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    I am a music teacher. I love fishing and 4wding.
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    Musician / teacher


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    Freshwater and Impoundment Fishing
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    Mangrove Jack
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    80cm Flattie, 35cm Bream, 1.5m Shovel Nose Shark.

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    Bully 1m
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    Motor Boat with Trailer
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  1. walk around at low tide near both bridges you'll see flathead lies...
  2. Some nice sized bream and flattie in here !!! I find pilchard cubes or prawns otherwise soft plastics.
  3. natang

    Fishing Boat Within 10k

    I'd go to Tackle world and Ray and Anne's.
  4. natang

    Fishing Boat Within 10k Tackle World Adelaide Metro - Online Fishing & Tackle Store With our massive range of fishing tackle Tackle World Adelaide Metro has you covered! Rods, reels, lures and terminal tackle is our speciality! Top 31 Fishing Tackle in GREATER ADELAIDE, SA | Yellow Pages® 31 Results - Find the Best Fishing Tackle Near You, GREATER ADELAIDE, SA .... So, if you are struggling to pick the right type of gear at a fishing tackle shop, you ... Ray & Anne's Tackle & Marine Adelaide Fishing Tackle Shop Australia , Fishing Rods & Reels - Daiwa , Shimano , Penn , Okuma , Fin-Nor ,Jigging Master - Saltiga , Fishing Tackle ,Australia ,Adelaide ... ‎Rods & Reels · ‎Tuna Fishing Tackle · ‎Fishing Tackle - Ray & Anne's ... · ‎Lures
  5. natang

    Fishing Boat Within 10k

    Most of us on here are from up Brisbane way or northern coasts NSW. Why don't you look for a local fishing club and try and get some advice there. Find a small tackle shop or even chat to older fellas in BCF if you have one or a Tackleworld (these guys are great). Best point of advice is always locals...
  6. natang

    south queensland First Time Shark Fishing!

    Awesome stuff Robbie! I can see the stubble coolers and stickers now. Drop Bears Adventures for Bullies!
  7. natang

    Anyone use burley blocks?

    at bribe I always have an unweighted pill behind boat and then another rod with metal slug and another with a weighted pile to find them...... I haven't used burley trail apart from heads and tails of pillies only ever caught snapper, shovels, jew, flatters but never tuna or macks.
  8. natang

    New Boat

    Sounds like a lemon! Hope you have had more luck!
  9. natang

    south queensland Rspca Wants To Ban Game Fishing.

    Add it to the list of Government political correctness gone completely bonkers. Kids can't be called boys and girls at school regardless of age due to gender equality, no gender named on birth certificates, Fish have feelings and therefore have a right to be not released and killed immediately, but then they complain about how many fish get caught and killed under sized..... there is no win for anything as the government have NFI what they are doing and just agree to get votes! I have just done an education degree and I believe that the government is controlling the education department when everyone blames the education department!
  10. Head over the back behind Sea world.. There are many spots to pull in off the main road as you head out towards the sand pumping jetty. Loads of spots in the passage for bream, whiting, flattie and occasional by catch... Have fun mate, time with kids is so precious! ! I'll be taking the kids a few times too but up to Bribie.
  11. natang

    Bi-focals for sunglasses cheap fix.

    Straddiebrad I have a great pair of Spotties sitting about 2km offshore from Coconuts in Innisfail at the beacon marker where all the mackerel sit. I lost them over board went to jump in after them and my deck reminded me of the shark we had near the boat 15mins earlier..... @Luvit Great idea man! I am a few years off 40 but I will take note of this for the future!
  12. natang

    Fishing Boat Within 10k

    Beautiful looking boat! I currently have a buddy cabin Haines Hunter 470SF but am wishing I had of bought a centre console mainly as this thing is a pain on your own.. Managable but tedious with a strong current and wind to dock....Plus the kids don't go with me as much as I would like due to the ex..
  13. natang

    south queensland Any Lure Will Do The Job

    Sorry meant to say some really healthy fish there! Love the Yella's!
  14. natang

    south queensland Any Lure Will Do The Job

    Awesome mix of lures there.. I tend to use spinners mostly in freshwater but mainly because they are heavier to cast. I think Ineed to change up my lure mix for freshies. I had a huge collection for salties until the scum stole my rods and box out of shed so I am now down from two big trays full of lures to 6 lures a two spinner baits......
  15. natang

    south queensland Twin Bridges

    Huffy I have found up there it is best with live garden worms or fresh water shrimp....