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    Love to fish but still a newbie. Going from bait fishing to soft plastics and have no idea what techniques colours etc to be using. But its all trial and error isnt it.
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  1. jhedrick

    south queensland Jacobs Well Last Tuesday.

    Yeah it was good fun. I actually went out with my mate who doesn't fish and let him reel in most of it. Went to bcf to replace all the gear he lost and get one of those laminated cards. I still find it quite hard to identify a lot that looks the same due to being colour blind. I feel pretty bad about keeping a fish that's under size but I'm definitely not going to let him go to waste.
  2. jhedrick

    south queensland Jacobs Well Last Tuesday.

    That looks similar to the fish I caught but mine had more blue in the face and a extremely yellow/green body. I have the app on my phone and all the perch were 30cm so I knew that I was over the limit. I want one of those stickers for my boat with all the fish on it but I can't find them anywhere. Do you know where I can purchase those cards from?
  3. jhedrick

    south queensland Jacobs Well Last Tuesday.

    I think this is the fish I caught
  4. jhedrick

    south queensland Jacobs Well Last Tuesday.

    No prawns in the cast net but I could only let it drop a few meters where I was casting and it didn't hit the bottom until I tore it. I've got no idea what that fish is called. I looked it up on the website and it said sea perch lol. It was blue green and yellow. That's my next fish I'm cooking up. Already panko crumbed the flathead
  5. Hey guys, So I finally went out to jacobs well to chase those flathead that I was after and what a successful mission. Unfortunately only have photos of the fish on the chopping board after I scaled/gutted and I barely remembered that. Anyway I went out in Tuesday and bought a bag of pillies but didn't really need it because as soon as we got to our spot there was livies basically jumping out of the water. Few casts with the net and got heaps of mullet and herring. We flicked these intowards the fallen in trees from the first picture I added. Straight away we were on and catching undersized flathead and eventually caught a 41cm. After high tide changed I decided to flick out two pink curly tail zmans for a troll. We headed towards tipplers and caught about 4 flathead which one was 46cm. After battling a few sand bars we finally made it to tipplers for a beer and then decided to head back to our original place to camp the night on the boat. Thank got for my GPS otherwise I would have been flying blind. We eventually got back and it was a couple of hours before high tide again. We suffered many of casualties on our live bait and went back to the pillies. I caught a 45cm bream which I threw back and then got onto a 39cm rock cod which was soon followed by a 41cm sea perch. Things settled for the night and we eventually hit the sack. Once we woke up at about 4am covered in bites we decided to tear up my cast net on some tree stumps. Once that mission was accomplished I pulled out a yakka Jig and oh was I successful. I probably caught about 10 yakkas and heaps of herring, pike along with a couple mullet. We kept trying this area for another 30 minutes and caught nothing but an old t-shirt a shell and a massive piece of drift wood. We then moved onto the second spot which is the second photo. We sat at the mouth of this little estuary and cast just behind the tree on the corner as the tide was going out and bam! Caught onto a massive dead weight which is my biggest flathead ever at 66cm. The yakkas were going nuts! About 5 mins later we got onto a much bigger one but it cut the line before it got to the boat. Happy with ourselves we decided to head back and my motor decided to fire on one cylinder again. Unsure what this issue is and not even my mechanic can figure it out. Anyway I used this as an excuse to head back to the car and troll with a hard body. Which was sort of successful as we got onto a little trev. Anyway all and all a great trip with many of bites of all kinds. I think my next target species will be threadfin salmon and I may need a bit of help with that as I have had a lot of trouble catching one. Sorry about the photos I should have had a ruler or something. They are on a massive chopping board.
  6. jhedrick

    south queensland Couple Of Little Mackerel Gold Coast

    Cheers guys, I don't think I could have timed it better with the video. I'm hoping to go out in the bay in the next couple of weeks so hopefully keep you all posted
  7. jhedrick

    south queensland First Time Shark Fishing!

    Good work guys. Congrats on a good size shark too
  8. Hey guys sorry about the lack of post, I've been quite busy and slightly broke lately. Anyway a recap on my last adventures. I was trying to target flathead for about 2 weeks very unsuccessfully so on boxing day I decided to try something different. I was already going down the Gold Coast to do Christmas with my fiances side of the family so decided to take my boat out to palm beef reef. So I've never crossed a bar before in a boat and I can definitely say that the currumbin bar crossing was pretty average. But I just waited for a gap in the waved and just fanged it. My boat just ate the waves and from there it didn't take too long to get to the reef. I was there about an hour before high tide and couldnt be bothered flicking any lures so just had a bunch of dirty pilchards which I put on my shark rod with a ganged hook and a running sinker. On my other rod I just had a paternoster rig. I was only there 2 hours and I had 3 runs and probably about 6 snap off's. The paternoster rig caught about 7 or 8 stone fish lol Anyway I'm at work but I will attach a photo and I'm thinking about going out in the bay this week. Any tips or places to go in Moreton this week guys? VID_20181226_114047_389.mp4
  9. jhedrick

    south queensland New Reefs

    Yep I'm in. hedrickj@hotmail.com
  10. All I can say is what everyone else is saying. Eel! I caught a 1.1 meter at the mouth of Brisbane River not long ago and I've still got it in my freezer. I will probably aim for them in a month or so when I run out. I've had an experience with sharks before when I didn't want to target them. I chummed up with 2 cans of cat food which I had left over from crab pot. All I was catching was sharks about 50cm and became a pest because I was after snapper. Still was great fun on light gear and recommend one circle hook in about 6cm of eel flesh just towards the top. Let it run on slack drag for 10 seconds or so depending on the area and tighten the drag. Once on board cut the tail bleed it out but my friends recommend cutting the head off too. I'm unsure how this goes with Queensland rules as I'm pretty sure you aren't allowed to fillet fish while fishing. Good luck and I would have mono line attached to your braid then go the trace
  11. jhedrick

    south queensland Tips And Spots

    Well keep me updated on how you go. I can't hit the shallows too much as I'm supporting a stacer 480 easyrider sports bowrider. Stable as. Bimini gets in the road but 1.5 metres is about all I should take her on.... Even though I've trashed through worse.
  12. jhedrick

    south queensland Tingalpa Creek

    That's a a massive surprise. Good work getting it in on light gear. That's amazing. Definitely one of the species I'm going to target in the next few weeks for sure. What do they taste like? Worth keeping?
  13. jhedrick

    south queensland Tips And Spots

    I've decided I might give today a miss. Hight tide sits in the middle of where I need to flip my beef brisket. I might camp out near the pin next week and try again. I've always caught flathead because I'm trying to target something else. Who would have thought it would be this hard. Mind you the weather has been average. Until next week guys. To be continued
  14. jhedrick

    south queensland Tips And Spots

    Thanks for the tip benno. I might head down there next week. That's my old stomping grounds as I use to camp at the bedroom down there. As for today's mission wow it was too windy to use soft plastics most of the day so did a few casts with the cast net and got some livies. Didn't really catch much except for a sting ray. In the afternoon when it was less windy but still blowing some decent wind I went up and down the bank toward the mouth and still caught nothing. I did however catch a tiny squid the size of my thumb nail and a baby flounder in the cast net. Was a bit trippy. Tomorrow I am going to try in the Brisbane River using live bait. Hopefully prawns. I watched some kids catching them next to the story bridge on YouTube. Might buy a small packet of bait just in case. But tomorrow should be my last day until next week. Might camp out on the boat next week around south straddie
  15. jhedrick

    south queensland Tips And Spots

    Round two today. I'm going to go out to nudgee and try for a flatty there.