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    loves to get out for a fish ,likes camping going away for weekend adventures
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    Estuary and Coastal Fishing
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    berkely frenzy red tiger
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    fresh mullet
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    82cm snapper off the rocks at straddie


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    Motor Boat with Trailer

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  1. straddiebrad

    Bi-focals for sunglasses cheap fix.

    i brought a pair of sunnies from mossops they were bi focals 60 bucks a pair they are great they now sit at the bottom of the 33s
  2. straddiebrad

    south queensland Finally Back To Gods Country

    now i new i wanted to go back the day we left,i hope to get a trip in around xmas
  3. straddiebrad

    south queensland Boat Review: Tabs Territory Pro

    mine is a 6.2 though the only thing i changed on them was the rod holders they can in black plastic ones and i put stainless steal ones in
  4. straddiebrad

    south queensland Boat Review: Tabs Territory Pro

    my boats made by tabs and its great on the water good sea boat
  5. think he is down the coast for his holiday for 6 weeks so i would say after the new year
  6. straddiebrad

    south queensland New Reefs

    waiting on a reply to see if the other ones are between the 5 that are shown went i went over them there seemed to be one or 2 together but not sure
  7. straddiebrad

    Crab Pot Theft

    lets just say they dont get raided
  8. straddiebrad

    New Bait Tank

    went all good keeps my livies alive i ended up bolting it up the right hand side with 3 10 mm s/s bolts no bolts went on the bottom just up the right side strong as wont move at all
  9. straddiebrad

    south queensland Crabzilla

    some cracker crabs mate
  10. straddiebrad

    south queensland New Reefs

    if anyone is wanting the gps marks for the new reef system off straddie that they put in just send you email and i will send them on dont know how to link them to here so, theere is 5 spots in all with 38 5 meter arties in place.brad
  11. they were ajs i would say boated a few around the 60 mark
  12. mate had a good run out off straddie on the 14th got 2 amberjacks a cod a one dolphin fish lost a few unstoppables too witch is why only on dolphin fish,got sick of being busted off so went to the wave rider with 2 livies lost one and boated one they wouldnt take a pillie or soft plastic so headed home
  13. Planning on heading out through spb on Saturday to try my luck on a dollie or hook if we can troll one up
  14. straddiebrad

    North Straddie

    I went for a look the couldn't see the barges might be already done hang had a chance to get out yet but been slaying the break at the ramp