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  1. south queensland My Weekend

    nice one mate I too hope to take the boat over to Tangalooma a few times this summer
  2. south queensland Hammerhead + 50 Bonito

    yeah mate, in moreton bay
  3. south queensland Hammerhead + 50 Bonito

    cheers nog, will do
  4. south queensland Hammerhead + 50 Bonito

    well...we wernt sure what the fish were, so decided to let them all go. Was only later we found they had no size limit or bag limit...could have supplied bait for all future trips! oh well
  5. south queensland Hammerhead + 50 Bonito

    was glass when we went out. Hardly any boats on the water which was strange for the start of school holidays... it did slop up quickly after midday when we called it quits
  6. south queensland Hammerhead + 50 Bonito

    Morning all, After having my new bot serviced this week, it was time to get it out on the water. We headed for some beacons to float some shark baits out and spin for some mackerel too. Long story short, not one mackerel to be seen, but 50+ bonito were caught on halco twisties. They were a bit of fun to pass the time while waiting for the shark rods to go off. Only one run for the day which resulted in a 1.2m hammerhead which was caught on pike eel. It was only a 5 minute fight, with it only in the boat for 2 mins before the hook was removed, tag was inserted and she was released. Was an awesome sight to see her swim away strongly as hammers can sometimes struggle to after being caught. The pic doesn't do it justice as there looks to be a lot of blood , but it was a perfect hook set in the corner of the jaw. First shark for the season tagged and released, very happy. My aim for this season, is to tag and release as many as possible. I know doing so may rub some people up the wrong way, but at the end of the day im providing the possibility of obtaining valuable data on these beautiful creatures which may end up helping protect both us, and them.
  7. Outboard Servicing - Mobile Vs Workshops

    thanks for the advice mate. ive had a few good reviews on a mobile bloke, so ill give it a go next week.
  8. south queensland Inside Fraser Magic

    those are some serious looking boats mate cant wait to get up to Hervey with my boat this summer!
  9. Nrl 2017

    anything can happen in finals footy. id love for the broncos to win, then the chooks to loose the week after. Broncos vs storm would be an ideal prem game
  10. G'day Fishos

    Welcome mate, would love to see some pics of your rig. i miss my hobie outback everyday haha
  11. south queensland The Boy Borrowed The Boat

    some seriously good meals there. well done lads.
  12. food Rubbery Fish

    i had to read that twice to get it haha brilliant
  13. south queensland Fishing Invite

    i like the entry fee idea, makes it easy for prizes etc. nice one mate
  14. i thought the same thing, just a big one off comp instead, the interest clearly drops from rounds one to three. might entice more folks with just one round. But that's a next year job haha
  15. Congrats Team South. i was down in Melbourne for a week and wasn't able to fish. That's 2 years in a row to the damn Mexicans...