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  1. Mission Point Advice

    Hey everyone, Ive booked a 2 night trip for later in the year to camp at Mission Point. My biggest concern is leaving the car and trailer at the ramp. Which ramp do you find is the safest around the passage? Donnybrook and Toorbul seems dodgy to me.. Plan to pump some yabbies at Mission point and fish for bread and butter stuff Any other camping advice or tips for the area would be muchly appreciated. Also, im thinking of towing a kayak behind the boat. I don't see many issues with it as long as I take it easy...any advice?
  2. Fuel Flow/usage Meter

    @Tybo this is exactly what im chasing! I've got a lowrance Elite 4, I couldn't see on that link if it has a list of compatible units?
  3. Fuel Flow/usage Meter

    Great advice. Thanks mate
  4. Fuel Flow/usage Meter

    Afternoon AFO, I do not trust my current fuel gauge (when full it reads 3/4 full). So I still haven't been able to get a close to accurate fuel usage reading. Not to mention I have an under floor tank, so I cannot visually see how much ive used or how much is left. (Still unsure of the tank size still). Im wanting to start doing some larger trips (Moreton, chasing tuna in Hervey Bay etc) Has anyone had experience with using a fuel flow meter before? I haven’t found one yet, but I've been told that you may be able to install a fuel meter (analogue) just in the fuel hose which will show how many litres have passed through it and into the engine. Thanks
  5. south queensland Nerang River

    Young fella certainly has the technique nailed! must have a good teacher
  6. south queensland Where To Catch Live Bait Around Brisbane?

    any boat ramp mate. as ellicat said, nearly every boat ramp around SEQ will produce prawns, herring, mullet, silver biddies etc good old cheap bait jig dropped into a school of herring at a jetty is very easy and fun, plus from time to time you pick up yellow tail pike which are a dynamite live bait for bigger predators (snapper, tuna, mackerel, sharks etc)
  7. south queensland North Or South Of Brissy

    landbased and not much angling traffic don't really ever go in the same sentence together haha ive been wanting to give hays inlet a go landbased. its a great flatty spot at low tide with not a whole lot of foot traffic. the odd Jew fish pops up down there too. maybe give there a shot
  8. south queensland Hervey Bay Golden's

    spent my whole lunch break watching your youtube videos haha inspiring me to take my rig up to HB. do you normally stay at Harbour view caravan park mate?
  9. south queensland White Pointers First Adventure

    who said fishing was an expensive hobby? my first kayak was $40 haha but it did the job! Good stuff
  10. south queensland Bribie Island 29/10/17 - No Sharks But A Nice Shovel

    thanks for the tip! im camping at Mission point in the coming months, might take a tld25 with me
  11. south queensland Bribie Island 29/10/17 - No Sharks But A Nice Shovel

    any size to them? ive only caught small 1m bulls further down the passage.
  12. south queensland Bribie Island 29/10/17 - No Sharks But A Nice Shovel

    certainly would have been a big feed!
  13. We hit the water on Sunday after a few weeks of not fishing at all (thanks rain!). Plan was to stay a few hours and be home and cleaned up before the “storm” hit We only had two runs on freshwater eel, with one hookup. With the Penn 850ssm drag locked up, and the line peeling off easily I knew we were in for a fight…. Every time we got her boat side, she would scream off for another 100m run. We did about 3 laps around the boat, passing the rod under the anchor a few times and after 30mins, the shovelnose was in the boat and we were spent. Circle hook came out easily, few pics and back in the water for a strong release. Very proud of my fiancé who fought it the whole way through like a champ, it was a dirty fight that’s for sure. I was hoping for a bull or whaler, but this wasn’t a bad runner-up prize. It measured 143cm Later I checked the drag capabilities of the reel…on 6kg of max drag. No wonder it peeled line off easily. 40lb braid, 200lb wire trace and 12-0 circle hook with a 15cm slab of eel. Awesome fun!
  14. Laws Regarding Purchased Fish Vs Caught Fish

    True for the receipts, but the question remains... is it a different set of laws for purchased fish?
  15. After stocking my freezer last night with purchased bait, it got me thinking about size and possession limits on purchased fish For example, if im caught with an undersized crab that ive caught myself...I will be fined. But if I purchase an undersized crab from Woolies...and get pulled over on the way home by fisheries (never going to happen, but for the argument lets say so) and the crab had no packaging...what would happen? same goes for transporting tilapia that I catch compared to buying a whole tilapia that I buy from a local fish co-op... And the same question can be asked about size and take limits...if I go and buy over 10L of prawns by myself and get pulled over on the way home...would I be pinged for it?