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    pretty new to fishing,enjoy it with my kids,mainly landbased.
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  1. south queensland Zmans Sp

    Thanks panther, I'll research further or maybe someone can advise further, cheers john
  2. south queensland Zmans Sp

    Hi, I'm just wondering if any of the more learned sp guys could check out my first attempt at the zmans, I've applied super glue to them, I was just getting a couple ready for fishing next week. It's my first attempt at them, I usually use the power bait sps, these don't seem as easy, but I'm keen to try them, any constructive advice appreciated, Cheers john
  3. Jacobs Well In A Tinnie

    Thanks preso1
  4. Jacobs Well In A Tinnie

    I've decided to take a mate on a hire tinny at Jacobs well, just googled the area, looking for any spots to fish, is crusoe is ok, to walk up and down the sand flicking sps? Any advice appreciated, and no we wouldn't go on a weekend,cheers john
  5. Land Based Around Jacobs Well Area Etc

    Hi, I'm thinking of driving from Toowoomba Tommorrow to do a little land based fishing around this area, I'll be using sp, I'm not after people's honey holes, just somewhere I can access a decent spot to catch fish, also where I can traverse the area on foot throwing plastics over a good area without sinking in mud lol, any guidence appreciated, regards john
  6. Zmans Shadz

    I want to give zmans shadz ago, chasing flatties, Jacobs well, do you just flick them like a normal plastic, can't find any videos on technique for them, also-ran going to try zmans curly tails, any help appreciated, cheers
  7. Fishing net

    Thanks scaley, spot on, I like the look of that net . are they available in Australia? Cheers john
  8. Fishing net

    G'day all I'm after a decent net to use from the bank when fishing, one that probably has a telescopic arm for ease of use but that's durable as well, and also easy to get our catch out easy and doesn't tangle it up. I'm hoping I can get some ideas off the people here, thanks in advance, john Ps, we got a couple of 50 cm plus flatties and battled to land them off the bank in Ballina. So me thinks we need a net, but one that's easy to transport.
  9. berkley sp grub types

    with the berkley soft plastics grub types,do you use the same action as the minnows types,just wondering as they have like a paddle tail cheers john
  10. Fish I'd please

    Ok, thanks caught today at Ballina on prawns
  11. Fish I'd please

    Hi, fellas could I get an I'd on this fish please, cheers john
  12. leader strenght

    i run 4lb braid on my light rod and usually put on 6 lb leader,if theres bigger fish is it ok to put 12 to the 4lb braid or does that defeat purpose.i only use the one rod for sps and hb and that suits me fine,so is it ok to say put 10 or 12 lb if needed,cheers john
  13. difference between leader and normal fluorocarbon

    so im not the only one,thanks kiwi.i thought it would still suffice,but it did get me thinking about ,is there differences.thanks all
  14. i use vanish leader line,i accidently years ago brought vanish fluorocarbon reel of 250 yds ,it doesnt say leader and is clear in colour.is there any reason i just cant use this as my leader,?also is there any difference in say one thats marked leader and one thats not,they obviuosly both look the same and as its 6lb i thought maybe it would do.cheers john
  15. Knot breaking

    That's why I went to kmart and tried another leader, same thing happened. I don't usually moisten my line to the jig head.