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  1. Decent Rod For $150

    im a huge advocate for the Shimano Sienna reels. Cheap, and when looked after they last a long time. I believe they sell a Sienna combo for under $100 (when on sale which seems to be every second week). If the budget stretches, you could buy two combos for under $200 and have them setup for different species. a 4-6lb setup for bream and an 8-10lb setup for flatties, jacks, bullsharks, jew etc
  2. All You Need To Know About Tilapia.

    I also heard that Tilapia started the Illuminati
  3. Quiz Time

  4. Quiz Time

  5. Quiz Time

    NSW blues trophy cabinet?
  6. Fourby And Fishing Get Together Cancelled

    Good on you for trying to organise anyway Brian. ive got it in my head to organise a kayak social in the future. Just a one day thing followed by a bbq as I know a lot of folk on here have kayaks.
  7. south queensland Bit Of A Surprise

    Big gentle giants. Ive seen a few in the passage
  8. Newbie Hunting Flatty

    hey mate, welcome. If youre still a bit hesitant to use lures, a favourite dead bait of mine for flatties is a dead or live herring. live is great, but a fresh dead herring is also good bait. I just chop the head off, and trim the bottom of the belly off (pic below). also a good snapper bait. best of luck!
  9. regardless of the size, surface strikes are always really fun to watch. Good stuff Angus
  10. Launched the boat at 6am on Sunday morning with the intentions of a lazy morning on the water with some music and food with my fiancé Lauren Dropped the anchor, setup the two rigs and threw out two baits….2-3 minutes later (literally, I had barley sat down and just opened a bottle of water) one reel starts peeling off line. Set the hook (I have a new found love for bait runners) and the fight was on. It was a fairly lazy fight of only about 5 minutes and we had our first shark for the morning in the boat. Only a pup at 78cm but still a fun catch. Popped a tag in its back and back in the drink he went. An hour passed with a missed hookup before we had another run. Though this next run hit the bait at speed and was swimming against the current. I had to wind in a lot of slack line about 30m worth before I felt any weight, then as soon as I felt the weight the little bull shark started going beserk! Must have had something to do with having a hook in its mouth…maybe he was just in a bad mood…who knows? Another 5 minute battle and we had bully number two in the boat. Another little male that went 77cm, but it fought much harder than the first. Tag went in and back in the water to fight another day. Happy with twofor the morning, we called it a day. Back home with the boat and gear washed and away by 10am, sure beats sleeping in! I never ever get sick of catching these beauties on gear intended for bream. Gear was a 3000 reel, 2-4kg rod, 8lb main line, 40lb mono leader (50cm), 80lb wire trace (50cm) with an 8/0 circle hook. Fresh water eel as bait (always) On a side note, just after we got the first on in the boat some bloke went screaming past on his jetski with a big smile on his face. So I held up the shark and showed it to him....I've never seen someone's smile disappear so fast and turn into a worried look, we cracked up laughing after that Im hoping to be able to offer a decky spot or two in the coming weeks for anyone who is interested.
  11. south queensland 1 Cobia 10 Unstoppables

    chunky cobia Tugger, great stuff
  12. Well done Robbie, this will be a fish to remember for a long time!
  13. south queensland 14 Hour Anti-social On The Gc

    haha I know the feeling. once left the GC at about 2am after a fishing session. A 4 pack of Krispy Kremes and a redbull pulled me through
  14. looks like a great trip mate
  15. northern nsw More Bay Reds

    no wonder the snaps cant resist