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    I love fishing, and would love to do it more. But my excuse is always time and other things. How I wish I could just find the time.
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  1. Monitoring Blue Swimmer Crabs

    I would like to think that most people on this site see fisheries as a positive thing, and not a hinderance to their "entitled rights". I believe anything that is progressive and helpful to our fisheries should be supported. There will always be the idiots out there that see any enquiry into what they're doing as threatening, but I believe if you have nothing to hide then it can't help. Apparently there is a difference(if only slightly) between sand and blue swimmers. I'm sure there is, but to me it's like the difference between a zebu and a brahman, as in they're all beef. Sandies are a sustainable, prolific species in Moreton bay, something I know from a friend who has targeted them and diarised his catches in southern Moreton bay for decades. His tally for last calendar year was over 1000 crabs, (recreationally)caught at specific periods throughout the year; of which he states is easily done when you have the know-how, and hasn't changed much over the years.
  2. Scratched Transducer

    As @dropbear said, it all depends of the size and depth of the scratches. From what I've heard superficial scratches will not affect a transducer in anyway. I have also heard that sanding them down won't hurt either. Don't use anything powered, just start with 300 grit, then 800, then 1200.
  3. south queensland Quick Run Out To The Group

    All good Robbie, just happy you're getting amongst them, weather looks fantastic. I'll have to follow you out to the group one day. I just made this up now, but I'd say: 1) rat squire = under 25cm 2) squire = 30 - 40cm 3) Good squire = 45-50cm 4) Snapper = 55cm+ 5) Good snapper = 60-70cm+ 6) Proper knobby = 75cm+
  4. Sounder Battery - How To Charge?

    I have one of these batteries for my punt. A sounder alone won't draw much from it, but you will still need a charger. For these little batteries, you won't need anything too big, any auto store multi-stage battery charger will do. I have C-Tek, that I use for my big boat batteries, but is overkill for my little 7Ah. I just use a smaller Repco brand charger, and remember to disconnect it as soon as it is charged.
  5. south queensland Landbased Snapper

    I have seen plenty of squire caught off this rockwall in the last week or so, including a couple up in the Pine. High tide seems to be the pick, I'm guessing they're moving in picking up baitfish flushed down by the rain water.
  6. AFO Yuletide/christmas Party

    I have a Dunbier, but do run 13" inch tyres. I run 50psi and have for over a year now, with no problems. I spoke to a bloke at Bob Jane about it, and he said run it as close to capacity as you can. I think my tyres say 60psi, but I think I'd need shocks on my trailer if I was going to run them that high.
  7. south queensland Hervey Bay-dash

    Spoke to Dad this morning, and said he couldn't get out yesterday. The round-about at Booral Road/Maryborough Hervey Bay road was underwater. He tried to go around via Howard, but Beelbi creek was over the road at Toogom and Torbanlea Pialba road. There still getting this same rain, so might want to check again before you leave.
  8. AFO Yuletide/christmas Party

    Will keep an eye out for sure, I have a '01 470SF also, called 'Parsons Knows', white with blue writing. Always keen for a chat with 470 owners.
  9. Never heard of them before, but the condition looks very good. If this is an old rod, an antique, then the value is hard to compare, and what you paid for it is insignificant if it is what you always wanted.
  10. Australian Waters Qualification Course 9/12/17

    I've been meaning to do one for years too. It might be revenue raising, but I don't care, I think it's a worthwhile cause. I've contacted Redcliffe and Sandgate coast guard before in regards to their upcoming courses, but never heard boo back from either of them. Be happy to do it with someone, somewhere else one day, but yeah, I'm busy on the 9th too.
  11. Crab Pot Storage

    Like Kelvin said Robbie, I went the J and L style hooks you get from Bunnings. Cheap and easy to fix, they work well for me. The only trouble is the pots that have fixed tubes can be a bit of a pain. I like @Luvits style, the only trouble is my shed I built oversized to fit my boat. The frames are over 3m up, and being vertically challenged, I'd need a ladder everytime I needed to get them down. Say Wayne, where did you get those pots? Dad used to have a few of those pull-up collapsible pots, but the place he got them no longer stocks them. I remember them being so simple and easy, would mind getting a few myself. I'm getting over fixing tubes while out on the water.
  12. Yep, I'd be very keen for this, even if it just come down for the day. The wife's birthday is the 21st, so I would probably prefer the following weekend, but at that time of year, weather will be definitely the deciding factor. Keep me posted.
  13. south queensland Hurry Up Spotty Macs

    Sounds like long-tail tuna to me. While spotties can break the surface, I wouldn't call them big bustups. Mac tuna and bonito are generally the dumber of the tunas, and fairly easy to get near and catch. Count me in also, an array of boats out on a day is good way of covering more ground.
  14. AFO Yuletide/christmas Party

    I'm in too, for the party, spit, and swap meet. I dug out a heap of stuff this morning, most in good working condition, just no longer needed. Happy to swap items for whatever, lures, line, beer, even a guaranteed day out fishing would be a reasonable trade. I'll throw up what I've got, happy if admin wants to move to a more specific thread for just the swap meet. Tackle boxes: 2 Plano, the other I think is Plano, but may be a Plano knock-off. All are empty and clean, and all trays and clips work perfectly. Yabby pump: I'll swap either of the yabby pumps pictured, but will keep one. One is a Wilson, the other an Alvey, and I just replaced the washers in both. I have another pump as well, so don't need three. Anchors: Small sand, a reef, and a grappling hook(which is a little deadly). Chain: Two lengths, about 1.5m each. Rods: Jarvis Walker 655 Medium action 3-7kg, Daiwa Special Surf 103TMC 12" 5-9kg, and an Outer Mark 103120SF Medium action 12" 6-8kg. All rods are in good condition, all guides intact. If no one is keen on any of it, I won't bother dragging it along.
  15. Christmas Party Swap Meet Swag

    He did too. I didn't even look at the previous dates! I'm still keen either way.