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  1. Very sad! Even in a closing down statement you could tell how much his staff and customers have meant to the business. What a legend! Time to buy a few reels. I wonder if the surge in sales this email generates will be enough to keep them open
  2. I'm keen for this coming weekend....what do others think??
  3. I usually head to the cockle banks south of Bribie and anywhere out from d'bay always holds them. Reports are they are all through the NW of the bay at the moment. I was going to take the kids out today chasing them but a leg infection has slowed me down. I usually drift in around 4-5m of water. Keep moving and changing depths until i come across them in good numbers. Sometimes deeper water can holder larger ones. very rarely do i anchor up, usually keep drifting over the same area if I'm picking good ones up. If you don't have any known spots just keep an eye out for groups of boats drifting together. Always worth having a squid jig over one side and a pilchard floating out the back when chasing winter whiting. If the dolphins turn up its time to move.
  4. Well done Wayne..once again on to some good fish. The seas must have got calmer as the day went one. I was out early and it was a little lumpy, but your later pics show beautiful glassed out conditions.
  5. Well done mate. Always special when the whole family is involved. Im going to take my two oldest kids out tomorrow morning to chase some winter whiting.
  6. Hey Greg @Seahorse, just posted of a report from Monday I usually take pillies, squid and some old fillets from the freezer. Ill jig up a bit of bait if i come across any.
  7. Headed out to the Outer Gneering early Monday morning. My deckie pulled out due to work commitments around !0pm, too late to call around to find another one so i decided to do a solo run. The bar was flat even with a bit of swell coming over the stilted up river mouth. Got out to the gneerings and it was pretty sloppy. Did a couple of drifts. A couple of undersize reef fish and a PB whiptail . After finding a good mark with fish on the sounder i anchored up and started a berley trail. The trail started to work and i got bricked on lighter gear. No more mucking around so the big gear came out. Drop to the bottom, one jig up and i was getting smashed. Unfortunately, i was pulling the hooks or still getting bricked on the bottom. The bite only lasted for around 15mins, probably because i forgot to keep the berley trail going while trying to get the fish the surface. Coming back to the river mouth the dredge was working the point cartwright wall of the bar with buoys running through the deep side. Had to navigate breaking waves, a SUP boarder, kayaker and the dredge. A little bit to much excitement for the end of a trip . Though about taking a pic of the narrow gap, but after surfing a wave and the motor touching the sand i though better of it. Ended up with two tuskies, which wasn't too bad for a couple of hours. The big brutes have got me hooked and keen to get back out there soon! Sorry about the lack and bad quality of the pics.
  8. for sale

    Does $45000 include delivery to Qld?
  9. Hey Riley, do u have an epirb? If so you could head off mooloolaba. Kilometers of reefs only a few kms offshore. I'll be heading out Monday as well. There has also been reports of good catches of snapper in the bottom end of the passage
  10. I'll be searching around Murphy's again on Monday. Well that's the plan anyway
  11. thanks Brad, thats what i was hoping to hear!
  12. hey guys, i currently have a little Lowrance Hook 4 on my boat. Its a good little unit but was only ever put on as a temporary sounder until funds allowed an upgrade. Im really missing a GPS and have been looking at stand alone units. I came across the Garmin Striker 5dv which includes Gps (no maps) for $400. Looking for comments from people who have had experience with this unit. cheers.
  13. A late report. With the weather so nice on Monday decision was made Sunday night to head out to Murphy's at first light. Sounded around for a while to find very little. You can always count on whiptails and triggerfish to remove your bait. We lost the sounder for about an hour (which I have now read is a common problem with Lowrance if left on auto depth) so we were fishing blind and continuing to struggle. Moved over to the Mooloolaba Blinker to find a lot of bait but unfortunately nothing chasing them. About 9:30 the tide started to run, the ocean went to glass and we had a steady flow of fish coming over the side. A legal Tuskfish and a range of juvenile reef fish. Still very new to offshore fishing so a few PB's amongst them including a red emperor.
  14. Nice one @Gary_C. My fishing plans have been cancelled. Sorry team northside. Hopefully get offshore mooloolaba monday