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  1. Life Jackets

    thanks guys for the help
  2. Life Jackets

  3. Life Jackets

  4. Life Jackets

    does that keep the boating patrol happy snap
  5. Life Jackets

    hi all where do i get my inflatable pdf checked i am at ningi qld the shop dont do it and bribie boat sales have moved to redcliff cheers snap
  6. Somerset Dam

    hi all any red claw being caught at somerset dam at the moment cheers snap
  7. Trolling Motor

    hi all can some one give me a report on these motors please motor guide xi5 55 lb salt water wireless trolling motor $1399 cheers snap
  8. china braid

    a lot cheaper then here
  9. china braid

    hi all can anybody give me a site in china that I can buy some braid I have tried 2 sites pay for the braid but it never arrives (1) wrb3336666 did not arrive (2) agepochfishing-us did not arrive just need a trustworthy sits please cheers snap
  10. fillet board

    where can I get one of these
  11. laptop

    hi all can some body guide me trough how to connect my phone to my laptop by wireless I don't seem to have the settings right on the laptop urgent help please the phone is a Samsung galaxy s4-gt-19505 laptop Compaq Presario cq56 I have my wifi and hot spot on in the phone but the laptop cant pick it up also have the wifi button on in the laptop gordon
  12. braid

    good on you I don't think I will put on my reel now I wondered why it was cheap cheers snap
  13. braid

    in which way do you mean I bought some today
  14. braid

    hi all any body tried kato braid thinking of getting some from bcf cheers snap
  15. pickled redclaw

    hi all can anybody give a recipe for pickled red claw and how long it will keep cheers Mary and snap