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  1. We fished Coochiemudlo Island for a couple of days. It is one of the few island in the bay up until then that I hadn't been on and fished or fished around. It is often a challenge to fish new territory as it really does take several years before you get to know the nuances of how to fish a location. Overall it was worth the trip. We got a few tailor and I am sure there were more there for the taking. It was Max's first legal tailor and he was stoked. A couple of flathead were released and a few bream appeared. A nice tiger squid off the Coochiemudlo Jetty rounded out the catch.
  2. Point Halloran and Victoria Point usually produce for me.
  3. I have eaten smaller ones in PNG. They were okay. I would avoid the larger ones due to the ciguatera risk.
  4. Thanks mate. Shorncliffe will fish pretty well over the next couple of months.
  5. G'day, I'm not sure if you have seen this one or not. This time of year is good around Shorncliffe for tailor and flathead (bar tailed and dusky) and yellowfin whiting at night after the next full moon.
  6. Following on from what others have said, the ciguatera risk is different for different species in different areas. For example, coral trout, big eye trevally, amberjack, coronation trout and even Moses Perch!! I remember when I did a fish survey at the markets in Western Samoa and paddletail were in abundance, but was not considered a ciguatera risk.
  7. Here is a link to my forthcoming publication Environmental History and Ecology in Moreton Bay which has a lot of information on fish and fish habitats among other things. http://www.publish.csiro.au/book/7676/ My next book is specifically looking at recreational fishing in Moreton Bay.
  8. There is a bag limit of one per person unless you have a receipt from a retail store.
  9. Hi all, As a couple of you have asked, I now have the details for purchasing the forthcoming book. It is not formally released until 1st August. http://www.publish.csiro.au/book/7676/#featuresDaryl
  10. There are plenty of yellowfin and sand whiting, and bream up in the shallows with the early part of the run-up tide being the best.
  11. Yes and no. Ducky flathead are rudimentary hermaphodites. There is good information here https://search.informit.com.au/fullText;dn=488709700575801;res=IELAPA
  12. With the movement patterns of the various trevally species in Moreton Bay they can be difficult to target and catch consistently. I rate North Stradbroke Island as the most consistent location and once upon a time the southern end of Moreton Island use to see a few caught. The little fella had fund with the one in the video. He called it for a trevally when he hooked it. That's my boy....
  13. The cost is out of the hands of a mere author and rests with the publisher. Am I hearing demand for a book "Penguins of Moreton Bay". It will fairly short and focussed around the last ice age.
  14. I have written about a lot of animals in the book, it is though guaranteed 100% penguin free.
  15. Thanks Ray. The publishing process always takes longer than you expect, but it is done now - complete with pictures of stonker whiting, land based snapper and some fish more at home on the Great Barrier Reef.