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    I love fishing, and would love to do it more. But my excuse is always time and other things. How I wish I could just find the time.
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  1. How Do You Take Good Photos For Your Reports?

    Sometimes. This is a laugh though, so still not smiling. It's all about the photographer though, you know how to capture my best side Robbie! As for photoshop, that's my trade. 30 second later.
  2. How Do You Take Good Photos For Your Reports?

    I love this response, I know so many people up north that are exactly the same. "Bagged out on reds the other day." "Oh wow! Got any photos?" " Nope. Want some fillets though?"
  3. How Do You Take Good Photos For Your Reports?

    Up until my PNG trip, I was absolute hopeless at taking photos of fish and would usually rush, panic and just be content with however it ended up. I'm still not great, and have a long way to go, but have picked up plenty of tricks over the last couple of years. Most has already been mentioned, but I'll just add a few more things that I now consider good practice. The focus of the picture should be on they eye of the fish (note the photos above). Try your hardest to hide your hands, and especially grips. Get your camera settings right before you catch the fish eg. don't be playing with the flash settings while the fish is in the net. Fish look better with fins up(a little coaxing can do this), and their mouth slightly ajar(not gaping). (My biggest downfall) Learn to smile well. Take someone who is keen and better at photography than you. If not, then educate your deckhand on what you want in the photos. Snap away! Take 50 shots if you have to, the film days are gone, you can always choose the best and delete the rest!
  4. Where Do Old Aluminium Boats Go To Die?

    I do see some old tinny at the scrap yards, and why not, aluminium generally trades at about $1/kg. I once saw one that had been completely flattened like a pancake, they must run over them in the excavator, take up less room in the bins. I bought my 36 year old tinny a couple of years ago for $400. It'd been repaired a few times over it's life, with bog and some dodgy aluminium welds. I re-did it to a better standard, just 'cause I'm OCD. But it still leaks, is corroded in places, and is overall a little rough. However it's great for crabbing, throwing the cast net, and dragging up and down creek banks. And that's why I bought it. BOAT = Bust Out Another Thousand. You'll spend money on a boat no matter what the age, the only thing that will influence how much you spend, is how much you've got.
  5. Moreton Bay Crab Cakes

    I hope you like them. I did Singapore Chilli crab for years and loved it, but these are a lot easier, more versatile and just as tasty. Let me know how you go!
  6. I find fishing theories often relate to the reason why you didn't catch fish, as opposed to why you did. For example: "Did you catch any?" "Nah mate, tides were wrong; moon was wrong; bloody northerlies; drought on the land, drought in the sea; too much fresh; not enough run in the tide; barometer too high; barometer too low; too much light, fish were spooky; too much boat traffic; etc., etc." I've gone out in perfect (theoretical) conditions and caught nothing. And been out just to have a look, when everything pointed to no, and caught plenty. I've kept a fishing diary for years, and whenever I think I'm onto a pattern, it can quickly be disproved. I now live by the notion that more you fish, the higher chance you have of catching fish. The only time I think barometer makes a difference is when you have those sudden huge drops, like just before a storm. For some unknown reason it seems to wake everything up and give them a charge. Other than that fish generally need to eat quite regularly, so probably aren't waiting for the perfect barometer conditions just to feed.
  7. No Love For Cats ?

    I used to go on plenty of cats when I dived, and while they had their benefits, I wouldn't own one. They're stable, but very rigid, as in they don't roll with the seas. To me the worst part about them is their turning circle,
  8. What Do You Look For In A Report

    For me I like progression reports, such as when someone targets something, then takes awhile to achieve that goal, then soon becomes a bit of an expert by all the time and experience they've learnt. I also like to hear reports that coincide with seasons and weather events. For instance I love hearing how one species is starting to come on, how they were better(or not) last season, how things changed, they're in different spots, or were here last week, but are gone now. The hit and miss, which usually coincides with how I'm fishing, is what I like. Mind you I read whatever when it comes to fishing.
  9. I personally have only ever done the big group charter thing, so can't recommend any smaller outfits personally. However I'd like to try them all out at some stage if I can, so generally keep my ear out on what's around. Outlaw is the talk of the town at the moment, and Bill Corten has been high quality for years. The other two that I hear rave reviews about are: Moreton Bay Charters and Smithy's. Either should suit the sort of charter you're after.
  10. Preference In Braids

    On all my heavy combos(20lb, 30lb and 50lb) @Angus I run Powerpro. I have had some for years that is still in excellent condition, smooth and strong. I have one combo(20lb) that I run Fins Original, and in my experience I cannot tell the difference. The fish in my profile picture was caught on this combo, and as you saw the trebles/split rings were pulled almost straight without any worry to the line. IMO they are both(Powerpro and Fins) sensational, have never failed me and stand the test of time. I have another combo that I recently(12 months ago) spooled with J-braid just to see the comparison. It is priced well considering it is Japanese made. I was very surprised that the colour left the line very quickly, what was fluro yellow on purchase is now and a creamy white after not too much use. It is difficult to cut even with super sharp snips, and tends to squash and fray; but the strength is there. I haven't been pushed to the limits on it yet, so time will tell. I have also loaded up my lighter outfits(2-4kg) with Sunline Super PE, but can't speak for it in full just yet. It feels good, and ties easily, but will just have to wait and see.
  11. south queensland Prawn Nets

    Agreed. Bream and tarwhine from the surf are much more "noble" and happy on my plate too. Harbour bream on the other hand, well... My mate used to live at Newport on the canals. He claimed the best bait for harbour bream was hot chips(gone cold), float line them down, they can't resist.
  12. The smile says it all @Angus, well done! I got my best at 44 when I was 16 in Kauri creek. I called it for a stingray as it pulled off that much line at pace, I even netted it when it came boat side out of shock. You'll never forget your first +40, I've never even got close since.
  13. south queensland Prawn Nets

    I had friends that were living on their yacht for a period of years, up and down the east coat of Australia. I mentioned the word 'bream' one day and the look on their faces was priceless. They said, "Yeah we don't eat bream anymore, filthy things they are". I didn't even need to ask.
  14. While everyone is still on a high from the last social, any word on social's coming up? We were talking at Christmas about doing a Blakesly's social again, while the prawns were still running. Just throwing it out there.
  15. south queensland Prawn Nets

    This was before the spill. I avoided the place not long after the spill, but believe it should be alright by now.