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  1. New Project Boat

    Money and patience. Jump on the Old School Haines facebook page and have a look around, there is tonnes of information on anything relating to Haines'.
  2. New Battery Needed

    Hi Natang, I have the exact same setup: Yamaha 90hp 2 stroke, sounder, radio. And have been running a Century 720 for over five years now, without a drama, always have power and never have to worry about starting issues. About a two years ago, I noticed the battery would only charge up to about 12.4. I did a recondition on my charger, but after awhile it still wouldn't hold 12.6v. I believe this is is because I've left the battery on for a few days, after putting it away and forgetting; more than any problem with the battery make. The battery now only reads about 12.2v, and won't charge or recondition with my Ctek (just comes up with an error). After this happened I went and bought a second battery, the new Century 730, and am waiting for the original one to die. The thing is it hasn't, after 9 months the original battery still starts my motor at 12.0v, and if I run around all day, the alternator actually charges it back up to 12.4v. Go figure. I cannot fault the Century batteries, I ran everywhere with that one battery for years and hasn't let me down. I must admit having the two now down the back adds a bit of weight, and I'll be happy when the old gives up and I can go back to one. Either that or go down to two of the smaller 680s
  3. As @Drop Bear mentioned, the best place to probably use these style pots would be a the outlet of your local stormwater drain. Usually on the creek side of these is a hole that forms over time, which is a haven for small bait. Kind of bit like this(though these are a bit compacted, and probably don't have a deep hole that will hold bait): Also, to stop small bait falling out the bottom why not cut a layer of shade cloth and zip tie it just to the bottom? I'm forever modifying my crab pots(within regulation) to improve how the pot works. I'm also not a fan of cat food as bait, it's never worked for me. I'd use dry dog food, bread or raw chicken wings. Putting it into an old stocking first will also make it last longer(especially the bread). Good luck!
  4. fishing When I Grow Up I Want To Catch A Big Taylor

    Those blokes on Big Angry Fish keep them and use the fillets for snapper bait, they always do pretty well. They're called kahawi over there.
  5. Trolling Small Lures

    I think we're a bit late this year, autumn to early winter was when the area really fired this year.
  6. fishing When I Grow Up I Want To Catch A Big Taylor

    They're some big salmon @Drop Bear. I know you're adventurous Robbie, did you eat one? Are they as bad as they say they are?
  7. south queensland Just Doing His Own Thing,,,,

    Top of the north pine, I figured he has a taste for bass. And at least that way, some day it had the chance to enter the salt and maybe breed. It might've been the same barra @Luvit caught in the Pine last year(?), though my fish would be 16 years old now, I don't know how long barra live. I'm sure a lot are. During the drought about a decade ago, the Dowse lagoon at Sandgate almost all but dried up. Council went in to the last pool to try and save the turtles and whatever was still alive. Funny enough, they found a couple of barramundi in there too. Now I know one person that put one in there, but they obviously didn't multiply, so someone else had the same idea too. I'm pretty sure the barramundi that get caught in the Coomera(or Nerang) every now and again are just escapees. Same as the ones in the Brisbane river.
  8. fishing When I Grow Up I Want To Catch A Big Taylor

    I've never got a bit one either Robbie, my best being in the 50s. I saw one of 8kg caught at Peregian last year, but greenbacks are generally few and far between. I know Shark Bay in WA is famous for XXXOS tailor, maybe a trip over there might get you your tick.
  9. south queensland Just Doing His Own Thing,,,,

    Nope. Grew from a fingerling into an eating machine of 55cm in about 12 months, and I released it. Very cool fish, heaps of character, and will follow you in the room like a dog. Ravenous though, quickly ate everything else in the tank including two catfish. Live food became too expensive(easily eat up to five goldfish at day), so I started castnetting for poddy mullet every second day and keeping them in a separate tank. That became a chore as he would eat a tanks worth of mullet in 2-3 days. Everything you put in the tank, it would eat. And if it was full, it would simply hold the next live fish in it's mouth(tail hanging out), and swallow it in an hour or so. I started feeding it frogmouth pillies, for convenience, then full size WA pillies, which by this stage I was hand feeding it. Very cool, but every pilly take erupted water out of the tank and onto the floor.
  10. Trolling Small Lures

    No, but I should. I know a couple of areas of sandflats that are under 0.5m for hundreds of metres. I'm sure flathead(and bream) get up into these shallows, so topwater would work well.
  11. The regulations regarding funnel traps is for the protection of platypus and turtles, which will easily drown in unregulated traps. As platypus and freshwater turtles do not inhabit slatwater, this is why there wouldn't be any regulations reagrding them With this in mind, I do not believe you can get funnel traps in Qld that aren't built to these specifics. If you do have funnel traps that do not meet these regulations, I pressume they could be used in saltwater as long as they meet 'crab pot' regulations regarding funnel size. Mind you you'd probably only use these traps for catching live bait like mullet or prawns. If left too long, these pots would easily be destroyed by mud crabs or eels in places like the Brisbane river. Hope this helps. If in doubt ask a question on the Qld Boating and Fisheries page on Facebook, they seem always happy to provide answers.
  12. Trolling Small Lures

    Thanks Dino, I'll just do that. Over the years I've caught plenty of lizards on the troll with larger lures, so I might just stick with what works. Thanks Kelvin, I did just this also, but didn't seem to help. I still think speed is the issue, and I'm not getting slow enough, it's a lot easier with smaller tiller motors, than mine.
  13. I'm not sure on the yellowfin, they could be a different species, I'm not sure. That Sustain has done you so well then! Not exactly sure, I've "heard" reports of the odd one, but nothing solid yet. I've also "heard" of plenty of schoolies in the small ships passage, but most aren't legal fish. I was going to wait a month then go give it a try. The sandies will start in the next few weeks in the same area, so a day out lifting pots and trolling for mackerel might be on the cards. I'll let you know.
  14. Over the last year I've amassed a fair few smaller hardbodies that are 50mm and under(tango shads, atomic hardz, crackjacks), with the intention of using them for flathead and bream. I have a few specific setups, running 6lb braid and 10lb leader, which I've been using them on. Casting they seem to be fine, but I've been having real trouble trying to troll these little lures, even at very slow speed. Put any pressure onto them and they just seem to spin and spiral. I thought it may have been knots, or the snaps, I was using; but all tried combinations seem to have the same effect. I have a couple of lighter setups, but are too whippy for trolling; I was just wondering does anyone troll these tiny lures, and if so what is your technique? ps. I use lures in the 70mm+ range on the same setups and technique, and they troll as expected.
  15. Awesome report Robbie! So much fish, absolute cracker! Looks like you're converted on micro jigs. Is that the same sustain you got the yellowfin in Baia on?