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  1. christophagus

    south queensland Crabzilla

    what a whopper! well done mate. love it when a plan comes together
  2. christophagus

    Free Xmas Turkeys.

    on a more serious note, i would imagine that they create a pretty bad slip hazard...
  3. christophagus

    south queensland NPD Drone

    great video. good fishing too
  4. christophagus

    south queensland Fad Deployment In Npd.

    that,s really good to see. Ill be interested to see how it fishes over the coming years
  5. christophagus


  6. Perfect setup then. Leave that bully take the bait and swallow it a bit before clicking that drag into strike. Sounds like you’ve experienced the problem with crabs. Mullet does work...just so long as crabs don’t steal it first...which will happen 99% of the time nah I’ve never fished twin waters before, but a work mate lives up there and always talks about locals catching them...I’ve seen pics of 5ft bulls caught there. If if you can’t catch any eel (or find where to buy) I’ve got a good collection at home, would be happy to give you some
  7. I've never found need for chum mate. I think you'd find most shark fish don't bother with chum, sure it might work....but its extra things to take out fishing, more stuff to buy etc If the sharks are around, they will find your bait. Given that sharks don't stop swimming, they cover alot of distance in a short amount of time. 12 inch trace is fine, i use the halco 60-100lb (depending on what im chasing) wire and clip on a circle hook. the wire is really only there to prevent bite offs. from the wire trace i run 40-80lb mono for about 1m with a small sinker running up and down the mono then tie that off to the main line. That rig hasn't failed me yet (once when a big bull tail whipped my mono...must have been a big shark) Live bait is great if you an get it, as is dead mullet etc....but in my experience, it wont last 10 minutes in the water before catfish, small bream, crabs, toad fish etc pick it to pieces...very frustrating. Especially when you dont even feel the tiny bites and you could have no bait on the hook without you even knowing! Slabs of eel on the other hand will last a very long time. Ive once caught 3 bull sharks in one morning on the same piece of eel haha. do you loosen the drag right off when waiting for a strike?
  8. hey Zak, But it seems like you're on the right track so far. Keep record of your fishing trips, and see what works and what doesn't work. Dead chunks of mullet have never really been the best in my experience. You are better off spending time trying to get live bait, much more likely to hook something. Or, just use small pieces of freshwater eel, hands down the best bait you can use. Id focus on smaller river systems, you'd be surprised how shallow the small bullies will hunt in. I know for a fact that Twin Waters has a healthy population of bull sharks (some relatively large too about 4ft plus) and im planning to go there in the next 2-3 weeks for an evening fish. Do yourself a favour, go either buy or catch a few freshwater eels, use about 10cm pieces. One eel should last you about 3-4 fishing trips. a hell of alot easier than cast netting bait every time lol What size wire are you using?
  9. christophagus

    south queensland Brisbane River Shark Trip 16/11/18

    10 minutes. Not too bad but I had to push in a bit to do so
  10. Made the call early last week to do an overnight trip out in the bay with the hope of tagging some sharks. Upon launching at the port of Brisbane just prior to sunset and trying to push out of the mouth, I soon knew I needed to run with plan B. The bay was a nightmare, waves crashing over the bow, 15knot winds (thanks willy weather forecast) so we decided to anchor up just outside the mouth of the Brisbane river for the night instead. We put some baits out (stingray flap, mullet and 30cm slabs of freshwater eel) the ray went untouched, as did the mullet but the eel received plenty of attention with 3 runs with one hook up. The first run dropped the bait and didn’t come back, the second run was a solid hookup, drag started to scream but lazy old me didn’t put any wind on leader on…so as the shark turned and started to swim towards to boat, I reeled like crazy until I felt weight again and bang! With a solid whip of the tail he busted through my 40lb braid. Lost the shark and my cable trace…I won’t make that mistake again. 8pm rolls around and we get the 3rd run, which resulted in a 1.13m bull which we tagged and released back. The tide changed around 11pm, so we got the baits in and waited for the slack tide to end before we floated the baits out again. 2 hours later the mullet goes off screaming off at a very fast pace (this was dodgy servo special frozen tweed mullet by the way) hooks set and we are in. The 24kg rod had a fairly good bend in it, wasn’t the most exciting of fights as we had it next to the boat within about 5 minutes. (Setup was a Penn Squall 60 with 50lb braid) Was a nice fat 5.8ft male bull shark. Circle hook did its job perfectly hooking right in the corner of its mouth which made for a super quick release, the faster the better in my opinion. We tried to tag this one as well but we didn’t have the right gear on board to puncture its skin (very tough skin to get a tag though!) That was it for the night, we stayed until sun rise then we powered home for a sleep. Was kind of poetic, as we left the ramp the sun was setting, and as we came home the sun had just risen. The amount of weekend warriors at the ramp was nuts! Line up 6 deep with 3 on the ramp at any given time. Lessons learnt form my first overnight trip ALWAYS use a leader My boat is super uncomfortable to stay on overnight lol DB2F908B-BC2A-4EB2-A48C-BE213DE6FC14.MOV
  11. christophagus

    Need Advice On A Battery Fro My Trolling Motor For My Kayak

    cant speak from experience, but id imagine itd depend on a few things, how hard you run the watersnake, how much charge on the battery etc. im pretty sre you can get a good few hours out of them
  12. christophagus

    south queensland Shark Fishing Last Friday

    That's awesome mate!! well done. Always such a great feeling when you learn about targeting a new species, make a plan for it and it pays off! also, just be careful when you pick them up by the tail, the sharks under 1.5m have a great ability to double back on themselves and give you a nasty bite. the smaller they are, the more likely they are to do that. You can slide you hand under their belly just behind their pec fins. or you can pin them from on top on their below to explain
  13. christophagus

    south queensland Beware

    park next to another trailer that has no security or locks at all
  14. christophagus

    south queensland My Most Unique Capture Yet...wasn't A Fish

    Hah brilliant @ellicat
  15. christophagus

    south queensland My Most Unique Capture Yet...wasn't A Fish

    i will have to monitor it heavily @Luvit, thanks for the advice