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  1. Nrl 2017

    Storm way too good. First half very fast first 20 minutes but after 3 lots of 7 tackles in the Storm 20 and no result I fear the Broncos lost there confidence and then tried too hard. Benji played well and it was good experience for the young ones. Boyd was obviously carrying injury still not being able to turn and chase and his leg was never full stretch. Storm clinical as normal and second half what a display of technique.. Go the Cowboys tonight!
  2. Nrl 2017

    Mate was a fantastic trip. Was awesome atmosphere at Lions Den with many of the locals down to watch the game. Only downside is I had quite a few Great Northerns and realised one of my primary school students was in the pub with his parents as well.... Whoops! Can't wait for the Storm Broncos game I like to think Broncos will turn up and play well however the Storm have been so bloody clinical for so long. Cowboys all the way I think they just have the guts and grind and have been playing really good footy completing all sets and making few mistakes. Morgan, Granville, Coote, Hess and TRex have been playing out of their skins! Tipping Storm Vs Cowboys GF with the Cowboys winning by 1.
  3. victoria Crazy Looking Um... Whiting???

    Whiting Dropbear are awesome on long shank hooks with live yabbies or live bloodworms. I used to get loads along the beaches at Woorim and WhitePatch. Also along the beaches near 8th avenue.
  4. north queensland Land Based Spinning

    If you have a drone take it with you you can drop baits out deeper.... Hope the PM helped champ...
  5. Looks like a nice day on water still! Haven't been able to put boat in for 6 weeks now between work and the bloody wind!
  6. Nrl 2017

    My apologies GAD. I will be watching the game "at". It's last day of work before 2 weeks holidays and all I can think is the 4wd is packed in the carpark ready to go to Cooktown via CREB track and Lions Den then home through Bloomfield and a few days camping up over tablelands.......
  7. Nrl 2017

    Hopefully Broncos turn up to play tonight! I'll be watching the Cowboy's game from Lions Den hotel tomorrow night should be great atmosphere there.
  8. Whale Oil Beef Hooked

    Both pretty good videos displaying we can never control mother nature. Beautiful creatures.
  9. Nrl 2017

    Melbourne game was bloody good if any was going to ruffle them it was the Eels. Bronco's just looked not the goods to start with and they seemed lost at times without structure like they had forgotten the game plan... Need Milf and a few others to remain level headed and focused. Cowboy's what a game! How many games have they now won in extra time via field goal. Was time for Morgan to step up and he did. The team just play with guts and are willing to go the extra bit to win which I feel a few teams aren't prepared to do at present. Even without Thurston and Scott they are doing well. Granville, Coote, Hess and Morgan all played solidly! The disappointing thing out of the whole weekend was every coach of a losing team blamed the bunker or the refs. Well sorry all year the play Maloney made has been sin binned and penalised. There were that many forward passes by the Roosters that were not called back and many other calls against the winning teams that they didn't complain about. The refs have a been like that all season now for a few in a row. However if you teams didn't play with so many mistakes and dirty tactics you wouldn't have to complain! C'mon Cowboys, Broncos and Storm! QLDER all the way!
  10. Amazing read sounds like a fabulous time was had by all! Great pics too DropBear!
  11. Nrl 2017

    Three mate you forgot most of Melbourne are QLDERS!
  12. Nrl 2017

    See how the boys go next year with Benji back and a few other good signings. I feel Melbourne are going to be too hard to stop this year they are so clinical in everything they do......
  13. Tackle Box Set Up

    I always keep the following as well: A mix of hard body and soft plastics, squid jig, bait jig, set of ganged 5/0 hooks, set of ganged 3/0 as well. Spare spool of 20b mono for leader or if in boat 30lb mono for leader. Surf Sinkers, and I have started using those sinkers that are tear drop shaped with a sickle on top as they are easy to change if needed with the paternoster rig.
  14. south queensland Hervey Bay Regulars Help!

    Any national park you need a permit for beach camping as far as I know.
  15. Louie The Lip Pic Added

    Nothing wrong with Head socks mate. They are a blessing up here in FNQ from the sun!