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  1. Happy ending luckily - bet they weren't towing you real fast with a 2hp motor ....... Well done on rewarding them, bet they appreciated it.
  2. Is this similar to what you're after? If so Google 'livewell bait tank for sale' and quite a few options pop up. Hope it helps.
  3. I wonder how copyright rules work - wondering whether once the company folds their copyright ceases and other companies are able to basically reproduce their rules? Not much to them technology/parts wise so could be a good outcome for fishermen who want to buy these style of reels in the future (well into the future).
  4. Geez - better start buying some while we can ........ perhaps the fact that they last forever has ironically led to less sales because they don't need replacing?
  5. I'm sure it's loaded with bream and tailor ......... Enjoy!!
  6. Not sure what boat you're going in Angus but the Rous Channel and Small Boat Channel (a little closer - due east of the Hope Banks which are east of Green Island) hold plenty of them (so I've read here - if you get conditions to go that far. Obviously it would be preferable to get them where you mentioned - if you try I hope it works
  7. Ummmmmmm ...... I think we all got so fired up for the football version of Origin that we forgot to hold our decider this week .... perhaps next week?
  8. Yep, good work on both counts James
  9. Interesting dino the tackle shops will be happy ..... (unless you stick to shrimp ...)
  10. Hmmmmmmm you might have ended my 'donut' problem ....
  11. On my way to the game - yeehaaaa!
  12. Don't feel too down Wayne, @samsteele115 was always going to work out he could do better sooner or later ....... on the plus side you've found a willing replacement .......
  13. Very entertaining report Julian and some good fish landed mate, well done. Roughly how many times have you been through WBB?
  14. Do you mind if I ask how you target/catch the tuskies Brad - does floatlining get them or do you use paternosters for them? Am yet to get one floatlining down here yet and I miss them ........
  15. Great haul there Brad, well done. Nice solid tuskie and the moses must be reasonable too, and the pearlie. Yum!!