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  1. south queensland Nerang River

    Yes. It was another good day and the kids are on fantastic form. Hopefully we can make it four out of four this weekend.
  2. south queensland Nerang River

    We made it three weekends in a row with a good solid feed of quality fish. Plenty of whiting, some nice tarwhine and a really solid grunter bream. Live yabbies and live worms did the trick as usual.
  3. south queensland Nerang River - Chevron Island & Mermaid Waters

    It was another good day. There are fish throughout the Nerang River system if you put some time into understanding it.
  4. After last weekend’s success, it was time to go fishing again. Our first spot was at Chevron Island. With the steep drop off and oyster covered rocks, it doesn’t really look like a go to spot for whiting, but it produces. It only took about 90 seconds for Eva to get the first whiting, a good fish of 30 cm. We got a few more whiting there and some legal bream and tarwhine to 30cm before we decided to head upstream to Mermaid Waters. Again, very quickly we got our first whiting before we got a couple of bream. One of the lines then took off out of the rod holder and started sliding down the beach, with a grunter bream of about 34 cm being the culprit. Things went quiet for awhile. Max started fishing for garfish and got a fan tail mullet of about 10 cm which I used for live bait, only to have it eaten by a pike eel. We then got a double hook up which turned out be another solid grunter and then a whiting. All in all, it was another fun day which produced a good feed of fish.
  5. south queensland Paradise Point & Chevron Island 29/10/17

    Thanks mate. It was a good feed.
  6. south queensland Paradise Point & Chevron Island 29/10/17

    There is indeed mate. I have pulled a few out of their myself.
  7. south queensland Paradise Point & Chevron Island 29/10/17

    At eight years of age he is now into his sixth year of serious fishing. It is the job of him and his younger sister to provide protein for the family.
  8. Hi all, With a weekend not dominated by rain, it was time to get out and have a serious fish for whiting. The first port of call was a location at Paradise Point. It generally holds plenty of fish, but it has plenty of run. This is not usually a bad thing, but at this spot nine times out of ten the run is full of weed. It didn't disappoint with more weed than a Friday night in Nimbin. Both Max and I got our PB of weed, and I got a pile that must of been about 3kg (wet weight) that took line in the current. There were a couple of whiting mixed in with the salad. Yabbies were the the best bait on this occassion. We followed up the morning session with a later afternoon trek to the Nerang River. Specifically to a spot at Chevron Island which I refer to as either the "Pancake Manor" due to the amount of stingrays present or the "Ant Farm" due to the high probability of being bitten by a variety of ant species. Often the best bite there is from a green ant. The stingrays didn't disappoint with a three out of the first four fish being stingrays and the other being a long finned catfish eel. Not a great start but persistence paid of with a good burst of whiting at dusk and into the evening. Cribb Island worms did the trick here. The best fish for the trip was only 33cm, but most were between 29 and 33cm. We ended up with a fair haul. The light got too poor to record any useable footage after awhile, but the highlight in my opinion is at the end of the video when a very excited Max deals with a double hook up of a 32 and 33cm fish. You sometimes hear that you can't catch fish land based in the Nerang, but that is not true. While public access to the foreshore is limited, there are still various locations to get a feed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mTyqVLLTHDc
  9. While "summer" whiting can be caught year round on the Gold Coast, I start to focus on them from August onwards. As the day length gets longer, this stimulates the development of their gonads which requires them to feed more, hence making them easier to catch. Contrary to popular opinion, you can catch a feed of whiting during the day in the Nerang. I braved the 20+ knots of westerly on the weekend and went up the Nerang River where I still got third degree wind burn. We finished with a feed of okay sized whiting from 29 to 36 cm, so no trophy fish, but a solid kilo or so of fillets. One legal tarwhine and a few undersized bream were the only other fish caught.
  10. Tailor Fishing At Coochiemudlo

    We fished Coochiemudlo Island for a couple of days. It is one of the few island in the bay up until then that I hadn't been on and fished or fished around. It is often a challenge to fish new territory as it really does take several years before you get to know the nuances of how to fish a location. Overall it was worth the trip. We got a few tailor and I am sure there were more there for the taking. It was Max's first legal tailor and he was stoked. A couple of flathead were released and a few bream appeared. A nice tiger squid off the Coochiemudlo Jetty rounded out the catch.
  11. Brisbane Tailor

    Point Halloran and Victoria Point usually produce for me.
  12. Green Marlin.

    I have eaten smaller ones in PNG. They were okay. I would avoid the larger ones due to the ciguatera risk.
  13. New Member!

    Thanks mate. Shorncliffe will fish pretty well over the next couple of months.
  14. New Member!

    G'day, I'm not sure if you have seen this one or not. This time of year is good around Shorncliffe for tailor and flathead (bar tailed and dusky) and yellowfin whiting at night after the next full moon.
  15. Chinaman Fish In Wa

    Following on from what others have said, the ciguatera risk is different for different species in different areas. For example, coral trout, big eye trevally, amberjack, coronation trout and even Moses Perch!! I remember when I did a fish survey at the markets in Western Samoa and paddletail were in abundance, but was not considered a ciguatera risk.