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    loves to get out for a fish ,likes camping going away for weekend adventures
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    Estuary and Coastal Fishing
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    berkely frenzy red tiger
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    fresh mullet
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    82cm snapper off the rocks at straddie


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    Motor Boat with Trailer
  1. Straddie

    we went on a trolling fish ended up with a mackeral small yellow fin tuna small and a bonito small but was a good day,and also put an offer on a house over there so fingers crossed.
  2. Straddie

    anyone heading out over the weekend looks to be a good few days ,i will be on straddie friday for a week hope to get off-shore a few times,plan is to head out through the spb first light saturday and maybee sunday depending how many beers we have saturday ,brad
  3. Straddie

    how you going over there rob i will be back there in 3 weeks
  4. Sailfish

    yes i remeber that now was a good day
  5. Sailfish

    he had a bit of a sweat up too
  6. Sailfish

    thought this fish was worth another mention was a great fish caught by marks boy brock my has he grown hey mark, top fish
  7. Straddie

    yes it was they were over the meter mark they would come in chasing the hering also you could see the macks cutting through the waters surface
  8. Straddie

    mate take some good gear the kingies and mackeral might still be around the jetty of a morning,i left all my gear at home only took gear for the kids catching bream,so had to go to the camping store at dunwich and buy some gear for it
  9. Straddie

    had a ball got smoked by kingies at the jetty and landed a spotty 80cm all on live hering there is a tonne of them around and the grand kids were smashing the bream too at the ramp with jaxson getting one at 39 on bread witch we gave to an indian man all other fish were set free.
  10. Straddie

    heading over to north straddie on friday arvo for a few cold ones, if aaanyone is heading over give us a bell,will be staying at amity,do a bit of fishing from the rocks with the grandkids ,and do a bit of house hunting too,brad
  11. south queensland Wanderers Do 1770

    anytime but your doing the cooking
  12. south queensland Wanderers Do 1770

    iam looking at buying a house over straddie might have to sell the big boat and get something a bit smaller for my island home time will tell,i still might keep it just not sure yet,hope to get one more 1770 trip in .
  13. south queensland Wanderers Do 1770

    plan for a xmas run if the weather is good
  14. south queensland Wanderers Do 1770

    did you see the barrels
  15. south queensland Wanderers Do 1770

    as the song goes we get by with a little help from our freinds