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    Off-shore Friday

    The river mouth was really hairy on the way back Kelvin! Glad i wasnt going out in that. No the only surface feeders I saw were longtail and some huge schools of bonito. I'm sure they'll be thick through the bay soonish, I heard reports of them east of Mud a couple of days ago surface feeding.

    Off-shore Friday

    Sounds like you guys had slightly more luck than me! Finally got out for maybe the 4th time this year. Tried for tuna and spotted some nice longtail but they didn't want to play the game. Neither did the macks, they wouldn't take metal or live bait so a donut for me. Frustrating but will keep trying.

    Off-shore Friday

    Probably going to just hit the bay tomorrow if anyone else is heading out

    Transducer Problems

    Had a quick look, couldn't find anything. Probably best to contact him direct. @aussie123 Lance, would you happen to sell spray guards? Anthony

    Transducer Problems

    Have the same issue, so it would be best to have a spray guard to stop future problems? Where could you get spray guards from?

    New Boat!!

    Nice boat!! Dad bought our boat from Karee Marine as well, and we found them to be fantastic. Hope the boat serves you well !

    First Time Mooloolaba

    Thanks for the report! Good on you for trying new grounds and trolling. Bit of a tough gig hey? If you're looking at trying it out again, have a read of the info Peter Pakula has got on the internet. Massive document to read but definitely worth it. About time I read it again. Shame the YFT or spanish didn't play.

    Australian Fishing Tournaments

    You don't need those skirts

    Finally A Better Moreton Bay Outing

    That's a really good point guys! Thanks for the info. I'll probably end up making a template and printing off sheets as i need them. I'll attach it on here too when i eventually do it.

    Finally A Better Moreton Bay Outing

    Well learning from trolling offshore, I've found the fish prefer the warmer water. Hence the pros subscribe to detailed sea surface temperature graphs and base their travels on this. But that's what I've found. Cheers

    Finally A Better Moreton Bay Outing

    Yeah this was northern bay. No the water was around the 27 mark I found. I need to make a fishing diary! What sort of criteria should be noted? I was thinking: Tide, moon phase, wind (strength and direction), water temp, type of day, time of captures,, method of capture, other notes of interest...

    Finally A Better Moreton Bay Outing

    Thanks Kelvin, I hope they play the game for you! The weather forecast seems to be nice towards the end of the week and weekend, lets hope it stays that way!
  13. Hi all, After reading numerous reports of tuna in the bay, I decided to drag Dad out and see if we could tangle with our firsts. Up at 3 and ended up crossing the bay in the dark. The weather was just too good, all we needed were some fish. We started hitting the beacons one after another. Throwing plastics and stickbaits yet nothing seemed to be around. The herring were everywhere we just couldn’t convert. Kept an eye out all morning yet couldn’t spot any tuna. Kept casting and driving around but we couldn’t seem to convert. Finally I decided to put down the lures and send down some herring. Wasn’t long until I managed 5 solid moses but I let them all go. The resident dolphin came to play and that was about it. I did catch one small schoolie on a herring and at one point saw a dozen or so come to the herring schools, they just weren’t interested in the metal. It was hot and dad wanted to start heading back as we couldn’t be too late. I was driving and on the way home saw 2 little tuna jump just once maybe 500 metres away. I immediately turned and made a beeline as fast as anything to try get a closer look. Stopped and put down the electric and just waited. I checked the sounder and the water was 28 degrees. Then came across stacks of bait and some solid bait balls fairly deep down. After rigging the rods some tuna came up and I got a cast in. Right at the boat I watched a solid mack tuna swallow my plastic and take off. Unfortunately, he wore through my leader after I wasn’t bothered re-tying it from the beacon bashing. My first ever tuna was gone. The hook up and initial run was crazy, I was so pumped to try again. The tuna went down and after some more driving the water was 28.5 degrees! We sticked around and surely enough the fish came up again and this time in huge numbers! It was like a frenzy! Sharks, mack tuna, long tails, Spanish macks were everywhere. I got a cast in and didn’t even flick the bail arm over and I was on. Dad got one in too and he was on as well! Long story short, mine spat the hook after a while, another suspected mack tuna. Dad’s held onm and he was having the fight of his life. After around 10 minutes, the tuna began to give in. While fighting the fish, it was scary seeing big bull sharks swim under out boat, not knowing if we were going to get our fish or not. Luckily enough, we held on and Dad boated his first ever long tail! She went about 112cm! He was stoked and so was I. The frenzy died down and we called it a day. Felt much better going home after that encounter. Just wanted to thank @samsteele for giving me a few pointers a couple of days before. Much appreciated mate and we wouldn’t have caught the fish otherwise. Anyways, good to see a fair few guys getting into them at the moment. Thanks for reading Anthony Little schoolie He was pretty sore after the fight!

    Moreton Bay Snapper Mayhem

    That's just epic man! Top stuff

    Moreton Bay Pb Day, No April Fools

    Awesome work once again! That tuna is a horse! Top effort from the lad Anthony