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  1. @Daryl McPhee will probably have a few good spots for kids
  2. Doyley

    What Would You Do?

    Nice jump.....unfortunately the face plant may have loosened the front teeth
  3. 40ah battery = 20ah available until u start to effect the life of the battery. 18lb watersnake uses 15amps per hr flat out. I reckon you have roughly 2hrs with varying speeds. U will still have 50% left in the battery to get you out of trouble, but you will start to damage the battery. Will also depend on the condition of he battery and if you have it on a good charger to hit it with 14v to give it a full charge.
  4. Doyley

    for sale Surtees Profisher 575 Centre Console

    I’m happy to look after it for u while u r away
  5. Doyley

    fishing Wooli

    @Drop Bear were you down there not long ago?
  6. Doyley

    fishing My Fishing Experience Using Drone

    20mins isn’t long to fish. Keep at it. As others have said it takes a while to work out the best tide, moon phases, times of the day etc.
  7. Good luck. Other options are to put in at Bribie and go up to the Caloundra 12 mile, or launch at mooloolaba and fish all the reefs up here. To be honest I haven’t fished northern Moreton Bay since I started fishing the sunny coast reefs over two years ago. This weekend for me will be another Toorbul comp in the passage.
  8. Doyley

    Small Scale Wave Energy Converter

  9. Doyley

    Port Side Install Of Transducer

    I agree too high.
  10. Doyley

    sold Mdc Offroad Camper Trailer

    SOLD. Let the search for the new one begin
  11. Doyley

    sold Mdc Offroad Camper Trailer

    Thanks guys. It’s been a bloody great first camper for us. Will be sad to see it go, but looking forward to getting a new one.
  12. Doyley

    sold Mdc Offroad Camper Trailer

    Hi all, up for sale is our camper trailer. We are offering it to friends before we advertise it on gumtree etc over the weekend. Genuine sale as we are looking at purchasing a Jayco Swan. Priced to sell. 2014 MDC Offroad Camper Trailer $4850 - 18x15ft tent with tropical roof - Annexe with walls and solid floor and 2x3m mesh floors - Inner spring mattress (privacy screen to main bed) - Kitchen with fold out bench and drop down pantry - Spreader pole kit for main room and annexe - Underfloor tank plumbed to external tap and kitchen mixer with 12v pump (self-prime, pressure sensor and switch) - External water pickup to 12v pump for pumping out of jerry cans if the tank is empty or in caravan parks. - Instant gas hot water plumbed to kitchen. - Shower tap and hose to connect to hot water - oztrail XL ensuite tent (fair condition. I have repaired the poles) - 2 x 105ah batteries · voltmeter, 2 x Anderson outlets and 1 x 12v socket in rear of trailer · 1 x merit, 1 x 12v socket in rear of kitchen · 12v socket and 2 x USB in bed base - Anderson line for charging batteries from vehicle or solar - Poly block offroad hitch with car adapter - Offroad jockey wheel - Stoneguard with mudflaps - Large toolbox - 2 x Pole holders on drawbar - Spare wheel and cover - Bed ladder - Set of camping bunk beds modified for quick setup - 15” rims with light truck tyres (90% tread) - Eye to eye suspension with greasable shackles and shock absorbers - All poles, guide ropes and pegs including heavy duty pegs and sand pegs - Folding camp table and chairs (seats 4) - Timber servery opposite kitchen - 4kg gas bottle with 2 x outlet - Portable BBQ with hood - Portable gas burner - Water jerry can - 2 x jerry can holders - Fire pit which attaches to the side of the camper - 4 x LED lights bars with cable - Levelling ramps and wheel chocks Camper presents as new. Canvas in excellent condition and was originally seasoned for 3 days, doesn’t leak even in a heavy downpour. All zips work and no tears in the flyscreens. No rust in the trailer and bearings are regularly checked and repacked or replaced.
  13. Doyley

    Rust In Trailers

    I give mine a good hose down after every trip and every few months give the trailer a spray inside and out of WD40. 2.5 yrs with my current trailer and so far zero surface rust. I also check my bearings every 6 months and either repack or change them depending on their condition. Maintenance is the key!
  14. Doyley

    Weight Limited Offshore Boat

    This might be a bit controversial but I wouldn’t worry too much about the 5 or 6 person capacity. Happy to be proven wrong but here in qld people under 12 are only classed as 1/2 a person. I have also read (can’t remember where) that you can’t be fined for overloading your boat. You can be fined for not having a builders plate (don’t think u need a capacity label anymore) and also for not have the safety gear for all onboard, but no fine for overloading. You will however cope an ear bashing from the fisheries/water police.
  15. I would contact the previous owner and ask it he ever had that problem. He may have some tips which helped him while he owned it.