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    I am a music teacher. I love fishing and 4wding.
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    80cm Flattie, 35cm Bream, 1.5m Shovel Nose Shark.

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  1. I have been fishing the ocean side north of 8th avenue 4wd access only for the last 6 years and all I have ever caught is 4 Dart..... Have used live puppies, fresh worms, fresh tabbies. Fished at 8th Avenue walking onto beach and caught loads of whiting.... Odd place. Been round in boat to the same area and catch mackerel... I don’t understand that area!!
  2. natang

    north queensland Fishing Whitsundays

    Depends what islands your around. We went to Long Island and had a catamaran hired that slept 8 I used a Ugly stick paired with a similar reel and caught GT, Trevally and coral trout....... A couple of sharks and snapped off loads of times. It’s truly beautiful area up there! Enjoy!
  3. Hey lads, I have been persevering with Braid on baitcasters as it is thinner etc however I have a higher rate of tangles. When I use Mono I never get tangles.... PErhaps the line isn’t loading onto reel tight enough IDK...... It’s driving me crazy! What do others use?? I mainly use Hard body lures or bait with them.... If I Use SP I just drop them over side of boat and if casting I use spin reel.....
  4. natang

    Getting Ready For The Cape York Trip

    TBH that is the only problem I have. The 80 has 2” lift and when you slide fridge out you can’t really see into the fridge. I have been looking at an MDA slide I think it is called. Then it will slide out and drop on tailgate. Re trip to cape and them failing apart. I have done inland Fraser track shaking crap out of car, Bloomfield track shaking the living crap out of car, CREB track to Cooktown out to Laura and back again to Innisfail and had no problem but busting 3 original fridge slide latches..... They are made strong hence they weigh so bloody much! GOod value for $$ and TBH everyone that I know with them just modify to suit there needs. Rather cut up a $500 set then a $1000 set. Safe trip!
  5. natang

    Getting Ready For The Cape York Trip

    Mate can’t get it to load. But it is just a gate latch with a carabine clip to keep it in place. Just pout it where the factory one guys. I know a few other guys with them and all had same problem, they just put a jumper or campchair between tailgate and slide. I lived in Innisfail last year did a fair bit of camping and was always at least 200m away from water. But when in doubt I threw the swag on the roof racks and slept up there. Safer....... I always carried a big hunting knife too...
  6. natang

    Nrl 2018

    ME TOO!
  7. natang

    Getting Ready For The Cape York Trip

    Mate I have had the same set in my 80 series for 4 years and I have gone through 4 latches for fridge slide. Ended up making a gate latch fit properly. Can’t complain for price I love them!
  8. natang

    Nrl 2018

    May have had a few ales when I typed that!!!! But alas it has been a tough few rounds!
  9. natang

    Nrl 2018

    This round and the last teo have been shoxkers i’ve fonenfrom second to 5th!!
  10. natang

    Nrl 2018

    I love NRL with a passion but I am so sick and tired of tries being awarded to win games by blatant fowars passes. First to go was the scrum, then the biff, then solid tackles and shoulder charges and now it seems to not matter whether you pass backwards or fowards. I am getting to the point of not watching anymore there has been that many blatant ones this year. Last try by Sharks tonight was at least a metre foward. Is it just me or are others of same opinion?
  11. natang

    Nrl 2018

    I agree the refs certainly destroyed that game. Penalty try ruling wasn’t consistent either, QLD should have got one in 2nd half. Loved the Samoa and Tonga game, also enjoyed PNG game and women’s Origin...... Some good football to watch there and was kinda disappointed with origin all over this year.......
  12. natang

    south queensland Fishing The Passage 17/6/18

    Some nice fish there. Great to see the little fella getting into it to!
  13. natang

    Nrl 2018

    No way is Napa going to start.... I think he will go to bench and Hess will start. Glasby may even come into team and Napa go to drinks boy. Going to be great to see Ponga have a run!
  14. Hey champ I', 37 soonish. Bit strapped for cash this year as finishing uni degree and just come out of a messy divorce so living like a student at present. Love a beer and fishing. Welcome to the forum loads of guys on here with great knowledge all friendly chaps too. Where did you get the squid? In the river at Toowong or did you head out to coastline.
  15. natang

    Nrl 2018

    I'd love that diet to drop 20kg...... However glad you're on the mend and back with the updates! Good luck this round......