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    loves to get out for a fish ,likes camping going away for weekend adventures
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    Estuary and Coastal Fishing
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    berkely frenzy red tiger
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    fresh mullet
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    82cm snapper off the rocks at straddie


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  1. good luck mate i was thinking of heading out just not sure on a day yet
  2. as we put the boat in at runaway bay on the high tide ,i went and payed my fee on return i had put my wallet down on the back, to undo the tiedowns back the boat down leaving my wallet on the back duck board,we looked everywhere for it even going in the water,30 mins later i was over it cracked a beer and headed for the island my wife contacted the bank to cancel my cards,after a few beers durning the day mick fillet said lets go for another look by then i had thought no its gone dont worry about it then about 4 in the arvo after a few more brown bottels mick said once again lets go see i thought at least in the morning i could say we tryed, so we left for the ramp by this time the tide was well and truly out put on a snorkel and away i went first dive nothing second dive nothing,by this time mick went and ask if anyone had handed it in but the answer was no,i had said to mick if the tide was still coming in the wallet should be near the corner so i went over one dive in about ten feet of water and as i reached the bottom there it was open and right infront of me so stoked and i had just got money out to give to lance for some things i brought for the weekend,so realy if it wasnt for mick pushing me to look it would have been gone so thanks again mick
  3. mate great one done well looks nice and healthy too
  4. they were talking about the other photo i know iam in the group one you might need glasses
  5. also i know one thing they say 3 times a charm ,,so i will not have a wallet on me next trip just cash.
  6. looking at it now iam not in the pic at all its my brother behind mick
  7. they said they were backing down to moore put the boat in neutral the bloke grab something slipped and it the process either put the boat in forward or reverse very badly cut up by the prop but is ok
  8. one of the best turn outs ever with around 40 people in our camp, best place to have a social and meet new people
  9. thats mick iam the bloke behind him
  10. yes it was blowing 19knts before looked ok out there be there will bells on
  11. south queensland Palmy Reef Dad Against Son

    if its stays they way it is now i will hit the palmy saturday and we may put in at runnaway bay if the weather is **** for sunday will look tomorow
  12. south queensland Palmy Reef Dad Against Son

    think we will go from there too as it might be windy on the trip home
  13. south queensland Palmy Reef Dad Against Son

    leslie waited up at blakelys for the pav last time i will let her know your doing another ,she loved it last time
  14. south queensland Palmy Reef Dad Against Son

    we will go from rudy mars and see you there other people will follow us as its close for them
  15. south queensland Palmy Reef Dad Against Son

    my tribe will get the frozen chooks and bread rolls ? i will grab 3 chooks and 2 dozen rolls,and some pasta ,pumkin and a bag of carrotts,