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  1. Laws Regarding Purchased Fish Vs Caught Fish

    Seafood imported from another state or country does not have to comply with min size limits where it is sold, only where it was caught.
  2. Laws Regarding Purchased Fish Vs Caught Fish

    If you buy seafood you should keep the receipts and you are covered but if you throw the receipts away, you are open for procecution
  3. Transducer Saga

    That's great news Wayne. Hopefully it stays that way in a bit of slop but a good picture at 50 kmh is good Looking at the first pic, the tranny is about where it should be at the very least.
  4. south queensland Big Swell Big Snapper Big Pearlies

    I won't know for a little while Steve but I guess they will call me if there is a problem somewhere.
  5. south queensland Big Swell Big Snapper Big Pearlies

    Can you imagine how your gully is going now,lol. We better stay away from that this time. Are you heading up Friday morning, I will try and get away here by about 9-10am on Friday.
  6. south queensland Big Swell Big Snapper Big Pearlies

    Nice feed there Mark. We were going out to the shelf yesterday ourselves but I ended up in hospital for ct scans so we missed out. Hopefully this weather will come good soon, I am sick of all this rain and wind already.
  7. Transducer Saga

    That's a good starting point to get the angle right and then you can start moving upwards after that.
  8. Transducer Saga

    If the tranny bracket is at the bottom of the hull, it should be deep enough to start with.
  9. Transducer Saga

    Bout Time
  10. Transducer Saga

    Don't bother with the splash guard until you get this tranny setup correctly. Get that tranny down as low as you can get it and then set an angle like you have and take it for a run. Keep playing with the tilted angle until your picture is good at speed and when you are happy with it, start lifting the tranny a bit at a time until you start losing the picture again. Drop it down a touch again to get the picture back and then fit the splash guard if you are getting a rooster tail. The secret here is to bury that tranny deep into the water and get that angle setup correctly and then you can start playing with the height. Splash guards and rooster tails should be the very last thing on your mind at this stage.
  11. Transducer Saga

    If that straight edge in the first pic is hard up against the bottom of the hull, that tranny is at least 2 inches too high. It needs to be lowered so at least half the transducer is below the hull line.
  12. Yes we have a ton of footage of the trip but it was easier to get to West Papua than getting Stu to drop the footage over,lol
  13. Amazing adventure Wayne and top video too
  14. fishing Small Lies

    I don't you are any where near deep enough Wayne. Does the tranny have a line or mark on the said of the casing at all. If so, get that mark down to the top of the straight edge.
  15. Tilt/trim Issue

    There should be 2 relays, swap them around and see if the motorworks in the opposite direction. If it does, grab another relay