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  1. south queensland Heading Offshore Thursday

    Cool will buzz you later mate.
  2. New To This Site

    Welcome to the site mate. I'm not sure how much fishing experience you've got but I'll give some basic advice - try to use light line (obviously suitable to the surroundings - ie. slightly heavier if fishing rocky/oyster areas), fresh bait (you can pump yabbies at a few spots to the north of the jetty at Wynnum, plus also down near the mouth of Tingalpa Creek), match the hook size to your bait and use a light sinker so your bait wafts around a little. From there it's just a matter of getting to know area/s and when the fish bite on different tides. Good luck!
  3. south queensland Heading Offshore Thursday

    Cheers Mark and Rob yeah should be good day on the water. You home this arvo Mark? If so I might call in and grab my ball sinkers that I left last time I went out with you.
  4. Taking dad's boat for a much overdue spin on Thursday with two of my brothers. Not sure if we'll leave from Manly or Cleveland yet but will be going through SPB hopefully around sunrise and at this stage will be trying the Waverider Buoy and then fish around the Cathedrals area (for the first time) to see if we can find some snaps, pearlies, parrot & trag (or whatever else we can manage). Anyone else going to be out there?
  5. Big Brown

    Yep, big one alright!! We took the kids down to the stream near my parents again yesterday (removed another tilapia and let go three eels) and a couple of people that walked/rode past said they'd seen two very large red bellied blacks that morning on the path so they must be on the move again.
  6. south queensland My Weekend

    Nice work @Doyley - good way to kick off the holidays on both counts. Private school I'm assuming (either that or I'm missing out .........)?
  7. Great trip by the looks of it Wayne and Luke, and glad to see the shark left a decent bit of the red emperor
  8. south queensland Hammerhead + 50 Bonito

    Nice one Chris. Did you keep some bonito for bait?
  9. Nrl 2017

    Plenty of excited Cowboys fans during the Best Man and Bridesmaid's speeches last night ....... plus a few watching on their phones earlier during the rest of the speeches. Would LOVE to see them beat the Roosters We had no audio - what was the deal with Hess's knee?
  10. Jewfish Swim Bladders

    Ahhhh, so THAT explains your odour .........
  11. Jewfish Swim Bladders

    Very interesting - cheers for posting. I think I'll stick to eating the flesh
  12. south queensland NPD Cricket 17/9/17

    Awesome day on the water there Ray, well done!!
  13. south queensland Wanderers Do 1770

    Cracking trip and report Mark, a memorable holiday with plenty of quality fish to top it off. Well done!!
  14. south queensland Short Netting

    Good report and nice to see you out on the water Brian. Enjoy those flattie fillets.
  15. Nrl 2017

    Ahhh, @Gad may have just been talking about who will go through this week, in which case there's a decent chance. I think the Eels would give the Roosters an almighty challenge if they play them.