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  1. Wanted - Old Transom Mount Electric Motor

    Thanks Ray Cya tomorrow.
  2. Wanted - Old Transom Mount Electric Motor

    Can you PM your address please Ray. Thanks mate
  3. Wanted - Old Transom Mount Electric Motor

    Hi Ray How's tomorrow after lunch say around 1-2pm. Thanks Lance
  4. Wanted - Old Transom Mount Electric Motor

    Hi Ray. @rayke1938 Can I grab one of these kotas off you mate, I cannot find any clapped out ones with a shaft long enough to do the job that I need. Thanks mate
  5. What Do You Look For In A Report

    Not to mention the big yellow numbers on the side of the boat Kelvin. As if I would post up pictures of a few hundred snapper as a rec fisho,lol
  6. south queensland Fishing When Barometer Is Low

    The reason fish will often bite right before a storm is because there is usually a very short but sudden rise and fall in the barometer. You will only notice this on a digital or computer type of barometer. Standard clock face ones are not sensitive enough to see it.
  7. What Do You Look For In A Report

    It used to be really bad on here Robbie. I would put up a good report with pictures (lol) and in the end I would ask a mod to remove the post. Some of the C&R brigade were in your own words, flat earthers,lol
  8. How Do You Take Good Photos For Your Reports?

    The way I see it Robbie, how many Snapper, Marlin, Bar Cod or what ever fish pictures do you want to look at over a life time of fishing., a Snapper is still just another Snapper. A butcher doesn't take a picture of every cow he cuts up or one of every batch of sausages that he makes and I see fish the same way. Don't get me wrong, I do take some pictures occasionally but it is very rare. Saturday we got a box load of big cod and I didn't take one picture for the entire day yet someone else would have probably filled an sd card full of pics I too hope some day you can catch fish and let them go or chuck them in the ice box without any fuss because you have caught tons of them already.
  9. How Do You Take Good Photos For Your Reports?

    There is nothing better than a good scenery shot. I will take pictures of the surrounding bush or the rivers/ocean and not take pictures of fish. Seeing a landscape for the first time is something special but seeing a fish is just another fish.
  10. What Do You Look For In A Report

    I rarely put up reports anymore because some of the nutters who used to lurk in the back ground would get upset when they see pictures of lots of dead fish.
  11. Beautiful catch Andrew, congratulations mate.
  12. Trolling plastics and large flies offshore is an awesome way to fish and often the only way you will catch a fish some days. Trolling flies was a method that I often used, especially when chasing Kingfish, Dolphinfish, Tuna and Mackeral.
  13. That's what we do, we head up through the night and go wide for 3 days and then drive back home through the night again. There is no need for accommodation and it makes for a cheap trip.
  14. I do like my quieter trips like we did up at 1770 a few months ago when you guys decided to feed red emperor to the sharks and I also enjoy pulling fish all day and then packing them onto pallets when we get home,lol
  15. We did well Wayne. We had a really good lot of fish on board by about 10am and then the currents pushed in which made fishing it extremely hard. We ended up moving to another area to try and jump ahead the current and it was better but the fish there would not play the game. Late arvo on the way home we checked out a new mark that we found last trip but did not fish so after seeing a good show on it, I re-rigged my rod and had a quick drop and hooked up straight away and we ended up pulling a few big fish off it which topped off the day superbly. We left that patch biting so we could get back to the bar right on dark as we had a fair swell pushing in from out wide and a run out tide on the bar.