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    Love to fish but still a newbie. Going from bait fishing to soft plastics and have no idea what techniques colours etc to be using. But its all trial and error isnt it.
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  1. jhedrick

    south queensland Shark Fishing Last Friday

    Beer battered it up and probably should have cut the fillet in thirds lol. Was damn tasty
  2. jhedrick

    south queensland Shark Fishing Last Friday

    Also it's my first bully that I've targeted and it's the biggest. I've always thrown back the little ones I've caught. Have also caught a massive port Jackson shark before. That was such an amazing shark but threw him back because he was too cool to kill. I need to figure out how to get the hook out without getting them in the boat so I can just go for fun. Unless someone wants a free shark next time I go out
  3. jhedrick

    south queensland Shark Fishing Last Friday

    Thanks guys. I think I might have to invest in a go pro. I've got like 8 telegram messages of me all 1min each. Such a struggle to film for my mates at the same time
  4. jhedrick

    south queensland My Most Unique Capture Yet...wasn't A Fish

    I've had similar experiences with other boats. I suggest draining the fuel and putting more fuel in, one boat my fuel cord was corroding from the inside and started blocking the filters, did the same thing and would only go a certain speed until the grot passed through. Definitely check your fuel filters for water or debris. As for the steering.... Heaps of a grade Greece but there is a chance it could happen again and you might need new cables.... Cables themselves don't cost much but paying someone to install them wow. All I can suggest is make sure you are signed up to a vmr and when it all fails on you then it might be time for new ones lol. If it's due for a service take it to someone that is not going to screw you over. I suggest coorparoo Marine because they will tell you the facts before they work on it. I've had a run in with Slade's marine on the Gold Coast before for doing work on my boat that I didn't approve. Was costly and unnecessary. All in all sounds like you had an adventure. Any day on the water is better than at work
  5. Hey guys, I'm a bit late on my post but last Friday I ended up going for a little shark fish. I have to say Special thanks to christophagus for the maps and everyone for the advice. As everyone was probably aware last Friday was 36 degrees so a good excuse to head out and have some breeze across the face. I just knocked off night shift and basically picked up my boat and headed out to pinkenba. I had to drop the girl off at work first and was probably in the water around 8am. I had about 5 hours to high tide so I cracked a breakfast beer and slowly plotted up channel to the second last beacon before the river meets the bay. I loaded up my eel and dropped off in the channel and putted my way to safer grounds to anchor up. Needless to say I fell asleep and heard this annoying sound of clicking. Not really all with it I let the noise annoy me for about another 50 meters plus of line until I finally twigged that I had caught something. I looked at my watch and I had only been there for about 10 minutes. I fought the little critter for about another 10 minutes until I had him at the boat and struggled to get him in. I didn't have a rope gaffe or anything ready lol. Anyway I got him on board bled him out and gutted him. 105cm weighing in at 8.1kg it was the perfect size for me and the freezer. And just like that my day on the water was over just about as soon as it began. I had a troll and a flick around but didn't catch anything too special. Sorry about the poor quality video. It was just a telegram video message to a friend. Thanks everyone for the help 5_6237716630458073144.mp4
  6. jhedrick

    south queensland Helps With Spots And Tips

    I use to catch eel heaps in Victoria just with liver hand line and a float. But I live in toowong and the closest bait to me is miles away. I'm in a dead zone. But I found some in springwood. Always keen for an eel fish. I quit work without lining up a job and they just changed the roster to 3 days on 3 days off 12 hour days. Unsure if I should as for that. I'm use to working in the mines or wineries. God I need a career. Regardless I need to focus on flake
  7. jhedrick

    south queensland Helps With Spots And Tips

    So I've set my drag.... Just went over my boat and thought I had to replace a fuse to get my live bait tank going... It must be fried because it doesn't make a sound. Regardless my next step is finding where I can find some fresh water eel for bait in Brisbane. I'm having trouble. I really feel like some flake for dinner. I've got some hairtail in the freezer from the last adventure I went on I'm thinking about using that.
  8. jhedrick

    south queensland Helps With Spots And Tips

    So I couldn't find any scales in my neighbourhood but I did find a luggage weighing set of scales that will do the same job.
  9. jhedrick

    south queensland Helps With Spots And Tips

    Holy **** what a large amount of information lol. I was going to go out tonight but my shift last night got cancelled and a slab of beer got in my road. I think I will go out next Friday or Saturday and try and hunt down some eel during the week. Also need to figure out how to set the drag on my tld25. Looks pretty simple just need to find some weights. Ps I love the maps by the way. Very helpful. This group forum is pretty damn useful
  10. I fried up the hairtail damn tasty but way to fiddly. I'm going to use the rest as shark bait when it comes season and I put line on my shark rod. Anyway here are the two crabs. They lost their arms in a fight with me
  11. Well I went out to the docks and didn't find too much on the sounder. Then I went the opposite wall which there were a few big ones but nothing biting. Then the Clara rock where I caught a heap of pike, then under the story bridge which sounded up heaps of big fish. Unsure what they were also schools and schools of prawns. Then back to Clara Rock which wasn't very productive and back up boggy Creek to get some mud crab. Fun night/day out besides my motor firing on one cylinder
  12. Basically every cast with the cast net caught one or two. I could have kept about 20 but I didn't know what they taste like. So proof is in the cooking tonight or it's going to be bait
  13. So I got myself a cast net caught livies and no success in the Brisbane River last night and this morning. Caught two ripper mud crabs and a bunch of hairtail which I've never caught before. On the ****** side my motor ****ed out again seems like it's only firing from one cylinder and it took ages to get home. Was under the gateway bridge the docks and near boggy Creek with the livies with no success. I caught heaps of pike in the morning too but nothing seemed to take it. I was wondering if anyone knew if it's okay as dead bait as I put them on the freezer. I'm still keen for a fishing buddy but still have issues with the boat and doubt anyone wants to deal with that ****
  14. So I went out and this was my biggest catch. Put up a good fight though. Next Friday I'm. Thinking about going pinkenba and doing a night mission