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  1. ipk18

    Canopy Ideas Update With Pics Curtins On

    Dave Green done my mates seafarer and i don't think you will find a better tradesman, the only thing i would add is a second mount for a fm aerial. Cant remember their name but the trimmer they use also does a great job
  2. ipk18

    Sons Bridge Damage

    Wow, i thought from the first photo the bridge was where the wooden rails are, is that the Gold Coast Hinterland?
  3. ipk18

    First Time In Australia

    Also isn't it closure season for Bass outside of the dams ???
  4. ipk18

    Boat Recommendations - 5m Cc

    Cleaner water, with thru hull, holds the bottom better at speed, i have a friend that marks fish and bait at 50kmph. I like the idea of c channel, i have seen 5.5m on both single and dual axle, which will you go?
  5. ipk18

    Boat Recommendations - 5m Cc

    This weekend is out for me, maybe next weekend if the weather is ok, all the boats come out the same mould, so apart from the length and in my case the console the boat fit outs are the same, the real difference is the room between the back of the casting deck and the transom. Two other thought are, i would choose the sounder i was going to run and get them to put a thru hull transducer in, as the sealed deck makes this really hard later on and if you are going the Dunbar trailer see if they will change the rollers to the red poly ones, the standard grey ones leave big black marks.
  6. ipk18

    Boat Recommendations - 5m Cc

    Not mine on Facebook, but happy to take you out, 140 Suz will be perfect, 150lts will give you huge range, i have 120Lts and have around 300km range. I think the wider console looks better and if you do with out seats then it should leave enough room. Photo of how high my casting deck is, i think you want it a lot lower
  7. ipk18

    Boat Recommendations - 5m Cc

    Almost identical mould used for hull, i think Bonito Boats was started by ex Gale Force employee,
  8. ipk18

    Boat Recommendations - 5m Cc

    I have a 4.8, really wanted 5.5 but didn't want to wait for a new one (was a 4 month waiting list) and got a bargain on the 4.8 that was less than 12months old, mine is a tiller steer and i will have a side console put in it soon. There is a few 5.5m and 6M ones around Brisbane, get on Instagram and search hashtag galeforce and have a chat to them, or a few charter operators in Harvey Bay run them as well, so maybe book a charter. 70hp tiller steer is hard work after 30mins of driving. One great thing about having one built is you can really get them customised, like the height of casting deck, would love mine lower as it gunnel height, the self draining deck and deck wash is good, but i keep bungs in the scuppers most of the time as it does get a bit of water on the floor. I have met the owner and have spent a few hours at the factory and they were really good. If i was having a new one built i would go with a larger engine, the 4.8 will take a 90hp, i would also have trim tabs put on, they make 2 size consoles, while the larger one looks better and would keep you dryer, it does take up more room. They also do a offshore transom which i think i would get. It will all come down to how much you want to spend, when i looked at new and told them what i wanted i added $20k to the base price. If you want to go for a run in the bay one day i don't mind taking you but the 5.5 will perform differently.
  9. ipk18

    Dc To Dc Charger For Minn Kota?

    What about a 24v solar panel?
  10. ipk18

    Dc To Dc Charger For Minn Kota?

    I have the MXT14 as well, i cut the clips of and replaced with Anderson plug ($250 great price). dc-dc will only be 12v, and with start battery, house battery and 2 for the minn kota i don't think you will get enough charge to make it worth while.
  11. ipk18

    Blakleys Boats

    To make a claim won't you need to make a police report???
  12. ipk18

    A Small Teaser

    I know not the cheap fix, but one of those electric trailer dolly's
  13. ipk18

    Motorguide W55SW won't turn

    This is for sale on Ausfish details below Bought this Motorguide Saltwater 55lb Wireless W55SW54 for a project that never happened.Never been connected or used. Still works when connected up to battery.Good unit - I've used one on a mates boat for many years.Selling as I've sold the boat I intended to use it on.Does have minor perishing to the cable between motor and base.Located Murarrie, Brisbane.$450 ONO.
  14. ipk18

    Bought A Drone

    I have been thinking about buying one as well, so i can't wait to see the results of yours, i want one for trolling season and think you could get some great footage hooking up to a black, but with one more thing to worry about might be a bit too much.
  15. ipk18

    Smiths Rocks Location Help

    Don't want to sound rude, but maybe stick a bit closer to shore or get someone with some experience to come on your boat and show how to safely use your boat, Moreton Bay can be a tricky place if the weather changes.