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  1. fishingnut

    south queensland Before The Storm

    Nice one Dino, I forgot how hard those yellas go!
  2. fishingnut

    northern nsw Toonumbar Dam

    Just go head Somerset mate
  3. fishingnut

    south queensland Somerset Pb Yella

    Don’t eat fish ellicat, that was the calm part ! Out in the main basin was terrible with wake and ski boats going everywhere
  4. fishingnut

    south queensland Somerset Pb Yella

    Snuck up to Somerset and fully forgetting about school Holliday’s I was shocked to see how packed the place was ! Had a look around the place looking for schools of bass only to be bombarded by jet skis and ski boats ! Decided to head way up the dam to where I had never been before trying to get out of the way noise and commotion. Was tough bite for most of the day till I found some promising looking structure and gave it a good going over, first yella was just a 30cm rat and had deffinetly seen better days the next one hit like a typical yella and had me questioning my knot tying skills ! Up pops my pb yella just shy of the 50cm mark ! Happy to be back in the boat and getting back into it. Cheers
  5. fishingnut

    south queensland Hi Guys New To This Site

    Upstream from the bridge and fishbit mid week, lots of people write the place off but it does hold some good fish if targeted
  6. fishingnut

    fishing Braid Scissors

    Who’s using what ? Sick of using the cheap ones that work for afew cuts, looking at something that will cut limp light braid. Cheers
  7. fishingnut

    south queensland Up Up Up And Away

    Good to see afew still hiding upstream
  8. fishingnut

    south queensland Snakes Alive

    Seen a massive red belly black the other day, I can deal with most things but not snakes! Looking trim there Dino lost afew kgs I see
  9. fishingnut

    south queensland NPD Fatties

    Funny enough I was looking at the clouds every time I walked outside today and was thinking about the wind! Might have to be too sick to work Thursday....
  10. fishingnut

    south queensland No Pain So Off Again

    I reckon I could come along with slightly less complaining !
  11. fishingnut

    south queensland Hey Fatso

    How was the ramp ? Last time I was there it was a fair walk back to the car the water was well below the concrete
  12. fishingnut

    Fabrication Of Bow Mount Plate On Tinnie

    Yep that’s troy, top guy super helpful and catches fish !
  13. fishingnut

    Fabrication Of Bow Mount Plate On Tinnie

    Troy at minnkota repairs is your man if u want any info about electric motors
  14. fishingnut

    south queensland Bass Had The Shits

    Same thing at somerset the other week, stuck on the bottom with lock jaw, really had to work for em