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  1. Beautiful boat! I think my next boat will be a centre console when the kids get older... I like the idea of being able to walk around the whole boat. Are you going to put a bimini cover of sorts of her for shade? The guys up here in North QLD all have big shade roofs on them.
  2. The mouth of the river fishes good to in behind the caravan park at Maroochydore. Mooloolaba used to be good off the rock wall in the seaway there. Plenty of places.
  3. Great read mate. I loved Long Island ex wife and I went there 2006 for honeymoon bloody beautiful part of the world!
  4. Looks like a great little sash there fella's! Nice little mack too.
  5. Hey Drop Bear went out in the Mourilyan harbour Saturday for the run out tide fished from 8am-130ish for a donut but I had one massive hit which peeled 250m of brand new 15lb braid from me and I couldn't stop it, then SNAP followed by expletives. Went again yesterday with a guy who I met at the club Saturday night who is up in Innisfail putting solar panels on and is from Burpengary so we went out to the wreck about 1km offshore as it was nice weather then turned into a bit of a laundry tub so we went back in after he dropped a fish. Back in to harbour and we anchored over the middle of two ledges that run from 8-10m - 20m. He gets a massive hook up and snapped off then 2 mins later my braided rod goes off again and took another 50m of braid then turned him and he flew back towards the boat around the back then under it and wrapped me around prop F**k s**t was yelled and snapped me off. Literally sat down had a bit of water and then the overhead started screaming and 15mins later up came a solid 55cm Golden Trevally. Such a beautiful fish! A few small Barracuda's then headed in and to the club for a few beers.
  6. Welcome Mjr350 do a quick search you will find loads of build stories. These guys are a pretty friendly bunch and some have a wealth of knowledge. Enjoy the site!
  7. Thanks for the post. Dino seems to be a wealth of knowledge in Freshwater. I always look forward to his posts..
  8. Well I picked the boat up after installing a faulty replacement trim solenoid and headed straight to the Mourilyan harbour for a couple of hours after work drifting for anything. Boat started first hit all electronics working great radio and sounder but no UHF. Figured all good won't be going far. So went along a route with sounder picked up some good readings then went back to drift across it. After a few hits went to go back again but no power to motor. I checked terminals and everything electronic was working but no power to motor. Was nearing 5pm by this time and and I had 2kms to row a 4.7 half cabin glass boat against the tide. Thankfully two old guys in a home made timber looking punt with a 2hp honda towed me back to ramp. I thanked them with a case of Great Northern that was in the car. It was a wire up under gun rail that had broken in 3 places. AAARRGGHHH All fixed heading out tomorrow now.
  9. Yeah I still have some of granddads old timber ones and then the brown fibreglass material ones as well! I grew up on them and still use them for surf fishing all the time! Time to buy a few I think before they are gone!
  10. Exactly as Christophagus says that spot is a sweet spot for Flattie and has been since I started fishing there in 1995 always rely on some good ones in that spot or back on the wall where they have put the new BBQ's in near Cornetts.
  11. Awesome video guys and some really great fish there.
  12. Looks magical! Some nice fish there too...
  13. Definitely think Munster played out of his skin as we thought he would! Bloody awesome game and true to QLD spirit they never give up.....
  14. Loving Munster and Morgan! Morgan to replace JT and Munster off bench! I am not happy re Hunt but glad Hess and Gagai and Holmes are back!
  15. I use willyweather, seabreeze and bom.