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  1. south queensland A Bit Of A Cheat

    Nice white flesh, would be nice. Mind you, one of the trag I filleted had a tapeworm entwined through the flesh. Apparently it's common in them and Mulloway. I just trimmed it out and and I'm sure the cooking process should've killed an remnants. Sashimi on the other hand, maybe not. Yeah, I'm sure they're around. I normally don't keep or eat tailor, I find the texture of their flesh too soft for my liking. Although I kept half a dozen this time and they were delicious! Don't think the old tailor will be happily released in the future. Good luck at Straddie Robbie, let us know how you go!
  2. south queensland A Bit Of A Cheat

    Makes sense Lance, you could've gone out of the seaway in a canoe. The last few weeks have had magical weather. Thanks mate, she's doing real well, can't complain there. It's work and study that eats up my time.
  3. south queensland A Bit Of A Cheat

    I know, I read a post last week that travellers to Fraser Island this year have been disappointed in the lack of tailor. No wonder, they're schooled up in 50m of water off the GC. Why they're there and not patrolling the gutters of the surf beaches, I don't know. It's got to be water temps I'd say, there wasn't much bait on the sounder.
  4. Between working full-time, studying part-time, and a new baby, spare time for over the last few months has been non-existent. Of the two boats I have, neither has seen the water since late summer. So I decided I needed to get some runs on the board, took an RDO, and a mate an I did one of the half day charters off the Gold Coast. Easy enough, drive down, walk on, catch some fish, walk off before lunch. I feel like it was bit of cheating, but here's the report anyhow: Left Southport at 6am, and was fishing the first reef in 30m of water around 6:15. The usual methods of floatline and paternosters were deployed. I took down my own rods, which were setup the same, but I had the advantage of running braid over mono, which saw me hook a lot more fish. This didn't do me any favours as the first reef seemed full of rat squire, small parrot and scorpion cod. The skipper moved us on to the outer reefs, fishing the 35, 40, 45 and 50m lines, along with three other charter boats, and everyone on the GC that wasn't working. While I boated dozens of fish, I didn't get a legal fish until the 45m line of which was the start of many legal trag. After the 35m line and around 8am, all the normal reefies went quiet, and not a single legal squire or parrot was landed on the whole boat all day. With the sun high very much up, and the weather simply magical, the boat spent the last few hours drifting over rubble around the 50m line. My mate hooked a spaniard on his float line in the first 5 minutes out there, to which the skipper called lines in. The fish came boatside twice, but was still very green and took off again and again. After ten minutes the fish won, pulling the hooks, and devastating my mate. It would've easily been the fish of the day. Around 9am, in 50m of water the tailor came on thick on both floatlines and paternosters. The trag hugged the bottom and were caught if you could get your baits past the tailor. One bloke got a decent flathead around 70cm, and the odd bonito came up, but apart from that it was tailor and trag for the rest of the day. Pillies seemed to catch all, squid couldn't be given away, and I found out late that the few white pilchards some bloke had brought, were the prefered bait of choice for trag. I took out my gomoku jigging rod too, with a heap of micro jjgs and some oktas in the hope giving them a go. After catching myself a feed of tailor and trag I decided to have a play. The 60g jigs worked well, but I still only caught and landed more tailor. I lost several jigs however, I'm guessing to more tailor hitting the top and leader, and decided to stop donating them after a short while. I deployed the 80g okta I had, hoping to entice the wary snapper that may have been down there, but no takers. The boat ended up with more than enough fish, these are just the tailor(fish were all around the mid 40s, with the biggest for the day going around 60), we caught about the same number of trag: We also saw plenty of whales, had a few surprises(spanish mackerel in August?), so all up a great day. I only took what I thought I'd eat, and even then I gave a fair bit away to the neighbours who are always asking: I was thinking how easy and close most of the reefs were to the Southport, and that these areas must just get hammered. But the skipper said he has fished 20 of the last 21 days, and has always managed to the get his customers a feed, so I guess it is good sign. Thank god for tailor and trag!
  5. north queensland Wanderers 1770 - September

    Very keen to hear how this all goes. I'll be up there for a week in early November.
  6. I fish with a few people who find Moreton Bay's green zones a contentious issue, and also doubt their effectiveness. I for one, see the glass half full, and believe that they aren't hurting having them. In truth I find most of them ridiculously small to be effective, or most in places that aren't the best habitat anyway. It's a bit like the koala situation, the government allows the destruction of 1000 acres for housing development, then sets aside a narrow strip of 10 acres adjacent to a main road as koala habitat. Of the green zones I fish near, I think some are hit and miss. The Woody Point(MNP12) zone is almost pointless, as many, my friends included, simply anchor just outside and burley into it. Any good day or night, will see half a dozen boats sitting on the edge doing this. However the Hayes Inlet(MNP11) zone seems to work well, as in the last two months I have seen record number of flathead come from the sand banks outside it. Might be connected, might not. It may be arrogant of me, but I'd like to see who and how the scientific team targeted fish in these area? Because if there catch was mostly catfish and toadfish, it has me guessing servo prawns and two year old beach worms. I'm sure there a some gun anglers out there, who given the chance to fish inside a green zone could give you an accurate representation of what's in there. I don't know if it would win many votes, but I'd like to see bigger green zones; however give them timeframes. For example when one green zone is in effect, another is not. Find areas that are crucial to spawning and pre-spawn feeding, and give them no-take status for 6 months, then after that, the zone temporarily changes to a yellow zone, something like that.
  7. Boyne Island - Gladstone

    Hit up @Troystory_85, he lives up that way and is a gun when it comes to fishing. You might recognise him from the cover of this months Qld Fishing Monthly.
  8. Desiccant

    On my last tacklebox cleanup, I swear I threw out more hooks than I've ever lost. Since then I've been trying to eliminate the amount of moisture that gets into my tackle trays and boxes. We get heaps of these in packaging at work, of which we generally just throw them out. I know these come with new shoes, and other dry packaged goods. So I've started keeping them and putting a couple in each of my trays. Only time will tell to see if they work. Just a tip I thought I'd share.
  9. Brisbane Tailor

    Ted Smout fishing platform. Should be there now, and over the coming month.
  10. Chasing Squid.

    A heap of information was covered in this topic from earlier this year: New to squid fishing/jigging
  11. Stradic Fk

    Saragossa are supposed to be a step above, but were around $100 more when I was buying. From what I remember though, the technology was a bit less compared to more modern reels. I'm sure they're awesome though, Hervey Bay Sport fishing use Saragossas as their reels and catch LTs and goldens day in day out, so that's evidence enough. I ran 30 and 50lb on 5000FK in PNG, with the drag running at 80% most of the time. Stopped everything I hooked, only worry was line capacity on heavy weights like that, any pelagic could've spooled me easily.
  12. What Type Of Line?

    Beach and rock fishing are two different variables, it all depends on what type of rod and reel you're using. Braid is generally preferred for its sensitivity, something you often lose in a decent surf. I'd go with what @josha293 said, a good mono will more than do the job on most occasions.
  13. Stradic Fk

    I have 5000FK, absolutely love it! I paid close to $300 for it when they first came out, and am still impressed. It's a big jump in dollars to anything better as far as I'm concerned.
  14. New Worm Possession Limits

    Sheesh! Who would thought that there were that many different types of regulated worms.
  15. 2017 Seq Suburbs Of Origin - Round 1 - May 25-27

    Thanks mate! Little girl, Eleanor. Born on the 13th, both her and Mum are doing well.