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  1. aussie123

    south queensland What Could Have Hit This Mullet?

    Bream are good at doing that.
  2. aussie123

    Hi From Wodonga Victoria

    I grew up in Albury so when I get a bit of time I will add some info for you.
  3. aussie123

    south queensland Capricorn Coast Colour

    We had a really enjoyable 3 days out on the reef with a few nice fish but many good fish lost to the sharks this trip. Anything that fought a bit was eaten really quick. The weather and sea conditions were fantastic too. Thanks again Mark for a another great trip.
  4. aussie123


    I didn't recognize this as a 1770 pic. Depth would have been around 100m Robbie.
  5. aussie123

    Water In Fuel

    Get a tote tank of fresh fuel and run the motor on the muffs and it should be fine. You will need to clean the tank, fuel lines and replace the filter as well if it has not been changed for a while. Don't forget to clean the small filter on the engine block as well.
  6. aussie123

    Is This A Funny Looking Bass?

    It's just a dark Yellowbelly
  7. aussie123

    Wynnum Fishing Classic

    What is that area like for boat parking. If you are expecting a big turnout, you will have a lot of boats turn up as many will not drive home to drop off the boat and then come back, especially if they live miles away. I imagine most will fish till the latest possible time and then go directly to the weigh in.
  8. aussie123

    Moreton Bay Oyster Reef Project. When Does It Start?

    Most seafood places like Lucs, fish markets, capalaba seafood ect should have a lot of shells available.
  9. aussie123

    Moreton Bay Oyster Reef Project. When Does It Start?

    PFD should have heaps of shells as they buy tons of seafood directly off the local fishermen and process it on site.
  10. aussie123

    south queensland Early Father's Day (reported Added)

    I was only thinking when I first read this report at how clear the sounder is reading at that depth. You cannot ask for it to be any better.
  11. aussie123

    south queensland Early Father's Day (reported Added)

    Now that is a memorable fathers day for everyone, well done. How did the Markfish go.
  12. aussie123

    south queensland Early Father's Day (reported Added)

    Providing you have a good anchor with plenty of chain you will be ok. You can also set the anchor/drift alarm on the gps that will go off if the anchor does slip. Boats only float away if the anchor is too small, chain too light or is too short, get that set up correctly and you should not have a problem.
  13. aussie123

    south queensland Early Father's Day (reported Added)

    Overnighting is easy. You drop the anchor, cook up a feed, get pissed then lay down and go to sleep. Not much to learn really, lol
  14. aussie123

    overseas Papua New Guinea 2018

    Geez the poor old bugger got crook and then copped malaria on top of it. Hope he gets well asap. That Baia looks like an amazing place, I'd love to get down that way sometime and check it out.