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  1. tugger

    south queensland Marlin Madness

    8/0 hooks and fluro leader
  2. tugger

    Wavebreak Island Social 25th To 28th January

    Be good to catch up Robbie
  3. tugger

    Wavebreak Island Social 25th To 28th January

    So many marlin on the gold coast at the moment here is 1 we were connected to on sunday
  4. tugger

    south queensland Marlin Madness

    Thanks Robbie haven't got out a lot lately so was good to stretch the arms we had fish jumping around us all morning awesome sight so many marlin out there at the moment should be good for the social down the gold coast this weekend.
  5. tugger

    south queensland Marlin Madness

    Thanks Wayne arms are still sore I will be the boat driver this weekend and my deckies can fight these black marlin. Yeah live bait was the go
  6. tugger

    south queensland Marlin Madness

    Thanks mate might have to have another look next weekend while down there at wavebreak island
  7. tugger

    south queensland Marlin Madness

    Thanks Kelvin it was about a half hour run offshore but it was mint conditions
  8. Heading down to the gold coast to spend the long weekend at the anchorage on the north side of wavebeak island. We plan on doing some pelagic fishing out from the southport seaway with marlin, mackerel, cobia, Wahoo and dolphin fish all running now on the Goldie. There are plenty of bread and butter species on the broadwater with whiting and bream caught straight off the beach there. These socials are regular down there this time of year so if your keen to join us post up here. I will be down there Friday morning and set up a day camp on the beach right in front of that anchorage.
  9. tugger

    south queensland Burrum Heads

    Haven't fished up there but did a day trip and saw locals catching whiting off the beach next to the ramp
  10. tugger

    south queensland Marlin Madness

    Got out in a mates boat on Sunday had Brock follow in my boat to go and harass some marlin. The conditions were mint and soon our 2 boats were on the reef in the early morning. We got a hit fairly early and I was 1st up the battle went for 20 minutes before getting a 50kg black marlin boatside. After a quick couple of pictures of the fish in the water we released a healthy fish. Nathan was driving his boat for the day so his dad and I could take turns on these fish. Next hit Les swung in to action and another feisty marlin was jumping and peeling line until he brought another 50kg black to the boat. That was 2 from 2 until the next marlin hit and I fought a big model estimated at 120kg. I was hurting a bit but didn't let up on this fish he jumped plenty of times and sounded down deep as well but we worked him over with rod and boat. Just out of leader range he broke us off and glided away doh 2 from 3. Next was a double hook up and both these marlin were over 100kg and frustrating us as they ran opposite each other and looked to spool us both so the call was made to break 1 off. Nathan made the call and his dad got the short straw as he called mine as the bigger fish with nearly 300m of line out we chased it down and after another epic battle we had another 100kg black boatside 3 from 4. We passed by Brock and he had got a monster to the boat estmated at 120kg plus his PB nice going son. Then we lost another marlin spitting the hook 3 from 5 then Les wins the next fight 4 from 6. Another 2 were lost through bust offs 4 from 8 but I had the last say and got another good fish to the boat to finish on 5 from 9 with fish from 50kg to 120kg. We called it a day and drove over to my boat to see the young fella fight their 2nd marlin with Jacob getting his 1st marlin so Brock helped him hold it up for a photo before releasing. The young lads went 2 from 2 before we both headed for home tired but happy fishos.
  11. tugger

    south queensland Hervey Bay Report

    Sounds like a lot of fun on the pelagic I need my fix of speedster action been working way to much without any play time to
  12. Same phone number the van is there till 18th I am back and forth with work and working now
  13. Nice work on the Mackies they have been hit and miss on the gold coast I got on to them on boxing day but lost my photos when my phone died will have to get my son to send them to my new phone and will post a report my self
  14. Onya Robbie nice Spanish that lure or what's left needs to go on the wall at home