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  1. christophagus

    2018 Suburbs Of Origin Round One - 8th - 17th Of June

    Team North has blitzed the first round! well done to everyone who entered. A lot of entries for round one which was great to see!!
  2. christophagus

    south queensland Hervey Bay Sesh

    great variety mate. That's H Bay for you! I need to invest some time into solo trips i recon, youve inspired me haha
  3. christophagus

    2018 Suburbs Of Origin Round One - 8th - 17th Of June

    current results updated. Team North have it by one at the moment...
  4. christophagus

    New Sounder Concept. Amazing!

    i can see a huge change in fish finding technology in the next decade or two. this is pretty cool
  5. christophagus

    2018 Suburbs Of Origin Round One - 8th - 17th Of June

    As serious as it gets mate haha
  6. christophagus

    south queensland 3 Trips One Report

    crushing it! no jew show there heads while chasing the threadies?
  7. christophagus

    south queensland Fishing Report - Northern Moreton Bay 9 June 2018

    nice one mate. didn't happen to get a pic with the peace finger symbol with the whiting on a brag mat did you? haha currently it would take out the whiting category for the Suburbs of origin
  8. christophagus

    2018 Suburbs Of Origin Round One - 8th - 17th Of June

    Man the northside are killing it! I put in yesterday afternoon at the port of Brisbane for a few hours...couldn't raise a scale
  9. christophagus

    Who's Heading Out This Weekend

    Ill be harassing the snapper too, mud and the port for myself. Ill be out Sunday morning
  10. christophagus

    Hello From North Lakes

    @Poddymullet good luck mate. im out on sunday to harass some snapper. Ill hit the port of Brisbane and Mud Island
  11. christophagus

    south queensland Fishing The Sandgate Foreshore

    Nice one. It seems to be an area that fishes pretty well with time and knowledge.
  12. christophagus

    Hello From North Lakes

    Woo another northsider! be sure to sign up to the northside team! im at north lakes too mate. We should tee up a fishing trip sometime
  13. Round one folks, here it is! Remember folks, this is a just for fun and bragging rights comp, no money, no physical prizes, just the glory of winning! The teams as it stands now are as follows...let me know if you are not on the list but want to fish TEAM NORTHSIDE @christophagus TEAM SOUTHSIDE To summarize the comp... 9 target species; Bream, Bass, Whiting, Flathead, Snapper, Jew/Threadfin, Golden Perch (yellowbelly), Tailor and Pelagic (Tuna, Mackerel). For a team to win the round, they must hold at least the biggest 5 out of the 9 species. To submit an entry, simply post a crystal clear photo of the fish you caught on a brag mat with the unique item (to be advised on Monday night) with the size of the fish clearly visible! Please note, legal fish only will be accepted! All submissions must be posted in this topic by 7pm on Sunday night Happy Fishing and tight lines. Unique item will be released on Thursday night. SO watch this space! UNIQUE ITEM : Peace symbol with your fingers To brush up on the rules, please se the below topic link BREAM - 32cm - @Doyley - TEAM NORTH BASS -50- @Dinodadog - TEAM NORTH FLATHEAD - 80cm - @fishaman - TEAM NORTH WHITING - 36cm - @Doyley - TEAM NORTH SNAPPER - @oldscaley 56cm - TEAM SOUTH GOLDEN PERCH - TAILOR - JEW/THREADFIN SALMON - PELAGIC (Tuna, Mackerel) -
  14. christophagus

    2018 Suburbs Of Origin

    SEQ Suburbs of Origin! The great battle is back again in 2018 for its 3rd year running now i believe! Last year poor old Team North was well and trult flogged last year...maybe this is our year in 2018! Remember folks, no entry fees, no prizes...just the glory of the win! To keep it plain and simple, if you live North of the Brisbane river, you are a north sider (Team North) If you live South of the Brisbane river, you’re a south sider (Team South) It’s not about where you were born, just about where you live now To somewhat mimic the NRL State of origin, we hold this over three weekends, with each week being considered one “game” in a three game series. 9 target species; Bream, Bass, Whiting, Flathead, Snapper, Jew/Threadfin, Golden Perch (yellowbelly), Tailor and Pelagic (Tuna, Mackerel). For a team to win the round, they must hold at least the biggest 5 out of the 9 species. 9 categories each weekend, why these species? Because regardless of how (boat, kayak or land) or where you fish, you will be able to target these species. To win the weekend in any one species, an angler from either Team North or Team South must catch the longest of that species for the weekend. To win the weekend, one team (North or South) must take out the majority of species for the period. Once the next weekend (or game) rolls around, the slate is cleaned. For example, if the Team South have the longest bream, flatty and longest bass for one weekend, but Team North have the longest snapper and tailor…then Team South win for that weekend. Hope that makes sense To keep it fair, the night before the weekend of fishing, a unique symbol will be released that must be pictured with the catch along with your team name (North or South) submissions can just be made online in the topic that I will create for each weekend of fishing. Each time a new longest species is caught, I will update the original post to let everyone know what Team is in front. The unique symbol will be as easy as writing or drawing on a piece of paper (or a hand signal), which can be easily placed next to the fish. Fish where you want, just because you’re a Team North member doesn’t mean that you have to fish North of the Brisbane river and vice versa. All comp submissions must be loaded into the rounds topic (a new topic will be created for each round) by 8pm on the final day of the round! And of course, to win the series and have your team crowned the SEQ Suburbs of Origin CHAMPIONS, you must win 2 of the three weekends. Then maybe afterwards we can all get together and have a big feed or something along those lines. The more anglers involved the better! This comp isn’t designed to push us against each other, but to just get some friendly banter going amongst this awesome community that we have going here on AFO. Who is keen? We can decide on what weekend suit most people best etc if there is enough interest in this. The beauty of having this spread out over three different weekends, is that if you are unable to fish one weekend, then you have two more weekends that you can fish on, so no complaining about not being able to enter! If anyone is keen, shoot me a message or reply in this topic as to what team you are fishing for and I will update the below list. OFFICIAL DATES Round One : 8th - 17th of June Round Two : TBC Round Three : TBC Team North Team South @christophagus @ellicat @Doyley @Old Scaley @Fishaman @Drop Bear
  15. christophagus

    Hello From Burpengary

    hey mate, good to have another north sider on the forum. Welcome! Any pics of your rig? and by that i mean boat haha