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    80cm Flattie, 35cm Bream, 1.5m Shovel Nose Shark.

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  1. Nrl 2017

    Thanks GAD for clarification news in the North here is slow! I hate how the binding contracts don't seem to be so binding anymore. Should be a god game tonight! C'mon Aussie!
  2. Nrl 2017

    Ellicat do you like him or you are angry at him doing that?
  3. Nrl 2017

    See Hayne has reportedly signed with Parra for next year but putting off telling Gold Coast to get holiday pay! I hate this guy!
  4. south queensland Brisbane Fishing Help

    I've used them with good success at the junction when poddy mullet wasn't available. Only used ones between 15-25cm though.
  5. south queensland Brisbane Fishing Help

    Catfish are great bait for this too especially around Logan river, Bremer and Brisbane river. Kookaburra park at Karana Downs.
  6. south queensland Brisbane Fishing Help

    Hi Tomdaley and welcome to the site. If you do a search you will find loads of info around the site for what your after. Type in nudgee and suburbs close by you near the water. You have Bribie Island which is just up the highway there are loads of different species available there of the bank in many spots, squire, flathead, shovel nose, bream, whiting, stingrays, tailor, Jewies, wobigongs are a few that I have caught there over the years land based. You just need to go explore and experiment. Use google maps you get a lay of the water ways and make sure you do a search and read through old articles on here. There are loads of guys with great knowledge and everyone is helpful. Good luck buddy!
  7. south queensland Over A Ton Not Out

    Dino I use the suncream in a spray can for my legs and feet when out on the boat. That way I am not getting it on my hands. Works well but is a bit $$..
  8. Roof Rack Platform/basket Opinions Sought

    Passed a couple in an old Pajero like 1980's model and the rood had a roof top tent, 2 swags, 4 jerry cans of diesel, two of those massive blue dust proof boxes full of gear. Plus three jerry cans of water. SOO much stuff!
  9. Roof Rack Platform/basket Opinions Sought

    I have a full length steel rack from 4wdsupercentre with rod holders on the top at the back as surf rods sit along roof. Have two awnings one either side for the beach and the side walls as well to block sun. Pretty good and I am happy with it all.
  10. Nrl 2017

    It is good for the game for those Pacific Islanders to play for there heritage countries instead of just playing for Australia and New Zealand. Should be a good tournament because of the spread. Cheering on PNG and Tonga I am Australian but I would love to see a smaller Island do really well and I think Tonga and PNG have good squads.
  11. Sailfish

    That is awesome! Something that be in his memory forever...
  12. Hello & Help

    Welcome to the site buddy. Look for some reports on Jacobs well might help you out. I used to fish that area before moving North. Use google maps to find the ramp the switch it to satellite mode you'll be able to see the rough lay of the river for where to maybe put some pots in. There are muddies down that way.
  13. giveaway I Found Some Sunglasses - Owner Found

    Hope the owner gets them back. I dropped my Spotters in the water the other day out in the 25m of water was gonna jump in and swim for them but remembered the 3m shark that swam up to the boat 30minutes before hand! Off to BCF again.
  14. Awesome video. We really do live in a beautiful country! Can't wait to see that part of the world I am sure photos don't do it justice! Great work.
  15. Nrl 2017

    I never understand the Warriors. They are on paper an amazing team but they never seem to get it together as a team. Maybe there is too many "I's" in team in the club. They are basically the NZ rugby league side but they can't play together. Been the same since Stacey Jones left them seasons ago.