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    I love fishing, and would love to do it more. But my excuse is always time and other things. How I wish I could just find the time.
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    Food, Gardening, Scrapping
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    Graphic Reproduction

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    Parsons Knows

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  1. Tybo

    Been Quite

    That boat is immaculate, and a testament to you Wayne. If you were ever to sell it, the new owner would be a very lucky person as I don't think you'd find that has been that well maintained. I did a detail and new pinstriping on my boat a few years back, an "okay" job. I want to do again sometime, this time better. At this stage though, finding the time just to even fish is hard.
  2. Tybo


  3. Tybo

    Nrl 2018 Predictions

    The way the cards fell meant it was never going to be this year, but close enough. Last night was like my grand final, without the result I was hoping for. Despite my intense hatred of eastern suburbs, I don't find anything to whinge about last night, the chooks were just too good, relentless defence and without their star and kicker, points should've been a lot higher. So close for us, but just not good enough. Oh well, until next year! Looking back at my tips, my 1 and 2 are Storm and Roosters, I guess I had some idea of which way the wind was blowing. Hard to say who will next weekend, both quality sides, my support will be behind the team in purple.
  4. Tybo

    Crew Catch Crabby Crabbers

    I see Fisheries got three blokes overnight in Ningi creek. $1200 each, sucked in!
  5. Tybo

    south queensland Ship Wrecks Moreton Bay

    It'd be interesting to know the back story on many of these, as in what type of ships they were. I can honestly say there is nothing much left of the 'Kate' and the 'Mount Elliot', you can find small shows, which never seem to hold much but that's about it. I imagine they were either wooden and are mostly gone, or have been buried from years of floods. The 'Capt. Nielsen' on the other hand looks pretty good and is always worth a look if you're around Tangalooma. It seems to always hold fish, but I've never caught anything of it. Either it gets hammered or only works at certain stages of the tide. Back when I used to dive, I went down and had a look at the 'Marieta Dal' and another wreck nearby called 'Cementco'. Very cool, both of them, tons of fish on them. 'Cementco' is upside down, apparently it flipped over on the way down. It held schools of jacks and big eye trevally, and some of the biggest spangled's I've ever seen. Have caught some squire of it before, but thats it.
  6. Tybo

    south queensland Bleedin' Fish

    Depends on what sort of taste you like in your fish, blood = flavour. I used to bleed everything and straight on ice, these days I only bleed mackerel, tailor and tuna. Everything else gets the ike jime treatment and straight on ice.
  7. Have it on there for $1, and they'll offer you 50c, hoping they can get it for 60c, then punt it on the following week for 80c. Unfortunately you just have to take the good with the bad, eventually a 'genuine' buyer will show interest. Stick to your price, seems pretty bang on to me.
  8. The small male flathead are starting to show up around the Houghton Highway and in Deception bay. Drift on the sand flats with any sort of bait, and you should get onto them. When you find one, there should be many more very close by. Just a suggestion.
  9. Tybo

    northern nsw Broughton Island

    Wow! I never knew longtails pushed down that far. Great fish, both of them.
  10. Reminds me of that display of in the Qld Museum, of the Goanna that died choking on an echidna. Awesome to see, but sad on a few levels too. Oh well, that's nature.
  11. Tybo

    overseas Pedasi, Panama Report - Last Week Of March 2018

    Definitely on my 'to do list', one day...
  12. Tybo

    south queensland Fishing Over Easter?

    I am the same @angus, fair bit of uni to get ahead of, plus all the usual domestic duties. I planned to duck out early this morning by myself, nice little window. Unfortunately, fate wouldn't have it. Couldn't get the boat across the yard, have never had this happen before. Tried for about 40 minutes, then chucked the ice and bait back in the freezer, and went back to bed.
  13. Tybo

    south queensland I Want My Dolly!!!!

    Awesome report! Nothing like braving the 'elements' and coming home with a feed. Without taking away from your dolly Robbie, I got to say the highlight is that pig! Man! What a cracker. I've only got a few of them and they're as tasty as they come. Nice fish.They're some stonker toms too, I've never seen them that big.
  14. Tybo

    Shell Help!!!

    Have you thought about maybe storing them over on the land section of Green Island? There's some dry land over there in the sun that you lay them out on. You'd risk them perhaps being vandalised, but you wouldn't think anyone that lands there would care about a big pile of oyster shells.
  15. Tybo

    Which Boat To Buy

    Check the boat build plate and see what the hull is rated to. I would always opt to run a hull at its maximum rated HP; that way you don't have to run around at WOT all the time, and have the extra power on hand if you need it. Lots of new boat packages are sold under powered as it fits the boat to within a certain price bracket, and buyers see an 'X'm boat at a 'Y' price and perceive it to be a good deal.