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  1. aussie123

    Getting Ready For The Cape York Trip

    You could do that Kelvin but my main concern would be pulling out that half of the cars load every time you want to grab something out of the fridge. It would be far easier to build or buy a proper fridge slide Kelvin. A timber frame will take up a fair bit of room itself by the time you build one solid enough to handle a trip up North. You could possibly cut that side lid in half right behind the fridge so that only the front half slides out, that would save dragging out half the car at the same time.
  2. aussie123

    Getting Ready For The Cape York Trip

    I think they are a dreadful design for extended trips away although great for weekend trips when camping ect. Constantly repacking the car would drive you insane with kids wanting a drink all the time when up there in that tropical heat and humidity. I would also build another deep drawer where the fridge is sitting and then sit the fridge on top of that one to maximize that wasted space above the fridge. There is a few types of drop down fridge slides available now and they would be perfect to do that job.
  3. aussie123

    Getting Ready For The Cape York Trip

    Just about everyone seems to be buying those drawers now and most seem happy with them. The only issue I see with them is the fridge slide setup. Once you jam pack the car to the roof with gear and drive down a rough road, everything will move a bit and as soon as you try and slide the left hand side out to access the fridge, everything behind the fridge and everything on the rear right hand side will want to fall over. It will be a real PITA. I think you would be far better off with a proper fridge slide on top of the drawer so you only have to pull out the fridge and not half the gear packed in the car at the same time.
  4. aussie123

    Trim Tabs + Squid Lights

    Just throw a couple of our deep drop disco lights onto the rocket launcher, they look amazing at night.
  5. aussie123

    Trim Tabs + Squid Lights

    Your lights are 2-3 times bigger Brad so you can imagine how much light they will put out. Only downfall is they were 6 times dearer, lol
  6. aussie123

    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday Ray.
  7. aussie123

    slipping sands hut 17-19th jan

    They are private huts and not available for the general public to use.
  8. aussie123

    Bucket List Fish

    You are always welcome to come along Robbie.
  9. aussie123

    Bucket List Fish

    When my new reel is built soon you can take it out and get your bar cod on it.
  10. aussie123

    Fixing A Boat Trailer

    No and I know nothing about their trailers. Reading the article that Ray linked, I think I would stay away from them.
  11. aussie123

    Fixing A Boat Trailer

    The problem with alloy trailers is they flex a lot and alloy being a naturally softer material means the welds are a lot weaker than steel welds. Bolting the trailer together eliminates a lot of the weld cracking problems when a trailer flexes. Draw bars cracking are another problem with alloy trailers which is why many use a steel one. The boat has to be set up with the majority of its weight directly over the axles otherwise otherwise you will get a lot of flex in the draw bar which can cause them to fatigue and then break. Boats should also be tied down both on the bow and midships on an alloy trailer to stop the front of the boat pitching on the trailer and flexing the draw bar. A lot of alloy trailers, especially the chinese ones are too light for our road conditions here. An alloy frame should be around twice the size of a steel frame to carry the same weight safely and to have any longevity about it.
  12. aussie123

    2nd Hand Boat Purchase - Fisher CC

    Why are you not putting a permanent one up on the canopy as that is the best place for it.
  13. aussie123

    2nd Hand Boat Purchase - Fisher CC

    So your proper regs for mounting a 360 degree white light are as Julian said, a minimum of 1 meter above your running lights ( red and green ) It MUST also be higher than any superstructure on the vessel excluding things like rods and antennas. It must also be located as close to the center line of the vessel as possible but not such a big issues on outboard powered vessels as they do make an allowance for them. You must not have any more than 4 degrees of arc obstructed at any given time. The maximum of 4 degrees of obstruction allows for rods and antennas ect.
  14. aussie123

    fishing Sydney Offshore

    Sounds like they are going to send you down for work. @Manni79 is down in Sydney nowadays as well as @BigBen so you would have 2 good deckies straight up.