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  1. aussie123

    Boat Maintenance

    They emailed me a couple of times chasing a review on that service so I let rip. I was half expecting the cops to knock on my door afterwards and I also gave it to the driver who delivers here to me.
  2. aussie123

    Boat Maintenance

    Fastway is awesome if you are not in a hurry or you don't live out the back of timbukto., lol
  3. aussie123

    Boat Maintenance

    MagicEzy is only $15 if you know the right person. It is an amazing product, there should be a post on here somewhere where Julian did his transom a couple of years ago with it.
  4. Traditionally our next social is around mid to late March on Wavebreak when the Mackeral turn up thick but that can change at any time if someone organizes one earlier one or the fishing is really good somewhere. We generally never have one over the Christmas holidays as a lot of people are away on holidays with their families.
  5. aussie123

    Half Day Charter Recommendations - Gold Coast
  6. aussie123

    Been Quite

    Spending that sort of money Wayne, you would be better off putting it towards having the old stuff blasted off once and for all. Repainting them is a constant costly exercise you will be doing while ever you own the boat.
  7. aussie123

    Been Quite

    Are you painting on the anti foul yourself, it is an easy job
  8. aussie123

    south queensland New Reefs

    I was very disappointed when I seen the location of this new artificial reef. Going on their GPS co-ordinates the entire reef structure is only 400m long and 200m wide so hopefully they have published incorrect marks for it although they do create a perfect Southern Cross. The 5 published gps marks all represent one point of the Southern Cross which is the design of the reef shape so you can only assume the other 33 marks are sitting within those 5 outer marks. 38 huge artificial reef structures put into such a small area I think is a total waste of money. I can just imagine the mayhem in the future with a dozen boats, kayaker's and divers all squeezing in to this 400m x 200m area. Update your Navionics charts and the new reef structure will download to your chart as i added them to the chart last night.
  9. aussie123

    Half Day Charter Recommendations - Gold Coast

    well if anyone drops out and you end up with 7 people, smithy is the best option as far as I am concerned. 7 people also books the entire boat so you don't have to put up with a dozen others on a cattle boat
  10. aussie123

    Half Day Charter Recommendations - Gold Coast

    Shame it wasn't 7 people as Smithy up on the Sunshine Coast is the best charter around here.
  11. Too easy mate, just yell out when you are ready and we can sort out some options.
  12. This was an amazing social with so many people turning up. It was good to catch up with old mates and meeting some new people as well. Shame the weather was so crappy but we decided it was all Robbies fault for the wind. Saturday nights dinner was amazing so thanks to everyone who bought along some of the food and a huge thank you to everyone who helped to prepare and cook everything. Being close to Marlin and Mackeral season the next social will more than likely be down at Wavebreak so hopefully everyone can come along again and make it just as good as this one. Thanks Mark and anyone else who helped to arrange this weekend and also thanks Robbie for running the fishing comp.
  13. aussie123


  14. Maybe you can grab some fresh bread and/or rolls on Saturday on your way to the dam.
  15. Check out the menu for this weekend. It is going to be a good social. Mark: Chook Mark: Butterscotch Pudding Lance: 5kg Bag Potatoes Lance: Pavlova, Fruit & Fresh Cream Lance: Bag Peas and Beans Robbie: Leg of Venison Dave: Leg of Lamb or Wild Pork Kev: 2 x Potato Salad Kev: 2 x Coleslaw Kev: 2 x Bags Salad Mick: Chook Mick: Garlic Bread Mick: Whole Pumpkin Old Scaley: Roast Beef Shane: Turducken Shane: Salad Aaron: Roast Pork Aaron: Carrots Aaron: Small Pumpkin Friday Nights Dinner Robbie: Venison Stew with Dumplings Rob: Curried Sausages and Rice.