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  1. Will have to see what the weather is and i will go if good
  2. Are you going for the 2 weeks as well Brad
  3. Bit worried about you 2 lol
  4. Another great trip and report Julian there has been some good fish offshore lately hope the season keeps oing like this
  5. Another great day Brad looks like they were biting better early
  6. Plenty of both Lance and snapper mixed in
  7. Days like these keeps you coming back trying to repeat or better it
  8. Whiting fishing is an art i know an old fella at tallebudgera that brains them and get horse whiting but you move alot and he uses 2 anchors out from the back and front to keep the boat sideways to the tide and always leans the rods on to the side of the boat never holds them or put them in rod holders.
  9. Thanks Kelvin the red was a bit smaller this time so there is definitely is more than 1 there
  10. Get on the boat with Brad tomorrow
  11. Good luck Brad hope you find them biting again
  12. Plenty of qaulity fish love the big tuskies looks like majic conditions it has been a good start to winter i am keen on an overnighter shag rock is a good place to anchor at night in the lee of stradie
  13. Headed out offshore with Brad (stradiebrad) in his boat the bay was flat and so was the bar cruising out to the reef we kept an eye out for whales but we saw none till we had started fishing they were everywhere as the sun got higher in the sky. Fishing was slow early and we kept looking for the right dfift then on 1 run Brad scored his 1st ever pearl perch and a stonker at that going 52cm i also got a nice snapper of 55cm on the same drift. The bite slowed again after a few more small snapper were landed so we moved south and instantly found plenty of moses perch the bite was getting hectic with snapper trevally and even a red emperor bending our rods. Then the kingies showed up this is where it got crazy they were hitting hard and ripping line off the reels we boated a dozen or more and lost nearly as much they were following each other up as we reeled in their mate 1 even had a go at the sinker hanging just in the water beside the boat. The snapper bite was also increasing and we could not stop catching trevally which pull so hard for their size Brad and i were exhausted in the end and decided to leave them biting and head for home. It was 1 of the most hectic fishing trips ever for me with never a rest or slow period once it started the weather was again perfect for the run home and after a 45 minute trip we were back on the ramp. Here is the end result and thanks for the invite Brad it was just wicked.
  14. Tomorrow looks a good day out there weather wise fingers crossed
  15. We got to tee up a trip soon