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    Hey guys im josh and i am a dedicated young angler
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    Grassy Sweetlip
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    3 inch zman minnowz
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    Mullet flesh
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    119cm queenfish

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  1. josha293

    south queensland Bit Of Rain Yesterday!

    Did you see any other queens mate? Have been meaning to do a sesh on them but thought it may be a tad too early
  2. josha293

    northern nsw Cute Little Jacks In The Brunny

    Mabey next time mate. I scored a nice jack a few weeks ago and gee they fight hard, even the little fellas
  3. josha293

    northern nsw Cute Little Jacks In The Brunny

    Thats soo cool. I would have been tempted to chuck out a line
  4. josha293

    giveaway Free

    Hey guys i am giving away 2x reels. One is a 4000 pflueger salt and the other one is a 4000 penn conflict. Both reels need new main gears and are not currently working. If they are not collected they will be thrown out
  5. josha293

    south queensland Caboolture River

    Yeah alot of hours for very little results but thats fishing. I done alot better last year up the river but i rhink i left it too late to chase jew this year. Mabey one more session on the jew then its time to concentrate on jacks Bribie passage.
  6. josha293

    south queensland Caboolture River

    Hard days fishing mate. Got a small jew on the monday and 2 flathead, wednesday was even harder, only managed to get 2 catfish and dropped another small jew boat side as i went to lift him in. Today i went and had a look at the passage getting alot of pike, 2 small flatties and a tailor. Hopefully havw some better luck next week or sometime soon hahaha.
  7. josha293

    south queensland Caboolture River

    Cheers mate. Lost a few good ones over the last few weeks
  8. josha293

    south queensland Caboolture River

    Hey guys and girls, im heading up the river ealry tomorrow morning. If you are up the river or planning on going up, come over and say hey
  9. josha293

    Soft Plastics

    Flatties aren't too hard to catch, probly the best entry level fish for plastics fishing and to build a bit of confidence. It all depend what i chase as to what i use. With the little school jews i like to run 6-10lb main line with a 10lb leader
  10. josha293

    Soft Plastics

    It all comes down to trial and error mate. Just out the time in and if something isn't working mix it up a little. Fish lighter if you still dont get any bites. If the water is really clear use a natural colour, if the water is really dirt use something darker as that will cast more of a shadow from the plastic and get you the bite. Cab river can be very hit and miss mate. Some days ots in fire and other days you could be on the water for 8 hours and still get a donut. As for jacks im still het to get one on a lure or plastic. I have probly put in over 2000 cast and about 150 plus hours of fishing for nothing so far
  11. josha293

    Soft Plastics

    It all depends on what you are chasing and the condition of the water as to what plastic you want to use
  12. josha293

    Off Straddie

    I got a few just using a runnin size 4 ball sinker, a 6/0 hook with half a pillie. Drop it to the bottom and get ready
  13. josha293

    Trawler Wreck

    Yeah mate they sure do, its marked on the navionics app. Just look along the beach and its marked as a wreck
  14. josha293

    Trawler Wreck

    Are you talking about the one off woorim? Its marked on the navionics app
  15. josha293

    Cape Moreton Experiment

    Finding new ground is always hard. Id suggest doing a few trips and finding some mark and next time your out so drifts over that area with the engine off. That or drift over the reef with engine off and mark out grounds while drifting over it then re-drift it with some rids out. Not %100 on the sounder tho, just keen it on and see how you go, id they are still shutting down mabey try without it. A mate of mine does really well at the time of year and also gets 80cn spangled emperor( i think thats what there called)