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  1. south queensland Bribie Island

    New Years day was my first day back fishing in the lovely Pumicestone passage! Weather was amazing the 470SF cruised around effortlessly. Launched from Bribie ramp at air sea rescue (great new pontoon ramp!). Drove to Jetty drifted back to bridge for a couple of small squire and a baby flathead bigger then the bait! Then drove round to 8th avenue fishing for whiting and got a couple of small parrot fish and a baby mackerel, then back to whiter patch for a few shovel nose shark then in by 1230. Run kids around looking for jelly fish and dugongs. Was nice to see so much wildlife around as well and the sounder was alive with fish but not hungry.. Pity to see the weed there on the run out tide though! Still great to be back in SEQLD!
  2. Cricket 2017-2018

    Easy game!
  3. Mission Point Advice

    How was your trip Christogphagus what was camping and mooring like?
  4. Cricket 2017-2018

    Some great bowling by the Aussie this whole tour. Smith and Warner have been amazing as well so far and totally professional. Miss the close text game though......... Great to see Cook get a good Innings!
  5. Mission Point Advice

    What about the ramp at Bellara near the air sea rescue there.
  6. Cricket 2017-2018

    Well TBH I did think the tale would have wagged a little longer then that. Two early wickets first up yesterday really squashed them. Looking forward to a nice quick WACA pitch now to see Stark and the boys take a heap more. Lyon has been on point last two games. All of our bowlers have been with loads of maidens being bowled.
  7. for sale 14 Foot Center Console

    Great little bit of kit there and a good price too! What is the new rig mate??
  8. south queensland Landbased Snapper

    Used to be squire a couple of years ago off the old Redcliffe jetty about 1/3 way out.
  9. AFO Yuletide/christmas Party

    Thanks buddy!
  10. AFO Yuletide/christmas Party

    Tabo what pressure do yo run in tyres on trailer? I assume you have similar trailer Redco sports with 13" tyres.
  11. Nrl 2017

    IT's just crap that Henry had to lose his job according to Titans to save the $1.2m now Hayne has left anyway costing them who knows how much $. Arthurs will be trembling knowing that Hayne has gone through something like 9 coaches in his career now. Knights looking good for next year now! Brown has a relatively good squad to work with now!
  12. Nrl 2017

    GAD every social media outlet today has multiple reports of Hayne Plane landing in the Eels runway for next year..... Any more info???
  13. AFO Yuletide/christmas Party

    Hey guys I would love to attend but I am due to drive into Ipswich at some stage that day after leaving Innisfail late on the 8th December so I will be a bit late for festivities and stuffed! However I look forward to seeing and meeting some of you next year as I will be back around redcliffe, scarborough, bribe island and the pin areas! Look out for a late 90's haines 470 sf called Wild Flower white and green and a big fellow on board! Have fun fellas! I'll be out and about fishing before xmas I am sure! I'm towing her home as well so if you see a silvery/bluey 80 series cruiser driving through Brisbane on the 9th late afternoon honk and say hi / wake me up. 1644km to drive and props 19 or more hours towing a boat all the way.
  14. Nrl 2017

    Thanks GAD for clarification news in the North here is slow! I hate how the binding contracts don't seem to be so binding anymore. Should be a god game tonight! C'mon Aussie!