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  1. kmcrosby78


    Great photos @Robert Allen - I must have been busy when you put them up. A lot of those fish are caught in Australia - what is the large stocky one hanging on the scales? Solid fish!! Our mackerel season should still be going strong when you are hear in March (hopefully) so let us know when you are here and we should be able to get you out for a days fishing
  2. kmcrosby78

    Hi From Port Of Brisbane Moreton Bay

    Belated welcome to AFO @Hweebe - when are you expecting to take ownership of the Bar Crusher? Keep an eye out for a Wave Break Island (Gold Coast Seaway) social in early February that @tugger will post about as it will be a golden opportunity to learn some valuable mackerel secrets. Also, try for winter whiting in the Small Boat Passage/Rous Channel if central bay works for you. Drift til you find them. There was also a very good (and long) thread on fishing for long tail tuna on here - do a search for it as there was some excellent info.
  3. kmcrosby78

    south queensland A Day Out With The Dentist

    Great work skipper, although sounds like your deckie new his way around the Pin well. Given @benno573's substantial knowledge of the pin also, perhaps you should take both of them out one day and have a 'fish-off' .........
  4. kmcrosby78

    south queensland First Time Shark Fishing!

    Cheers - was just curious given the photo of the release with @Esox_angler's wife - thought perhaps you'd gone to one of the bay islands or Moreton
  5. kmcrosby78

    south queensland First Time Shark Fishing!

    That's sensational - well done @Drop Bear, you'll be able to start advertising your own shark fishing tours if you keep that up!! Where (roughly) did you go?
  6. kmcrosby78

    What The?

    Did the dinosaurs attack them much Steve .............. ?
  7. kmcrosby78

    Boat Maintenance

    Good work Wayne - that stuff for the gunnel rubbers comes out fantastic!!
  8. kmcrosby78

    south queensland Noosa Tips And Tricks

    Area inside the river mouth on the northern side - check it out on Google maps.
  9. kmcrosby78

    Aj Rampage!

    Sadly I have not, nor have I seen them on the surface. If only!!
  10. kmcrosby78

    south queensland Finally The Smell Of Bass

    Good quick session Dino, well done.
  11. kmcrosby78

    Half Day Charter Recommendations - Gold Coast

    Yeah have heard he is good Lance. I'm not going on this trip and they're just tying it in with a boys weekend away on the Gold Coast so won't be able to go with Smithy unfortunately.
  12. kmcrosby78

    Advice to deckies spots

    @Old Scaley - you reading this? Who wants to go first, you or me .............. @MSB I too had a good little chuckle reading your recount of your deckie encounter - well done for dealing with him the way he deserved to be dealt with as fishing is mean to be enjoyed, not something you grit your teeth and endure.
  13. kmcrosby78

    south queensland Noosa Tips And Tricks

    I've never fished the 'Frying Pan' area Robbie but it's meant to be great for surface fishing for whiting, etc. Should find some trevally too.
  14. kmcrosby78

    south queensland Caloundra Flathead

    Great vid and lots of nice flatties there mate, well done as usual.
  15. kmcrosby78

    south queensland Muzza Open Day

    Starting to show your age Wes, didn't even stay for the sunset session ……. Congrats on another cracking session - boy that's one big day, especially during summer!!!