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  1. Jimmyjack

    Found A Good Travel Mug

    gotta say if it's not drip proof that's a big fail for me. Temp regulation sounds pretty schmick though.
  2. great report, and good luck on the big day.
  3. Jimmyjack

    Getting to know your outboard motor(s)

    If you get a 6 inch stormwater pipe you can make a good sealed toolox but putting a cap on one end and a screw top on the other. Throw in a rag soaked in lanolin or add some of the little bags discussed earlier in the post and you'll be good to go.
  4. Jimmyjack

    south queensland Hervey Bay-dash

    yep great part of the world for sure, and we're lucky to have it.
  5. Jimmyjack

    The Right Boat.

    Stessco make a great boat. congratulations and hope that you get it on time and it does the job. I'm sure it will. Have fun and be safe .
  6. Jimmyjack

    south queensland Hervey Bay-dash

    Great report and great photos too. Glad you could make it up there.
  7. Jimmyjack

    Fishing Murphy Reef

    Exactly what he said. No real bommies on Murphies; just look for fish and get experience out there. Start on the internet locations and work out.
  8. Jimmyjack

    Marine Mechanic

    Always good to get a mobile mechanic around the place Danny,. What area or subuirbs mate?
  9. Jimmyjack

    New Britain Png 2016: Pic Heavy

    Wow, what a trip. What fish. That volcano. Has your Ian been on one of your trips up there yet Angus?
  10. Jimmyjack

    A Tough Call...

    I agree with Angus. Take your Dad's offer at face value. There would be advantages for him if you took the boat, and as the father of four boys, I would be very pleased if I could help one or all of my boys is some way like this. And in ways I have I suppose. So I think you're going down the right path in thinking about the sale in its entirety, with the pluses and minuses laid out to be considered. What I think anyway.
  11. Jimmyjack

    Bigger Boat

    And I agree Wayne, I always stand when I'm travelling. It's so much easier hey.
  12. Jimmyjack

    Bigger Boat

    Because I livebait for jacks and fingermarks a lot of the time I take alittle folding seat with me to take the strain off. My son who's a chippie set up the tool box on its side with tilted trays to suit plano sized tackle boxes. I would like a front deck so I could cast net from the front. That's the only problem I have, as I've fished heaps on the Mary, in the Strait, off Turkey Beach but also out on the hards and Cal 12 mile, murphy's etc. good little boat that I'm unloading if I can get the right coin for it.
  13. Jimmyjack

    Bigger Boat

    Yep I agree. I've had to do some work to get the balance between estuary and offshore in little 5 m Stylecraft.
  14. Jimmyjack

    Side View Sounder

    From my viewpoint, down view is ok but not much better than your normal sounder. Certainly in my little downview sounder it doesn't help much. You see down but there's not much more information than in your sounder's normal view. But sidescan lets you see more of what is beside you as well as under you, so you can get more detail from more area.