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  1. Madmic's Fish Of The Month - January

    @timtam_ hhahahah so good. Im always too excited to properly direct photos. Definitely gotta work on it. Your 34 is a horse!!!
  2. Madmic's Fish Of The Month - January

    My deckie got one tonight and I dropped one. Pulled the hooks. People say do the drag up tight, so I did. i don't know about that tactic though... i would prefer to lose a few to busting off than dropping fish from pulling hooks. Caught trolling a hardbody.
  3. Madmic's Fish Of The Month - January

    Trying tonight on the Coomera. Boat is with me at work waiting for 5pm. Not going to forget my number 9 this time!
  4. Hi all, I am planning to come along to this event in my tinnie. I'll drag along a mate or my girlfriend if the weather is perfect. Hoping we get some good weather, I would love to follow some of the bigger boats offshore if there are plans for this. I know I am not a regular contributor but it will be good to meet you all and share a beer.
  5. Madmic's Fish Of The Month - January

    @timtam_ Deep water away from the mangroves with heaps of structure and bait. Cant say it was a targeted jack catch. More just a good looking spot that could produce any number of different species.
  6. Madmic's Fish Of The Month - January

    Got my first ever Jack on the weekend. Very very happy! Caught on the Noosa River on live bait. Only went 36cm and I forgot to do the '9' but that doesn't matter. A 36cm fish isn't going to win it.
  7. Hervey Bay Bound

    Nice one mate. I guess you wont be out tonight then? Got any photos!?
  8. Hervey Bay Bound

    @bluefin59 @Cody Should all meet up and go for a run.
  9. Hervey Bay Bound

    Yea mate @Cody
  10. Hervey Bay Bound

    Just saw your post on showing off the boat! Very nice. We have similar setups.
  11. Hervey Bay Bound

    @Cody I will be over there with my girlfriend but I will likely be dropping her at Kingfisher and going fishing a fair bit. I will PM you my number mate. Would be good to chase some fish around with someone up there. What sort of tub are you in?
  12. for sale 2011 Hyundai I 30 Auto Diesel Wagon

    These cars are great. My folks have a diesel one that I drove back from Newcastle and it only used 3/4 of a tank of fuel. Couldn't believe it!
  13. Hervey Bay Bound

    Hi @Cody When are you heading up? I am planning on being there for 5 days sometime around new years and just after. I will be in my little tinnie. Planning to camp on Woody Island and around Fraser. Would be good to meet up if you are about
  14. Fabrication Of Bow Mount Plate On Tinnie

    @Cmaltby $150 and painted is insanely cheap. I looked around and I certainly could not find anyone willing to do work for that price.
  15. Fabrication Of Bow Mount Plate On Tinnie

    Hi @Drop Bear @Panther Sorry about the slow reply. The boat got picked up late Friday. I am really happy with it now.... I was not 100% happy initially. It was solid but the welds were rough/chunky. I wish I had taken a 'before' photo. What you see is after it is all cleaned up. I took to it with a flap disc and made it all look neat, ensured there were no sharp edges and made all the surface look uniform. Now it looks good. For $250 I am happy but it would have been nice to be perfect off the bat. I should add, I did push the guy to finish it on a Friday afternoon so maybe it got rushed.