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  1. south queensland My Weekend

    yeah @Old Scaley they do well, although maybe only one or two wins this year. The club has a really good handicap system of -5pts for each win, which shares the prizes around. My 5 fish this comp got done by another guys 1 fish. He now has the same handicap as me going into the next comp. Yes private school @kmcrosby78. I did a few years with EQ so i know what u r talking about your right @Drop Bear just amazing and the feed at Tangas was quite impressive and surprisingly well priced. I have heard how run down the place is. I didn't see the accommodation but what i did see was well looked after. Im not a Toorbul local, but if Ken and Mick do the comps i would know them.
  2. south queensland My Weekend

    Our staff breakup for the term (yes another school teacher) was last Friday and we spent the day at Tangalooma. A early 4:30 start up the coast and down the highway to Pinkenba. The trip was booked at Easter so it was just pure luck that we had beautiful weather. Snorkelling the wrecks was quite impressive with some bream easily over 50cm. An amazing lunch followed as well as a few drinks. It has certainly made me want to dust off the snorkelling gear and take my boat over more regularly this summer. Sunday I had another Toorbul Fishing Club's Monthy Comp. Up early and on the water around 5:30am. Calm conditions again and a few legal bream came over the side. About 1hr later I heard a roar coming up the passage, which was wind and we got hit by strong winds for the rest of the morning. We managed a few more legal fish and a sand crab while hiding amongst the islands. My daughter ended up winning the Nippers (Juniors) category as well as the Junior membership draw.
  3. south queensland Fishing Invite

    Sorry @Fishaman. Got a comp next Sunday which i forgot about. Two Sundays in a row is pushing it with the boss. Thanks for invite. Hope you get onto a few.
  4. south queensland Fishing Invite

    I'm keen, but will confirm early next week.
  5. Correct Application Of Sikaflex. Help Needed.

    Hey mate, thanks for the offer. Unfortunately Im on the Sunshine Coast.
  6. Correct Application Of Sikaflex. Help Needed.

    thanks guys. I have heard of Duralac. Ill have to get some some and redo all the screws. cheers
  7. I have just taken screws out of the transom of my boat to fit a new transducer and found electrolyse present. The battery is only connected when the boat is in use and i applied a lot of Sikaflex to the hole and screws when i first put them in. When putting the screws in wouldn't it push the Sikaflex out from between the thread? How do you prevent this? I put the screws in when the Sikaflex was wet. I have read online that someone waits to the Sikaflex is nearly dry before putting the screw in. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. Bcf Poster Boy

    Grabbed a few Pillies at BCF this arvo, looked up and this guy was staring at me. He gets around. Surprised @youngy wasn't in the whiting section
  9. New Rig

    @Cobiaaddict were u travelling along Bribie Island Rd this morning. Saw a black Surtees being towed by a silver navara or pathfinder.
  10. Slipping Sands

    Redcliffe City Fishing Club have some at Bulwer.
  11. A Different Way To Catch A Flatty

    No good this month in the comp. Hopefully a few more fish next time
  12. 2017 Seq Suburbs Of Origin - Round 2 - June 20 - 25

    not to my knowledge
  13. I fished the Toorbul Monthly Fishing Comp with 2 of my kids this morning. I had a bit of a sleep in and hit the water around 6:30. Fished around Hussey Ck in the Passage and really struggled to find fish. My son got 2 legal bream and 2 whiting and my daughter caught a mixed bag of undersize fish. The kids had enough at 9, so took them back to the ramp and headed out solo. First cast and i pick up a little bream. As i pulled him out of the mangroves he gets smashed by a brown shape which knocks him out of the water. It took me a few seconds to realise it was flatty. I stopped the retrieve and the flathead came back and smashed the bream again. It was a nervous few minutes as i tried to get the flathead who was only attached by the bream in its mouth to the boat. Somehow it didn't let go and I was able to net both of them. Picked up another legal bream and it was time to head to the weigh-in. Suprisingly not much was weighed in
  14. Tragedy Alvey Closing Down

    Very sad! Even in a closing down statement you could tell how much his staff and customers have meant to the business. What a legend! Time to buy a few reels. I wonder if the surge in sales this email generates will be enough to keep them open
  15. 2017 Seq Suburbs Of Origin - Round 2 - June 20 - 25

    I'm keen for this coming weekend....what do others think??