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  1. tugger

    south queensland Offshore Saturday

    You got to enjoy the spoils of your labour I know we had ours crumbed and we use "white wings crumb in one" it has just a hint of spice to it and definitely my favourite crumb mix
  2. tugger

    south queensland Offshore Saturday

    Yeah we got a few snapper and pearlies just over legal but sent them back for another day. The AJs would have stretched the arms I got monstered 4 times that found the reef before I could turn their heads. We all ended with a nice catch by the sounds of it Brad.
  3. tugger

    south queensland Offshore Saturday

    We didn't get that big knobby we were after maybe later in the season a few might visit me. Will be targeting those ledges again soon we found those snapper late in the day on.
  4. tugger

    south queensland Offshore Saturday

    With the weather prediction not spot on we got a bit wet without my clears I have the boat booked in for a new Bimini and clears as the old top is torn. Apart from that the fish finally got interested in our bait and we did put together a nice box of snapper and pearlies. Hope you enjoyed the trip Steve thanks for the company did you have any fish yet we had fresh snapper for dinner and it was delicious.
  5. tugger

    Ozfish Membership Drive

    I have joined Ozfish and look forward to helping create these oyster reefs in the bay something future generations and the environment will benefit from.
  6. tugger

    south queensland Offshore Saturday

    I have a 5.35m allycraft practically the same size as your boat and have been offshore fishing in it for 15yrs now you just pick the weather to suit like we will get on Saturday. I don't fish around the northern end of Moreton island so don't know it compared to running out through south passage bar which I know well it has more protection with the islands leaving Cleveland to the bar. Top end of the bay is to open for me hence why I keep leaving out from Cleveland and fishing is good with plenty of reefs offshore from SPB.
  7. tugger

    south queensland Hervey Bay Sesh

    Great trip with a good mix of fish queenies are always a hand full you would have had fun then a Mackie for speed allround fun
  8. tugger

    south queensland Noosa Family Holiday

    Livies get qaulity offshore sometimes you don't have to wait long nice cobia did you measure him?
  9. tugger

    south queensland Offshore Saturday

    Yeah Lance was keen to go wide after those cod but it is running at 3 to 4knots
  10. tugger

    south queensland Offshore Saturday

    The current is roaring out wide I was just at Lances today looking at that it is good in close
  11. tugger

    south queensland Offshore Saturday

    Forecast for Saturday is looking excellent with very light westerly winds tick, the moon phase is a day after the new moon another big tick, the barometer will be at 1022 and the old saying 1020 fish aplenty another tick, current is 1and a half knots now if that holds another tick all this points towards a promising day fish wise. You don't often have all the good signs line up for offshore so I am getting a bit excited bring on Saturday
  12. tugger

    south queensland Offshore Saturday

    Just talked to Julian and he has a deckie for his boat so we are all good and should see ya all at the ramp
  13. tugger

    south queensland 1770 Red Emperor Trout And Rte

    Fuelled up the boat today and worked out we used 150 litres over the 3 days up at 1770 would have done better but we had a bit of a rough trip home to the ramp.