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    Just moved up to Queensland to teach. Enjoy getn outdoors fishing.
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  1. Miegs


  2. Miegs

    keeping caught fish fresh

    I used to do a fair bit of wading for flathead and I would just put them in a catch bag I had over my shoulder. They stayed alive in there until it was time to go home, so were nice and fresh. They didn't really stress out in there or anything like that. The only issue was when their barbs would come into contact with my legs...
  3. Miegs

    My favorite time of year!

    Just googled it, only 2,500km.... Road trip?
  4. Miegs

    Longtail Tuna season

    Thanks guys, will give it a shot when I get back to QLD
  5. Miegs

    fishing Long Tail Tuna - Tips & Tricks

    Thanks for the advice. Will buy some lip grips and find a lump of wood before I head out and have a crack at them.
  6. Miegs

    fishing Long Tail Tuna - Tips & Tricks

    What do people with kayaks do with them once they've caught them? I just bought a 2 person kayak and would like to chase them but I know if I get a decent size one it's going to be pretty hard to put it on ice or even put anywhere in the kayak. Thought that towing it could be an option, but that would be a good shark attractant I think, so not overly keen on that idea.
  7. Miegs

    Things you have caught...besides fish

    I caught a Bat once (as in the mammal) on Glenelg jetty (Adelaide). Caught it on a 3" flickbait when I cast out, poor thing must have thought it was an insect. I've also caught a pelican once on the Murray River that went after a Carp I had hooked. One of my mates caught a seagull on a Gar line at Grange Jetty (Adelaide) I also know 2 people who have caught foxes haha. Once in a river when they cast to the otherside and didn't realise until the fox ran off with their bait. The other time was when my friends were fishing in the surf in SA and the current dragged their pillie up onto the beach, the fox must have been scavenging on the beach and found the pillie.
  8. Miegs

    Sunshine Reef 11/2

    Got it on 100lb leader 35lb main line. Bait was a whole pike on some gangs out the back.
  9. Miegs

    Sunshine Reef 11/2

    Went out to Sunshine reef yesterday with a few friends. Between us we managed to pull in a quite a few small squire, 2 small sharks, a few venus tusk fish and parrot fish (only 1 legal). The only fish that I managed to catch was a nice Spanish Mackeral, it went 1.38m and weighed 16.5kg, so I am pretty stoked about that. It took us a while to work out how to fillet it/cut it into steaks, but now we have a few kg's of fish in our freezers. There wasn't really that many boats out there, even though it was a good day to be out on the water.
  10. Hi all, I'm originally from SA and the only freshwater fishing I did down there was for carp (which I's happy doing because they make good crab bait ). I've been living up here in QLD for one and a half years and have just moved into North Lakes. I've done a bit of research and see that Lake Samsonvale and Lake Kurawongah aren't too far away, but see that posts are from boats. Are theses 2 spots worthwhile fishing from the shore? and how would I got about doing it? (I'm happy just catching anything from carp to tilapia but would like to catch natives too eventually). On another point, what's the best way to catch shrimp? I'm a school teacher a student brought in a couple bass to put in our tanks in the science lab. I've been feeding them feeder fish from an aquarium shop, but at $12 a bag :whistle: , they're turning into an expensive class pet and thought if I could catch shrimp (or other small fish?) that might be the way to go. Any help on either of these would be greatly appreciated. Miegs