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  1. Doyley

    2018 Suburbs Of Origin Round One - 8th - 17th Of June

    An upgrade for team Norths whiting and bream bream @ 32cm whiting @ 36cm
  2. Doyley

    south queensland Offshore Saturday

    Any luck with the fish?
  3. Doyley

    south queensland Reel Neighbourly

    Some nice fat fish there @Dinodadog, and more importantly 50cm bass upgrade for the northsiders. Well I’m hoping you are northside???
  4. Doyley

    south queensland Hervey Bay Sesh

    Nice one! You always produce quality fish. I bet the hull moves along with the 60 on the back.
  5. Doyley

    south queensland Offshore Saturday

    If I’m heading to the tanga wrecks or fishing bulwer, curtains etc I leave from the Bongaree Ramp near the IGA on Bribie. Not really suitable for large boats especially at low tide (I think the southern ramp might be a little longer) I have found the southern tip of Bribie to be a washing machine early morning nearly every time I go through. Havent been out there in a while as I’m closer to mooloolaba and only have to travel a few kms out to hit reef.
  6. Doyley

    south queensland Offshore Saturday

    I feel the southsiders may have turned on each other
  7. Doyley

    2018 Suburbs Of Origin Round One - 8th - 17th Of June

    Just a thought... maybe the bbq at the end of the series could be held in the winners backyard. As a reward, less travel for the winners. For eg. southsiders win the bbq is held on the south side of the river.
  8. Doyley

    south queensland Big Mama Session Baroon

    @Dinodadog are petrol motors able to be kept on the boat?
  9. Hmmm reports. Haven’t even thought about them yet. Hopefully next Sunday on the water for me.
  10. And one for southsiders who don’t like their new boat touching the water!
  11. Doyley

    Formosa 2015 Sea Rod Cuddy Cab

    Any word back from the Gold Coast Boating Centre
  12. Doyley

    2018 Suburbs Of Origin

    Team northside for me again
  13. Doyley

    Horizon Scorpion 525 Review

    Good luck
  14. Doyley

    Horizon Scorpion 525 Review

    Yep, didn’t know had changed until I just googled it. Was looking at buying a new horizon through them 2yrs ago, but wasn’t happy with the boat.