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    fish hard, die happy
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    sammy65 or megabass anthrax
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    bait is not my style
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    11kg permit and 2kg bonefish. Both from the gold coast


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  1. as far as reliabilty and performance go shimano is way ahead of any daiwa reel. sols have so many problems i wouldnt know where to start and shimano reels are pure perfection. if you want a reel that will withstand big fish and give you years of problem free fishing go shimano
  2. jigman72

    anyone with a canoe wanna come bassin

    sounds good. pm me your mobile number mate
  3. jigman72

    Anyone been to Japan?

    there is a massive tackle shop in osaka mate. bigger than bunnings shops here.. also in osaka they have an aquraium that has whale sharks in it. amazing
  4. jigman72

    Fluorocarbon Line Tests by TackleTour.com

    well you keep using your standard mono and let us guys using flurocarbon catch the fish. in everyday fishing flurocarbon will outfish mono everytime. its that simple.
  5. jigman72

    Yamba Fishing

    try throwing big poppers and metal slugs off the middle bluff for tailor to 8kg and jew to 30kg. woody head and shark bay are good spots too. all these spots are actually at iluka across the river. you can catch a ferry across from yamba
  6. jigman72

    Fluorocarbon Line Tests by TackleTour.com

    try looking in big w or kmart.. those tiny little spools are a complete rip off.
  7. jigman72

    anyone with a canoe wanna come bassin

    whenever your free and can get down the gold coast
  8. jigman72

    Fluorocarbon Line Tests by TackleTour.com

    berkley vanish is an ok flurocarbon and you can get 300 metres for 20 bucks
  9. jigman72

    While you were Sleeping

    nice fish mate
  10. jigman72

    Fluorocarbon Line Tests by TackleTour.com

    how about i fish next to you using a flurocarbon leader and you use the cheaper stuff and we see what difference it makes.. it has so many advantages it isnt funny. and if all the pro guys swear by it then it has to be good. its more abrasion resistant, invisible underwater and thinner in diameter. i would NEVER leave home without it.
  11. anyone interested in canoeing down my local creek chasing some bass
  12. jigman72

    Gold Coast Bassin!

    which river on the coast have you been getting them in mate, i live on the gold coast and have been braining the local bass in my creek too. average around 24 a session
  13. jigman72

    sold Miller Rod- Bream Buster Classic SOLD

    can you post a few pics of it please. cheers mate
  14. jigman72

    just a quick hellow

    gday mate and welcome, hope to chat to you soon.
  15. jigman72

    Titans Vs Eels

    we are grand final bound i hope.. bulldogs next week.