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  1. south queensland Raff's Shark Fishing And Moreton Bay Adventure

    I can imagine. I told my brother about the story and he laughed too. its the ultimate "the one that got away" story the shovelnose I caught off Bribie a few months back was only 4.5ft but man it was a dirty fight. like you, the hardest part was raising it off the bottom. I can only imagine how tough a 6+ft shovel would fight
  2. south queensland Raff's Shark Fishing And Moreton Bay Adventure

    the entire Brisbane river holds small bulls. The drop off around luggage point is a good spot, Breakfast creek mouth, literally any where. even Nudgee beach (Schultz canal) holds big numbers of small bull sharks from what I can gather, a lot of the sharks follow the Brisbane river channel from the bay into the river. So I like to try and drop baits along the egde of the channel. be careful not to anchor in the channel though as port security and water police will be quick to move you along, plus its dangerous
  3. south queensland Raff's Shark Fishing And Moreton Bay Adventure

    @Drop Bear that's how I make mine too. never had a bust off this way. as for the unstoppable, haha it makes me laugh. what a cracking fishing story. could be a monster shovel, big tiger, whaler, bull, grouper...that's one of the fun mysteries of fishing... then you get folk who snicker at you when you head out into the bay with 50w and 80w...because you never know what's lurking beneath
  4. persistence, research and trying new things. I can go for months without a bite then it seems to all turn out of the blue. there are a plethora of rigs, bait types, lures etc for a fisher to always be trying new things. Always handy to talk to a local tackle shop owner for tips too. Good luck mate
  5. south queensland Raff's Shark Fishing And Moreton Bay Adventure

    thanks for the offer mate but I have to work. If I didn't have all of last week off to recover from an appendix removal I would have said yes haha for the sub meter sharks I use a slab of eel about half the size of an iPhone (60-90mm). the 4-6 footers we have caught were on roughly 15-20cm long bits of eel. but if you want the bigger sharks, then the sky is the limit. some folk use whole eels for the monster tigers etc. depends on what size gear you plan to use too. The 6ft sharks are still loads of fun. @Cobiaaddict is on the money for a good spot to give a shot. I like to sit far enough form the magic mile beacons so I can throw slugs at it for macks and float shark baits out the back
  6. Night Fishing In Lota Creek

    im with angus, they make ripper baits. Live, dead, cubed or flesh baits are all great baits. Last time I used one as live bait we pulled in a 1.5m wobbygong that vomited all over our boat haha
  7. south queensland Raff's Shark Fishing And Moreton Bay Adventure

    for eels or sharks? eels...30lb mono with any hook you have. sharks, weve caught a few on as small as 200lb wire in the bay. You can buy premade traces from wello point tackle shop I believe. actually most tackle shops sell pre made shark rigs now. 200-400lbs will cover most sharks in the bay. im eager to see how you go mate!!
  8. south queensland Raff's Shark Fishing And Moreton Bay Adventure

    good luck mate. if you cant get any eels, nothing wrong with a whole mullet form the servo (though fresh is best)
  9. Due to my upcoming wedding in about 5 weeks’ time, the past few weeks have been extremely busy so fishing has taken a backseat for a little while. Free time won’t exist to me until after the wedding and honeymoon….so I will be rather quiet on the forum until im a married man Having said that, I do have a charter booked with Fraser Guided Fishing in the next couple of weeks as a bucks stay tuned for that report! On a side note….im looking for some funny wedding/ married life advice for my wedding speech…so feel free to offer up your best or worst advice! (the funnier the better) Enough jibber jabber, killed a few hours with some friends of ours down at deep water bend over the Easter weekend. Fishing was average with one ok bream caught and a bunch of smaller bream all caught on dodgy servo prawns (mmm that beautiful smell of frozen servo prawns). That poor area gets fished so heavily, no wonder it’s a struggle to catch good numbers of fish there. Regardless, was nice to spend time with good company out in the sunshine catching a few fish.
  10. Cricket Shame & Joke.

    agreed. But I feel the penalty will be more along he lines of huge fines and 12 month bans its one thing for NRL players to dance around the salary caps (and lets be honest, most of them would have no idea about the ins and outs of their contract and how it fins in to the clubs cap) or to take a substance that one doctor days is legit and the other says no its banned (Cronulla, Essendon). But to hatch a plan to deliberately cheat on the international stage...there is no excuse. Unless cricket Australia wants to be the laughing stock of the game for the next decade, they have to ban the players for good. on another note, can you just imagine the Barmy Army writing their jingles about this already? part of me cant wait to hear what they come up with
  11. What View Do You Use On AFO

    yep, fluid for me too
  12. Wynnum Fishing Club - March News

    @Drop Bear great work mate. Myself and my ute are ready for shell collection and transport purposes
  13. south queensland Ciguatera Poisoning

    I was under the impression that the only real danger area was around Hervey Bay? Cant say ive heard of issues from Moreton Bay
  14. Nrl 2018

    id almost bet my left one that Lodge from the broncos will be in some form of alcohol induced problem this season...that guy just has trouble written al over his face. I've also got a bad feeling that the broncos will be plagued by injury this year...just a hunch
  15. south queensland Noosa Fishing

    if in doubt, find a local tackle shop for advice. Otherwise fish structure, sandbank drop offs, creek mouths, rock walls etc