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    What do you want to know? If you NEED to know anything, give me a PM...
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  1. lt obvious

    The Place to be

    That's very true, actually, and I forgot to mention that. The water was really flowing there. More than once, Dan risked his life climbing over slippery concrete with gallons of water bucketing down on him... Very surprising to actually find fish in there!
  2. lt obvious

    Whiting on Poppers?

    Those poppers look fantastic! Even using them unpainted would surely yield results. I'll have to look in to getting some...
  3. lt obvious

    weird catches on soft plastics

    Plaice on a 65mm Wriggler in Bloodworm. Fish ate the whole plastic, and I nearly had to perform minor surgery to get it out
  4. lt obvious

    First trip in the Espri!!

    Great work dan... I need to head out with you again... It's been ages Anyway, keep up the great fishing!
  5. lt obvious

    no luck at woody point jetty

    The best thing to do with your plastics is to keep trying! It may seem like tough work to start with, but you'll soon reap the rewards!
  6. lt obvious

    Not taking an esky fishing ever again!- threadie!

    Beautiful fish and nice report! Keep it up!
  7. lt obvious

    Sharking session goes well!

    Got that one on a $29 Shakespeare Firestorm Baitcast combo from BCF Just goes to show that you don't need an expensive rod to catch a fish! Cooked prawn seems to work well on just about everything as well... Definitely my bait of choice! Thanks again guys!
  8. lt obvious

    Sharking session goes well!

    Cheers guys! And thanks for the tip Jeff!
  9. lt obvious

    Sharking session goes well!

    Yeah Cheers Dan! You know what? That was the best fight I've ever had from a fish (Please excuse my flipiant use of the word 'fish'. It just makes things easier). Dan is now a champion Cast Netter, so well done on that Dan... The improvement in a single session, he improved so much, it's not funny! Pictures! That's him! My first bully! What a beautiful fish! That's him again, but from a different angle... That's me, with him, suitably excited, seeing as I just caught a bull shark, and perhaps more worrying, I was holding him!! Also, this is a bit of Dan reeling in his bully! (Sorry about the sideways-ness) The only bad thing about the day was the fact that I got beaten by Dan's bully by a mere 2cm!!! Oh well... Maybe next time Lt obvious
  10. lt obvious

    14 more yellas all on lures

    Nice going Jack... Keep up the good work!
  11. lt obvious

    1st Bullie at Kooka

    Great work Dan. It must have been hungry, becuase that was a pretty big bream Anyway, keep up the good work!!
  12. lt obvious

    New Years Fishing 'Sesh'

    Excellent! Thanks for the tips
  13. lt obvious

    New Years Fishing 'Sesh'

    Again, thanks for that. I did have a great time. I was also wondering, and this is sort of an afterthought, is there a correct way to hold the flathead? I was using pliers, becuase I don't have any lip-grips, but I'm not sure if that does any damage to the fish. Could someone please explain the correct placement for holding a flatty? Thanks again, lt obvious
  14. lt obvious

    New Years Fishing 'Sesh'

    Excellent - thanks for that. Is there a size limit for the butterbream?
  15. lt obvious

    New Years Fishing 'Sesh'

    Yeah, I'm sure. They were little yellow-fin bream