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  1. Thirstyman

    Brisbane River Jewies

    I've also heard around bridge pylons under the lights at night anywhere along the river can work.
  2. Thirstyman

    Keeping Natives In A Tank

    I used to feed my Murray Cod pellets and when I could be bothered going scooping at the creek I would get shrimp. He didn't seem too fussed either way.
  3. Thirstyman


    Interesting about the Bass in Enoggera. Thanks for the post. That offshoot creek only leads to the Army base (probably only a km or so away) and there isn't much in it from what I've seen. Unless there is Bass in the pond/dam on the barracks you would assume it was swimming upstream. My yard backs onto Kedron Brook and I have never bothered targeting them as I thought they weren't really in there. There are a few deeper holes so I might have to get out and have a flick!
  4. Thirstyman

    Land Based Brisbane River: Success

    Awesome report! How much did it cost you on the CityCat?
  5. Thirstyman

    Breakfast Creek Battle With The Monster

    Would have been fun! Was the homeless guy in the park behind you? I was killing some time down there the other week waiting for the fiance, ended up feeling pretty uneasy and left. Probably a bit judgmental of me but didn't want to take any chances as i was about half his size and he was pacing around being weird.
  6. Thirstyman

    Sweet Quiz !

    It is such a good product! My sister is crazy obsessed with it, even puts it in Banana Smoothies!!!
  7. Thirstyman


    Should have cut him up for shark bait but felt bad as I probably would have only used about a 20th of him.
  8. Thirstyman


    Had (what i think) was the one Eel stealing all of my Mullet baits when i was fishing for Bullies when staying on the Bribie Canals over Christmas. Caught him 3 separate times and he stole at least 5 more of my baits without hooking up (over 2 days). If it wasn't the one Eel then there are a lot of HUGE Pike Eels in there. He/they wasn't too far from the size of the one in this report. Evil looking things, quick snip of the line as close to the teeth as I was willing to go and straight back in.
  9. Thirstyman

    Toadfish as bait

    I've heard of people finding them in the guts of Flathead as well...
  10. Thirstyman

    Banksia Doughnut 14.01.2016

    Best whiting i have caught was on a live yabbie there. Rock up at low tide, pump yabbies and then put them out as the tide comes in and the whiting start to come back up onto the flats.
  11. Thirstyman

    Where are the flathead biting?

    I have caught a flounder in that exact spot too, first fish for me on plastics. Can anyone vouch for their eatability?
  12. Thirstyman

    Travelling with Firearms over Holidays

    Very much agree with what you are saying. If you haven't already read it, this book would be right up your alley. Cant recommend it enough... **sorry to go off topic even further.
  13. Thirstyman

    Enoggera Creek Windsor - Weekend Stuck at Home.

    Awesome report! I have fished downstream under the ICB and around the back of the train yard and caught a few cool things. Flathead, Estuary Cod, bream...but oddly never caught a catfish in this creek! I love how close it is to the CBD and Home but lost my enthusiasm for after a couple of trips donuting, this has renewed it so thank you!
  14. Thirstyman

    Kedron Brook Upper - 2/05/2015

    Thanks for the info. I'm down near Webster road. Might take my son down to the bridge to try and get something.
  15. Thirstyman

    Kedron Brook Upper - 2/05/2015

    Is that really high water compared to usual? Saturday morning down Stafford way it was still raging! Have you ever had any success on lures there?