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  1. Oyster Reef Project For Feb

    Signed up to Ozfish and all good for this arvo gents, see you then.
  2. Depends ..... are you going .......... (you can take that either way ....... ). Only joking - yep, just spoke to Rob and I'll see you there.
  3. All signed up - note that the membership fee is $25.
  4. Decent Rod For $150

    Curious to know what went wrong with the Siennas mate?
  5. south queensland Wild Time In The Hinterland

    Nice one Dino, lovely looking spot.
  6. How Do You Take Good Photos For Your Reports?

    Good tip there Angus. Yeah the AMM's are top notch - there's actually one on Gumtree now, but unfortunately it's in Cairns ...... Others I'm keeping an eye out for are the Pacific Sportfish (older now but great hull apparently), TABS and then possibly Origin & Noble, but I need to research them more. I think basically the first one that comes along at the right price and ticks the boxes I'll go for - would like the front casting deck raised a bit more than in the standard Formosa set ups.
  7. How Do You Take Good Photos For Your Reports?

    Would apologise for hijacking the thread, but I don't think Steve will mind ........
  8. How Do You Take Good Photos For Your Reports?

    Wish this one was closer than Gladstone to take a look at - Ideally I think I'd like to keep the motor to 100-115hp for fuel economy but time will tell, especially if I end up with 5.5m. Another very hectic week of work and one more to come before things settle slightly but would like to go look at an Extreme CC (will probably only find the newer ones but seem same basic hull) - they seem not as deep as boats like the Formosa's etc. Also want to look at the Formosa range to work out how big I want and also how deep, then I know which ones to consider when they pop up for sale (Formosa's are the most common probably). Ideally I'd like a more genuine/better quality hull but I'm getting itchy feet!!!! There is also this one at the moment - probably a bit more than I'd like to be spending but in saying that you never know how low you could get them for, comes down to how keen/desperate the buyer is to sell.
  9. Wanted - Old Transom Mount Electric Motor

    Might be a good idea to delete your address off the forum now Lance has it Ray - can't be too careful these days unfortunately.
  10. south queensland 35 Barnarbys ,57 Bass I Yella.

    Great session Ray, well done.
  11. How Do You Take Good Photos For Your Reports?

    Great photos mate, like Rob I especially love the flathead one. What sort/style/size of boat are you looking for? I'm officially on the hunt too - need to go to some boatyards to confirm the size I want but will be a plate centre console and I think around 5.2-5.5m.
  12. What Do You Look For In A Report

    Well now that you've mentioned it, lift your bl00dy game you slacko!!!!!!!
  13. What Do You Look For In A Report

    I think also from memory Lance, some of the half-wits couldn't work out that the report and pictures of the big boat that went to sea for days, caught a bucketload of fish and had an esky the size of a small car, was, a report of, shock horror, a commercial fishing trip ........... they must have been real intelligent ..........
  14. How Do You Take Good Photos For Your Reports?

    I found it confusing as I wasn't sure he was 'on topic' ......... I think @aussie123 gave us our most important advice Steve - that we should focus on scenery shots. I can see that being a fruitful way to approach our boating fishing sessions .......... On a serious note, great tips everyone.
  15. How Do You Take Good Photos For Your Reports?

    I have the same problem Steve - can't see what is in the shot so take the photo and then have to check it to see if it was decent.