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  1. Daryl McPhee

    south queensland Land Based Tailor

    Small pilchards for the tailor (and the random squid) and yabbies for the rest.
  2. Daryl McPhee

    south queensland Land Based Tailor

    Here are a couple as part of a mixed bag at Pt Halloran last night.
  3. Daryl McPhee

    south queensland Land Based Tailor

    Here is our video from the weekend at the Maroochy RIver. A feed of tailor and plenty of bream.
  4. Daryl McPhee

    south queensland Land Based Tailor

    Here is a video from a little while ago at Sandgate. I should have a new video up from weekend at the Maroochy River soon.
  5. Here are some details for the event.
  6. I know there is a fair bit of interest in the forum on this topic so just sharing these details. I will be giving another presentation on the Environmental History and Ecology of Moreton Bay. This time it will be as a guest speaker for the Moreton Maritime Alliance who have a range of engagement activities on that evening. It is on June 27th between 5:30 and 7:30 at the Belvedere Hotel, Woody Point (Redcliffe). https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/moreton-maritime-alliance-industry-evening-registration-46747708655
  7. Daryl McPhee

    south queensland Fishing The Sandgate Foreshore

    27th June at the Belvedere Hotel at Woody Pt - 5.30 to 7.30. I'll post the full details later.
  8. Daryl McPhee

    south queensland Fishing The Sandgate Foreshore

    We were using two set ups - a set of three 1/0's and blue bait (small pilchards) and another with bonito/mullet unweighted on a single No.2 hook. It is a productive spot like many others in the Bay. Oysters reefs will improve things further!
  9. Here is the video from our recent visit to Sandgate. It is a highly productive spot when fished logically. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WOLOXXLbzrM
  10. Daryl McPhee

    south queensland Plenty Of Fish At Sandgate

    It was a good fish particularly as it was caught very late in the morning. Most of the really good bream this time of the year are caught at night along there. It was short of Max's PB but it was in top condition as expected for this time of year.
  11. Daryl McPhee

    south queensland Plenty Of Fish At Sandgate

    No exact dates yet but it will sometime in late June.
  12. As I was heading up to Sandgate to talk about the history and environment of Moreton Bay, I thought it would be great to take the kids up to interact with some of the finned inhabitants of the Bay. You can't just talk the talk, you've got to walk the walk. Fishing was easy even though the tides weren't perfect. We fished for a couple of hours on Friday and Saturday evening and Sunday morning off the foreshore. The tailor were fairly plentiful and while no big fish (best was 42 cm) we only caught one that was undersized. Overall we got a good mixed bag of tailor, dusky flathead, bar tailed flathead and bream. The best bream was 39cm.
  13. Daryl McPhee

    Moreton Bay Past And Present

    Hi mate. Happy to catch up afterwards but I suspect my formal presentation will only go an hour. I am likely to be doing a talk at Woody Point in June as well so you may have another opportunity to hear the presentation then. I'll put a post up once I finalise the details of the next talk. Thanks everyone for their interest.