend.
  8. Old Scaley

    south queensland NPD 11/6/18

    @rayke1938, don’t forget to do the peace sign thing for the Suburbs of Origin Comp. The southsiders are relying on you for the bass category.
  9. This might help @Poddymullet
  10. Old Scaley

    2018 Suburbs Of Origin Round One - 8th - 17th Of June

    Ok, so I was a bit embarrassed about my barely there snap, so had another crack today. It was a sensational day on the water once the wind dropped. Not a lot of action, but did manage an upgrade. Yet another crappy pic, but you get the idea.
  11. Old Scaley

    2018 Suburbs Of Origin Round One - 8th - 17th Of June

    I can see 2 fingers making a peace sign
  12. Old Scaley

    TUGGER knows nothing about fishing!

    I miss @kreel
  13. Old Scaley

    2018 Suburbs Of Origin Round One - 8th - 17th Of June

    Ok, I will kick it off. Had a quick solo trip today. Did everything wrong - late start, half tide on the run in, and no real plan. Paid the price for this lack of planning and managed 3 small squire. They were all much the same size, but one did sneak over the line, just. I know it doesn’t look legal in the photo but I was trying to hold him down with my fingers giving some sort of peace sign and take the photo with the other wet hand. I wanted to do this quickly so I could release it in good condition. Measured properly it went 35.5. I know this is not a winning fish but wanted to get the comp going. Good luck everyone.
  14. Old Scaley

    Who's Heading Out This Weekend

    In that case @christophagus I might have to sneak out on Saturday to grab the big ones for the Southside. I have Monday off as well at this stage so will clean up whatever is left.
  15. Old Scaley

    2018 Suburbs Of Origin

    I’m in for the mighty Southside as well.