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  1. christophagus

    fishing My Fishing Experience Using Drone

    what beach are you fishing from mate? what baits have you tried so far?
  2. christophagus

    south queensland Bait

    chicken bait sounds good mate, might have to give it a shot!
  3. christophagus

    south queensland Albert / Logan Junction

    me too mate, life has been so goddam busy that my boat hasnt seen water in a long time. very frusraiting
  4. christophagus

    south queensland Albert / Logan Junction

    id imagine that you could catch a lot of saltwater species there (bream, flathead, whiting, jacks, trevally, threadies, jew, cod etc etc). It would come down to what you're wanting to target if it was me, id have a variety of baits and steups out to see what works and what catches what. me personally, id be gunning for sharks at this time of year. No better light tackle sports fish in the river systems in my opinion
  5. christophagus

    south queensland Freshwater Fishing And Camping

    People camp at somerset...not sure how good the land based fishing and red clawing is though
  6. christophagus

    south queensland What Could Have Hit This Mullet?

    anything with teeth or claws mate. Could have been sharked, bream, squid, or most likely a combo of all of them. if it didn't start pulling drag then chances are it was a crab just munching on it
  7. christophagus

    Nrl 2018 Predictions

    Melbourne and QLD are pretty much cousins. When State of origin rolls around, Victorians support us Maroons. We both share a mutual hate for Mexicans..i mean NSW folk up the storm!
  8. christophagus

    One Way To Catch A Sailfish

    often wondered how much of this type of fishing occurs
  9. christophagus

    fishing My Fishing Experience Using Drone

    cant say i've ever heard of goat liver as bait. but im sure it would work. the problem with getting baits out a long way is seaweed. When shark fishing from the beach, seaweed can ruin a session. i dont think it will damage the line as such, just more a pain in the bum
  10. christophagus

    For Us Nerds

    i guess seeing a group of sharks in the water would send shivers down most peoples spine
  11. christophagus


    maybe Percy did it because you didn't feed him?
  12. christophagus

    Qld State Forrest Shooting Petition

    wait for the PC police to get a hold of this
  13. christophagus

    Tackle Storage

    i think all good fisherman need a milk crate. Especially if you're a kayaker.
  14. @Poddymullet we just coated fillets very thinly in some flour salt and pepper, cooked in the pan with a bit of oil with a squeeze of lemon over the top.
  15. agreed, those fuel gauges are very un-reliable...well mine is anyway. im still to get a good test of how economical my boat is. Like drop bear said, 20l spare fuel will get you home form most spots in the bay id imagine Nice Maori by the way. I landed a legal one off rainbow beach a few years back...delicious!