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  1. Great weekend away the weather was tops the dam was warm at 28 degrees so I had a few swims to cool off on the sunny days out there. Friday was a big turn out as by sunset we had 20 campers in our group and the drinks around the campfire begun I also cooked up a mad feed of coral trout for everyone. Saturday we got out for a fish and set the opera house pots for the redclaw but by lunchtime it was time to head in and start up the fire so we had a good bed of coals for the big camp oven cook up. We had 4 camp ovens going and a rotisserie as well over the coals and by dark there was a huge feed of roast chicken, pork, lamb and veges. I then got my butterscotch pudding baking in the camp oven straight after dinner and Lance prepped a beaut pavlova with fresh strawberries and whipped cream and desert was served. Dinner was all dusted and we got back into the festivities around the campfire with plenty of fishing tales told long in to the night. We checked the pots in the morning for only a few redclaw caught and had another fish before heading back in and breaking up camp. We are looking at febuary for our next wanderers camp most likely down the gold coast chasing mackerel offshore and some flathead and whiting on the broadwater so keep a lookout early next year for this 1.
  2. You should bring the tinnie up to somerset dam this weekend Kelvin and get those boys of yours on to some bass and yellas they would love the camping with dad as well there is also another up side you don't have to wash your boat after being in the fresh
  3. The other good thing about hussar is there is no shortage of them and are very easy to catch i think they are also underated
  4. The weather is looking mint for the weekend I can't wait for Friday now and getting up there
  5. western australia Kimberly Vid Part 2

    Fantastic trip you guys have been through plenty of hairy times losing anchors storms huge tides and more the fishing and scenery was epic i will get around there 1 day
  6. I am lucky to wash the car once a year and the boat just gets the blood washed out lol.
  7. There was a solid 2m easterly swell running on the bar but with a big incoming tide it kept it manageable and the channel was clear of breakers but a that was a long way along the beach
  8. That's a bugger hope it's not a wet summer i had a similar problem when I moved in to the new house so I concreted the whole side access problem solved
  9. Pearlies were both on pilchard baits
  10. I will head up friday.morning around 8am leaving my place
  11. I will be taking up plenty of coral trout for dinner on Friday night so yell out if you want some.
  12. Hopefully for next weekend we have had enough rain now won't be any dust to worry about
  13. 1. Patience is the key and a little bit of know how but sometimes we all donut 2. I have the front clear up which is hard to see through and i unzip a window in front of the drivers position so my deckie doesn't see the waves to well keeps them calm lol.