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  1. kmcrosby78

    Wynnum Fishing Classic 2019 Date And Fun Wfc? Wfsf?

    When I get some time I'll do some research online to check if it clashes with anything Robbie. Seafood Festival sounds good.
  2. kmcrosby78

    south queensland Brisbane River Exploring

    Nice day out Wes - bet you slept well!!
  3. kmcrosby78

    Wynnum Fishing Classic

    Ahah, so that explains my confusion when I came over to congratulate you and there were two young boys there but neither were wearing the NSW cap. I thought there must have been a third one .......
  4. kmcrosby78

    Boat Wanted For Tv Ad.

    If Angus' contact doesn't come through let me know Rob. Spero who writes on the Fishing Monthly site has a large 'bay' boat - bit different to that boat but still large and white. He may be willing to help.
  5. kmcrosby78

    Wynnum Fishing Classic

    Yep, superb job @Drop Bear!!!!!!
  6. kmcrosby78

    Wynnum Fishing Classic

    Congrats on the boat win Brad - glad to see it go to an AFO'er. And well done to young Jackson for his wins/prizes - although I still maintain he should have been disqualified for wearing that NSW hat ......... Very successful first event fellas - bring on next year!!
  7. kmcrosby78

    south queensland Livies

    Going to be some happy people!! These tips for livies might be quite useful for the weekend given the weather ......
  8. Yep, if I was thinking about entering I'd be glass half full and think that with the predicted weather, whatever fish I catch will/may be up against less competition and therefore I'd be a better chance of winning. Will be very interesting to see the results.
  9. kmcrosby78

    south queensland Crazydeep Session

    Nice one Dino. So I've just quickly read two of your reports and you've caught a total of 181 bass in two sessions, which makes me wonder - have you ever kept count of how many bass you catch in a calendar year ..........? I shudder to think how many that would be.
  10. kmcrosby78

    south queensland Livies

    If you try in front of the poo shoot and it is quiet, try just around the far corner of it up against the concrete wall as it often holds some bait,. Also just random throws on the flats to the side of the poo shoot can produce a variety also (mullet, herring & gar mostly). Another spot I used to get mullet reasonably consistently was the inlet to the right after you go under the POB bridge at Whytes Island (ie. when you're heading towards the river from the ramp). If you go straight into the section that is straight ahead (I think the part on the left is very shallow) you can follow the water basically right to the end and they can be caught right up that stretch. Just ensure you have enough tide so you don't get stuck on an outgoing tide. Good luck!! Going to enter my two boys - yet to hatch a plan for them yet, will look at the weather and tides at some stage.
  11. kmcrosby78

    south queensland Prize Packs

    Yep, bl00dy good work Rob and crew acquiring all this. Next year will be even bigger and better. Let's hope for good fishing weather next weekend now so we get lots participating.
  12. kmcrosby78

    south queensland Capricorn Coast Colour

    Geez Mark I think you have just enough room to add a TV screen to your dashboard .........
  13. kmcrosby78

    south queensland Capricorn Coast Colour

    Cracking catch there Mark and Lance - some fantastic eating amongst that lot!!
  14. kmcrosby78

    south queensland Flats Fishing Queensland

    Cool video and lots of flatties there mate, you're doing well. If you're lacking consistency try to take note of different variables (moon phase, weather & wind, tide size, etc) and see if you can crack a pattern. Also take note of where the bait gathers as this should prove a consistent location to find fish. Welcome to the forum too - keep the posts up
  15. kmcrosby78

    Nrl 2018

    Got back from camping today (managed to not hear/find out the result) so my son and I watched it this arvo. Shame Billy didn't get his fairy-tale farewell but the Roosters deserved it and good to see Cronk get rewarded for his toughness. Well done Brian on your dominant win and a big thanks to @Gad for his usual fantastic commentary/summary during the season - much appreciated. Going to be weird watching footy without JT and Billy next year