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  1. south queensland Wanderers Do 1770

    Got some more photos of the trip Feeling pumped after landing the brute on my little rod
  2. south queensland Heading Offshore Thursday

    Doing my tax at 2pm should be home no later than 330pm
  3. south queensland My Weekend

    I love snorkeling the wrecks to there is always plenty of fish some in big schools , nice job in the fish comp
  4. south queensland Heading Offshore Thursday

    Good luck Kelvin the weather looks good
  5. south queensland The Boy Borrowed The Boat

    We got to learn how to count lol.
  6. I fluked my position of the transducer when I installed it and the new furuno it reads excellent when travelling at speed but I don't have trim tabs either
  7. south queensland Wanderers Do 1770

    It was a bugger your gear got soaked in petrol the reef is spectacular I have snorkeled the reef up off arlie beach and cairns and I reckon the southern end around the bunker group is better. It was my 1st Red emperor for a few trips and pretty stoked he come along it was an epic fight on the light gear. Got to come along on the next trip Robbie and you can try for that Red they are something special to land as they are the brutes of the reef.
  8. That was a stonking Red Luke it still had plenty of size even with the tail missing easily 13 to 14kg Red bloody tax man now you have a good starting point to kick things off on next trip up. The grounds we showed you north and east of the reef still need more exploring and some reefs will fire better on different days so don't get stuck just hitting up the same spot if nothing is on move to the next. Plenty of good trout caught by you guys it gets you hooked on the place when you see plenty of red colour coming over the side. I love jumping in and seeing the reef up close with the snorkel gear it has so much colour to the reef and fish around there you boys should try it next time up there you would luv it.
  9. I just need to take more shots but it is hard to resist dropping another bait down quickly
  10. south queensland Wanderers Do 1770

    No didn't see the barrels but there was a great tackle stand sinkers were good price
  11. south queensland Wanderers Do 1770

    Shame you were not closer to our house that is a top.spot close to everyting in town still was a great trip we had some memorable catches
  12. south queensland Wanderers Do 1770

    Thanks Kelvin we had a blast counting the days till the next trip
  13. north queensland 1770 Thanks!

    Definately 1 of our best plenty of trips out with stacks of qaulity fish we had some good times in town bring on the next 1770 adventure
  14. south queensland Wanderers Do 1770

    Got some more big round sinkers at the cobulture markets today.to.replace the.ones i lost on this trip plenty of number 10s and 8s now
  15. Robbie did you just use your phone for the photos or do you use a flash camera